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  1. The lack of holding calls, if it holds up over multiple seasons, definitely should have teams reevaluating their valuations of olinemen
  2. Common bond except half the fan base doesn't identify with it thus fracturing us in this meaningless way
  3. I thought it was close and it sucked because the play didn't go near him in the end.
  4. 100% agree. They come back from commercials right to the snap within a second too much now too.
  5. No doubt good stuff. Warren Sharp always impresses me. I'm pretty sure he is one reason why we lead the league in throwing on 1st down (I think)
  6. Listen to these couple of minutes starting at the time below: 1 hr, 30 minutes, 45 seconds in, Warren Sharp goes off on a tangent about the Bills and there are some interesting nuggets in there I think most fans would find interesting. I enjoy his analysis and his consulting work (and others like him) for teams has shown clear dividends for teams https://podbay.fm/p/pardon-my-take/e/1610685606
  7. this is the way I took it as well. I thought it was an insult to Bob McNair's previous racist comments and for the recent story about his son neglecting the hiring firm's suggestion of hiring a minority as GM. love me some Leslie and hope he gets another HC gig.
  8. Still won a super bowl. And could learn from mistakes. I am not sure I want him coaching in our division. Respectfully.
  9. That was the most hand fighting and jersey pulling allowed in a Bills game that I have noticed in a while. Both teams.
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