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  1. First let me say that your comments in this thread are probably closer what the reality will be going forward than most. As to all the comments about "borrowing" money from future years to use today as something stupid........ it's not so. Corporation due this every single day of the year, year over year. Has anyone ever heard of "Corporate Bonds"? That's borrowing money today for use today that will be payed back in the future. The NFL is not going to go into negotiations with the NFLPA until this season is finished. When the season is done the numbers will be crunched and a couple of plans will be up for a vote by both the owners and players. I for one will "go out on the limb" and say IF the current 2020 season is played in it's entirety the cap will be above the 175 projected floor for 2021! What it will be is dependent on a lot of factors but this is a lucrative business. The money "borrowed" will be by the league not individual teams. IF the players take a "Cut" it will be in reduced future raises that was agreed to in this years CBA. I doubt any current cuts in pay will happen. The NFL is a business that has a AAA rating in money that it would borrow and is as secure as any corporation in America in the coming 5 years! They have a lot of options.
  2. Good point. It's one game at a time and a lot of crazy stuff can happen in one football game.
  3. Yes it is getting hard to have constructive conversation lately. I personally have changed my opinion on football fandom lately. That's just me. I want to enjoy it more for what it is and tend not to get too upset over things I would of in the past. I got no problem with fans discussing "negative" (for the sake of a better word) issues and that's not who I started "ignoring". It's more the "trolls" who know they can rile posters up by their incessant negativity that gets me. To be fair there is some of that in the reverse too. I'm a middle of the road kind of guy and I come here for 2 main purposes. One to get the latest Bills/NFL news along with some good football talk and the second reason is for some Buffalo Bills fan friendship. I don't derail other board members conversations that I don't want to be a part of but I do expect the same respect when It comes to me. I believe the board would be a little better is everyone just let other fans be the fans they want to be.
  4. I recently (the last few weeks) have started to use the ignore function myself. I have 2 on the list and after reading a thread today I am considering a third. Yes it does not always work right. One thing I noticed is that I had do it multiple times to "take". I really didn't want to resort to that but this place gets worse the more the Bills win. I wonder if the Mods or @SDS are aware of this?
  5. LITERALLY the 1st team I checked for a PK on their PS was the Patriots*. They have a kicker on their PS. The OP @mushypeaches has a legitimate point.
  6. I'm conflicted by all of this. I've been indoctrinated by this board that "accuracy" in any football related skill cannot be improved upon. I don't what is logical anymore!
  7. @Hebert19, You are crazy if you think you can change the minds of the "doom and gloom" crowd. I do agree with you that the defense is getting better. The Bills just maybe, maybe can put it all together by the time the playoffs roll around!
  8. But you do accept it by continuing to following this team! Your only true recourse is to sign off this site and follow another team that is aligned with your high football knowledge.
  9. Yep, he is going to court Charlene Darling and charm her with his ways!
  10. Without the turnovers this game could of easily been 37-17. I don't get the "terrible/bad" game comments. Defense stepped up. I read all week where the Chargers were going to put up 30+. Newsflash they put 17 with 3 turnovers handed them.
  11. Thank you for your rational answer. Most of this board refuse to listen to things like this because it is EITHER/OR for everything. Klein's savings probably is not worth pursuing next season so I would assume he stays on the team. The following year (2022) he costs next to nothing to let go so that would be the time to make a decision. I said a couple of weeks ago what you mentioned above. He is learning to fit in where his strengths are and the coaches are doing their best to scheme him in those spots.
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