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  1. I hope he beats the Patriots and then just claps sternly in front of the camera for 2 hours. The fact that his clapping is so annoying to so many of you is just hilarious to me.
  2. The best teams in the league...that regularly win Super Bowls? I can think of maybe one? What in the world is this. Who are the "best teams in the league" that regularly win more than just their divisions?
  3. Also still has an insane red zone scoring percentage, despite coming up short today. And also still zero red zone interceptions. Allen's so good we're calling his 300 yard games "quiet" and even "hollow" now as SaviorIQ or whatever calls him. Imagine still not buying in on Allen. Not exactly a step in the right direction, basement analysts. Try harder. This Stidham, or maybe Cam Newton led, aerial assault to Jakobi Meyers or the bust that is N'Keal Harry Patriots team isn't kicking anybody's teeth in. They are bad. Believe it folks. Just quoting for the horrific nature of this take. Can't quite yet determine if it's junior here schooling us on the "ancient days" of 2012 where we desired better quarterback play, or the nonchalant 18 Coors Light deep fueled declaration that it's easy to win in the NFL that's the cherry.
  4. Herbert is looking great but let's not forget that many talking heads picked Jacksonville to be even worse than the Jets this year. Worst in the league. Minshew Mania is clearly over. If Allen gets dinged for facing "only the Jets" then the same should apply for the Jags, in my opinion.
  5. He's said things are "hollow" like five times tonight. That's gonna be his thing now after victories. Would love to see Beas get 1000 this year. He's earning it every week.
  6. Yes, it's the Jets, but also, yes it's the Patriots. Anybody actually looked at their roster this year? Just gross. I'll take what I saw in the second half and hope it carries over against another BAD team next week while this defense continues to heal. Most of our defensive anchors are young outside of Hughes. Good reps against bad opponents isn't a bad thing and shouldn't be dismissed. Defense won it today.
  7. I can 100% honestly say that I don't feel we're going to get "dominated and walked all over" by the Ravens or Steelers. You sell it too hard, as you've done for like 12 years now.
  8. sorry, not you at all. High IQ already talking about a victory next week feeling "hollow". I should have quoted but my post was directly after so I didn't.
  9. But, if we're truly speaking objectively as a high IQ analyst, the Patriots also just flat out suck and have an awful roster right now. Not trying to jinx things. It's an opponent in the division and we saw what happened today, but I just don't have much respect for a team currently featuring Jarrett Stidham, Rex Burkhead, and Jakobi Meyers. Take away Gilmore and it almost resembles an XFL roster. They are really, really bad this year.
  10. This troll is preemptively knocking next week's victory now...
  11. How is Trent Edwards still only 36? Incredible. He was so awful his career as a QB was completely over before he was 30.
  12. Nice to see Logan Thomas finding his way as a tight end. Crazy that Washington might be the best team in that joke of a division.
  13. Probably a better option than Norman. Would like to see more before crowning him over Levi. Great point by Joe B., I think we'll see more of him regardless.
  14. If we win again next week the same two or three dorks will still create these threads, like clockwork. "Well uh Tony Bologna from the Hartford Courant says that only 18 teams have made the playoffs after rushing for only durrrrrr..."
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