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  1. I'll take the over on Buffalo and Carolina, the under on Cowboys and Texans.
  2. While I agree with most of the name on this list, I think I would downgrade Andre Roberts to the "So Long" category. Lifetime numbers 25.8 avg kick return 9.0 avg punt return Playoff numbers 16.7 avg kick return 4.0 avg punt return As we saw he cannot be trusted to replace an injured WR, he is not used for jet sweeps, he is a one trick pony, and I don't think the roster spot is worth it anymore. Take a touchback on kickoffs, start at the 25 and trust Josh and the O to move it down field.
  3. Chefs is my guess, I think it is going to be a 4-0 weekend for the home teams.
  4. Tua is still trying to play the same style he did in Alabama, short throw that the WR will end up taking for a first town. Trying to find the exact stat, but from a couple sources it looks like 70 to 75% of the yards Tua "threw" for in 2019 came after the catch (highest in the nation). That is what we saw last night, he had two completions go for 10 yards or more, and one of them was 2 yards behind the LOS when caught. Tua still has NFL WRs to throw to, but the problem is NFL caliber players are on the other side of the ball for the first time. Is he a bust? I think it is too earl
  5. Was waiting for someone to say Christian Wade, only for the next 6 people to explain that he cannot be active this year..... Devin Singletary is my guess for week 16 TJ Yeldon & Duke Williams in week 17 to bring the record to 16 different players in a year.
  6. From 2010 to 2018 Seattle was outscored 75 to 0 in the first half of playoff games starting at 1pm EST (all West and Mountain teams were outscored 210 to 55 over that period of time). So they have been slow starters in the past. Hope that holds true Sunday and then Allen can keep the offence rolling in the 2nd half.
  7. The sales pitch to play for Buffalo is simple, he gets to play revenge games against the Jets and Steelers, we are the only team of the three that can offer that.
  8. 13 of 25 are QBs? I think this tells us all we need to know about the depth of the writer's knowledge.
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