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  1. No offense to this poster but this was the consensus a month ago, and look at how poorly it's already aged. "So many good WR"? Nah, we have an incredible QB, with one guaranteed good WR right now. The fantasy argument is pretty dead considering the amount of injuries already this year. For me at least, I think it's more like, hey this guy is a living breathing wide receiver that put up 11 TDs in a season before and we need some help. I'm completely open to better ideas. If Gabe gets or stays hurt, or even worse (god forbid) Diggs gets hurt are you cool with more Kumerow and, uh, McKenzie? That's about it.
  2. Is this the most recent Golladay thread? Three games in and do you really want McKittrick as your 2nd/3rd reception option in the endzone? There's a lot of hilarious off season dismissal of offensive talent in this thread and I don't think that's the way you do it. We look to be 1 or 2 offensive pieces short. I don't know who else is possible but this guy scored 11 TDs in a season and his coach seems to hate him.
  3. Scanned the thread and am surprised that I can't seem to find this yet...can't we just get Golladay for nothing at this point? Give me that instead. Daboll clearly doesn't like him, send him our way old buddy
  4. He's leading the NFL in passing yards? Cam never lead the league in passing yards and Josh isn't throwing to himself. I sort of get the point because some of the talent hasn't blossomed yet unfortunately and Gabe has been hurt, but it's not the same situation at all and clearly people are helping Josh. What a half baked take I'm still not worried about our backs who were running behind nothing last week. And Moss still popped a 43 yarder. I'm good with one of those once or twice a game as long as they can pass block well. It's one of the weirder timeshare situations in the NFL, I get it, but if they actually had a healthy line to run behind one of them would likely do something per game, as they often do. I used to listen to Cowherd when I had long commutes and even then it was painful, it's been downhill ever since. And I know he's been hyping the Bills for some time now, but even a lot of that has come across as uninformed sound byte laden attempts to appeal to a very large and growing fanbase. Not a fan.
  5. Hrrrmmm might have to wait and see about that. Jets have actually scored more points this year. Jerry's boys have been the most confusing franchise for the past couple of years in my opinion, I thought they were SB sleepers within the last year. Clearly not anymore. Letting Cooper go was dumb and the team has needed a healthier dose of Tony Pollard for about 2 years now. They still only let him sniff the ball 5 times a game, which he'll take for 50 yards, all while Zeke still plods along at 3.5 yards per clip. Dumb team that could honestly be about as bad as the Jets this year. Eagles are set to lock up that division by about Week 12.
  6. He hit 58 his rookie year and 57 last year so that's very solid long range. That miss was a weird kick, just looked botched from the start. Initial reaction is to worry about Martin being the new holder but Bass is 4/5 already, and Martin's surprisingly punting pretty well too with 3 of 4 punts in side the 20. So it's hard to say any aspect of Special Teams is an issue, I think that miss was just a random fluke and Bass has a leg that you can normally trust within 50, and have hope for up to 60.
  7. They're very painful and really not a joke...unless pics like that exist, sheesh.
  8. I hate the injuries of course but also the fact that nobody else has really stepped up on offense after Diggs 3 games in. McKenzie maybe, but I just don't trust him as a real second or even third option, I just don't think he has the best football brain and ball protection skills. Knox hasn't done much but I get that he had to help protect Josh last game. Gabe has really been inconsistent despite the residual high from the playoff game and then Week 1. And that's pretty much it. This offense is great on paper because of Josh, but we don't seem to have the big multi-weapon offense that a few of the other top tier teams do, including Miami unfortunately. We need a playmaker to step up, or else need to find an actual playmaker. If Diggs went down (god forbid) this offense might get real boring real quick.
  9. Totally bro. I like my games at a cool 99 degrees like a real tough guy should. Perfect temp for me to pour whiskey all over my shirtless lizard skin while curling cinder blocks oh yeah
  10. I remember being in direct sunlight when the Broncos came to Buffalo back in 2017 for a late September game. It was a hot one for Buffalo, I think the temp broke 90, might have even been a record or at least close if I remember correctly. The direct sun was almost unbearable. I came away with a gnarly sunburn (despite much suncreen and hat) and it just wasn't the best experience. This was barely 90 degrees with a maybe 70 degree dewpoint with direct sun, so I can't even imagine if you dial that up another 10 degrees with more humidity. The NFL also seems to love their extreme weather games with Buffalo/Miami. Just knock it off, this isn't pro wrestling and you don't really need the weather drama. Both teams are good again, try giving them an environment neutral game for once.
