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  1. Will never get over it, coaching cost everyone a Super Bowl. THAT was the year to get it done and they blew it. There will never be an easier path through the AFC again...
  2. Yup, I saw that. Quite the gauntlet before the bye week if true. Their barbecue wings are arguably the best in the world. They’re even better the next day after putting them in the fridge. Barbill has the best wings across-the-board but la nova barbecue is absolutely unstoppable.
  3. I want 1pm Sunday Home opener vs Pats I do NOT want Packers at Bills week 1
  4. The road to winning a Super Bowl will never be easier than it was last year. You can think whatever you want, but last year was the best chance they will ever have. Josh Allen was playing better than any quarterback in the history of the NFL playoffs and coaching shut it down immediately.
  5. Does anyone in the NFC even care about winning anymore?
  6. The fist time in 25 years where we have a contender.....as well as 5 other Super Bowl contenders in the AFC. This move really pisses me off
  7. This is GREAT news. I genuinely feel bad for Browns fans. THey thought they finally turned the corner and now they are just a mess
  8. This nuclear arms race in the AFC West is exactly why we had to win the Super Bowl this year. Of course we have a shot but there will never ever ever be an easier path as there was this past year. What a shame
  9. You might as well call it now, there is no way in hell he is not picking the chiefs
  10. Wagner or Jones are the only 2 left that would fit the hype that was generated last week for defensive names
  11. Out of the AFC with Dolphins and New England not in the mix is all I care about.
  12. Actually, we had the championship already in the bag if not for 13. That team was the one...
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