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  1. ColoradoBills

    Should the NFL eliminate the onside kick?

    LOL, just like the scoring team can put it's QB out, but hey MUST kick the ball.
  2. ColoradoBills

    Should the NFL eliminate the onside kick?

    Kicking to the opposing team after a score is a basic football rule. Changing it by having a team being "forced" to put their defense back out goes against that basic concept.
  3. I'm hoping Beane works up a "potion" on Gettleman or Chucky. Something like Chucky gets his blood up after pick 4 and still wants a QB because only 1 is off the board at 8. Beane tells him he's got suitors at 9 and Gruden trades pick 24 and #27 for the Bills #9 and swap their #35 for Bills #40. Off course Beane also gets the "obligatory" 2020 3rd rounder.
  4. Murray, Bosa and Allen with the 1st 3. The fun will start with Gruden with the 4th. It will be a crazy ride from there.
  5. You have convinced me. Josh Allen and the 5th the Bills got for McCarron to KC for EJ Manuel. Git-er-dun Beane!
  6. I would add LB and RB to your list for the top 6 picks. A couple of notes: 1. Dead Cap Money is at 7.5 million (4.5 for Clay). Even if Vlad/Ivory/ a few others are cut they should stay under 10 which will be under league average. 2. I expect at least another 2 or so FA / Trade moves yet to be made before the draft. That might affect the draft needs. 3. Next player to be displaced on the top 51 is Siran Neal at 641k.
  7. Yes. FWIW, Beane says he likes to keep enough money going into camp to have flexibility. That number seems to be in the teens.
  8. ColoradoBills

    WR & RB Breakdown via Advanced Metrics

    I have the view that 10 rookies being drafted will be a waste because I feel the roster has improved and only 5 or so will make the team. I guess that instead of a 2nd round trade down I'm in favor or a 3rd round trade up using some of the lower picks to move up. Thanks again for your work!
  9. IMO Whaley wasn't a bad GM, just not a good GM. He looked at signing individual players and did pretty good. What he didn't do is put a team together. Beane with his vision I think is much better.
  10. ColoradoBills

    WR & RB Breakdown via Advanced Metrics

    Thanks DC for all your college player input. I real feel that RB is in the draft plan if one is available at the right time. I see Ivory being the odd man out. What are your thought on Montgomery or Henderson using a 3rd. Would moving up to get Montgomery/Henderson be worth it.
  11. ColoradoBills

    Who gets cut when these signings become official

    If the Bills draft a G/C with a 4th and that player looks pretty good in camp I see Bodine being cut. Beane likes players to fit multiple roles and Bodine only plays Center.