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  1. Lol YOU said first round picks are immediate contributors, not top 5 at their position. Round and round we go but he's contributing!
  2. I'm okay with trusting the process assuming things with Elam don't get extremely weird and he does suit up. Was there any post game confirmation or are we all just kind of assuming it's his turn? Even with Elam it's scary thin. I'm okay with the internal guys, but man, we can't afford to lose a single one, so I'm not opposed to trying to bring somebody in. No idea who though, and I don't know if it's desperation time yet to try and deal a dlineman.
  3. He's a starting TE with 15 receptions after 4 games. That's contribution. He's clearly not contributing to your liking, but don't frame it like he's some undressed player getting third team reps.
  4. Oh but it's just the Raiders, oh but it's just the Commanders...oh but it's just the consensus #1 ranked team in the AFC this week. Gonna be an interesting/fun week. I kind of hope the hype doesn't come back but it's almost inevitable with a victory like today.
  5. Mahomes can't escape that he's a gigantic dork at his core. I mean just look at his brother.
  6. You’d prefer to still praise Tua for some reason? Josh is easily the best QB in the division, I see no reason for some snide chuckle chuckle
  7. These Bengals still gonna be alright? Yikes
  8. Gonna be saying “teach fishman to lifetime” all week now
  9. Diggs the best WR on the field, let me know
  10. Bass-o-matic though. I know everybody wants TDs, myself included, but I never worry about 3 in big games
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