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  1. You bring up two teams with established coaching, systems and an above average supporting cast already in place.
  2. Good points Senator, thanks for the reply
  3. We just watched a more experienced QB get injured behind the suspect Oline ( 1s vs 1s ) with all due respect Senator
  4. When it becomes obvious the play of the O as a unit is elevated with Josh Allen behind center, which appears to be the case, any argument not to play Allen goes against the betterment of the team IMO. So what will McD do now...
  5. Figster

    Need another QB with AJ hurt, but Who?

    McCown would be nice
  6. Figster

    Bills-Browns Post Game Reports

    Well what do you know, Josh Allen out shines Baker Mayfield in every category including completion percentage.
  7. Its nice when Allen does all the talking for you
  8. As a HC or DC looking towards the future, Myself personally, I think its just taking advantage of an opportunity to gain valuable knowledge , along with an ability to add wrinkless to the development of an opponent's young QB prospect that you really don't have much to go on yet at the NFL level IMO. Skins and Packers brought a little heat last night...
  9. Figster

    Preseason Game 2: vs. Browns 8/17

    Eyes could be on the Mayfield vs Allen matchup/comparison for years to come my friend
  10. Figster

    Only a month and a half

    Well I wouldn't ask you to kiss a fella aceman, (publicly) and by the time you find ice bowl hugs at the very least would occur, mission accomplished...
  11. Figster

    Only a month and a half

    Not at all with the sarcasm, anyone that thinks differently needs to lighten up,
  12. Figster

    Josh Allen 1st Rookie To Win SB...Odds?

    I get that, What I love about Allen right now is the fearless way he attacks the football field. Kid carried the weight of his school at the college level and it shows IMO. thanks for the reply
  13. Figster

    Josh Allen 1st Rookie To Win SB...Odds?

    Bills fans go la la la la la!
  14. Figster

    Josh Allen 1st Rookie To Win SB...Odds?

    Probably a little bit of the homer in me shining through right now, but Josh Allen has got the look...
  15. Figster

    Josh Allen 1st Rookie To Win SB...Odds?

    100-1 for any Bills QB to win it. Get it in Nice payout even at that