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  1. I had DirecTV for over 20 years and cut the cord 3 years ago. I understand your reasons for enjoying their service but the reality is that technology is changing and streaming is the future. Advertising and data drive the tech world so we all will have to live with it. My friends and I watch a lot of YouTube, and we are going to chip in to buy the YouTube Premium to get rid of the ads. It is one option for a few bucks a month that DirecTV does not offer. As for huge increases in streaming worries, I believe it will be modest for the simple reason it's easy for any start-up to compete in streaming vs sending up satellites to circle the globe. While I still miss some of the Directv functions one thing I love about streaming is I can pull my Roku stick, grab my remote and take all my TV with me when I travel now that I'm retired. Streaming is still clunky, especially moving between "channels" but I believe that technology will fix some of these issues in the future. All in all, I have been paying way less for TV than I ever have before, and I get a lot more viewing options.
  2. LOL, this QB contract $ talk cracks me up every year. The reality is $40M is the basement for an NFL QB signing on as a starter with a multi-year contract. Dak signed a $40M per year contract at the start of 2021. Carr and Stafford make $40M on older contracts. Let's all remember that Kyler "f'in" Murray signed at $46.1M per year! When Burrows and Herbert sign later this year or the start of 2024 it will be for $55M+. Beane signing Josh Allen to a 6-year contract was brilliant. His cap is $39.7M and that will be restructured some. 2023 will be a bit of an adjustment for the Bills but all the "handwringing" on cap space is a bit overblown.
  3. I'm not sure about another 3 years but I agree he isn't going anywhere this coming season.
  4. Restructuring is a useful "tool" in cap management, but it is not a way of life like some believe. Many are looking as 2023 is a tough year for the cap, but in reality, it's not as bad as 2024. There is risk with restructuring the wrong contracts. I will be watching what Beane does with Von Miller. I am of the opinion that restructuring Von is a mistake. As it is now the Bills can get out of Von's contract at the start of the 2025 season (Von will be 36) for a dead money cost of $7.4M. If Beane does a standard 5 year restructure his Dead Money will go up to around $13M. Will Von's play be worth that coming off an ACL at his age? As it is now, Von's cap hit is $21.2M in 2024. Restructuring will push that up to close to $24M in 2024. What then? Restructure again? https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/buffalo-bills/von-miller-7717/ Like I say every year, SOME restructuring is OK and quite normal, too much is a problem that I think Beane will not do.
  5. 2025 is realistic IF his contract isn't restructured which would push too much guaranteed money into 2025 and beyond. Just watch during the spring when many on this board will say "restructure Miller" not knowing what that means. At Miller's age and coming back from his injury, restructuring him is a huge gamble that Beane just can't take and would show me he is desperate.
  6. I could live with that. Like I said, this debate will rage all spring.
  7. I'm sure this WR debate will be raging all the way through the draft. I personally believe that even with a better OL and OC scheme the Bills still need 1 improvement in the WR corp. Some will want a 1st round pick at WR but it seems to me it will have to be around the 3rd round pick. Hoping that the draft falls with something like this order. OL, S, WR, OL for the 1st 4 rounds.
  8. Thanks for your insight. To tell the truth I (as a fan) was exhausted before the game yesterday even started. It has been a rough year for all things Buffalo Bills. Haven't read much of the threads today and probably will take a break from football for a while but reading some of the responses in this thread makes me believe the fans form a perfect "bell curve" in emotions. I guess I'm still somewhere in the meaty part of that.
  9. The Saints have gone 9-8 and 7-10 in the last 2 seasons in arguably the weakest division in the league. I'm not so sure that's who the Buffalo Bills want to emulate. Restructuring is a tool that Beane has used in the past and will in the future, but I believe too many fans think it's some magic bullet. Tough decisions will have to be made.
  10. I may not know exactly what goes on at OBD, but it seems to me that McDermott gives to long of a leash to both Frazier and Dorsey.
  11. I agree. I got beat up about Dorsey last week, so I went along with the crowd. Frazier is stuck in his plan that may have worked with all his stars on the field but lacked when the "next man up" became a reality. My opinion (which doesn't mean squat but to me) is both sides game plans are too rigid and do not adjust enough for the opposition. Nothing can sway my opinion that the best way to right this ship is to give Josh Allen more time in the pocket and a game plan that puts the opposing defenses on their heels.
  12. If Diggs is pissed and want to go home let him. This loss is going to be hard on the entire team. The last thing they need is players and coaches worrying about how others are feeling. The postmortem of this season is going to take a long time and needs a deep self-analysis.
  13. Doyle is depth. Bates and Brown are currently serviceable at best. Morse could be done with another bad concussion. If Beane doesn't address the OL as priority #1 then I don't know what they expect Josh Allen to do. Bills lost today's game because Burrow had time to throw, and Josh didn't. I will add their OC was much better than Dorsey.
  14. I don't root for any team but the Bills. I'll watch the games and see how these teams play. Bills OC/DC/STC should be looking at these teams and developing plays to fit their own schemes.
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