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  1. The show started with a bang, but after Nunes riveting opening statement it turned into a soap opera, dull, predictable, and at times poorly written.
  2. How fast you can think and react is different sitting at a desk vs on the field with huge athletes coming at you with bad intentions. How fearless are you under pressure becomes the more important question. Jim Kelly may have had a lower wonderlic scores. On the other hand Kelly was one of the most fearless QB's that ever played the game IMO.
  3. Is it the play calling and game stategy or poor decision making by Allen and poor execution? O needs some consistency and Singletary might be the one that can provide it.
  4. I am, I am, I amI said I wanna get next to youI said I gonna get close to youYou wouldn't want me have to hurt you too, hurt you too?I ain't, I ain't, I ain'tA buyin' into your apathyI'm gonna learn ya my philosophyYou wanna know about atrocity, atrocity?
  5. It does take time and Allens forte is high velocity laser shots into tight windows. Nothing touch about it. Heavy practice on short to mid range I think hurt Allens long ball. Josh Allen is a work in progress. A top notch receiver wouldn't hurt, and has to be at the top of the list of things to do for McBeane. Its time to circle the wagons around Allen...
  6. I respectfully disagree, the Bills need a big play maker on O. Something in my opinion Sammy would provide. Comparing Sammy to Zay is a bit of a stretch IMO. On the other hand I'm not very happy with Zays departure and I don't think the move made Buffalo a better team in my humble opinion. I get your argument, I really do, in the end you need production. Thanks Fanhood
  7. I wanted A J Green at the trade deadline. I think the Bengals in all liklihood wanted to much and Buffalo may have thought waiting it out until seasons end might prove more beneficial.
  8. KC does know enough about O, and why Sammy's on the team IMO. Let me ask you this, how does Sammy compare to Allens 3rd or 4th target? You don't think Sammy makes Buffalo a better football team in the long run? I sure do...
  9. I wouldn't lump everyone together, opinions are like A holes, everyone has one. How is the draft a star WR going for the Bills? We gave up a fortune for Sammy, trade him away for peanuts. Use a high draft choice on Jones, trade him away for peanuts.
  10. The Bills lack consistency on O and Allens decision making could be part of the problem. When you go long on 3rd and 3 on a low percentage play its poor decision making on Allens part. In a tightly contested football game its imparative you keep drives alive and score points. Poor execution on a fairly high percentage of plays leads me to believe the lack of execution is also a big problem. If I'm Daboll, I would pull back on the reigns with Allen a little, and the play book. Sit down together, figure out whats working and what is not. Get some kind of consistency going.
  11. I'm saying a rookie, then 2nd year QB could have used an above average at worse WR in Sammy Watkins IMO. McCoy provided a spark for the Buffalo Bills and at times so did Dareus IMO. Now a high round drafted WR in Zay Jones just got traded for peanuts whom at times also provided a spark. Its no wonder why Buffalo's not hitting on all cylinders.
  12. Sammy's amazing ability to stop on a dime would be a perfect fit for Allens scorching hot lasers. PERFECT. Watkins loved Buffalo and had to feel crushed when he was traded. If Ihad my choice of having any WR in the National football league not named Julio, I'm bringing Sammy Watkins back. The one shinning light at the end of the tunnel we do have and its still something I firmly believe in. Our rising star on the horizon. Josh Allen...
  13. I think he might be referring to the Panthers which came up one game short of the Superbowl. ( NFC Campionship)
  14. PTR had commented on how star players can also develop from the draft. Something I can agree on. The problem is depending on the position its very hit and miss, especially at the WR position. Something another fellow poster commented on. Its easy to say Buffalo needs elite players. Much harder and often times very expensive to accomplish.
  15. Jackson would make a good RB. I'm just saying...
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