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  1. Can almost guarantee that he gets wasted this offseason and punches somebody in a bar.
  2. Well that's my question about Foster - what makes him such an incredible gunner? I honestly don't know, but if he's just a fast body then he and McKenzie ran nearly identical 40 times. I'm not gonna die on the McKenzie hill though, I like Duke over him too. You're right in that there's some unknown reason and the coachers know more, but Foster has confused me all season.
  3. Make him the third option and keep McKenzie on special teams. Problem solved. Maybe I'm overlooking the fact that Robert Foster is the best gunner in the league and therefore irreplaceable since it would be legitimately the only thing that he can do. He certainly isn't catching passes. Is he that great of a special teams player, or just a fast body? I honestly don't know.
  4. There was a gif around here from earlier this season (maybe preseason?) where Foster straight up whiffed on a block. He legitimately looked afraid. Meanwhile Duke has steamrolled a few people. He's a much better blocker from what I've seen.
  5. I'm assuming we can put the Da'rick Rogers/Brandon Reilly, "oh Bills fans just love practice squad WR's" nonsense to rest now. It would be insane if he doesn't suit up next week. Meanwhile Robert Foster somehow sneaks into the lineup again? He's the one that needs to go. The regular season's over, there are no late season heroics that we can still hope for. He was awful this year. What about the fact that Duke is a great blocker and Foster isn't? Shouldn't that cancel out the special teams argument? It's very clear who the better pass catcher is.
  6. Yeah, Tannehill is definitely better than Mariotta, but over the last six games Henry has averaged 150 rushing yards per game to go with 10 TDs. That's truly insane. I think New England loses as well.
  7. I think Baker has officially surpassed Jameis as the dumbest QB in the league.
  8. They realized that they have the best RB in the league around week 10 or so. Who knows why it took them so long. Derrick Henry might be the most frightening man in the playoffs.
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