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  1. Looks like a long shot in the polls, but staying with Shakir having a breakout season as number 2 in receptions. It will go Diggs, Shakir, Davis, Knox, Kincaid top 5 IMO. Josh Allen has plenty of play makers around him now that want touches. Making for a very interesting season coming up If Dorsey can find ways to utilze them all with good ball distribution.
  2. Keith Mckellar was so instrumental in the success of J K the K Gun was named after him. Might be worth the wait ; )
  3. Kincaid is the TE draft pick I thought Buffalo would never make and it caught me completely by surprise. Pick thwarted both Dallas and Cinci and very well could be remembered as the 1st round draft choice by the Bills crafty young GM that put Buffalo over the top IMO.
  4. I'm real big on Jalin Hyatt in the 1st because not many DB's in the league can run with him IMO. I also really want D Hop, but Hyatt would make the hurt go away real quick. Both? OMG!!!
  5. The contested catch king at WR is exactly what Allen needs IMO. Normally TE plays the role, but Josh Allen loves him some WR. BFF Diggs needs some competition on the football field to draw the heat.
  6. Players that want to win a championship may think a little differently IMO. Contracts can be lucrative long term while being cap friendly short term IMO.
  7. Diggs is just sending Allen a message. Get your act together little brother...
  8. Taylor Swift is on tour constantly giving Josh plenty of spare time to win Championships.
  9. Funny how everyone wants to forget about Jalin Hyatt despite having a top 30 visit to Buffalo. Hyatt tops the list for me...
  10. One way to not draft ; ) DO NOT DRAFT! anyone not named Jalin Hyatt in the 1st...
  11. How about an innovative Offensive minded OC instead of a QB and QB coach as a substitute?
  12. McD not only took responsibility, HC McD made a big change taking a more hands on approach coaching the Bills Defense. Issues? None here..
  13. If you asked me If the Buffalo Bills played as well as they are capable of playing vs Cinci /playoffs, my answer is absolutely not. Josh Allen had a bad day which is not normal for him in big games. Ultimately though regardless of the circumstances someone needs to take responsibility for the poor play so I'll start at the top with Bills HC McD. Both Dorsey and Frazier were also out coached. Dorsey as a 1st year OC in the league has a reasonable excuse. Frazier, not so much and hes gone now.
  14. Do you remember the 1st time Buffalo made the playoffs with the McBeane regime after almost 2 decades? Getting to the playoffs doesn't necessarily mean you have a good team.
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