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  1. Quartney? Alright now I kind of want to root for a Quartney
  2. Yeah I totally agree with you, that's why I asked. I've thankfully stayed away from social media but I've been obsessed with this thing since late January. Mainly just watching clips from disease experts and following relatively level-headed discussion. At this point I've had the family locked down for two weeks so it seems likely that we don't have it, so I kind of want to turn everything off and focus on other things, but man it's difficult. I've found this virus to be a total productivity killer, it's hard to focus on much of anything when a historical pandemic is playing out around you.
  3. Do you feel that there's good news that isn't being reported, or are you staying away as more of a mental health thing?
  4. OK that's worse than my worst case scenario. Scary
  5. I'm not exactly following. This is unprecedented territory. What I linked to is pretty awful. I think 300+ US dead per day and counting is already terrible and it will get worse, but I don't think we're going to start murdering each other in the streets any time soon. My community is stepping up big time already with helping the poor, hungry, etc. This is a huge deal, but I don't think society is going to collapse if it continues for months, which it will. We just may not be able to watch some football. Remember, there is no real current food or water shortage despite the grocery store hoarding. That's just idiots hoarding. If people just stay the eff inside and watch some TV we should be able to minimize the impact. Worst case scenario is that it's life for 12-18 months until there's a vaccine.
  6. I know, but my point is that this particular virus is not being suppressed in New Orleans right now, which was 82 degrees today. Unless hundreds of new cases per day is suppression, in which case, yikes.
  7. It's very bad. This is pretty clearly now the worst pandemic since 1918. 268 US deaths so far today, another new high. Also another new high worldwide - https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/country/us/
  8. Rough analogy. If this burns through everyone then god help us all. To your question though, China really hasn't done it yet. For starters we can't really trust a thing that China says, and there is evidence that it's spiking there again. South Korea data is solid and truthful it seems however, and they did it through extreme social distancing, and their culture in general is far more apt than ours to band together and listen to authorities. Do you really think we can get all of America to truly shut down simultaneously for 2-3 weeks like they've done in South Korea and Hong Kong? I find it extremely doubtful. We're already talking about the end of this thing and we collectively haven't even really started simultaneous social distancing yet. Florida still doesn't even have a shut down order!
  9. I fear the fact that this thing is now running rampant in New Orleans is evidence that this is unfortunately not seasonal. Warm climates are watching cases explode as well. This very well could be life until there's a vaccine.
  10. Probably better than Senorise Perry. Upgrade everywhere you can.
  11. Wasn't a big fan. Swear he got out of James Conner's way a couple of times in the Steelers game, or he just took atrocious angles.
  12. The fact that we just got a WR that's better than Michael Thomas at anything is incredible. I love everything about this.
  13. Meh, that prospect with 20 posts doesn't like the Addison signing either. C- troll effort.
  14. Lol Randall Cobb? BOB is embarrassing. Maybe he can pull Brandon Lloyd out of retirement too, that should do it.
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