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  1. Gamble. No shame. I haven't left the house in 4 months and it's legal here, and if there's more than a few of us we probably don't need the meeting anyway and its just going to inevitably devolve into smaller meetings to recap the bigger meeting.
  2. It just won't end. Hasn't he retired 3 times now? Two years from now I'm still going to be stuck in the house reading about Antonio Brown waffling on a comeback, I swear.
  3. I respectfully disagree, but I'm not going to die on the hill if you think otherwise. It's all good. I just can't take Jordan seriously and thought Fauci treated him the same way.
  4. Dude needs to wear a jacket, speak slower, and take care of that flop sweat. And probably address the sexual abuse allegations. Fauci shrugged him off, Gym is a screaming madman.
  5. 92 rec 1282 yards 9 tds Dang that's a prime a Moulds-like season statistically, I'd love it.
  6. Genuinely surprised Brady hasn't opted out yet. Dude won't even eat a tomato because it's not an anti-inflammatory. Plus his age. Wouldn't be surprised if he still does at some point.
  7. MLB is over. My fantasy team is a growing list of Covid inactives. Wait until Trout opts out now that he's a dad. Unless they get some scabs there's no way they can finish the season. And didn't they shut down minor league baseball entirely? No idea what all of those guys are doing, but it's clearly just not worth it. Bubble or bust. Shame because the Rockies don't look too bad right now.
  8. Can you read? Ah I forgot, in this binary Trump universe you must hate every other country in order to appreciate this one, and vice versa. I'm a happy old dad that said if I were single and 22 now I'd make a jump in these current times. Complete hypothetical. You're allowed to love this place and also say, gee, I think we're really falling behind in some seriously concerning ways right now. 27th worldwide in education with Betsy DeVos currently at the helm might not be the best that the "greatest country on Earth" can pull off, ya know? That's one example. Thanks, yet this statement still upset people! Unbelievable. Europe bad, Dallas good, or something.
  9. I feel like most people who scream things like this have never even left their county. High school heroes and whatnot. Uprooting is frankly impossible at most stages in life, but if I were 22 and single right now I'd move to Prague or Berlin (the irony!) in a heartbeat, although neither would accept me because I'm a disease-ridden American.
  10. This is both hilarious and terrifying right now. That Nato move today, woo boy. Have at it, Russia. All of this is actually incredibly concentrated. Like a four block radius. It's hard to gauge when you're viewing the chaos of a Youtube video with 12 streamers but I've got friends in Portland that can still get coffee nearby. The vast majority of neighborhoods are entirely unaffected.
  11. He's a smart, business savvy dude. Bills are going to have to pay him top 2/3 money, and it's well deserved. He's gone if the org thinks anything less.
  12. Welcome to 1872 apparently. Curious if you were referring to the poster as your brother, or to incels as your brothers here?
  13. Homeowner beat him with a vacuum tube. Such an incredible story. Followed by the best, and certainly most lopsided, mugshot I've ever seen.
  14. Maybe not, but I could see him making it ahead of Agholor. Agholor is Zay Jones, except arguably more well known and still more of a disappointment. Doss is the talented wildcard, but undrafted. If he can play special teams, which I think he does, then he should get the nod ahead of both Zay and Agholor.
  15. It feels even weirder that we can discuss Kansas City as being legitimate competition! That's why I'm trying to poke some holes. I'd take our backs as well, but the Mahomes-Kelce-Hill trio is absurd and easily the most dangerous offensive combo in the league. I can almost guarantee Sammy flakes out this year (or whatever our next "year" is) after his postseason last year and that incredibly weird interview he did shortly after. I'm a fan of the guy and his talent, it's just a feeling. He already talked about taking some time off in that same interview. If he plays I can see him easily being the same inconsistent weirdo that he's known for being - goes off for 184 yards in some important game but then catches three balls over the next four games. Give me John Brown.
  16. Interesting, I didn't expect him to stay in KC. This reminded me that Tyreek Hill also signed some crazy "highest paid in the league" extension last year too so I really have no idea how this math works. I guess they've potentially got a lot of skill players on rookie contracts. I'm taking a look at their depth chart and I also haven't heard of any of the Chiefs current linebackers so there's that too. Secondary looks pretty rough as well.
  17. The dude with the long, patriotic screed about World War II doesn't seem to realize that everybody needs to fully agree with him for even the attempt to work, and even then players are still going to get and spread a very serious disease. If 25% of your players aren't comfortable playing, and another 10-20+% test positive throughout the season, it's not going to be football as you know it, so why even chance it? The ship has already sailed on manning up for your country or whatever, just look at the Brooklyn Nets and what their roster consists of right now.
  18. Good to see some other's questioning Cooper. I'd take Diggs and Golladay over him any day. Golladay is top 10 right now, easy.
  19. I think they should and I kind of don't understand San Fran's take on this to be honest, especially considering they traded Breida as well. Are they really going to try and trust McKinnon again? The guy hasn't played since 2017, which is kind of ridiculous.
  20. Man as soon as I saw this thread I was like "Repo Man" but am not the least bit surprised that a fellow Bills fan got to it first. Cheers. The best soundtrack.
  21. Nationwide deaths shot up about 700 today from yesterday after about a week of 50,000 new cases being reported every day. Color me extremely pessimistic. Meanwhile, the Brooklyn Nets are likely not going to have a complete roster, and more than half a dozen LA Dodgers aren't even in contact with the team. I have no faith that any league is going to be up and running within a month...
  22. This is where I'm at and is why I remain skeptical. Playing with Covid is obviously not going to be an option regardless of how the player feels, and these guys are going to be getting tested around the clock. So what happens if half a dozen of your players test positive before kickoff? I think this is going to be a mess.
  23. I swear he was just getting trashed here about a week ago for some awful opinion, but unfortunately can't find it. Even with this praise Cowherd is an insufferable dork that should be ignored.
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