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  1. Nothing wrong with "letting it out" Muppy, nothing at all. My vent is the "unfairness" of so many of the victims of these shooting. These targets just seem to be the most innocent in so many of these killings. Churchgoers in Charleston, synagogue worshippers in Pittsburg and Texas, and even children not much older than babies in Sandy Hook. Now in Buffalo, a respected former police officer, a grandmother and mother of a Buffalo Fire Commissioner and now I just heard a father who stopped in at Tops to buy cupcakes for his kids Birthday party. The quality in life I judge as the most important is fairness. I see the extreme opposite in the acts. I have no answer except to demand a rational response from myself and others. If that happens enough maybe the tide can turn.
  2. Probably not what a lot of posters feel but animals like this should not be killed by the people (government). Put him in the general population in Attica and let him spend his remaining few days showing what a "non-tough guy" he really is. The death penalty for these people is the easy way out. I'm shocked he didn't off himself.
  3. I'm not talking top name talent signing long term contracts. I'm talking about players wanting to come to Buffalo on a cheap one-year who could improve depth (not starters) at one or 2 positions. We have seen that in the past with other top teams and always commented about the "rich getting richer". We will see.
  4. Yes, it is true that the Bills don't have high end depth across the WR position in case of injuries. Neither does any team in the NFL. Have you looked at the KC WR depth?
  5. Beane has 6 open spots and some cap to play with. There is a number of players (rookies, etc) who are under the top 51 who will make the team which will lessen the current cap. I would of bet earlier in the year that an Edmunds contract would of been signed by now. It will be interesting if that happens before camp. Now that the Bills are a true SB contender, I will wait to see what players may want to sign a cheap one-year contract and come to camp. I don't think Beane and his team are done yet.
  6. I have the hope for Carson Strong with the final 6th pick.
  7. Ultimately that is all that is important. I'm going back to the depth chart for the Bills and I am having a hard time (other than the 1st round CB) for rookies to get a large number of snaps. Not being an NFL GM I try my best to reason out what Brandon Beane's thought process is. It seems to me that the 2nd and 3rd round picks are guys that can make a big impact in a limited role THIS season. I get the feeling Beane is thinking with the current Bills success they can get all the "one year rentals" they want in the coming seasons to fill any holes that come up. The Bills WR room looks OK to me this year and it seems that next year there will be another large group to choose from. In his own way this draft seems to be Beane going "all in" with a specific group of players that can win it THIS YEAR. Maybe Beane thinks guys like Cook and Bernard can make some of the impact plays missing up to this point.
  8. I'm going to speculate this guy would of been the 4th round pick. The board didn't fall right and they wanted him so he got picked in the 3rd. I can see why some see it as a reach but I will wait to see how many snaps they get out of this guy throughout a game and what impact he makes before I deem the pick as bad.
  9. Beane trading his 2nd, 3rd, 5th and 6th wouldn't of got it done. People get obsessed in the draft over players.
  10. Agree but I prefer one that has C experience or one that can learn to play center.
  11. I hear your points but I do think an OG/C is a reasonable pick. Bates stays at guard and the new depth OG trains as a center. I can see that happening.
  12. This is a thread about what happens in the 2022 NFL Draft for picks 2 and 3. Especially who Brandon Beane picks. There are plenty of other threads about what you want to talk about.
  13. A thread asking who to pick in the 2nd is not the same as what is happening. At least to me.
  14. Glad you started one UK. I'm hoping people have gotten over a 4th round trade up for a much needed CB. Personally, I looking forward for a couple of offensive picks in round 2 and 3. If not I'm interested in what Beane has in mind. Go Bills!
  15. I'm heading over to that thread right now. LOL, thanks for the warning. I'm sure there is also a list of every superstar 4th rounder ever drafted.
  16. If true and it was a CB that was left you have to move to get him. Someone also could of traded with Dallas who needed a CB. I got no problem with it all and they got a speedy big CB.
  17. Yep, a message board filled with euphoria. We'll see. LOL.
  18. Good Luck and thanks to all the scouts, coaches, player personnel managers, Kim and Terry and especially to Brandon Beane!
  19. Good Luck in the draft Brandon and thanks to all the people involved.
  20. It seems to me that the Bills could get out of the contract after the 2025 season for $10M of dead money (10% of the contract value). Diggs starts the 2025 season at 31 and turns 32 late in the season. There isn't a March 2026 added guarantee of any kind. I don't see any issues at all.
  21. What I expect from Speedy this year is to stay healthy, work on his skills and put in a great effort in making the team as a return man and backup WR. Expecting anything more or less just seems wrong. Good luck young man.
  22. There has to be something in the new CBA that makes a team match the contract for only a certain period of time. One way or another Beane used the "fine print" to his advantage. Go Bills.
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