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  1. I only wash my underwear by hand daily because I do not wipe my as s wife does all the laundry.
  2. Joined in 2003 2004 was first tbd tailgate. In the Hammer lot Have met a lot of people from tbd over the years. Became close friends with a lot of people from all over the place. started 518 lunch club. It did slow down because of Covid. Have to fire it back up. started TBD PARKING THREADS for games back in I think 2013. For people who come in from out of town. season tickets going back to 92. Last year only went to 2 games. booked room for the home opener. Yesterday. only $105 at Aloft near the airport. 2 granddaughters 2 granddogs retired in 2017. married 45 years ago today.
  3. 49 today. 🤣🎂🍺🍸🍻 how many times have you turned 49?
  4. Glad the women got killed. should be a death sentence for anyone that uses a weapon to kill people. some killers get out of prison in 15 years. the person they killed never gets to come out of the grave. you shoot some one or stab someone then 25 years in prison. If they survive No Electric devices no exercise area no getting out of the cell. no bail
  5. Trade josh and save cap space. Get a lot of picks Let’s go jets
  6. Plants have a life also. is it really fair to eat plants. have lots of friends that have been vegan for years. Broccoli Stromboli for those friends. also no eggs used for friends that are vegan
  7. America's #1 James Taylor tribute artist Bill Griese visits from Nashville Went and saw him last night. He was awesome.
  8. Tua is working with U.S. Olympic judoka Jason Morris to learn how to properly fall to reduce impact on his head. #NFL Jason grew up next to my sister medal winner in Olympics. Silver medalist
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