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  1. Nobody's actually "exploring" this. Real top 5 looking forward are Mahomes, Rodgers, Allen, Murray, Wilson/Watson, with significant emphasis on ranking Allen above Watson. Justin Herbert lurking in honorable mention. Brady's an enigma, I'm not including him in these things. He could throw ducks for 2,000 yards next year and still win a Super Bowl apparently, I don't know how you rank that.
  2. I actually made the edit but your reply beat me to it. You're right, TJ Watt is the exception. Beyond that it's a wasteland of DBs. Drafting a bad corner isn't going to get you TJ Watt, I'm sure we can all agree there.
  3. Somebody posted the previous 20 or 30 years of #30 picks and it's a wasteland. They do not pan out well, and most notably it was a recent logjam of 5 or 6 DB's that have gone on to do nothing. One was Deandre Baker, for example. Just pulled it up, and there was one recent hit - TJ Watt. The rest have been DBs that have done nothing - Baker, Mike Hughes, Noah Igbinoghene, Damarious Randall. The 30th pick is the pick for wasted DB picks it seems. It's a trap, don't go DB, says NFL draft history. Swing for the best offensive talent available, ideally RB or TE.
  4. Gonna add to this 25 pages of the same thing to add the same thing - let him go then. I love Milano but as is typical we overrate him a bit as a fanbase. He's a nice player, not a blue chip you build your defense around. I wouldn't cut multiple players for him as suggested, as if our future rests on the shoulders of Matt Milano.
  5. The quadruple paragraph indents made me raise an eyebrow to start with, but then I kept reading. I realized that this is essentially a bad political hit piece before I got to the melodramatic "which is despicable" line. This guy reads like a less intelligent Bill Mitchell, somehow.
  6. Man, I'm torn. I love the fact that he's legitimate offseason friends with Josh and knows his role. I think there's an aspect to keeping Barkley that provides continuity and support for our star QB which I love. But I don't really want him to see the field. Nobody is looking to sign Matt Barkley so I'm okay with a team friendly deal, we're just going to need another QB with actual physical talent on the depth chart if Josh ever goes down for more than a game or two.
  7. I like Moss as much as the next Bills fan and have high hopes for him but he's not a sure thing right now, unfortunately. From what I'm reading, a lot of the cut Singletary opinion seems to assume that Moss will work out. We really don't really know that yet. He showed some flashes, had a terrible fumble, and never really took a game over. I'm not even sure if he conclusively looked better than Singletary, they stayed kind of neck and neck all year. I hope they add at least one more back this offseason and if Devin ends up the odd man out, so be it, but he very well could be the be
  8. Bigger fan of Jimmy G than Nick Mullens, that's for sure. I was assuming he's out of San Francisco but I'm looking into it now and opinions seem mixed as of about 12 hours ago, so maybe he'll stick. There was a ton of chatter in recent weeks that he was out and Stafford would land in San Francisco, so had they lost out on both it would have been a mess.
  9. Unexpected. Saw a lot of people penciling Stafford in at San Francisco. I'm telling you the Niners QB prospects are looking bleak and they will not be good this year. Goff is Kirk Cousins lite. QB purgatory. Detroit's gonna get their QB of the future with one of those picks.
  10. Huh that's a worse list than I would have guessed, thanks for putting it together. Been a DB wasteland the last few years. Surprised at the total lack of impactful offensive players outside of Wayne, so really nothing in 20 years. Addai was alright but he only really had a couple good seasons.
  11. I honestly think I would rather have Knox. Ertz clearly isn't as good as Goedert anymore. I honestly don't know if that means great things for Goedert or if it's that much of a decline for Ertz, but he's nowhere near the Kelce-Kittle-Waller tier at this point in his career.
  12. Eh maybe if they get Stafford, I wasn't considering that. Is he really an upgrade? I know he's had some big statistical seasons but he's simply never done anything. I'm sure most will blame the Lions for his career but I'm not entirely convinced that a 33 year old Matthew Stafford is the key to a Super Bowl run. If they get him.
  13. Good luck with an unknown QB, no Robert Saleh, Jerick McKinnon trashing the team, etc....regardless of my Deebo dreams, the Niners aren't getting anywhere near the Super Bowl next year. So maybe they officially rebuild the year after. Anyway, thread title includes trades so I'm putting it out there. I'm aware it's not terribly realistic, but I clearly rate the Niners lower than some of you.
  14. It's admittedly nothing but wishful thinking on my part, but rebuilding teams have done stranger things. Guess it depends on the extent of the rebuild, but if Jimmy G is out and they go with a new QB, it's pretty much a rebuild to some degree.
  15. Lol no. I'd rather root for my foot to fall off.
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