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  1. I am pretty sure someone out there has been the Bills would be the surprise team every year dating back to the Jauron days.....
  2. After looking at that picture of him without his shirt on at the draft, the more and more I think this guy has got David Boston written all over him
  3. If they trade up anywhere, even giving up 1 extra pick in Round 2 or 3, I will stop watching immediately...such a terrible idea
  4. I just think that if you are drafting a guy in the top 10 (especially receiver) he should not have as many question marks as Metcalf....
  5. No direct flights so that blows. That' why we changed the trip to Cleveland instead
  6. At #9? Is that a joke? If they ever went after a receiver again in the top 10 with multiple question marks, it would have to lead to the firing of the GM within a year.
  7. I can't believe anyone actually believes ANYTHING they hear from the teams before the draft even happens...too funny
  8. We were all planning on going to Nashville until the lack of direct flights changed all of that. We've been picked Cleveland and are going to road trip to that one. I will probably end up flying to New York for the opener as well
  9. Direct flights to Nashville sold out so Cleveland it is!
  10. Having a rough time with direct flights to Nashville - anyone have insight on that?
  11. I want no part of being stressed out on Thanksgiving. I really hope Buffalo does not get that day
  12. Jets loss is likely but I definitely see us beating Giants and Bengals easily
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