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  1. I would personally Boo as loud as I could if that scumbag ever stepped foot in our Stadium here in Buffalo
  2. Here is a text from the number one Vikings fan that I know...... He's so good dude. I hope he kills it with the Bills!! Glad he went to the AFC!
  3. If Allen is actually the franchise quarterback and proves that he can be a good passer, this is a trade that works. If Allen fails this year, this is another total disaster similar to Sammy Watkins
  4. The biggest name will be via trade most likely. I am glad the Bills are staying away from the glitz as that is what has worked so far. Love it
  5. It's not the cap, it's the capital. This is a young team and and yes, it most likely will take two first rounders to get Hopkins. If Allen has a great year this year and rounds out his passing game, then you make a move like this in 2021. There are too many ?? with this offense right now.
  6. It would be absolutely foolish to trade for Hopkins when this draft is so deep with YOUNG, talented receivers. IF Josh Allen was 100% the franchise QB here it would be a different story but you can't pull a Sammy Watkins when he still has a lot more to prove in the passing game. I hope that is the case at the end of this year but I don't think it is the case right now. Be smart about free agency while building up the line, adding a RB, adding another WR that won't break the bank, and adding 2 more WR in the draft.
  7. I bet $20 on the Chiefs to cover and $20 that Kelce would get a td - yay me for a non-better
  8. I have a feeling Buffalo management is watching this game and although they will add a top receiver in free agency and draft one as well, the right move is probably to keep building the offensive line and get a defensive back or defensive end in the first round.
  9. Bad move going to the kitchen, unreal hips on that chick. Who gives a crap about the singing
  10. I started a sports marketing company about 6 years ago and have been in the industry many years....just built up a lot of connections over those years
  11. We get a lot of them through players and agents. I wish I got them at face value but that is not usually the case.
  12. Just sold 12 yesterday for just under 6k each. That was BEFORE the games were determined. The Chiefs are the team that drove the pricing up bigtime
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