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  1. https://www.buzzfeednews.com/amphtml/briannasacks/an-american-airlines-flight-attendant-has-died-from Guy.
  2. So, the flight attendant on American Airlines that died was the flight attendant on the shuttle Boston to ny that my daughter took every week.
  3. Was strange. Thought maybe I drank to much wine to cause the headaches. Never had that type of headache. Other thing my taste of food was off. No redness in throat no swollen glands. Just strange. would love to know
  4. Are there test to see if you had c-19? I went o the doctor mid February not feeling well some minor headache, sore throat. No temp - did have cough. Blamed it on sinus. now I wonder ???
  5. How did you get my picture?????? from the TBD tailgate last year. 🤣
  6. If this continues into fall, the election could be canceled. everyone May still have to stay home. trump continues to be president
  7. I wonder how he is enjoying prison sex
  8. Bernie is going to be his VP choice
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