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  1. I've watched football for 50 years and seen a whole lot of "brawls". They happen all the time. Players get flagged, fined and even ejected and suspended, both the instigator and the one who retaliated. I never seen a thing like Garrett did. I got a friends retirement party to go to so...............have a good day!
  2. Truthfully I was watching the game live and I seen the takedown and the first thing I thought was "that's a penalty" and then all hell broke loose. Great, can all the teams of the league do that to Brady?
  3. So if I'm hearing this correctly some people are calling for 4 game suspensions for a player grabbing and pulling a facemask? I think I'm done with this conversation. LOL
  4. This is how I feel also. Garrett started the whole thing and Rudolph retaliated and then Garrett got violent. It was so stupid to do on the last play of the game.
  5. Forgot in all of this is Randall's hit on Johnson and the JuJu hit.
  6. @JasonGendron16 FollowFollow @JasonGendron16 More Bill Belichick trading a 2022 Sixth round pick and a pack of gum for Myles Garrett during the offseason:
  7. Whatever the league decrees should be the penalty. The appeal needs to be denied.
  8. I've watched the Sabres tonight and have been watching them since 1970. Fighting in hockey is controlled. IF A HOCKEY PLAYER BEAT ANOTHER PLAYER WITH HIS STICK then come to me and we will compare this incident. On the other hand if you can't see the difference don't respond to my post.
  9. He better still be suspended. If he shows up in Pittsburgh I want to see the fans reactions!
  10. It's amazing how that line is going to stick around for years!
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