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  1. They are beyond useless and overpaid and I would really have to question our GM if EITHER is on the team next year.....
  2. BuffaloBaumer

    How long to close the competitive gap?

    It all depends on if we find out if Allen is any good
  3. BuffaloBaumer

    AFC Divisional Playoffs: Chargers at Pats* 1:05pm CBS

    And just like that, the Patriots look like the best team in the NFL once again. You just have to laugh after so many years
  4. BuffaloBaumer

    Shady throwing shade at Bills O lineman

    Anyone who thinks this is not a dig at our Oline is absolutely oblivious, I mean.....totally oblivious. Your running back saying what he would give for just ONE of those lineman....have fun next year Shady, have fun.
  5. BuffaloBaumer

    Brian Daboll: Comments On Head Coaching Opportunities

    Nobody has a clue if any of the coaches here are any good at all.
  6. BuffaloBaumer

    Colts v. Titans...Decides Buffalos Final Away Game In 2019

    I have been waiting to make the road trip back to Nashville so I really hope our group trip next year is for the Titan this.
  7. BuffaloBaumer

    Edmunds and Allen - Two Huge Misses in 1st Round

    I may admit that today got the best of me, and to see so many weaknesses on this team after being bad for so many years, it just blows my mind. I want to like Allen so badly but I just do not see any Improvement on his game week in and week out. He is still missing a lot of easy throws and I would much rather have him throw 30 interceptions as long as I can say, now that is the kind of throw I have been waiting to see my quarterback make for a long time.
  8. Not only are these two guys first round picks, the trade up to get Allen while losing our starting left tackle and giving up second round draft picks will set the franchise back at least another four years. This GM and Coach are Beyond lost and the longer they hang around, the longer the rebuild will take.
  9. This isn't even up for debate. One knows how to run, and the other one is actually a QB, a really good QB.
  10. BuffaloBaumer

    2nd half thread: Wk 16 Bills at Patriots, 1 pm on CBS

    No coaching, no qb, no oline, no receivers, no TE.....3 years minimum for 9-7 again
  11. BuffaloBaumer

    2nd half thread: Wk 16 Bills at Patriots, 1 pm on CBS

    Can't wait for the jets to win the NEXT 10 division championships as we go through 5 more qbs.
  12. BuffaloBaumer

    2nd half thread: Wk 16 Bills at Patriots, 1 pm on CBS

    Bills getting shut out by an awful defense
  13. BuffaloBaumer

    2nd half thread: Wk 16 Bills at Patriots, 1 pm on CBS

    It's really hard to believe how bad Buffalo really is.....still