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  1. Wife and I will be there.
  2. mead107

    518 lunch will be June 22 at Ripe Tomato.

    You have an open invitation. And I will pick you up at the airport and buy your lunch.
  3. mead107

    518 lunch will be June 22 at Ripe Tomato.

    Great 518 lunch get together. 4 of us made it.
  4. mead107

    pancho needs our help- we are the best fans on the planet

    Anyone else get pancho shirt from 26 shirts? i will have it on at the opener. Hope everyone one throws in a few dollars.
  5. mead107

    Sliver or Splinter?

    I have a big deck. Never got a sliver or splinter
  6. mead107

    Hot for Teacher/Hot for Teacher's BFF

    🤭💋💋👄👅👅👅11 1/2 “
  7. I got a panchobilla tee shirt.
  8. mead107

    Who Will Win the AFC East?

    19-0 Baby
  9. mead107

    518 lunch will be June 22 at Ripe Tomato.

    Friday will be here soon. Looks like a couple new people will join us
  10. mead107

    Please create a separate "Around the NFL forum"

    Go join the BBMB board ! O, that’s right it’s gone. So you can’t skip over threads you are not interested in? Just poking fun at you. 😎 hope you can make the home opener tailgate.
  11. mead107

    Gas Prices Are Rising

    If you had purchased your Meadcoins you would be in wonderland. They will I’ll go back up for the 4th of July
  12. Then the Democrats should shut him up and work with the other side and shut him down. No cant do that better to blame trump.
  13. So why haven’t the people we elected stepped up from both sides and passed a bill stopping this awful process. ??????????