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  1. Any teetotaler Bills fans?

    I drink when I want. Wine is good for you.
  2. Last Post Wins: Three Words

    To Buffalo tomorrow
  3. Last Post Wins: Three Words

    Little or large
  4. Previous Poster's Greatest Attribute

    He was the best driver he ever had.
  5. Previous Poster's Greatest Attribute

    Chef Jim limousine Driver
  6. Slide for Sam?

    8-8 Forever? 9 Posted 46 minutes ago I for one would rather go pay Kirk Cousins, but if I have to , I'll trade both my firsts and another high 2018 pick to get Darnold or whoever is on the top of the QB draft board for the Bills. But I do not want to part with my 2019 #1 pick, which I believe they will need to do if they end up 9-7 and have to move up 15 or 20 spots. So I don't say "suck for Sam" just "slide for Sam". In a month this season will be forgotten. Am I right? No thanks
  7. Talking Proud versus the Shout song

    Shout song. GO BILLS
  8. Happy 3rd Anniversary today

    Hope Rogers is ready
  9. See the Premiere of the WNED-TV Documentary RALPH

    Now that’s funny 😂
  10. Armchair OC question....

    How come Tony Romo doesn’t have more rings than tom Brady? 🤔
  11. Biggest game of the year this coming Sunday!

    Just win baby
  12. Boat shopping: Advice needed

    Is this a business write off ?🤥