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  1. He wasn’t single last year, or at any point in his career? So many strange takes.
  2. I don't understand how exactly he would be tougher, but the second Josh calls Diggs out is when the lights will officially start to dim. It's counter to Josh's personality and wouldn't seem natural. I can only assume that this is the type of toughness that some expect, but Josh is never going to question one of his guys publicly.
  3. "washed up roidster" Meanwhile in reality, he averaged 80 yards per game last season and is still only 30.
  4. When you google Mahomes right now, the first result is about a 3 day golf tournament that he's about to host in June... When you scroll past that, there's a story about how Mahomes and Kelce are competing in the Match this year, also during the offseason. Also not football. The nerve of him to not be conducting wind sprints. This offseason scrutiny nonsense is so tired. Somebody tried this stuff with Burrow too while also conveniently ignoring the 87 or so commercials that he's shooting. I think he's even doing other small acting gigs.
  5. What's not to love. Vast majority wanted offense and they went and got the top TE on the board and I like this better than Hyatt. Maybe even Addison after that "give me money" statement or whatever. Knox and Kincaid is monstrous.
  6. More Kyler magic I see. Arizona trying to out dumpster fire Green Bay.
  7. Yeah sure that sounds possible, is that what it was? Posts were alluding to some weird Diggs involvement since October like this is Days of Our Lives or something. That I don't buy.
  8. When did this nut change his name to Chosen hahaha. If he's still got speed it makes sense. Replaces Sherfield. My favorite part about his early 90's South Central movie hair is that he's also going bald.
  9. Weird topic man but it's all over Twitter and Reddit now so it's not like it can be ignored during the offseason. I don't buy the Diggs involvement at all though, that just seems like a lazy merger of two completely separate issues.
  10. Maybe I'm missing a joke here, but get taller? Man's gonna be 24 years old.
  11. Big Mecole Hardman guy, huh? None of the teams that you listed made a big offensive splash this season. If all else is the same as last year then the Bills didn't really fall behind. Furthermore Harris could be the biggest offensive offseason pick-up in the AFC East (well maybe after Gesicki to NE anyway). The Chiefs arguably got worse having lost Brown and Hardman.
  12. Ignoring the astute analysis, the nickname came from his blind mother. Solid stuff once again!
  13. No. How? How is a rolling out an even further disgruntled Rodgers a win-win? They're an absolute mismanaged dumpster fire that have seemingly been at odds with him for years. They've given him nothing, it's irreconcilable. I remember arguing with people last season that thought Green Bay was still a contender. They went on to not be a contender. They're a trainwreck, and I don't understand why fans tend to think they're a well managed franchise simply because they're a historic one.
  14. Should not take a 1st but Hopkins is on a different tier than perennial very good but never amazing Brandin Cooks. Hopkins was on the fast track to all-time elite status up until about 2 years ago. People underrate Nuk and seem to think he's lost a step, but I also think people tend to overrate an always serviceable Brandin Cooks. Diggs-Hopkins would be the best tandem in the league. Yes, even over Cincy.
  15. Cook/Harris already much more interesting than Motor/Moss. Gradual improvements
  16. Wow I love it. Physical dude, we haven’t had a big boy back like this in some time. Changes things up a bit.
  17. Finally after 1.7k posts he's starting to spread his wings and own his horrendous takes.
  18. He didn't even critique him though lol. He even called him #3. All of this other stuff that you injected is just your constant, exhausting, thinly veiled anti-Bills annoyance.
  19. Ding ding ding It’s not even a terrible take, it’s just…why? remember this is the same self aware brainiac that gave us a hilariously awful rap album not too long ago
  20. I really enjoyed the Jamaal Williams story this year but I'm not liking the fit unless it's probably much cheaper than he wants. It was really one season. Prior to this year he felt downright Zack Moss-like. He was a 4.0 plodder that took touches away from Aaron Jones for much longer than he was a double digit TD back. He's also got six pretty heavy use seasons under his belt. I don't see where he fits really, and as much as people hate it, Devin's career ypc and stats in general are far better. Now D'Andre Swift? It would seem like three of the same with Hines and Cook but man is he dynamic. Averages like 6+ yards per touch whenever he's healthy. Also, every talking draft head and their mother has been projecting Bijan Robinson to the Lions for weeks now as if it's already a done deal. I don't want him in the 1st but I've got to assume somebody else gets him now, or the Lions really are clearing things out and Swift is on the block as well.
  21. This is increasingly nothing unfortunately. I don't believe McKenzie has a 6+ hour inside scoop on anything that was solidified, and remains that way now. He's kind of annoying on and off the field.
  22. It's really only 2-3 of them but yeah it feels like theres about 20+ chirping at all times. I'm a Hopkins believer and think he still has some left in the tank. Dallas seems like a weird fit though, unless either he or Gallup is cool with a reduced role.
  23. I'm not arguing that he isn't a good QB - I think he's firmly in the 6-8 range - but I don't think he's displayed anything close to Josh's ability and definitely shouldn't be ranked ahead of him. You seem to agree, so is your argument that Herbert could potentially be better with a healthy line, etc? I personally didn't see that at all this year. He almost played timid at times in a way that Allen/Mahomes/Burrow never do.
  24. Juju and Eli Apple got the same paste eating in elementary school quality about them. They're able to hit a tier of annoying that few others can achieve. It's always the guys that aren't very good.
  25. Herbert?! Lawrence is a stretch but Herbert is ridiculous. He took a step back this year if anything and is clearly not the same type of dominant force as Allen or Mahomes. He has still not turned the corner and become the all world freak that people thought he would become 2 years ago. I feel like every Justin Herbert game this year was him listlessly throwing for 280 yards and 1 TD.
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