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  1. Beane signed Gore because he thinks he is a great football player. In fact, it wouldn’t be a stretch to go as far as to say that Gore is Beane’s favorite player. The Bills’ general manager’s sentiments which he expressed about the Buffalo’s new running back on Thursday afternoon during media day were that strong. “I’ve got to be candid here, I’m a big fan of Frank Gore,” said Beane near the beginning of his time at the podium. “You watch him (and realize) this guy is just a pro’s pro. There is a reason this guy is still playing at his age. He is an unbelievable competitior and I look forward to seeing what he brings on the field and off the field. I’ve always been a big fan just watching him (from afar).” https://www.thedailynewsonline.com/bdn02/buffalo-bills-brandon-beane-and-frank-gore---a-match-made-in-football-heaven--20190315
  2. I agree Shaw. That's why I used challenge flags as my point. Since his first he hasn't got one right and by showing the improvement right out of the chutes this year would make me smile.
  3. Welcome back, and I raised a glass to Bart Starr already.
  4. Let's add Jerry Hughes to the credit list. This contract screams "all in on the team". He is the new DL leader, grabbing the torch from Kyle. ps. I'm sure someone will complain.
  5. Good post Shaw and a lot of good comments. I see the upcoming Bills season at being at the "Crossroads". We (the Bills and their fans) haven't been here in a long time. The Pegula's, Beane, Front Office and McDermott have got this team to this point. McDermott has established the culture and formed a great "offseason" team. To take the right road from here on is about McDermott's other responsibility, Game Day. It's all up to him to get the coaches and players to put it together on the field. Sean, Brian, Leslie, Heath and the rest need to put winning schemes/game plans together and be capable of adjusting them. I don't think the job is too much for him, but I'll be hoping that McDermott's 1st challenge flag this year is successful. Good Luck Sean McDermott. Go Bills!
  6. The thing about these 3rd rounders is that it's not set just like the article said that you posted. Knox is scheduled to make a total of $3,399,480 as pick #96. If you go to the Spotrac site you will see that picks later in the round have signed for more than that. Grier at pick #100 is getting $3,852,996. They'll get it worked out.
  7. What also is interesting is Gore did most of this work on 1st down. He was used very limitedly on 3rd downs last year. I wonder if Dabol will use Gore on 1st down more often and Shady on 2nd and 3rd. We all have seen that Shady has had problems at times on 1st down. A lot of 2nd and 6 or 2nd and 5s would be great.
  8. https://www.dawgsbynature.com/2016/6/4/11859342/3rd-round-pick-negotiations-reportedly-becoming-interesting-in-the-nfl https://bleacherreport.com/articles/1248192-why-are-there-so-many-3rd-round-nfl-draft-picks-that-are-still-unsigned
  9. Yeah, Wood knew he would get more money "being injured" than outright retiring. We both know that a vet is getting his money if injured. When I was replying to Chris it was more along the lines of some people thinking an "injury settlement" can somehow save a team more money than a contract buyout (that's a good term you used). As bad as the Kroft situation is imagine being WAS with the Alex Smith injury! That's a problem.
  10. Are you sure? I always seen if a vet got hurt in preseason and goes to IR for the year he gets his full salary. I never heard of a "vested" vet being forced into an injury settlement. If you got an example I would be interested in seeing it.
  11. Injury settlements are used for rookies/UDFAs not vets. It get's complicated because there are different options for rounds drafted. Undrafted players are by far the most guys using injury settlements. Injury settlements are debated/agreed upon on as to how many weeks a player with an injury will be out and then computations are done. That being said, Kroft was a FA vet and signed a contract with guarantees. He was injured during a practice so he is further protected for all his medical/rehab/etc. That's why vets only go to IR or PUP for all major football injuries. IF his injury was career ending he would get all his guaranteed money and then the Bills can cut him. Right now the Bills have to wait until he heals and their only decision is if/when to designate him "injured".
  12. Kroft can't be cut while he is injured. If it ends up being a long injury recovery they could put him on IR. I also think he is eligible for the Active/PUP list which could turn into a Reserve/PUP after preseason. Everyone will just have to wait and see how the recovery goes for now.
  13. Truthfully I can't answer you about Mack v Oliver. I have a very limited college expertise. I listen to pundits and poster who I know have more and even then it seems very subjective. As to forum discussions about the draft I tend to not comment on players (being I don't know the college world that well) and wait to see who is drafted. After that I look the players up and listen to the "experts" but none means much until I see them play (or at the very least some camp work). I watch all lot of NFL football and have for many decades (more than I like to admit) and can only rationally comment on players once I see some results.
  14. I missed the other Mack posts. I should not have commented about him when others have already done so. That being said there was a lot of debate as to how Mack would fare in the NFL in relation to his college competition. I have patience enough to see how he plays this year before I "score" Beane's selection.
  15. Couldn't everything you just said be applied to Kalil Mack?
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