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  1. Just sold 12 yesterday for just under 6k each. That was BEFORE the games were determined. The Chiefs are the team that drove the pricing up bigtime
  2. It's too bad about last week because Buffalo's offense could have easily put up 50....
  3. Feel that pain Houston, feel that pain
  4. It was so obvious the second I saw it. A perfect pass and a huge mistake by Brown
  5. Very, I mean VERY nice work putting that together...wow
  6. Too many people to name....Allen was not one of them
  7. It's far from ok when you choke that badly. They lost to a team not that good, missing their stars. That's not ok at all
  8. It would be idiotic to play any starter for this game, total idiocy. Buffalo has totally lucked out with injuries all year and there is no reason to push the envelope now.
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