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  1. Heading back to Buffalo tomorrow for 2 weeks. I'm going to visit the new stadium site with my brother. Looking forward to seeing how it's coming along.
  2. You beat me to it. Ditto on Fred. Defense I would go with the same timeframe and Willie Lanier.
  3. I'm a lifelong fan of the Buffalo Bills. I pick Josh Allen and I don't look back.
  4. The only thing Josh will struggle with is holding back his tears when he hoists and dedicates the Lombardi to Bills fans this season. He will "shine" in 2024.
  5. Just watched the 1st episode. It was pretty good. I was surprised at the candor.
  6. Does anyone know of a site that complies "Team Receiving Statistics by Position"? Broken down for each team by WRs, TEs, RBs and other. Stat Muse has it broken down by position for the entire NFL but NOT by individual teams. https://www.statmuse.com/nfl/ask/team-recieving-yards-by-position
  7. Bass could get his consistency back. That being said, there should be competition on the roster now. Currently there are 13 WRs and 10 DTs. You tell me that you can't live without one of those in camp for a PK.
  8. It has to be a factor in the negotiations.
  9. If I was a GM it would be a factor in regard to contract guaranteed money.
  10. So, you never heard of his concussion history?
  11. There is also a good chance that they play to the same level or even better than last year. First, the returning 3 positions. Dawkins, Torrence and Brown are all back and healthy. Torrence and Brown will have another year of experience playing next to each other. I don't believe that Torrence has been "figured out". He was a rookie playing every down. He's an above average RG and I only expect improvement in his 2nd year. Spencer Brown's continued improvement is key to the OL IMO. His improvement can let Knox line up on either side of the OL, depending on the opponents and game situations. Instead of Knox primarily helping out Brown, he can become a defensive problem depending on where he does line-up. The question is C/LG changes. Morse was a good center, but it was time to move on from him. I believe they were planning on McGovern to take over, but the availability of VPG in the draft may change the final line-up. Morse was declining in the strength department so if VPG can take the center duties it could be a wash. That leaves McGovern to stay at LG. If VPG is not in the equation it comes down to which ultimately ends up being better. Morse/McGovern or McGovern/Edwards. I don't think anyone can know that as of now. Any initial regression from the C/LG combo will be made up with the other improvements. Ultimately, the OL with Knox and the possibility of Davis being a 3rd down back with good pass blocking ability makes Josh Allen's protection possibly being the best he has ever had as a pro. I for one will be following this closely during the summer.
  12. Exactly. Miami can give him a good AAV but the guaranteed exposure can't be too big or too lengthy. I get the feeling that this is the reason(s) they haven't agreed yet.
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