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  1. The Saints at #28 may be interested in Bills 1st 5th rounder and 6th. It's one of the few UP moves I can see Beane doing if one of his guys are there. Saints are rebuilding and don't have a 5th rounder.
  2. I have a small hope that JAX would want another 1st round player and trade their 2nd round (#33) and their 2nd 4th round (Pick #130). It's an even trade in value and gives Beane his 4th round back. If Beane does trade back I hope its not lower than ATL at #35. That being said I think Beane stays at #30.
  3. I can't remember the last time the Bills have gone into the draft with no gapping holes that demand filling. There is a good number of positions that could use upgrading and that makes it much closer to a BPA draft then I have ever seen. My hope is that the first 3 picks are hits no matter what the positions are and a hit with one of the 5ths would be huge. I hope the draft comes to you Mr. Beane and Good Luck!
  4. Yes, they did that for a QB. Giving up multiple 1st round picks for a non QB position is not a good move.
  5. Epenesa was being brought around slow. It is a playoff team and why would you throw a rookie into the fire if it wasn't needed? Starting with game 11 he started to get a lot more snaps. That is also during the time the D started playing better all around. I can't see how after the limited play of a rookie that anyone can put a definitive label on him.
  6. Beane would have to trade #30, #61 and #93 at a minimum to move up to #14. That's from both Draft Value charts. I for one would hate that gamble. As for a trade with the Vikings, they got 2-3rds, 4-4ths and 2-5ths right now. If anything I could see them using some of that to move up to get an impact player of their own.
  7. My "be patient" point was not about whether or not they pick up the 5th it was on how TE will play this year.
  8. Yes. I'll post my "broken record" comment here that I have been saying all year. The Bills worked on Josh Allen and the passing game almost exclusively last camp. It was also an "abridged" camp. It stands to reason that the running game suffered both offensively and defensively because of it. I am certain that it will be addressed both resource wise and training wise this summer. How much success will come of it can only be realized after the season starts.
  9. Yes, but even if the haul wouldn't be that great it's why picking up the 5th will most likely happen. Fans are looking at this whole Edmunds thing a little too myopically IMO. This coming season is an important one for TE and we just all have to be patient and wait to see what happens.
  10. OK Nostradamus why don't you edit your OP and give your prediction as to where the Bills D will be ranked in Points and Yards Against in 2021. It should be easy with an expert like you.
  11. True. I will say though the 5th year option can work both ways. In the case of Edmunds it can be thought of as one more year to come to a long term decision. Exercising the the 5th negates having to decide on the possibility of what you are calling a "bad contract". The way I see it the only risk is that Edmunds does not play to the $12.7M 5th year contract. So I guess that risk is what will Edmunds true 2022 worth be? If he gives you $7-8M in value the risk for another year of evaluation is not that great. IMO.
  12. He was a longshot to break into the roster this year. If an OT is not a BPA in the 1st 3 rounds I'm pretty sure a developmental guy will get selected in the later rounds. Good Luck in life Trey.
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