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  1. The decision on Shady in 2019 will be a big one. There is quite a few RBs in FA too. Waiting until the draft might not be a good plan this year being they will need OL, WR, and probably TE too. Finding an answer for RBs next year without drafting one is the way to go IMO.
  2. ColoradoBills

    2019 Draft Big Board

    I agree with the Bills winning a few more games. Probably will be picking around 10-12. Not sure as low as 15. Board will change a lot.
  3. ColoradoBills

    PFF Has Hughes Highest Rated

    I agree. I'm wondering if he would go for another 2 years at 12 APY. He may want more. He is in great shape but will be 31 next year.
  4. ColoradoBills

    Bring in Chad Kelly

    My god these threads started by brand new members are getting annoying! Whoever left the screen door open, please close it..........you're letting all the bugs in.
  5. The world needs ditch diggers too.
  6. I hope so too! Brady's ego is huge. He surely would want to go out as all-time leader of TDs and Passing Yards. The problem is Drew Brees. Passing TDs is held by Peyton at 539, Brees has 509 and Brady has 505. Brees has 21 TDs so far this year with 9 games played. Brady has 17 with 10 games played. Drew Brees and Brady could catch Peyton at the end of next year. Brees has 73,046 yards to date, Brady has 68,907. Brady would need at least a full year after Brees retires to catch him. That is assuming no injuries with both. If Brees plays next year it may cause Brady to think about retiring because he won't be able to catch him unless he plays 2 more years! Either way I would bet the Kraft would back ANY decision Brady makes whether it's good or bad for the overall team.
  7. 2019 is the last year of his current contract. I really don't see him playing in 2020 but that's just me.
  8. The rumors were Kraft didn't want to move on from Brady.
  9. ColoradoBills

    Offensive Line Continuity

    Pittsburg starters are 2-1st rounders, 1-2nd rounder and 2 UDFAs. They got a couple of 4th rounders as depth.
  10. ColoradoBills

    Offensive Line Continuity

    I would think so.............probably some FA depth too. Personally I'm interested in Ducasse fate at the end of the season. Want to see a little more of Sirles to see if he is worth depth. McDermott and Boettger are JAGs and should be upgraded.
  11. ColoradoBills

    Offensive Line Continuity

    Mills, Miller, and Groy are all FAs next year. The Bills need a lot of investment in the OL.
  12. ColoradoBills

    Rex Ryan Destroys The Jets For Getting Owned By The Bills

    This little piggy went to the market....................
  13. ColoradoBills

    An Honorable Salute To Our TBD Veterans

    Crazy days. I wonder how many young people don't realize what it was like during those years. I watched 2 older brothers who had to sit thru watching the TV, "Live from Washington DC, It's the 197X Draft Lottery". My brothers number was 14. He joined the Air Force the next day.
  14. ColoradoBills

    An Honorable Salute To Our TBD Veterans

    After reading your reply I must indicate that they ALL were drafted! Some signed to different branches to avoid the more dangerous jobs. They were called, served, and came home as soon as they could to live their lives. I guess that is why most combat vets all say the real hero's are the ones that didn't come home. ps. Cool story about your Dad.
  15. I have no problem with starting JA the rest of the way. My only input was about the Bills finding a reasonable backup that can be a companion for JA for the next couple of years. This craziness with AJM, Peterman, Anderson and now Barkley cannot be good for JA's stability. OBD screwed this up and they should put in the effort to fix it for Josh Allen's sake.