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  1. 12-5. Rough slog at times, maybe some injuries, but we shake out as a top team by end of season.
  2. Toof hurts, Dwayne. Probably mad about your expanding jowls and imploding career.
  3. Those maps are awful. Denver and Seattle always have the largest visual, geographical reach, but what's the head count for the folks in Alaska tuning into the Seahawks? Or the number of the wild hill people of Wyoming and Montana watching the Donkeys on some newfangled TV that they scavenged while searching for water? Very small, but it's always represented by a giant blob as if a quarter of the country loves the Broncos.
  4. Usually just throw them out in grocery stores and other common places if I see any gear. I typically get a slightly surprised huh followed by a smile and oh uh huh yeah, go Bills. I think I respond the exact same way. Had a weird one come my way years ago in Denver where I was walking to the neighborhood Bills bar. It was a September game so it was still about 95 degrees out with blazing hot Denver sun. I had a Kelly jersey draped over my shoulder because it was stupid hot and I think I was running late as usual (11am games suck). I crossed paths with 3 Bills bros walking the oppos
  5. I think #3 is fair, although you could argue for anything in the region of probably 1-4. I would not consider Davante Adams the #1 receiver in the league, personally. I feel like he's been a tad overrated for years because Rodgers, and that he's hovering more around the 3-5 region. Hopkins should be #1. And then maybe Diggs. Julio Jones still exists and is a legendary freak. Mike Evans always goes underrated and yet he may set multiple records if he keeps his pace up. It's tough after Hopkins, but I definitely wouldn't call Adams the clear choice above all of them.
  6. After re-reading the original post it seems it's cool to deviate outside of the actual professional teams, in which case I change my basketball vote to Uncle Cliffy Cliff Robinson and his headband. An NBA legend RIP
  7. I feel like you have to go with The Dominator for hockey. He's simply one of the best to ever do it. LaFontaine's 148 point season was incredible and I was always a huge fan. Set the record for an American-born player, although I'm not sure if that still stands. Probably does I would think. Shame about the concussions because if he had put together another season or two like that, or simply have contributed until he was 36-38 years old like other NHL legends then he'd be in the conversation with Hasek and Perreault. Kelly and McAdoo. and then I guess Spahn, sure
  8. Ha great gif usage, considering. One of the greatest AS shows of all time.
  9. Pretty wild that Conlan played high school ball at Frewburg, it is such a tiny little rural town. When I was in high school it was in the lowest NY Class D division with the Shermans and Forestvilles and tiny little hamlet towns of NY.
  10. Pretty incredible that she smoked everybody with weed lungs, though. That's like a performance diminishing drug, at least as far as running fast is concerned. Rabble rabble follow the rules rabble rabble, but she's clearly the best at what she does. if we're considering booze and weed a "chemical crutch" then why not also throw caffeine into the mix? also legal supplements why you're at it. could probably keep going until you cover just about every human possible. hormone injected beef? how about sugar?
  11. I'll take the Mike Lodish square, but yeah who cares. Great job, Bruce
  12. Dude new album, no joke. You just provided half a dozen titles and more than enough lyrics. "Build up my immunity that way, eat better (ugh), I'll get to live freely....forever (what)" followed by Cole jumping out of bush or something smeared in warpaint pointing to the sky
  13. Cantankerous just Scrooge McDuck diving into page 42 without reading anything, love it.
  14. Shady was definitely one of the first to openly praise Josh at any chance, at a time when most in the media were doubtful. He was such an awesome teammate. He might have been a little loose with his comments and twitter at times but all of the nonsense about him being a diva, or locker room cancer, or whatever have been proven false again and again. He seemed legitimately greatful for the chance in Buffalo back then and he still does. The statistical nosedive post-Buffalo is a shame. Had he put one or two more solid years together he'd be a likely HOF.
  15. My favorite part about the “you’re all sheep” people is the hilariously corny clothing and memes about how they’re lions.
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