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  1. The narwhal is a medium-sized toothed whale that possesses a large "tusk" from a protruding canine tooth. It lives year-round in the Arctic waters around Greenland, Canada, and Russia.
  2. Give me Trill Will in the 6th. I just want to yell Trill Will, I don't much about him.
  3. No. There is no worse haircut. There is no worse hair. Mark Davis is king.
  4. I fully expect Rousseau and Basham to be a part of the defensive line rotation, yes. I haven't heard anything that would suggest that they're long term projects, they both excelled in college. Brown is probably more of a long term pick, but he was also picked at the end of the 3rd round. All three picks will also help pay Josh when the time comes. Trench youth movement.
  5. I couldn't have more of an opposite opinion, personally. We're drafting giant humans for the trenches, those aren't luxury picks. Didn't like Molden and Melifonwu just now going at the end of the 3rd however. A bit of CB run going on right now which is unfortunate.
  6. Young Zachary Kapono Wilson is going to get eaten alive. I can't wait.
  7. Tua - very small Zach Wilson - hmm only 6' 3" nice Mac Jones - also only 6' 3", presumably slow due to slight potato shape
  8. So weird Think there's a decent chance I'm going to read an article about Tebow nailing 3's for some Orlando Magic D-league affiliate team in a couple of years
  9. I think Miami upgraded in general, but we countered tiny Tua with a giant edge presence. Almost seems like both Miami and Buffalo were laser focused on each other considering their Jaelen Phillips pick, which I do really like. I think that could be the most impactful pick against us so far, especially in the short term. But Tua, man. How are you going to make that work? Miami's got to know this, right? Could they try to swing a QB in the next couple of days? He's 6 foot maybe and wasn't good last year, I'm more interested to see what Miami does than I've been in a decade at least.
  10. Agreed, but the 30th is a true wasteland. Best offensive player I could find going back about 30 years was Joseph Addai for example. Was mainly responding to the complaint that it was a "wasteful" pick, as if you can make a safe pick at 30th. It's a great time to swing for a project or anybody who slid due to off the field reasons. And thankfully Rousseau's off the field reasons were taking care of his family.
  11. Moore is still available. Granted we probably won't go get him in the early 2nd, but for for anybody doubting this because of JOK and/or Moore - they're both still available. In addition to still having a chance to get them, there's maybe a reason that they're still available...
  12. Don't you kind of have to swing for the fences with the 30th pick? It's historically littered with awful picks, and then TJ Watt. Definitely not a place where you can just lock in a starter
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