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  1. I like Joe Rogan, as well as Vic Berger and all of the "woke" new age comedians that dunk on Rogan for having had alt-right guests in the past (and extremely liberal guests, but it doesn't fit the narrative), which is likely what is fueling these virtue signaling nerds that are on a crusade against him now. Rogan can be an oaf that repeats and contradicts himself regularly, but he also talks to some extremely interesting people. I like small doses of Jim Rome too, maybe I just have terrible taste.
  2. Yeah sorry, wasn't necessarily directed at you, I just don't really get why Zay is constantly under scrutiny while Foster seems to get a pass from most.
  3. Once again everybody dumps on Zay while Foster continues to go MIA (except for his dropped past). It's unreal and incredibly inconsistent. I get the Zay hate, but I don't get the unchecked Foster love when talking about which WR should go. Neither are doing much, but at least Zay can block.
  4. Schopp trying to flirt and the lady drops a live f-bomb. I love WGR post game.
  5. Might legitimately be the strongest, toughest QB in the league. I have no real way to gauge "toughest", but the way he runs and just pops right back up after every play, I can't think of any competition. That's a serious advantage. Clearly the right Josh.
  6. It's got to be okay to assume two wins against Miami at this point right? They are historically bad. Like it's almost frustrating that they're even allowed to be this bad.
  7. 2 wins on the road, Fins are a mess, Jets might be a mess. Josh Allen is a gd NFL quarterback. Have fun, Bill fans.
  8. Hilarious to see the edgelords in full force now that this team has real reason for positivity and a lane to the playoffs. McD is too conservative now? 2-0, both games on the road. Fins are a dumpster fire. Shaddup you attention seeking weirdos.
  9. How crazy is it that 36 year old Frank Gore is shutting things down like this? He is so unique
  10. Singletary has like a 13.5 ypc so far after two games. Wonder if he should get the ball more. dangit jinx
  11. Eric Wood carrying this broadcast! Murph is a mess.
  12. Well that and an anvil for a head. Guy is a beast, one of the best ever.
  13. Yeah I love McKenzie. Foster is the one that's MIA right now in my opinion.
  14. JA may comfortably go over 300 passing today. Perfect.
  15. So Saquon ahead right now as expected but Motor is one gamebreaker away from making this a contest
  16. "Cody Latimer made the catch for Buffalo" get it together, Murph. Eric Wood making this WGR listen tolerable, he's having another solid week.
  17. John Brown is fantastic. Get him 10+ catches, Daboll.
  18. Points are points do it every ***** week Josh! Love it!
  19. Alright much better. No idea why this team comes out like garbage but hopefully they're getting it together earlier this week.
  20. Perfect opportunity for Josh and the offense to feast and turn some heads, but that very thought has me extremely skeptical for obvious reasons. It's never easy, but really hoping Allen takes a leap tomorrow. Would also accept an Allen bunny hop and Singletary explosion.
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