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  1. Well, not stopping the run certainly contributed. They were outplayed most of the game.
  2. His body shifted in a direction away from the ball due to the early hit by the DB. It’s wasn’t about losing focus. He wanted to do one thing, the DB had him do another. It was a rough call that didn’t go the Bills way.
  3. Come, on..... The contact clearly pulled him away from the ball. Watching it live it was obvious. Even more so on replay. I agree on Brown’s drop with Allen rolling to the right......But even after that, Brown made a great grab on the 3rd and long in which he had to climb the ladder. Brown had one bad drop today (and made up for later).
  4. Most in America have to work longer than 2 weeks to take home $7k.
  5. Dak Prescott and Amari Cooper hit it off nicely. It can happen. If it’s a guy that fits the scheme and what they need, do it.
  6. There’s already limited “actual” playing time. No thanks.
  7. My gripes.....Not throwing the ball away at the end of the first half, not connecting on the deep ball, dropped passes by the WRs. He responded great and was the “gamer” when it really mattered.
  8. It was Kyle Orton. He was all but retired at that point, self-preservation was his approach.
  9. This sucks. I’m going to the game next week, really wanted to see Allen in person. Here’s to hoping the defense puts out another stellar performance, Singletary comes back, and we run all day long against the Titans.
  10. I’m beyond tired of dealing with tropical driven anything. Me and my family finally decided to relocate. There’s “events” to deal with everywhere, but a hurricane I’d rather just leave alone. Prayers for those in the path.
  11. 😂 All great points. I’ll relay to my better half by simply stating that the struggle is real.
  12. My wife comes in....We have all boys (younger ones at that). She’s tired of finding remnants of said boys missing their target when going number one. So, she says....”That’s it, you guys are going to have to sit when you pee.” I look at my boy and say, “Nah, men stand when they pee. Except Tom Brady. He definitely sits when he pees. You’re not going to sit, just aim small and you won’t miss.” My wife’s face said it all. Like, you have got to be kidding me. I guess the tie in is Tom Brady.
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