  11. You're missing the fact that Baltimore has given up the most passing yards through 3 weeks, which works for the best QB in the league. Their defense has been awful. Granted that's inflated by the Miami game, but as we just saw, Josh is worth at least two Tuas. But even if you dismiss their Miami game as an outlier, they also just gave up 26 to the Pats (lol). They also gave up the most passing yards per game last year. I personally think Baltimore has some serious issues and am surprised by how many still rank them as one of the very top AFC teams. I've even seen them in some Super Bowl picks. I don't even think they take their division.
  12. I'm a fan. Love the passion. He called a good enough game to win. I'm not a fan of those stupid effing delay runs where it looks like things are in slow motion and Josh and Devin are trying to figure something out while everybody else is at top speed. They tried that nonsense 3-4 times today and we've seen it before this year. Stop. I don't have it front me but I think you're averaging about 0.2 yards with that. If I ever see it again I may tilt toward more Dorsey hate.
  13. And just to toss it out there because it always comes up, and I still hear about how much better he is due to stats - you know who also had another awful game today? Golden God son Justin Jefferson, the greatest wide receiver who has ever lived. That week 1 line looking more like an outlier
  14. Yeah, quite the 7 catch for 74 yds disappearing act. You know who actually, really disappeared today? Tyreek Hill. 2-33. The man that all of the doubters and contrarians feared all week long as the most explosive weapon in the AFC (oh no Tyreek Hill!!! The Cheetah blurp) put up less than half of Stef's stat line. And if we're really going to try and questions Diggs 3 weeks in, do you know who leads the NFL in receiving yards right now, after "disappearing again"? That's right. Guess who's second in receptions, and first in TDs? Yup. Blaming Diggs of all people is lazy trolling. Laaaaaaaaazy.
  15. Ha yeah, not a bad idea. I remember trying years ago and the website never worked. I even downloaded some awful WGR app years ago that just buffered so I've just relied on third party apps ever sense. First time I've checked that site in years Listening now and even the WGR site is still playing the CBS stream although I realize it's late over there
  16. Out of state fan here that's listened to WGR post game shows over the internet for what feels like a decade now. What's going on this year? Second week in a row I couldn't get any post game on Audacy and then a few other lamer apps that usually offer their broadcast. I know Audacy switched to WGR about an hour after the game last week, but I checked nearly 2 hours after the game this week and it was still some CBS schlub. I'm assuming they're actually still doing shows and this is just an issue with picking up the broadcast? Pretty disappointing. During the drought I could pick up a WGR post game in 15 seconds, now several years later when it matters, I can't get anything.
  17. Normally, as in every single other game, I would agree with this, but he was another potential body in an awful war of o-line attrition today. This was like the one game Bobby Hart could have possibly helped out. His stupidity is an underrated reason for some of our issues today. If he's truly that bad in addition to being stupid, then why in the world is he taking up a spot? Get rid of him for any other journeyman D grade body that doesn't punch opposing coaches.
  18. Allen was also still chuckling after getting hit like an absolute psychopath. While everybody else is getting injured and other QBs are screaming over ankle sprains. You just can't compare him to other people at this point.
  19. I thought that burning the visitors thing was common knowledge but apparently not? I saw so many posts today about how the Fish had to play in the same weather so therefore the heat was no excuse. I don't personally think it dictates wins and losses, but the two teams aren't dealing with the exact same environment when it feels like it's 99 on the field.
  20. Right? Yeah guys every team plays while missing their entire secondary and multiple starting offensive and defensive lineman, and those teams find a way to win on the road... They had victory in their hands multiple times and didn't close, this is true. But it's also true that if they were healthy it wouldn't have been as close against that team today. Let's not conveniently overlook this and dismiss half a dozen missing starters with more bodies piling up during the game as a simple excuse.
  21. I don’t understand why Moss doesn’t get goal line attempts. McD even said before the game that our backs “all have slightly different strengths” but it looks to me like we just have 3 dressed backs that we use in exactly the same way.
  22. I’ve seen this a few times now but isn’t it common knowledge that the Fish’s stadium is designed so that the visitors bear the brunt of the sun? I can personally think of about 10 other reasons why we lost today before getting to the heat, but I don’t think it’s an equal situation for both teams.
  23. This is unfortunately where I’m at. It was nice to think that Gabe and Knox would become top tier options this season but it just hasn’t happened yet. They’re nice contributors, but this team needs another gamebreaker.
  24. You’re trying to hard at this point. He’s a very solid, competent, well respected veteran so yes, per your example he is in fact “prime rib” compared to Van Roten.
  25. You can actually see a few of them start to get excited and ramp up their posts in the game day thread as things start to go south
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