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  1. All the sport casters will say we have played nobody 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  2. I am a 8 year old I’ve been told. I know nothing. can’t wait till I am 65 years old and can look back and say Allen took us to 8 straight Super Bowls.
  3. PLEASE - keep post to reserving a spot. PLEASE - put a TBD sign WITH LARGE BLOCK LETTERS on dashboard. (Show it to attendant) PLEASE arrive early. Lot opens at 7:30. spots will be held till 8:30. Get in line EARLY if coming with other cars try and be together. If it snows on Saturday night lot may open a little later. We will be in front of the shed on the left as you enter the lot. Let lot attendant know you have a TBD sign on dashboard. thread closes Friday afternoon. mead - 3 spots
  4. Just have to run out to check on a chainsaw
  5. One kitchen fire today in Schenectady deep frying a turkey
  6. Sounds like a good choice. Have to change the date. Dec 13 good ? we have to go babysit that week.
  7. Place to be determined. Maybe Latham area? any suggestions?
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