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  1. Does this Madden thing mean we suck again?
  2. I had just moved to Colorado and watched Elway's 1st season. He had 7 TDs and 14 INTs with a 47% completion rate. He wasn't a STAR his 1st season. Just saying.
  3. His tweet said he'd gave it a shot not that he succeeded.
  4. So if Shady and Gore split the 1st offensive play for each game who is the "regular" starter? Any way you cut it, it's a stupid idea IMO.
  5. It is forcing players to sit out and I don't believe the players will go for it. We will see. Elite outspoken players will voice their opinions about this (if it gets traction) and their opposition of taking a chance to not go to the Super Bowl because their "replacement" lost 2 games for their team. Once again, we will see.
  6. You can be as trite as you want but the Monday morning sports shows will be dominated by "What would of happened is so and so played"? You conveniently ignored my prime question. What sports FORCE's players to sit out? That's the question, case closed.
  7. I disagree. It fundamentally changes the way sports work. Players in Hockey, Baseball and Basketball (all which have over 80 games a season) may sit out a few BUT no professional sport forces any of these players to sit out. I see the majority of football fans hating this if it's implemented. I personally fly back to Buffalo every year for a game. If that game has JA sitting out while healthy I personally will never book another game again!
  8. It's not even just those positions. Return guys, gunners, how do you rotate the OL guys. It's going to water down the competition and be a nightmare for Head Coaches. What if you plan on your starting TE to sit that week and the 2nd string TE gets nicked up in practice. Now you are forced to start the 3rd string TE. What if that scenario happens to a punt return guy and the 3rd string guy fumbles 3 punts? Fans (especially fantasy ((which I am not)) and Vegas bettors) will be pissed. There will be constant criticism from the fans about who the HC should of sat or should of played for each game. It's a stupid idea and should not be implemented.
  9. I don't understand it either. But instead of 200 bucks a month I'm in the streaming world now and I like it. I got this years NFL figured out and after this season the NFL is more than likely going to do streaming thru other venues. Thanks for the empathy.
  10. The exact same thing happened to me. I always got some kind of discount. This last time they refused. The only thing they would do is give me half off NFL Ticket for 1 year but I had to sign up for 2 years (the 2nd at full price). I said then it's time for me to leave DirecTV and they said sorry and sent me the stuff to return their equipment. This is after 21 years (all with NFL package) premium channels and NHL Center Ice. Since ATT took over it's horrible and it's streaming with Nitro for me now. I got nothing from the overseas rep and was connected to Customer Retention (whatever it's called) and then to the supervisor of that department. No Dice.
  11. This................Josh Allen is an original, he is no one's 2.0.
  12. "At several points during his contact with staff, Incognito threatened to retrieve guns from his vehicle and return to shoot the employees," police said. Scottsdale Police Sgt. Ben Hoster said in an email to USA TODAY Sports “multiple guns” were found in Incognito’s vehicle. TV cameras recorded Incognito after he was released from custody. He was being held on a $20,000 bond. "I'm not sure he's dead," Incognito told one of the reporter when asked what his deceased father would think about his arrest. Ritchie is lucky with only 2 weeks.
  13. I guess I have been guilty of some of these "stages" as a fan. Going forward I will avoid that by hating every move from any team I'm a fan of. I feel better already!
  14. I'm looking forward to the new season but you continue to tear at your clothes and throw dirt in your hair if we want. It's your right.
  15. In all seriousness, don't think so much. It's football and we fans should try to enjoy it. Let the season go a few games. There is some evidence that things could be much more fun to watch this year.
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