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  1. I think it's fair to assume that a 2nd round pick that this regime made may have a slightly longer leash than an UDFA, but whatever, I agree, and the exact same goes for Foster. My response was to somebody who said Foster was a "lock", so we may be going in circles a bit. Doesn't an UDFA that played himself out of the league early last season have to earn his role as well? Seems most are giving him a free pass now
  2. This thread is great. I was always the Chiefs - Christian Okoye forever.
  3. Totally. It's got to be McKenzie. The sad reality for seemingly everyone is that Duke is probably getting cut. Most realistic scenario seems to be Zay, Foster, and McKenzie stay, while Duke and Ray Ray get cut. Here's hoping Duke uses these next two games to make it impossible. Preseason whatever, his TD was beautiful and nobody else on the roster is making that catch.
  4. I think it makes far more sense than throwing a 2nd round pick to the curb, especially one that that this entire regime from Pegula on down has backed numerous times. Zay is going to get three years to prove himself. I like Robert Foster a lot, but to assume that he's safe and Zay Jones isn't, especially when Zay was still our leading wide receiver last year despite all of the late season Foster hype, it just doesn't make sense to me. I'd love to keep them all, plus McKenzie. Good problem to have, I guess, but I think people are overrating Foster if they think he's a lock. A UDFA with under 600 career yards that can't shine in preseason isn't a lock now that there's depth.
  5. How about Duke over Foster? I don't get the blind Foster love on here, especially when coupled with blind Zay Jones hate. Why is Foster so safe if Zay is presumably on the bubble?
  6. I think it's worth getting excited about the depth on this team. It's been a long time. Feels like we're on the right side of things finally at a number of positions. If this team was 0-2 right now this message board would be pure hilarious panic.
  7. I don't think it's fair to completely overlook the Jets game considering he was out of the league for awhile before that. Granted we only have one game and training camp/pre-season, but he's been pretty damn good every time he's been on the field, and we all know he gets a back-up QB A+ for every single thing that he's done off it. Dude is still only 28 so it's not absurd to think that he may have progressed a bit since his early career. If his attitude is legit which it seems to be then I think there's a decent chance that he might be a very serviceable back-up for a very long time, but regardless yeah, let's all hope that we don't see him or anybody else but Josh Allen start multiple games any time soon.
  8. A Josh Gordon reinstatement and a Kaepernick argument. Our simulation overlords might be getting lazy because I feel like this has been every offseason for the past 5 years.
  9. Ah ok thanks. I'm sure they love him, he's just starting to look expendable to me. I wouldn't think he's a natural lock to make it with all of this talent behind him but maybe he is that safe.
  10. So what's up with Foster? Honest question I seriously don't know, was he hurt or just invisible? There's a lot of talk about Zay right now but I thought Foster was potentially the one on the outside looking in after last week, which definitely doesn't change now. McKenzie is a keeper, and I'd love to see Duke make this team.
  11. Outside of Allen's passing yards I think that's pretty pessimistic all around. Beasley and/or Brown should definitely end up with more receiving yards. I mean who else is catching Allen's yards ESPN? The math doesn't check out, apparently there's another 1300 receiving yards or so somewhere on the roster that isn't worth mentioning. And I really think McCoy will do better than that this year. Wouldn't be surprised if Allen rushes for more as well.
  12. Oh wow this is fantastic news. Better extremely late than never I guess.
  13. Let’s not forget that Peterman has already made over 1 million so far for being terrible at his job. I think he’ll be okay if a few people make fun of him.
  14. Same arm talent as Cutler? Sure, he was incredibly talented, but to be like Cutler he'd have to be a lazy dbag so no of course not. Cutler had no heart. I prefer the Stafford and Plummer comparisons.
  15. I don't think it's nonsense. I'm a huge Robert Foster fan and hope he goes on to magically be the #1 that every fanbase has always dreamed about, I'm just sensing a logjam and wonder if he could end up being the odd man out if he doesn't show the ***** up this preseason. He's happened to just drift down the depth chart during the preseason two years in a row now. I don't think it's crazy to question with the current WR depth if he could be the odd man out.
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