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  1. I'm a braves fan. I'm admittedly the old man yelling at the clouds when it comes to bat-flipping and showing up the pitcher. Our team has one of the most aggressive bat-flippers in the game. When he hits an important home run and my friend texts me saying "LFGOOOOOOO!!!!!", I respond saying, "PULL THAT M%@$$@$r". So to answer your question, yes. It matters not who this happened to. My opinion is based on the video and evidence. Reasonable people can disagree on this.
  2. I'm more with Ethan on this one. if anything, the guy who stuck his leg out should've been ejected. that started the process where Bridgewater stumbled and twisted. I truly don't think intent to injure was there (or think it was dirty). Watching it again at normal speed just now and I stand by that. https://sports.yahoo.com/video/falcons-charles-harris-ejected-hit-042509779.html
  3. Can we trust a guy who jacks off into very expensive shoes? (mark leibovich's book)
  4. I think there is an argument Josh is better than any running back in short yard situations. Part of that being there are so many looks they can give. You put a big back in on short yardage, we are not as multiple. But leaves us open to critical injury to our QB, I will give you that. But I say it's worth it.
  5. Would you prefer the Patriots have won and be closer to us for the division? Motivation is not measurable and plays a part, sure. But........
  6. I used to want primetime games. Somewhere along the way, the 1pm start and routine that develops superseded the big lights. I used to care what national audience thought of us too.
  7. A lot of factors. I choose to give the most weight to 'the way the game played out' factor. Go for 2 because probability favored KC driving some and kicking a FG. Now you have a chance down 8. Am I very mad? No. Is it why we lost? No. But these things can be the difference and I feel we went against the odds. Jmo
  8. We should have went for 2 to make it a 5 point game, 23-18. My thought process: The thought of us scoring to make it 23-17, kicking off, stopping them before field goal range (and with time left), then driving down the field for a TD all seemed less probable (the stopping KC part), I thought KC would AT LEAST get a field goal with 5 minutes left or whatever it was (or drain the whole clock). So if we score and go for two, to make it 23-18, we can survive a KC field goal, being down 8 (26-18) with at least a chance. (this obviously isnt the reason we lost... I just thought in the moment we should've went for 2)
  9. That's why you go for 2. The most probable thing happening was/is KC fg. Being down 5 gives you a chance if they kick the fg. If you miss the 2 pt you are still down 7.
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