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  1. I believe the 2 teams that are going to continue to get better every week are the Bills and the Bengals. I bet those are the 2 that will be hitting their stride once the playoffs start. Chiefs will still be very good but I believe they have peaked for this year. If buffalo keeps getting healthier, they will be for sure the favorites in January.
  2. That game was dominated from start to finish, period. The team is getting healthier, Allen seems like his old self again (personality AND game-wise) and something just feels different. 10 days off and then a home game, Let's Go! 3 games in 12 days, away, with all those injuries? Are you kidding me? This team is built for the long-haul and the gears are just heating up. Can't wait for the stretch run. We get to watch a stress free weekend of football as the Chiefs and Dolphins finally have a test. It's a great night indeed...
  3. Sunday would be the worst possible time of all, give us Saturday at 4!!!
  4. That has nothing to do with his game . He played a great game, didn’t even take a snap in the fourth quarter, and they barely tried to pass in the third quarter. Right now Miami is 100% better on Offense than Buffalo.
  5. Playoffs will happen but this team is not remotely close to championship caliber 2023 season and healthy!
  6. I think those days are over....just hoping for a 1 point win and to move on to New England
  7. Andy Reid figures out how to get everyone on Offense involved no matter who is injured. It’s the biggest difference between our two teams by a long shot
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