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  1. Mods, didn't know that a thread was started about this and moved. Do the same if you must.
  2. ........and he wasn't even pulling a trailer! https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nfl/cardinals-receiver-arrested-after-allegedly-driving-car-into-lake-erie-while-intoxicated/ar-BB164Ivw?li=BBnbfcL&ocid=TSHDHP
  3. I have no concern that they are micromanaging the Bills since Beane and McDermott have been here. The Sabres need a similar duo and until then unfortunately they have been too involved. I think that will end IF they can find a working combination.
  4. I totally agree! As for the posters worried about meddling...........................Good Grief get a grip.
  5. I tend to agree with you and it seems that BB has blinked. I don't see him staying through a complete rookie QB rebuild so Cam/Stidham is all he has left. As for Cam, his MVP year (actually his entire career) he had Olsen as his TE. Greg Olsen tore it up his MVP year and NE has no proven TE on the team. A lot will depend on the 2 rookie 3rd rounders they drafted and whether or not Cam and Edelman can get their timing down which is a question mark. I'm still predicting Edelman will be throwing his helmet on the sidelines this season! NE starts with MIA, SEA, LV, KC and DEN before their bye week so we will all know by then. I still see them at 2-3 at their bye.
  6. I agree that it is best to find tier 1 positions that can be developed on the PS and I think most teams have been using the PS for depth in those positions. My train of thought was more in regards to the expansion of the PS. With the extra players on the PS that "some" of those slots could now be used for the 2nd tier guys.
  7. I really hoped Smith was going to show more than he has his entire career last year when the Bills signed him. He hasn't and should be replaced this year. IF he is still on the team next year the best I can do is scratch my head.
  8. Lee Smith's cap hit more than pays for a 16 player PS so money is not an issue IMO.
  9. Out of the last 10 Head Coaches of the Bills McDermott is by FAR the best. Let's give this another year or two. Remember the grass is always greener over the septic tank!
  10. what do you think? Taking the whole Covid 19 out of the question having the PS go up to 12 this year is interesting. Smart teams will need to learn to develop 2nd tier positions using the PS. Fullbacks, Blocking TEs, Special Teams players, Kickers/Punters, Backup QBs, OGs all are good positions to use the PS to get a good look for these type of players. I'm hoping Beane and McDermott are going to make use of these new PS rules. Having the extra spots during this Covid situation would help a lot this year.
  11. I remember taking drives with my Dad to see the construction site. He always whistled and shook his head over the 22 million price tag. We were amazed though going to our first game that opening season.
  12. John, I know you are ex-Air Force (I've seen you mention that in other posts) as am I. I should of stipulated in my post that I knew what you meant but thought it a good opportunity to let others know about proper flag etiquette. I was wrong not to acknowledge that and apologize. I too also agree with your other post about players "kneeling". I have no problem with citizens right to protest. That fact is what makes this country special in history.
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