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  1. If Floyd is not re-signed next year the Bills will take a $4.3M dead money hit in 2024. It will not go on till 2026. Take a look at this gem from the Saints GM. https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/new-orleans-saints/cameron-jordan-7739/
  2. I have a Korean girlfriend. She is sweet the way I see Kim.
  3. That is one man who loves his wife very much. Personally, I know how those sweet Korean girls can burrow into your heart. Keep getting better Kim!
  4. "Going rogue" would be the last 2 words I would use for Frazier's play calling. As for the term "delusional", I would use that for any fan that thinks Sean is calling the D only because Frazier will be back calling the Buffalo Bills defense next season. Frazier is out because he is too predictable, and Sean will call the plays this year while training one of the assistants to take over next season.
  5. If DHop wants a one-year deal then everything you said makes sense. If he wants a multi-year high dollar deal (which I'm assuming he does at this moment) then it could cause a true need to re-tool the team a lot earlier than I would like. Beane has pushed the signings pretty much to the limit and still maintaining the mantra he has said over and over he wants to keep. That's having a contender every year. I know there is a huge rift in fans on the board over this, but he is being true to his word. I think Sean has done a very good job keeping the locker room believing in the future.
  6. Agree with a lot of that. The thing about Tre is Beane had zero control of what happened. If his play falls way off Beane has only a couple of choices. Move on with a cut/trade or see if he can fill a Hyde roll. Anyway, no matter what happens, I don't put it on Beane. Von's situation is pretty much exactly how you put it IMO too. Just have to wait and see how it plays out. If Von's play falls off I got to put the miss on Beane. Bad luck sure, but it was a risky move. As for Knox, I know it's the thing now to hate his contract, but I don't see Dawson going anywhere, anytime soon. IMO when Beane drafted his wide-out TE with a 1st it took DHop (or other WR worries) off the table. We probably won't see the fruits of the Kincaid/Knox duo until later in the season, but I like the possibilities. If the front 5 OL can jell those 2 could wreak havoc. As for cap relief next year, Beane has a ton of options to reduce the deficit with moving on from a few of the Morse, Hines, Harty, Neal and I'm going to throw a name out that may get me some grief, a Taron Johnson trade. Low dead cap with a lot of cap space created with all these players. The only other thing I would add is what will Dawkins play be this season? If he is going to stay, next spring is a re-sign. If that doesn't happen they could be looking for a new LT in 2025.
  7. Personally, I think the Bills have had some decent talent on the DL. I do suspect that they were not used as a unit as well as they could have been. I'm not diss'ing Frazier, but I think he was too conservative with calling the D. I have a real hope that Sean pushes the D a lot more this season. It won't work all the time but then it's up to Josh to bring the W home.
  8. I enjoy the whole "cap-ology" of football. Beane has used the restructure tool a lot lately. The defining result of how well a GM uses the tool IMO can be seen in how much "dead money" is used to perform its function. In the last 3 years the Saints have had a total of $118M in dead money, Beane has $40M. That is the bottom line of all the "shenanigan's". Not all, but most of the "bad" dead money, comes directly from void years. Beane is looking at $7M (as of now) next season and the Saints are hovering around $55M just in void years. That is dollar for dollar "paying Peter" money that is not used for current roster players. If the day comes when Beane has too much dead money, I will question his planning. In the meantime, I like what I have seen this season. Go Bills!
  9. Filthy Beast was on my "ignore" list long before he left the forum. It's a much-underused function of the board. Everyone has a right to post, I also have the right not to listen to bull-droppings!
  10. They have recently lost Hendrickson, Rankins, Armstead, Marcus Williams, Mathieu, Onyemata as just some of the big dollar guys. They let a lot of middling players go every year too because they can't pay them. They do all this for a sub .500 record. I'll take Brandon Beane's strategy over the Saints any day. Any GM can get under the cap at any time, that's not the question. Darek Carr is now the savior for the team. I have my doubts that it will work out for a Super Bowl run. That's all that matters.
  11. Take a look at who the Chiefs have locked up at DT for next season. You probably won't. Too many fans are myopic about this team and don't realize that most of the criticism they fantasize about happen to other teams all the time.
  12. Well done Bandits! My brother and sister-in-law are big Bandit fans and go to a lot of games. League Champions are league champions, can't see why anyone wouldn't like that!
  13. If by "getting by" you mean a 16-18 record for the past 2 seasons in one of the weakest divisions in the NFL then yes, they get by. The Saints wouldn't even sniff the playoffs with their roster if they played in the AFC. I don't understand why they are considered as a model for cap management. They are constantly rotating out of good players to make the cap and are definitely pushing all their chips in with Derek Carr. I don't expect them to be making a Superbowl run this season.
  14. I have to disagree with you on this. It makes no sense to abandon the DL because of some misses both in the draft and FA. My hope is for a healthy DL this season that plays at a playoff level. DHop is a good player but I think the obsession with him is way overblown.
  15. I do and I think he is capable of it. Playing better does start with him staying healthy. Ed is a good football player. I think he is getting paid a little more than what his performance has shown, but nothing too outrageous. My general thoughts for the signing are this. The $45M in guarantees no doubt has the $10.7M fully guaranteed 5th year option money baked into it. So, it ends up being $34M in new guarantees. That half the contract or 2 years of the 4. There will be an out for Beane if he needs it. I'm going to wait to see what all the contract details are, but it seems to me that Beane will ultimately save around $6M or so on this year's cap which is what he needs to get through the season.
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