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  1. BuffaloBaumer

    [Vague Title]Fun idea for the home opener

  2. BuffaloBaumer

    Offensive Line - Any Chance it Holds Up?

    I wonder if there is any chance in hell to get Richie to come back for 1 last year...
  3. There are certainly other holes on this team (receiver, LB, DE) that deserve concern but the one position that I just can't seem to get past is the O Line. Is there any way that some of these guys could surprise as it is really the only reason I do not want Allen starting until later in the season. The defense could be solid enough and with Allen, Shady, Clay, along with a mix of receivers, the offense could surprise IF the Oline holds up. I just don't see it and it and in my opinion, it could be the only thing holding this team back from another Wild Card run.
  4. 2 games, like anyone freaking knows anything about Peterman after 2 games. It's a joke to even try to figure out if the guy is any good after such little time.
  5. BuffaloBaumer

    Most clutch play in Buffalo Bills history

    4th down td play in comeback game....case closed
  6. Allen cannot see the field in the regular season until they go through another draft and free agency. These poor qbs don't stand a chance.
  7. Upgrade the bathrooms and be done with it
  8. BuffaloBaumer

    Start Allen from Day 1/ QB competition

    Terrible and stupid logic. A whole other draft and free agency to surround Allen for 2019 is the only way to go. 2019 is the year when the we take the AFC east
  9. BuffaloBaumer

    Allen Over Rosen Reminds Me of

    All I said over and over before the pick was ...please don't pull another Donte Whitner. Sure enough...
  10. BuffaloBaumer

    So who starts week 1??

    Allen better not see the field in 2018.
  11. BuffaloBaumer

    2018 Draft: 1st round discussion

  12. BuffaloBaumer

    LaCanfora: Bills Doubling Back on Rosen

    2018, 2019 and 2020 draft picks - just get me Darnold! Take them all!
  13. BuffaloBaumer

    Matt Miller: Jets' Coaches Making a Late Push for Allen

    Pure Freaking Madness Wow!
  14. BuffaloBaumer


    My exact feeling as well....I swear I will cry tears of joy if we get Darnold