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  1. Hey look who’s getting excited. Like clockwork. He’ll disappear after Josh hangs another one on them in early Q3.
  2. I’m sorry I made fun of Chargers fans yesterday. All six of them.
  3. One things for sure. This game is going to be long lol. Can’t believe the second just started
  4. Catch or not that play was insane. Seriously thought Allen was gonna gallop in. I don’t know how you defend that.
  5. AFC QB hierarchy Tier 1: Allen, Mahomes Tier 2: Burrow (I can't put him in Tier 1 but he's above Tier 3. Spot reserved for Lawrence) Tier 3: Lawrence, Herbert
  6. That poster's reaching has gotten out of hand lately. He think he's slick. He was praising Mac Jones last week too until Mac inevitably collapsed like everybody knew he would. He'll worm his way into every thread to highlight the QB of the moment in some weird attempt to tear down Allen.
  7. Really thought Herbert would be running with Allen by now but he just simply doesn't seem to have it. Plays timid almost. Feels like every game he plays is an inconsequential 280 yards and 1 passing TD.
  8. Lawrence can hit an Allen/Mahomes gear that I still have never seen from Herbert. Herbert's game is kind of boring really.
  9. All four Chargers fans got to feel like they've already lost this.
  10. Herbert is locked on to Everett and they still can't stop it.
  11. Remember when you thought Mac Jones was playing well last week?
  12. All the Cincy is better contrarians seem to forget that they still have Eli Apple running around out there as a starting cornerback. That team is very far from perfect. 267 yards allowed through the air in the last three games, and it's been going up. That's about 27th in the league the past 3-4 weeks. Buffalo meanwhile has remained completely middle of the pack even during their worst weeks - 13th in passing yards allowed the past 3 games with an "exploitable" Tre White among many other serious issues. Cincinnati has the best WR room in the league. They also have a very bad pass defense despite some patchwork flashes earlier this season. I still don't think they're KC-BUF tier. If Mark Andrews can get healthy he might hang 3 TD on them.
  13. man that might have been the dumbest thing I've seen on a football field. And during this week of all weeks. And then he cried going down the tunnel, as if it was somehow somebody elses fault. Sheesh. Boy may not be right. Good luck, Green Bay.
  14. Especially for a guy that once again has 4.6 ypc this season, to go along with his 4.7 career ypc. Singletary isn't the problem. We can have two nice things. They need to feed both of them more in general.
  15. If now two coaches are getting praised for getting something out of Goff, could it actually mean that Goff is sort of good?
  16. 17 regular season rushing TDs for Jamaal Williams now. Wow.
  17. Why would we be worried about the Broncos when putting up 30+ a game ? You’re so lazy, dude
  18. Still top tier numbers. Hope to see the interceptions come down obviously, but he’s statistically in rare air.
  19. Hines, Johnson, Edmunds
  20. Schopp saying both Hill and Waddle got banged up today.
  21. Trolls just throwing it at the wall, seeing what sticks. Airseven thought Mac Jones was good 2 quarters ago.
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