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  1. You bringing lobster to the opener?
  2. Saw something on the news about the bad crowd
  3. I will give the person in the plane a $100 to push you out 🙃🙃🍷
  4. Bring wine 🍷 parachute into the lot. It will be a big hit. You will be the next super fan. 😎🍷🍷
  5. Yup. About $4,100 total for 2 seats Seats outside of club no psl I believe
  6. About 1200 for my 2 seats (pal)
  7. The tailgate opener is always great to meet up with fellow TBD members. lot of great friendships have been made over the years with people from all over the world. A lot of thanks to Scott for starting this place.
  8. Come to a later game. We will go to dinner Saturday night
  9. Now that you won the mega millions will you buy heady topper for all of us? 🙃
  10. He did say he was booked 🧐
  11. How long you going to be in Attica?
  12. Is there a sign at the entrance that says your shorts must be a certain length?
  13. Really wanted to go to this game. Disappointing
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