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  1. If your point is that the PS is not worth it's time I would have to differ. With the new CBA rules concerning the PS I think it will become even more important. Odds are you are not getting pro bowl players but it does develop depth if done right. Here is the Bills 2018 PS initial roster. Bills 2018 practice squad Players added to the Bills' practice squad will be listed here with tweets of the news to follow. OL Gerhard de Beer WR Cam Phillips S Dean Marlowe RB Keith Ford DE Mike Love LB Corey Thompson CB Levi Wallace T De'Ondre Wesley OL Ruben Holcomb DT Robert Thomas
  2. Question for anyone who knows. Is Jaquan Johnson more a SS or a FS? Do any of the current CBs have any FS experience? Wondering this because Jordan Poyer is the only listed FS on the roster.
  3. Part of the NFL Memo on the Virtual Draft. "Accordingly, all clubs should dedicate their personnel and technology resources toward preparing for a fully virtual Draft, with personnel in separate locations. Our staff in Events, Football Operations, Information Technology and the Management Council will be in contact with each Club and remains fully available to answer questions or assist in your preparations. Our understanding is that many clubs are already well advanced in preparing for a virtual Draft and we are confident that all clubs can take the necessary steps to make the 2020 Draft a successful event.
  4. Of course there is and I will bet that the NFL is going to minimize the risk as much as possible. I'll take the draft this way instead of cancelling it at this point. I'm quite sure they will do a better job than Iowa with the caucuses.
  5. Duke Williams and Bates come to mind last year. My point is with the new rules (2 extra PS players can be used to go from 53 to 55 players and the extra PS squad size it's quite apparent that it will become more important going forward. Teams use their PS to replace injured players all the time.
  6. LOL, that makes a lot more sense. I think they end up keeping Barkley for 1 more year but I would like to see a change soon.
  7. I think you need to recheck your info. Barkley has 3.9% int ratio as a Bill and 6.1% career. I want to upgrade him if possible too but 21% is crazy.
  8. I used Webex for meeting for years and had participants from all around the globe. It had teleconferencing (call in) capabilities. The technology will be fine and I'm sure the teams will practice it ahead of time. I can see this maybe have a slight effect on how many trades will be agreed to but in the long run I think this gives Beane a bit of an advantage. If I was a Texans fan I would be terrified that BoB will be left on his own! LOL
  9. I can easily agree with your observations and it's a great option for Beane to pursue. I was thinking the same way myself but I did come up with another path that may be worth taking. Instead of using the 5-7 rounders the way you said maybe it's worth using those pick on some players that could make the team this year or next. I would like to see a punter picked to compete and hopefully displace Corey B. Another pick could be the future replacement for DiMarco who is most likely gone next year. That is of course if they want to keep the FB position. A developmental backup QB and a Lee Smith/blocking TE replacement for next year could be considered. With the extra Practice Squad spots these type players could be stashed until needed. All that being said drafting another Austin Proehl type player is definitely not worth it.
  10. I don't have a clue what Beane will do in the draft when it comes to trades. The way he thinks on his feet and is always keeping his options open I don't think he knows how it will pan out. He does make the draft fun and I can use a little of that right now!
  11. Cam is still young enough to not consider a backup role yet. If no teams bites after the draft (like you are saying) he may just sit back and get healthy and wait to see what happens during the year. Why tie yourself down to a backup role for 5 million. He would kick himself is he did and a starter went down early in the year.
  12. Exactly and so far it's just not Beane. All 32 GMs have had an opportunity to sign him. It seems to me that Clowney and his agent have overplayed their hand. I'm sure many teams contacted them with reasonable offers and they accepted none of them. Now teams cap dollars are drying up and I'm sure they are regretting it. IF they go low enough maybe someone will bite (even Beane). I'm shedding no tears for Clowney's situation.
  13. I don't have any of my own and rely on guys like you. What I will comment on is the above 3 are the kind of guys in positions I think should be considered in the late rounds if those picks are not used to move up a couple spots to get one of "their guys". Even if guys like this can't make the team this year they could make it to the PS to develop.
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