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  1. I'm not following your first point at all, sorry. I didn't mention 1000 yards, but Tyreek Hill is the clear #1 on that team. Watkins is their third receiving option, at least. I see him as a #3 guy in the league, although I'm not going to argue against him being a #2. Point is he's not a #1. John Brown is not as physically gifted as Sammy Watkins, but he is absolutely a better wide receiver than Sammy Watkins. It happens, if physical talent was everything then Charles Rogers would have lasted for more than 3 seasons. I like Sammy a lot and have said that he's a viable weapon that flashes #1 upside, but just isn't consistent enough to be a true #1. What more do you want?
  2. Sort of, although some have argued against that point. The dime a dozen back thing has been stupid for years. And to be fair even if people are now just jumping ship it makes sense - it's inevitable that more teams are going to rely on a strong defense and power running game to counter the passing league idea instead of it just being a 32 team arm's race to video game stats. But anyway, I think the argument is far more influenced by seeing our RB2 struggle for 3.6 ypc this year (about 2.7 after week 9, gross). Another RB is a high priority for this team.
  3. Like the Rams? I like Sammy a lot and agree with the argument that he's a still a weapon that this team needs, but he's never going to be that #1 guy. I don't know if it's all between the ears, or his injuries, or some combination of the two but it's not happening. I don't doubt that he could be the most skilled #3 in the league though (I'm assuming Kupp is no longer really a 3).
  4. Technically 2/17. He was the best WR in the NFL week 1 with almost 200 yards and 3 TDs and then he didn't score again all season until today. Sammy's a weird player.
  5. "WWE enhanced" LOL no. Real edgy, but no.
  6. Exactly. This guy is experiencing spiraling, daily chaos. And it's clear that he is, he's documenting it, because he seems to enjoy it? I don't doubt that there could be CTE issues and/or serious psychological issues as well, but I'm becoming more convinced by the day that this dude is using something.
  7. Oh man he's weirdly even more screwed up isn't he? Kellen Winslow stories are insane. He traveled with a torso apparently. Definitely going to watch this. I have no sympathy for a possible serial killer, but it's fascinating stuff.
  8. Yes. I'm a recovering crack addict. No I thought it was common knowledge that people who regularly smoke chemicals sound terrible. There are homeless people all around our block that can't be more than 30 that sound just like AB. I'm just saying, his voice is weird. He's a weirdo though so perhaps he does just scream 18 hours a day.
  9. I'm convinced he's on coke, or perhaps even the freebased version. He's so hoarse all of the time - he talks like he's been screaming his lungs out. Or smoking stimulants.
  10. Easily the best ever and people still don't know how to deal with it. Definitely rooting for Pegula, though. Pretty insane.
  11. I simply don't want to pay the money for Henry but I think he's absolutely going to ruin the "plug and play" "RBs are a dime a dozen" argument this year. He's the scariest dude in the playoffs right now. We should go cheaper at RB since Singletary is the truth, I agree that WR is a bigger need.
  12. gonna bump this before Cousins loses by three touchdowns
  13. Wow I loved this! Loved the baby tangent too. Great job, Dion.
  14. So is the anger like a Costanza bit that you're doing? Falling pretty flat. Just seems like you're really angry. In general I can kind of agree with the mismanagement of the wide receiver position this year, and the fact that Duke getting as many targets as he did in a playoff game was a bit of a head scratcher, but folks...Robert Foster, and to a lesser degree, Andre Roberts. Something had to be done. I feel like if you're angry about this then more of it should be directed there, particularly at Foster, for completely wasting a roster spot this year. I can't help but feel that the serious Duke haters still kind of let Foster skate by, and it's mind numbing. That's a guy who truly did NOTHING this season and doesn't belong on an NFL roster. Don't tell me about his sudden punt gunning skills, he's a wide receiver that doesn't catch footballs.
  15. Give him some credit for this W but guarantee he comes out in true overpaid, Kirk Cousins fashion and lays a turd next week. Always good enough to get your hopes up, never good enough to really close. Granted I'm biased and hoping that it's all a waste of money, but I'm pretty convinced that Kirk Cousins is the worst kind of "franchise" QB.
  16. I like Drake too but what's wrong with Singletary? I hope we treat Devin as a real RB1 next year personally, he earned it. I want a real TE. Dawson Knox looks good, but he's still too green to be the #1 option, and he may never even really turn into one. Ebron or Hooper? Not very exciting but either would be a huge upgrade and a lock on some red zone help. I'll go with Hooper for one pick.
  17. Well he's not the 6th or 7th anymore. And Knox? That's a push for me with his drops lately. But either way, I'm cool with Duke getting 10% of targets, particularly a high point in the endzone.
  18. Yeah they're talking about it on WGR right now too. Love it! Love the option
  19. 20-17 Bills. Singletary and Tre White are the difference makers. Hauschka regains a bunch of trust in a close game. We shut down their passing offense but give up two TDs and a big game to Carlos Hyde.
  20. He seriously wore some wrinkled, coffee stained white tshirt that he found under his mattress (I'm assuming that Baker still sleeps on a mattress on the floor)
  21. Fans waited the entire regular season for Foster to wake up and reproduce what he showed last year, and now that he completely failed at that, it's because he didn't have opportunities? People joke about the legend of Duke Williams around here, but man, the legend of Robert Foster is just as popular. He has done absolutely nothing all season.
  22. Foster is awful on offense. I get the argument that you shouldn't see the field if you can't play special teams, but what if you're a wide receiver that can't play offense? It's got to be the Daboll connection, right? If he's our "primary gunner" than he must be pretty incredible at it because it's truly all he can do right now. I've asked this before, but is he the best gunner in the league or something, or just a really fast guy? I would think an increased chance of scoring touchdowns is more important than an average punt gunner but what the hell do I know.
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