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  1. Yeah, recognition isn’t his problem. He really has no problems other than a very small contingent of 48 year old depressed message board junkies questioning him. Otherwise he’s truly on top of the world.
  2. But contrarian schlub nonsense aside, most importantly, Zappe and Stick didn’t beat the Bills, because bad quarterbacks ultimately lose games. Gardner Minshew is a bottom tier QB. He’s a +1300 lotto ticket and you know it. Oh but what about all those terrible QBs that ended up losing is quite the argument.
  3. So is Cleveland. We’ve been blinded by Miami. Reality is it gets much worse. Brady and Allen need to figure this out
  4. These are always weird comments considering the last instagram “model” one actually got the cops called the night of a playoff game. If Josh is distracted now then he’s always been distracted.
  5. Mama Fratelli Steve Ramsay Bolton Belichik really looks like her too
  6. It worked out. Nobody’s excited but we’re where we want to be
  7. Seems a bit much. Head coach, d coordinator, shadow o coordinator. Can’t think of any similar situation
  8. Diggs the youngest player ever with 800 receptions with another quiet 1100 yard season and this board thinks he’s done
  9. Slater gonna be player coaching when he’s 50
  10. Maybe it was Trent Sherfield Jr that played for Miami
  11. I’m sorry? Could barely interpret what you were saying, but yes I’d definitely say that Josh is driving the organization for the most part.
  12. It’s like we’re still being cute and testing things out…in week 17 with the season on the line
  13. That look of shocked disgust on his face like he has nothing to do with it. He’s above it
  14. Jalen Reagor has been terrible for years. Until today apparently
  15. What exactly have you seen from McD to suggest otherwise? It’s a balance of mutual respect at best. He’s not getting in anybody’s face that matters, guaranteed
  16. I almost feel bad for this bottom tier rookie kicker
  17. Always been a very large almost fragile receiver in a TE body. Always been the knock against him. Great hands, not much else
  18. Two weeks in a row he’s aggressively run for a first? He dances sometimes yes but still seems very focused when given opportunity
  19. Belichicks weirdo kid is still coaching their linebackers apparently
  20. Probably Diggs reaction if McD tries to get loud
  21. People honestly think McClap is going to flex and yell at Allen and Diggs? Lol yeah good luck with that. McD is an ineffective robot that is essentially along for the ride at this point
  22. I don’t think McD can yell at this offense. Seems pretty clear that he and Josh aren’t exactly on the same page
  23. For the third time…he’s been off, but also, his receivers are playing terrible. 1 drop lol?
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