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  1. Josh Allen, but I've recently read just about everything I can find on John Brown and he's quickly moving up the list.
  2. That fantasy football is not reality, and while the glorification and reliance on advanced statistics might make you a buck on Fanduel, it really means nothing in the real world. Record and total touchdowns matter, and Josh is manhandling Baker on both accounts this year. Ah dammit saw your new post - you caught one.
  3. And he will probably be one again, likely next season. I have no idea if it's the same article unfortunately but I just read some chatter yesterday about him joining us a possible consultant now. I imagine it would be short-term and through the playoffs only.
  4. I have to disagree. I feel like Robby Anderson is the most overrated WR on this board. Smoke had an edge statistically on Anderson prior to this year, and to my knowledge he never threatened to rape a cop's wife. Pass on Robby Anderson, especially with the loaded draft.
  5. Hoping for bad weather to take away the Justin Tucker advantage more so than anything else. He's automatic right now, might be the best ever in his prime. Hauschka better be feeling it this weekend if we're able to keep it close.
  6. Which is exactly the reason for some celebration. They're not even really being disrespectful - at most they mocked the celebrations of other NFL players. So what? None of them are talking like Jalen Ramsey. They're dancing and talking a little bit of PG rated trash, which I enjoy much more than a bunch of process robots with no personality whatsoever.
  7. Can we wait? Sucks, I love Hauschka but he's a liability right now. Who else is out there? That Vedvik dude? Sheesh, think we may just have to deal, but I don't like it.
  8. Truly the best Thanksgiving ever. This is amazing. Also about 95% sure I just heard a fart on WGR toward the end of McDermott.
  9. Gonna help me win my fantasy match-up. Allen is statistically awesome right now as well. I think some may discount the rushing yards? Who knows, he's amazing.
  10. Let's roll out some tween pop for all of the 40 year old men loving the game right now. Should go over well.
  11. Boomer Esiason - "Josh Allen is playing pretty good" Josh Allen is playing far better than any of you talking head dweebs thought he would all week.
  12. Right? Almost feels like he's rooting for us at this point
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