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  1. I have taken plan B with the Bills. I will not be doing any TBD parking threads this year if and when fans can return to the stadium. it has been great meeting so many people over the years from all over the world. It has been an amazing run over the years of doing parking threads for TBD members that come in from out of town. as of this time I do not plan on resuming it next year. those of you that have my phone number can contact me next year about parking if you are planning on coming to a game. GO BILLS
  2. Do you all have your flags out today? ?? ??
  3. Harvest pizza parlor in Queensbury
  4. Thought today was Saturday. I kid not.
  5. Pizza crust - Wish they would stuff it with pineapple
  6. Should name the team the - Broken American idiots put the Chinese Flag on the helmets.
  7. Call the property brothers for the remodeling
  8. Have a friend that has 6 more years of collecting $170,000 after taxes from a winning scratch ticket. was spread over 20 years.
  9. ??????? are you changing your name to 89 now? Happy Birthday hope you can blow out all the candles
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