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  1. I haven't watched a ton of Steelers this year. Is Mitch to blame for Najee Harris's 3.5 ypc? Folks thought he would be running with Taylor and Henry as a top back in the league this year. Chase Claypool also continues to be a gigantic disappointment.
  2. We're 4 weeks in and it seems that both the Broncos and Colts definitely suck. Quite the change from 2 months ago. Wilson has an outside shot at supplanting Cutler as Denver's most hated QB of all time. Things aren't going well here. God it was so hilarious when a ton of talking heads were ranking Denver right up there with Buffalo and KC before the season started. It seemed so obvious that Wilson was a weird, aging question mark and that their talent was limited.
  3. Yes, he played amazing today. Becoming a weekly thing. Similar to shots of Niagara Falls and chicken wings when we're playing home primetime games, every commentator this year has loved acting like they're introducing Milano to the world. I feel like the 30 second chat about how Milano isn't a very well known name but plays incredible has happened every single week now.
  4. Defense by far. Josh Allen is the best player in football but I'm honestly kind of disappointed with the rest of the offense so far. I said the same last week and folks pointed to Allen's passing yards but after watching Gabe today, it seems more people are starting to share the concern. A good large portion of the offseason hype regarding our offense just assumed that both Gabe and Knox would naturally take another step. We'd have our #2 and a great young TE and everything would be wonderful. But unfortunately, this hasn't happened yet. Furthermore Crowder sucks. I hate to say it because I loved the move this offseason but he's certainly not bringing what Beasley brought to the table. McKenzie and hopefully now Shakir are stepping up but it's not the multi-weapon powerhouse that we thought it would be. It's pretty much just Josh Allen and some Diggs.
  5. Even if he doesn’t for some dumb reason, then Crowder shouldn’t if he’s healthy. Was a fan of the move this off-season but I’m over it. Shakir/McKenzie are the better compliments to Diggs until Gabe or Knox can hopefully get right and start to really contribute.
  6. Clearly visible in the replay that Stephens hesitated and then kind of said screw it and re-engaged after the ball was clearly gone.
  7. Man a lot of wannabe talking heads flipping out on Twitter because their wonder boy Lamar lost and Buffalo got some calls. Josh is so good he’s getting that hate now. Should be an interesting week!
  8. Noticed Nick Wright is still doing Nick Wright things. So his entire schtick now is just dumping on Allen and Buffalo? At least 50% of it. Kind of sad for that squidward looking man
  9. Nice and the radio apps are actually playing WGR for once. Been a mess the last couple of weeks.
  10. Considering how we never hesitate to knock this team for clock mismanagement, I absolute love how they choked the life out of the Ravens in the final minute. Had grown men crying and throwing tantrums. Incredible statement win.
  11. Terrible call? Stephens hesitated and still tackled after the ball was gone. Great call
  12. Edmunds vs Lamar 1 on 1…you know the result every single time
  13. We completely ignored the Justice Hill factor apparently. That was huge.
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