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  1. Coach took the pansy way out and in no way shape or form do I believe he thinks Anderson gives them best chance to win. This is a puss move and just shows how lost he truly is. This will be the biggest shiitshow to date on Sunday.
  2. Soooooo is it a freaking sprain or tear?!
  3. BuffaloBaumer

    Going Through WORST Possible Scenario With Allen

    Manning was making throws all over the place his rookie season, amazing throws. He had a bunch of ints but you could see he was something special. I have seen nothing from Allen so far other than 2 quarters of 1 game. If I had to make a wager, I would say that he is not even on the team at the end of his rookie contract.
  4. BuffaloBaumer

    If we March Peterman out there again...I will....

    Oh my God, THANK YOU for mentioning this because this is exactly what is going on here. If it was Peterman that started that Texans game and then Allen came in, threw a TD, made some other throws and then threw a pick 6, people would be salivating about the potential and that it was a rookie mistake. Peterman should 100% start against the Colts
  5. BuffaloBaumer

    Going Through WORST Possible Scenario With Allen

    For me, it's the fact that throwing Anderson out there is just about the most useless, spinning the wheels type of decision you can make. It is the only decision that will make me stop watching.
  6. BuffaloBaumer

    Going Through WORST Possible Scenario With Allen

    I truly hope they play Peterman the rest of the year so they can at LEAST find out once and for all what is going on with this guy. I know I am one of the few that still wants to see this thing through and the season is meaningless without Allen in there now.
  7. BuffaloBaumer

    Going Through WORST Possible Scenario With Allen

    Actually, this was the 1st venting post in a couple years so you definitely nailed that one..yes, yes I do 🙂
  8. Out of all the things (good and bad) that have been said about selecting (and starting) Allen, the worst possible scenario is now staring this idiotic front office right in the face. They deserve everything they get because first, they decided to pick the biggest project in the draft, and then they decide to ruin his career by throwing him to the wolves. He never progressed and now they have him injured. Yes, THEY got him injured. Any person with half a brain could see that Allen was not ready and they STILL went against everything they preached when they drafted him. Have fun with the surgery One Bills Drive because if that happens, you deserve it 100%. It was a terrible pick to begin with and on top of it, they threw away multiple 2nd rounders. You just set this franchise back at LEAST 3 years and ALL of it could have been avoided. Good luck trotting Anderson out there just because you're afraid Peterman will get bood. At least grow some balls and follow through with your senseless plan.
  9. Giants will probably be the only team ahead of us in the draft who will pick a QB so the Bills will have one more chance to get it right with a high pick.
  10. I'll assume he misses all of 2019 until I hear differently. The good news is that they will be forced to draft a qb in the first after they go 3-13. This could be a total blessing in disguise because Allen never had it to begin with. Let's go Sabres
  11. BuffaloBaumer

    If we March Peterman out there again...I will....

    I think Nate wins the game if he plays against the Colts
  12. BuffaloBaumer

    If we March Peterman out there again...I will....

    More inclined to watch than if it's Anderson
  13. BuffaloBaumer

    Peterman Could Play in Indy

    I have no problem starting Nate. This season is totally meaningless other than evaluating qbs. I know Anderson is not the future more than i know Nate isn't.
  14. Can't wait for the 52-3 beatdown on Monday night