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  1. $ 50 an hour And I can be your security guard.
  2. A lawsuit against the Nfl would be the best choice. not Bills fault
  3. How do you hold before the snap. no call on false start. refs just bad
  4. How many experts even had us going to the playoffs when the season started? so, did we over achieve? think most had us at the bottom of the division?
  5. This coming year will probably be our last year of season tickets. Up in clubs for last 5 years. started season tickets in 92. 2 seats row 10 - 50 yard line cost about $500. When seats put in got shoved over to 33 yard line row 10. This past year dropped lower seats. Cost would have been $2,400 this past year. Started going to games in 90. getting tired of the 4 plus hour drive
  6. Dreamed it last night BILLS - Eagles
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