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  1. ColoradoBills

    Lorenzo’s contract details

    per Spotrac................ Contract Notes: $1.55M of incentives available
  2. ColoradoBills

    Startling Star statistic

    OP's 5.8% claim is based off of the assumed $189,000,000 2019 Cap with the 9 million 2018 rollover.
  3. ColoradoBills

    Eagles officially choose Wentz over Foles

    People need to understand Foles contract. Even if the Eagles pick up his option (which is due 1 week after the Super Bowl) Foles can turn down the option and become a FA. Here are the details: Contract Notes: $7M fully guaranteed at signing (signing bonus+ 2017 salary + 2018 roster bonus) 2018 Roster Bonus: $3M (due 3/18) 2018 : $2M signing bonus + $7M of incentives based on starting, playoffs , & Pro Bowl 2018 Per Game Played (33% snaps): $250,000, increases to $500,000 with a game win 2018 Per Playoff Game Played (33% snaps): $500,000, increases to $1M with a playoff win Eagles must exercise 2019 option 1 week after the Super Bowl Foles has 5 days after the Eagles' decision to exercise. If he declines he must payback $2M of the 2018 bonus 2019 salary fully guarantees on 3/18/2019 2020-2021 years automatically void if on the roster 23 days before the 2019 league year
  4. ColoradoBills

    Startling Star statistic

    What is startling to me is Star is the highest paid Buffalo Bill and tied for the 140th highest paid player in the league. At the end of Star's contract that number will be closer to 230th highest in the league. Knowing that the Bills paid a premium for him in FA by 10-15%. These facts are the least thing to concern ourselves about.
  5. ColoradoBills

    Bills hire Heath Farwell as ST coordinator

    I totally agree about your point of connection not a "Pipeline". I looked through the entire Bills coaching staff and the only coaches with a Carolina connection (serving at the same time as McDermott) are the following: 1. Bobby Babich (Safeties) - Served in Carolina in 2011-2012 with McDermott. 2. Matt Worswich (Assistant to the Head Coach) - Served in Carolina in 2016 with McDermott. That's it.
  6. I hear you......it's still cheap but not like it was. I'm in semi-retirement mode right now and about 8 years ago when the downtown started to come back I came real close on buying a loft condo for $85,000 which now has over doubled in value. I was going to rent it out until retirement and live both in Colorado Springs and Buffalo. I SHOULD OF DONE IT.
  7. As someone who visits Buffalo regularly I have to say the last 5-10 years have been amazing to watch. Things are looking better for the city and Erie county. Keep moving forward.
  8. LOL, there is a lot of WTF going on out here in Broncoland! I Love it.
  9. ColoradoBills

    Bills sign Derek Anderson to extension

    Didn't see anyone posting his 2019 contract numbers. 1.1 million with 90k guaranteed. Has a aged vet cap discount, his cap hit is 735k for 2019. With $'s this low anything can happen with him between now and next September. 90k for his mentor services thru the summer is cheap.
  10. You picked a guy I think OBD should be looking at too. I'm interested how much Hicks will want in FA.
  11. I hear you but I already said if they have a better option in FA this year they should do it. Do you got someone in mind they should target? The cap space for Davis and Lorax ( if he does sign) in 2020 will get them enough to pursue a decent vet. As to this years draft, with all the other needs the best they probably should do drafting a LB would be one of the 5th's or a 6th. After using a lot of capital this year on the offense, Beane can use a higher pick LB next year.
  12. He will be a depth signing for 1 year. If they don't sign Davis OBD needs to find someone similar to sign. If he got hurt before the season they put him on IR and still get his mentoring. I don't see any real risk. Puts off drafting a LB until next year. Davis has seen and done everything as an NFL LB, if he's got one year left it would be great.
  13. ColoradoBills

    Deep draft at TE this year

    I agree. Daboll will be highly involved with what type of TEs they get.
  14. ColoradoBills

    Just How Bad Was Buffalo's Run Game Aside from Josh Allen?

    OL Run Blocking was very bad. I'm sure OBD is/will have conversations with McCoy on his future. What's everyone's thoughts on Marcus Murphy? Bring him to camp?
  15. ColoradoBills

    Shaq Lawson 5th year option on the table

    5th year options are for drafted players in round 1. A team can tag any player.