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  1. LOL. This was fun watching the Rams play the way they did. NFCW, ALL teams are 2-2. SF the Division leader.
  2. Pick 6 on Stafford and you can turn out the lights.
  3. SF did everything right but the FG.
  4. Got to love the big FB on a catch like that.
  5. The 2 games I watched of theirs the OL was bad. Trubisky failed but that OL was a big part of it.
  6. The play wasn't a sweep on the pitch. Devin caught the ball and ran pretty much straight up. It gave him vision to see the blocks. My point is the running game does not have a lot of variation to it.
  7. Wilson runs well off of pitches. The Bills pitched one to Devin on Sunday that went for about 15 yards. Just saying.
  8. LOL. No, I'm just an old man who has seen a lot of seasons and how things can change after a few games.
  9. If SF wins the whole division is 2-2.
  10. That is a contender. Mime is a little "upset" today.
  11. It's the Achilles' Heel of internal organs.
  12. There has been a rash of ankle/foot injuries. It would seem it could be an equipment/playing surface/bad luck issue more so than a training issue.
  13. One could make an argument that when everything settles down (with luck and no more injuries) the backfield will be stronger than ever.
  14. The crazy thing is all these ankle injuries. Not much can be done about that. It seems just a bad luck run that hopefully will run its course.
  15. It's a long, long season. I got to see more than 4 games as to what is likely to shake out.
  16. Tua better hope Teddy doesn't tear it up next Sunday. Everyone will start to say it's the WRs and the scheme making him look great.
  17. His world champion coaching has them at 1-3 and should be 0-4 if not for about 6 Bengals turnovers. Please keep posting, I'm getting really close to never having to hear from you. The sooner I click that button the better.
  18. So true. I have also speculated the last few weeks that Dorsey is spending the lion's share of his time working the pass game so far this year. This would be a great game to get some real work in during the week looking at the run game. If not this game, then when.
  19. Talk to the doctors about when he is ready. Dancing and playing CB in the NFL are not anything close IMO.
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