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  1. Augie, You can pay for everyone parking at Hammers
  2. You should make the trip.
  3. When post comes up a few weeks before the game you can reserve a spot in the thread. Bring what you like to drink. always a ton of food to eat.
  4. Give you a hint T is for tailgate
  5. Will he have pants on? will be there
  6. How bout SDS buys BUFFALO BILLS SUITE get one that holds 20 people all the profits from TBD should pay for it. thanks SDS
  7. My tickets are still in my name but, a Vermont friend is taking them over. will be buying for 2 games this year. opener and hopefully Columbus Day weekend.
  8. Stupid at it’s best. the person going after the owner should be going after the manufacture and the government 🥸🙃
  9. Guy has to be back on the street by now. will get a slap on the wrist.
  10. I think he got all 49 candles 🎂 out on his cake. shortage of candles at the store
  11. Hopefully you can blow out all the candles on that huge cake.
  12. Just put my hat in my mail box. When you drive by my house. Thanks for texting me I a winner Envelope has a hundred in it.
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