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  1. Maybe the Cowboys should stop doing that are their Stupid celebrations after big plays until they actually prove they are a good team. All it does is motivate the other players to kick their ass
  2. Why did i think Tye was pretty much done for the season? Day to day is great news...
  3. I think the Bills keep it close. Allen is going to be on a mission to keep moving forward in his progress and I think our D will have some answers.....especially after halftime. Bills may not win, but I am confident in our team at The Ralph vs anybody.
  4. This is a whole new Patriots team we are witnessing right now, they don't trust anything that they are doing. When is the last time they had 1/4 and 10 with a few seconds to go before the half and decided not to go for it
  5. Aplus no doubt...even the longer throws created pi
  6. I thought that was the play of the game and his reaction was perfect. It changed the whole tone.
  7. I just think it's cute that you actually made a list of everyone who doubted Allen and then feel the need to call people out after the best win in over 20 years......try to just enjoy the moment
  8. What a perfect game, i can't even believe how satisfying that was...
  9. Not to mention i have probably gone to more games than Joe has seen on tv
  10. I'm right here enjoying it as much as everyone.....it's not like im posting during thanksgiving dinner Nothing was proved until last few weeks and nobody is happier than me
  11. Is this a joke? They had to pick the worst, and I mean WORST possible uniform to wear for the biggest game in 20 years......idiots
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