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  1. Live performance last night from AMA's One of my favorites of the night. I thought you might enjoy it.
  2. Happy B Day NG!!! I hope you get the new C O D Vanguard today!
  3. Being a Bills fan 1st and foremost by a mile. Being a more casual Bama fan. ( we face two former Bama QB's and this has forced my hand ) Being stuck in Steelers territory. Given how Buffalo could have went in a different direction in the 1st and drafted Najee Harris. I like this thread, lol
  4. This is somewhat of a sore spot for me. Yeldon fits the style O Daboll wants to run and exactly the kind of RB that could kick start the O right now. Higher draft pick then both Moss and Singletary. Good size, good hands. Pisses me off...
  5. I agree with all of this, The one thing I will say is you have good Defenses and then you have Ray Lewis game changing great Defenses. By way of example. Defense that literally takes the ball away from its opponent. Can the Bills D become great is the question...
  6. It seems that way in comparison to the Bills Oline. The Bills Oline doesn't run block or pass protect well. It almost forces the Buffalo Bills to change their big play identity. To avoid the risk of getting Josh Allen injured in the process. Its an evolving league and the Bills have to evolve with it. As a team you like to do what you can do best. When what you do best isn't good enough anymore its time for a change. Poor Oline play dictates as much IMO.
  7. Its hard to stray to far from what gave Buffalo the most explosive O in the league last season without an alternative that works well. I'm not sure we have one. Allen likes to make big plays and I refuse to call it a flaw. I think most of the blame starts at the top with Daboll, or even higher If McD doesn't get the Bills O on track somehow. Buffalo needs to run the ball better for starters. Its not something that can be approached as an afterthought IMO. We have to establish a good run game.
  8. Nice post man I just hope Daboll takes a real hard look at his game planning and reduce the plays in accordance with poor Oline play. Like J mentioned in the shoutbox, bubble screens, dump offs to the RB. Double reverse, do things to keep the opposition guessing. Take what the D's giving you. Game management skills. Something Marsha is the very best at IMO. We need our TE back...
  9. Averaging 32 points a game. Tops in the league. They better hope then the Bills struggling O doesn't get it right. Awwww come on man!!!
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