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  1. The PolishHammer 3 spots. mraggs. 1 spot country cletus. 2 spots Phill Lenz 2 spots mead. 1 spot tv star Paul the Roofer. 1 spot
  2. That’s the good news you will have to tell them you found a bigger partner 🥸
  3. A common fear among people is that STIs can be passed in public places, such as through contact with toilet seats. While it is theoretically possible that some STIs could be passed from person-to-person via a public toilet seat, it is extremely unlikely that you will become infected in this manner.
  4. If a person was not vaccinated they would have to come in contact with 5,000 people to infect 1 person with a break through case that is the average.
  5. 1 pm ripe tomato. Malta rt 9. let us know if you can make it.
  6. Sign up. Be at lot by 8:15. am. PLACE A TBD SIGN ON DASH. Make sure lot attendant can see it. *******NOTICE******* YOU MUST MESSAGE ME TO KNOW WHAT HAS TO BE ADDED TO THE TBD SIGN to SAVE A SPOT. a letter will need to be added to the sign. please post below. Then message me please and I will tell you what letter to add to the sign. tape it up to windshield for lot attendant to see. this will close on Friday. Afternoon.
  7. No idea what time do you plan on getting to the lot?
  8. Hope the Bills beat the Redskins
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