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  1. Kind of surprised by the lack of Von in this situation. How is he not involved considering the entire d-line marched out as a unit? Did he give them some Godfather nod of approval or is he just completely tapped out? I thought being some weird player/coach constituted a good amount of his remaining value, he had no thoughts on this?
  2. I’m not buying into any of this yet but I still think the Steelers suffer an epic freefall. It would be much better if the North was healthy and completely cannibalized each other. Now Baltimore’s just going to run away with it. Cleveland’s probably in but could also drop 4 in a row. Somebody terrible is getting in.
  3. Logged in to see 8 negs because I think the refs are too dumb to completely fix things. Relax astromen. Good lord this board loves a conspiracy.
  4. It’s that conference record, dudes. It’s pretty over. Effing New England, seriously oh and Denver oh and Cincy oh and the effing Jets effffffffff
  5. Yawn Miller. I don't think anybody signed up for a player coach who's own active podcast plays as if he's largely looking back on his career already.
  6. Zay Flowers with another great game. Credit to Baltimore for going from only having Mark Andrews and a bunch of JAGs (Sammy Watkins) for years to quite possibly the most loaded wide receiver room in the AFC. Seems they're succeeding in getting Lamar that talent. Imagine that
  7. This is a great point. Wouldn't the production cabal in charge of the rigging want the Bills to not only win in the case of this game, but ideally, go on a mini run rather than fizzle out in Week 12? Seems like a pretty poor financial decision at least. They're a very popular team right now. I suspect the answer will be something like they only rig a little bit.
  8. I know everybody here is a borderline league-level scout that trusts their eyes above all else, but it should be repeated that he's nowhere close to "falling off" statistically. Quite the opposite actually, especially in terms of TDs. If you didn't watch a game and just pulled up league leading stats you'd assume Diggs is as elite as ever. Mentioning because some are talking like he's clearly falling off - it's subjective at best, and the numbers definitely aren't supporting it.
  9. Agreed that it would be way too complex. Way too many moving pieces. These people prove themselves to be regularly incompetent, you can't then assume that they're such maniacal geniuses that they could pull something like that off in front of millions. I think that's largely what you're seeing with the refs - just regular every day incompetence and stupidity. Although with the extreme rise in gambling you could get a few more bad apples Tim Donagy style. Not enough to fix anything, but lone wolf enough to do some weird damage to a game's outcome.
  10. Schopp's too. You can almost feel the white hot head exploding rage from him when Bulldog swoops in and responds every single time while he remains silent.
  11. Oliver and to a lesser extent Epenesa making the leap, in addition to Kincaid, makes the Beane scrutiny kind of dumb. Maybe if you're looking for the seventh or eighth most concerning thing to argue. Epenesa was genius in retrospect. Beane got him after 5 other trash DE's that you never hear about any more were picked.
  12. The Josh Allen hate is hilarious. Every single person here should know there are far more Bryce Youngs than CJ Strouds. Hard to take seriously. There's like half a dozen back-patting trolls that have been waiting for this for about 2 years largely reinforcing each other, it's not a lot of serious people.
  13. Hey look it's Jordan Phillips leading the charge. The most disciplined, process guy of the bunch.
  14. I don't know, that ridiculous touchdown catch says otherwise. And for as many people who point out that he's turning 30 as negative, he's also about to hit 10k yards at 30 as well, which is historically elite. I think he's checked out more than hit the peak. He also plays the type of game that should allow him to last longer than other receivers. He'll probably put up a few more good seasons elsewhere on his way to 15k.
  15. A 59 yard prayer in the wind means the defense choked? This account getting weird man
  16. We don’t have to bite but that’s the game now
  17. I love it other than the strategy of the last minute offense just firing balls downfield for the inevitable PI call
  18. It’s like there’s four people on this account. It’s weird. One’s like borderline illiterate
  19. Danzig - Mother is an interesting choice, Linc audio team
  20. We got Beast Allen today, gonna be a good one
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