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  1. The line I see is -3 Dolphins. I'm a Jets fan for Sunday!
  2. If Tre can make it back for the KC game, it would be great. If not, my hope is he is ready to go after the bye for GB.
  3. They have a new OC this year. That is where I consider the "data" to be judged from. They are 1-1 in close games.
  4. Yes, it is. The past is the past, it's about going forward.
  5. Denver winter weather is much milder than Buffalo. I do get your point though. I'm not doubting his skills, just hope he keeps performing.
  6. I'm curious as to how his punting will be when the weather turns bad, but as of now I'm very happy with his play. Maybe he becomes a fit for next year.
  7. LOL. I already changed the thread title. Yes, I am hung over. Poyer, thanks I knew there was more. Good to hear he's probably OK.
  8. Just wanted to ask other than Crowder who is probably IR bound with broken ankle and McKenzie in concussion protocol, were there any others with the exception of bumps and bruises? I can't remember any more. Of course, I got "thirsty" during the game and may have missed something else. Looking forward to maybe getting some more "walking wounded" back this week. I'm confused on who those guys could be.
  9. I've tried to post this weeks ago and fans just read right past it. They don't understand that it's 4 weeks minimum. They don't understand that a player can be on PUP for 5, 6 or more weeks before activating the 21-day window. To add to your evidence. https://www.nfl.com/news/nfl-training-camp-roster-faqs-defining-injured-reserve-pup-list-nfi-and-more Reserve/PUP list: Teams must decide by the 53-man roster cutdown deadline (Aug. 30 this season) whether to place a player on this list. Players placed on this list at that time must miss at least the team's first four games -- down from six in seasons prior to 2022.
  10. Yep, but the Bills with the W. That's the important thing.
  11. Stupid Brady. The one time I want him to win, he sucks. LOL, @Success
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