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  1. Please have a TBD SIGN ON DASH - In big letters. be parking on left side of of lot as you enter. Mead 2 spots Paul and Lisa 1 spot
  2. Just starting parking thread Just going to start thread
  3. It was a win. That’s all that counts
  4. His head did not bounce like last week. Hope Miami gets fined for letting him play this week
  5. Down to 17% chance of shower weather channel this morning. it was very hot at opening day in California
  6. 69-6 BILLS Did not see a prediction thread. if one is on - please move
  7. Attention everyone FROM HAMMER DO NOT LINE UP ON ABBOT RD PLEASE TURN IN ON GLEN street that is across from the parking lot next to his house. HE WILL GET TBD MEMBERS IN THE LOT MAKE SURE YOU HAVE TBD SIGN ON DASH.
  8. Original from TBD tailgate when he cooked for us then went to his tailgate party in the mud lot several years. Then out to dinner several times and he has tailgated with us. he came to Stromboli class at our house.
  9. Devildog will not be coming. Covid.
  10. We will strap them together and to truck and cars
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