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  1. BRADY BRADY BRADY. you can do it
  2. Roll me over in the clover Roll me over, lay me down, and do it again
  3. Close DaBillsFanSince1973 Posted Wednesday at 08:57 AM division match-ups are always tough, for both opponents. I believe this is the game the bills come out of their slump while also getting back a few key players to contribute. they will come out on fire and battle as they always have, with all three phases hitting their mark. defense will play a role and turnovers will be key with the bills coming out on top rather than be a focal point with the ints thrown by JA in previous games. many have been down on this team, a lot of criticism, some warranted but this will be a defining game that may even open the eyes of the harshest critic. the 3 game division run begins under the lights tomorrow night in what will be a dawg fight and it may come down to Jan 8? for the the division crown? 23 13 close
  4. You can still invest in meadcoins
  5. The people he killed not coming back. Death to the idiot.
  6. 5 TDs from Allen Thursday night for his birthday gift.
  7. Credit to next year’s ticket
  8. Buy the album and play it on your record player
  9. BILLS β€”β€”- 37 patriots β€”β€”- 9
  10. Daughter will be at that game entertaining clients.
  11. So you got 6 jeans πŸ‘– and scanned one and put the rest in your bag and walked out. Awesome πŸ‘ that is your pay for self checkout. awesome πŸ‘
  12. My daughter will be at that game. stadium 20 minutes from her house. has to take clients to game. liberty liberty liberty She will have her Bills earrings on
  13. Thanksgiving Thursday Football - Meadcoins Get an EXCLUSIVE Deposit Match when you make your week 12 Picks!
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