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  1. Low hanging fruit for lazy schlubs that should probably be writing about fantasy football. It's beyond boring at this point. Baker??! Try harder Monson you dork.
  2. I like the idea in general and he looks great, but the video says 250? That almost seems a little too big. Ron Dayne territory, who was really pretty bad despite the "Thunder & Lightning" thing with Tiki Barber. I'd like to see an updated 40 time first if he's really that big.
  3. Well to be fair wouldn't sitting for two years mitigate some of the wear and tear that comes with older receivers? Look I can't stand AB but he's gifted physically and can probably play until he's 38. He could still be one of the best on the field right now. It's a dang shame that he's an insane rapist with a possible drug problem off it, however.
  4. He is such a weird player. 98 yards in the Super Bowl. Do you pay for that and his first round skillset even though he can disappear for weeks and genuinely doesn't seem very intelligent? I don't know. Maybe? He's coming up on his 7th season so he's never really going to be a #1 but he can be an elite option at times. I'll give it to him, Sammy is kind of an enigma at this point. I can't think of many like him - borderline 3 for weeks that can flash like a 1 in the biggest games.
  5. Totally agree with and completely forgot about Fina, but man I loved Schobel. I get it, I think he was bit overrated and put up a lot of garbage time stats but he worked hard for a lot of bad teams. How could you rate him lower than Kelsay, though?
  6. I seriously had Shakira confused with Salma Hayek all week. I'm old.
  7. I don't know her history sorry, just the fact that she's not a very good listen. It's actually even worse then if she had a 4 year stint with Tennessee. It honest to god sounds like she's still figuring it out on air, and people have even said in this thread that folks should lay off because she's still figuring it out. Figuring it out months into a role for a professional sports team? My employer wasn't letting me still figure it out months into my job and 4+ years into my career. Look I don't hate the girl and have only commented on her professional skills thus far, but c'mon, if she's had multiple radio/social media jobs then what you're hearing now is probably about as good as it's going to get. I seriously thought this was her first gig.
  8. McGahee. I remember seeing red when he left and trashed the Bills after really being a disappointment for a good chunk of time that he was here. And then he had that terrible Jim Rome interview and was just kind of an awkward dude in general. People have trashed Lynch in this thread for seemingly not liking Buffalo but McGahee provided the blueprint. And he was less charismatic. And intelligent. And good. Just a total bum.
  9. She's not very good. I'm surprised that somebody with such an obvious lack of experience can jump right to where she is. Isn't she essentially the social media face of the Bills now? I'd think somebody would be gaining experience working for the Jamestown Jammers or something a bit more entry level, not awkwardly finding their way with a professional sports team, but I honestly have no idea how competitive positions like these are. Really hope she gets better but its been months.
  10. Quite the cynical argument you're backpedaling toward. C'mon man. People are affected by this. It's okay to respect that.
  11. Dude I'm on two separate UK forums right now and they are absolutely mourning. Go ahead and move the goal posts if necessary because it's just the UK, but I guarantee this is being discussed everywhere
  12. Yeah, this is a tough one. It's been weighing on me heavily all day. While I've been hanging with my daughter especially, which I'm incredibly thankful for on one hand, but it's really hard not to dwell on the whole scenario. And Kobe was an absolute legend. I'm kind of stunned by some of the responses in this thread, not even considering the weird political ones (the entire 24/7 cable news model has been trash since post 9/11 regardless of your political lean btw). He's a top-5 all time lock. Ball hog and only known in California? The entire world is mourning. Everybody knows who Kobe is.
  13. This is so awful. Really hope the reports about his kids are inaccurate. I can't imagine a newborn being there without the mother. 2020 sucks so far.
  14. Way to contribute. I've said I like Sammy. When all is said and done he should have a lot of money and a decent career to look back on. Why are you so defensive about him being a #1? It has been years since he's shown you that ability, just let it go.
  15. He was a #3 for the Rams and he's clearly not the #2 receiving option in KC, but whatever, call him a #2. Last 3 seasons: Watkins - 1,785 yds / 14 TD Brown - 2,074 yds / 14 TD It ain't that crazy. But much like waiting until week 15 or 16 for Robert Foster to catch a ball, we'll just assume that Sammy really catches fire next year.
  16. I'm not following your first point at all, sorry. I didn't mention 1000 yards, but Tyreek Hill is the clear #1 on that team. Watkins is their third receiving option, at least. I see him as a #3 guy in the league, although I'm not going to argue against him being a #2. Point is he's not a #1. John Brown is not as physically gifted as Sammy Watkins, but he is absolutely a better wide receiver than Sammy Watkins. It happens, if physical talent was everything then Charles Rogers would have lasted for more than 3 seasons. I like Sammy a lot and have said that he's a viable weapon that flashes #1 upside, but just isn't consistent enough to be a true #1. What more do you want?
  17. Sort of, although some have argued against that point. The dime a dozen back thing has been stupid for years. And to be fair even if people are now just jumping ship it makes sense - it's inevitable that more teams are going to rely on a strong defense and power running game to counter the passing league idea instead of it just being a 32 team arm's race to video game stats. But anyway, I think the argument is far more influenced by seeing our RB2 struggle for 3.6 ypc this year (about 2.7 after week 9, gross). Another RB is a high priority for this team.
  18. Like the Rams? I like Sammy a lot and agree with the argument that he's a still a weapon that this team needs, but he's never going to be that #1 guy. I don't know if it's all between the ears, or his injuries, or some combination of the two but it's not happening. I don't doubt that he could be the most skilled #3 in the league though (I'm assuming Kupp is no longer really a 3).
  19. Technically 2/17. He was the best WR in the NFL week 1 with almost 200 yards and 3 TDs and then he didn't score again all season until today. Sammy's a weird player.
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