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  1. Did Leodis say "point-blank-blank-period"? Man was ahead of his time.
  2. Interesting. Obviously not really worried because it's the Dolphins and their strange, scattered coach seems intent on losing, but in a vacuum Fitz worries me a lot more than Rosen. Fitz is smart enough to play for himself and his next contract. Wonder if Rosen whined in the film room or something, this team is such a dumpster fire.
  3. Mean, mean man. Bet he shines even more against better competition.
  4. He's not getting sacks but he's causing chaos and finishing tackles. The sacks will come. He'll probably get a bunch one random week the way he's playing. Love the Oliver pick, and he's a great interview! Already one of my favorite Bills.
  5. Kaepernick's camp just released another statement last week about him not caring about being a starter. Some guy named Tim Boyle is a QB right now and Chase Daniel is starting games but we're worried about Kaepernick's pig socks (maybe) from three years ago. He's clearly too dumb for this highly cerebral game despite once producing 444 yards in a playoff victory, I'd rather trot out this well-behaved young man from Eastern Kentucky if my starter gets knocked out.
  6. Nah not really, I was making fun of how ridiculous it is in general, and simply because that was like three posts behind somebody who was trying to justify why Kaep is the worst of the worst. I know most people here are sane, I just like needling the pearl-clutchers.
  7. "He should NOT be allowed to play! Good heavens! Keep that monster OFF my football field!!!" Meanwhile Kareem Hunt pile drives a woman and is only like two weeks away from winning people money in DFS.
  8. Not the least bit surprised to see Paulus spazzing out in here. Chill out Paulus, before you spill your Mountain Dew all over your sweet Proud Boys polo.
  9. Only worried about Fitz. As others have mentioned he's an extreme player that probably still has enough magic/willpower/beard to launch another 400 yd game or two in his career. We've never seen anything like that out of Rosen. I'm not worried about him at all against this defense.
  10. I'm really not worried at all about losing this one, but I could see the Dolphins putting up some points, especially if Fitz sees the field. It just feels like a scenario where some Fitzmagic gets sprinkled and he finds DeVante Parker or whoever for a couple of scores. Just enough to keep it competitive. Really want to see Allen put up some points and show some domination so that any random Fitz td or two doesn't really matter.
  11. Got to think his seat's getting a bit warm by now. Titans are a mess.
  12. It really is, and it all seems to be breaking perfectly for the Bills right now. Denver shutting out the Titans for example, the AFC is going to be a mess at the end of the year. I bet 9 wins and a decent conference record does it. Hell right now after today's games the Bills still have the third best conference record after the Pats and Texans. It's "still early" but this team is in a great place.
  13. I kind of like the Drake idea. Wonder how Gore got along with him. Has some fumble issues too but has handled the load much more often than Yeldon. I always feel like he's just about to break out in fantasy football at least.
  14. Running back becomes a serious problem if Gore goes down. I don't trust Yeldon carrying the load at all, and we're pretty close to that scenario at all times. In the past two years he only had 20 touches in a game once, and can you guess what he did that game? The fumbles are an issue.
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