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  1. Are we reading the same thread? This thread is like 80% hate and dudes trying to top each other with lame boomer jokes. There’s a significant lack of “kudos”
  2. He playing catch with his horse faced wife? Cuz it’s certainly not Kelce or Rice
  3. Lololol top 7…C’mon. He hasn’t been near the top 15 for a year plus, a point you’d likely agree with if Diggs was still a Bill right now, considering that you’ve happily gone full contrarian mode on all topics. It’s like as soon as Airseven either got banned or jumped off a cliff, Bull over here saw an opening to finally become the heel that he always dreamed of becoming. Top 7 lololol
  4. 73 receptions as a rookie is pretty nasty. Kincaid is the future, 100+ soon enough.
  5. Still seeing some chatter that even with Mike Williams that the Jets are still going to try to grab a top wide receiver in the 1st, under the belief that completely stocking the offense for Aaron's swan song (if he even plays) is the key to a Super Bowl victory. 40 year old media darling coming off a torn achilles Aaron Rodgers. Yeah, just get that guy some more weapons, that'll do it...
  6. MHJ is so much better but god this whole scenario reminds me of Sammy Watkins so much. Didn't Sammy even slip something about loving the Bills right before the draft? I still don't hate it. He might put up a 2k season in the NFL, I don't care what the haters say. He's 6'4" Marvin Harrison but better lol, he's going to probably leap frog Justin Jefferson as all world perfection WR. Aaand I see we covered the Sammy thing. Offseason rust.
  7. Josh probably just needs some better PR around him, you know Patty's wife alone obsesses over his public image. He's been packaged as perfect QB guy for years. Of course he's posting Instagram's of "always grinding" or whatever, that's 1000% his brand. Now on the other hand, when Josh split his pants in Paris which was probably absolutely nothing but unfortunate and funny, immediately like half a dozen on here started claiming it's because he's overweight lol. None of you have absolutely any idea. But it's carefully controlled image of hard working family man Pat vs. goofy just having a blast Josh. I don't think it has anything to do with how actually prepared they are and I don't think it means Pat is strictly business 100% of the time (look at his bro and dad for instance) - one just knows brand creation and image protection far better than the other. Pat's a better professional, not necessarily a better QB, and a lot of the former comes with help.
  8. Never thought I'd say this but maybe Washington? I'm so used to them being a dismal mess of a team but they've made some decent moves. Detroit has had a sneaky good offseason too in terms of improving their defense. Offense is pretty much set if you think Goff can do it. I hate Cousins. I think he's the definition of QB purgatory. But yeah, Atlanta is loaded with skill players so that acquisition alone could cause the biggest shift. Realizing this is all NFC, so for AFC...it might honestly be KC unfortunately.
  9. I honestly thought performer was joking, as in making fun of the off the wall Allen takes. But then he posted again. Good lord.
  10. Yeah, recognition isn’t his problem. He really has no problems other than a very small contingent of 48 year old depressed message board junkies questioning him. Otherwise he’s truly on top of the world.
  11. But contrarian schlub nonsense aside, most importantly, Zappe and Stick didn’t beat the Bills, because bad quarterbacks ultimately lose games. Gardner Minshew is a bottom tier QB. He’s a +1300 lotto ticket and you know it. Oh but what about all those terrible QBs that ended up losing is quite the argument.
  12. So is Cleveland. We’ve been blinded by Miami. Reality is it gets much worse. Brady and Allen need to figure this out
  13. These are always weird comments considering the last instagram “model” one actually got the cops called the night of a playoff game. If Josh is distracted now then he’s always been distracted.
  14. Mama Fratelli Steve Ramsay Bolton Belichik really looks like her too
  15. It worked out. Nobody’s excited but we’re where we want to be
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