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  1. Agree. I check in on this thread waiting for news. Hoping that the news is good. I do think most fans checking this thread are on a quiet vigil like myself. As to the other subject lines this thread has become, I'm glad my parents raised me the way they did.
  2. Just about everyone I know in Colorado that partakes acquires it legally. Edibles are real big. FWIW.
  3. Actually, I was kind of hoping for this scenario. It would be awesome if Baker did play and played well. I would laugh and laugh.
  4. Fingers on the home row.............................................................................begin.
  5. I for one don't give a hairy rat's ass about what WRs will get in yardage for the upcoming season. For my money it's all about Josh having at least one open receiver on every play. Whether a WR, TE, RB or even a reported eligible OL catch TDs and 1st downs it's meaningless as long as they keep moving the ball and SCORING. When the season starts, and the Bills show me they "can't" move the ball and score I will criticize them and give my opinions as to why. In the meantime, during this offseason I will continue to roll my eyes at the fans who haven't seen a 2022 season snap let alone have a clue what OBD's plans for the offense are this year. Stats be damned, when you boil it all down it's still a simple game. Score more points than your opponent!
  6. Now it's about money spent. Per Spotrac Bills Cap Spending https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/buffalo-bills/positional/2022/full-cap/ Offense: $99.2M Defense: $107.2M Special Teams: $4.2M The area that the Bills "overspend" on defense is in the Secondary (3rd highest in the league). Taking in the consideration that the Bills have 3 high paid veterans in the secondary it looks pretty even to me.
  7. Agree. Lil Dirty will be WR4 and probably get around 25-30% offensive snaps. More if Crowder is injured/nicked up. One other thing about McKenzie is his high catch %. 50 catches on 60 targets the last 2 years. He needs to be tested a little more than previous years to show his true worth. Everyone should know they did give him a 2 year deal this time around.
  8. Agree. Add to that the draft picks lost, his $55M cap hits and the whole distasteful situation I wonder how that will affect the Browns upcoming free agencies. Could players leave or potential signings from other teams shy away from joining the organization?
  9. Never seen this before. Thanks for posting it! Great insight to Dawson and why he is who he is.
  10. No. He is a 4 year vet so he does not go thru waivers.
  11. Another thread hijacked about Bills WR depth. Once again talk of shootouts with KC. KC lost Tyreek Hill. Their top 3 WRs are as follows: Juju Smith-Schuster Marques Valdez-Scantling Mercole Hardman They drafted Skyy Moore. They got the following as depth: Corey Coleman Josh Gordon and a bunch of JAGs. Any Buffalo Bills fans want to trade WR rooms straight up with them?
  12. LOL, that's gold Logic, GOLD! Last year it was Beane and McDermott can't find a TE. This year it's WR3. Past 3 years of NY Jet starting QBs. Darnold - 25 starts Wilson - 13 starts Flacco - 5 starts White - 3 starts Falk - 2 starts Siemian - 1 start Johnson - 1 relief game Compared to the Buffalo Bills QB for the last 3 seasons. Just some stats like Bado cited. LOL. I bet Crowder doesn't notice the difference. (sarcasm)!
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