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  1. I liked " If you down 27-0 you should be banned from the playoffs for 2 years"!
  2. Thanks. This Annie Agar is an interesting young woman. I hope she is picked up by NFL Network and not ESPN. I can see a bright future for her! https://thesportssection.com/annie-agars-meteoric-rise-to-social-media-stardom/?utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter&utm_campaign=article-sharing
  3. Kemp had a horrible game and I remember it igniting the Kemp/Lamonica debate that was never ending in our house. The Bills trading Lamonica the next season made me sad as a little kid (I was 8).
  4. I know same here. You can't stop the quoted stuff. I wish there was an option for that.
  5. Agree. If Morse wants to play he stays. He also has the perfect contract that can be played with to free up some cap.
  6. I too think a 1st round tender is too much for a G. At most the 2nd round at $3.9M or what you said.
  7. Yes. I personally think that if the Titans lose, Bills and Chiefs coaches/players/fans will know the winner hosts the AFCCG. How could anyone not want that! I may have to fly into Buffalo (even if I don't go to the game) to share the experience with family and friends. Now that I'm retired I just might stick around for the Super Bowl if things worked out the way we all hope.
  8. So glad the Titan/Bengal game is played first. If the Bengals win it makes to Bills/Chiefs game even BIGGER.
  9. I could see a scenario where with a good bend but don't break defensive gameplan the Bills could hold them to 27-31 points.
  10. I have been keeping an eye on the Chiefs situation and will be interested in how they handle the off season. Lots of FAs and a lot of their contract restructures comes to a head again next year with only $22M currently in cap. Top 4 cap hits. Bills biggest cap hit is Diggs at $18M. Mahomes: $36M Chris Jones: $30M Frank Clark: $26M Tyreek Hill: $20M (last year of his contract). https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/kansas-city-chiefs/cap/ https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/free-agents/kansas-city-chiefs/
  11. Yes, and that's why there are not too many older players on the team this year. Last year Beane shed these over 30 players: Ty Nsekhe, Lee Smith, Andre Roberts, John Brown and Trent Murphy. Many of these players gone have been brought up by fans as "bad moves" during the season but they all were no longer seen as needed by the Bills "going forward".
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