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  1. Myself personally OP, I believe the last 3 games shows the direction Buffalo is going in IMO. We should have won all 3 and the loss to Arizona could have been a preview to the Superbowl IMO. If Buffalo was playing its best football I might be inclined to agree with you. We are not and still at the top of our division with basically a 2 game cushion. I expect the Buffalo Bills to continue making improvements over the next 6 games and become playoff ready with a fairly good idea of what to expect haven played the NFL's top teams through the regular season. I think every team has a team or two that doesn't match up well with them. The Titans are Buffalo's bad match up. Hopefully they get knocked out. On a good day Buffalo can beat anyone IMO.
  2. Good day of football with both the Dolphin and Patriot losses. Tua looks pedestrian, Fitzy throws the INT, I like it...
  3. Great observation Shaw, the slightly side armed dart throws are very accurate IMO. The throwing style is somewhat unique and most evident in the two strongest arms in the NFL IMO. (Mahomes and Allen)
  4. This is what my mind would be telling me.^^^ My heart on the other hand loves me some Josh... Love conquers all... (McBeane might be in that one percent)
  5. Hypothetically speaking, Allen for Mahomes is the only trade that might intrigue me. Especially If they threw in Kelce and Watkins as a little sugar on top. Probably still say no... ...I'm just saying...
  6. Happy Birthday N G ! Have a great day. : )
  7. If you look at the numbers Singletary is on pace to fumble more then Yeldon. Yeldon 7 fumbles in 492 rushing attempts. Singletary 4 fumbles in 250 rushing attempts. The 6 ft 1 Yeldon also has 1,448 career recieving yards. ( 60 GP ) The 5 ft 7 inch Singletary 381 recieving yards ( 22 GP ) Yeldon was drafted early in the 2nd round (36th overall) I'm not going to speculate on why it didn't pan out in Jacksonville. I had and still have high expectations for the Alabama product. My intentions are not to run the motor or Moss down. I think watching T J Yeldon get some play time might start a fire under all three of them. Yeldon will play with a big chip on his shoulder given the chance IMO. I also think the taller Yeldon provides an easier and more versatile checkdown for Allen. Better comfort level may translate to more dump offs to the RB in space IMO.
  8. I think this goes hand in hand with having T J Yeldon in the game. Even If its as more of a 3rd down specialst IMO.
  9. People are looking for guarantees. At this point there are none. Buffalo just needs to continue making strides to become a better football team. Good competition helps the process in my humble opinion.
  10. Thanks OP Buffao has a couple of players sitting on the shelf that might be able to help IMO. T J Yeldon because of his pass catching abilities out of the backfield. I think Yeldon is a good fit for the more pass oriented O IMO. Duke Williams for size that could help provide a security blanket for Allen lacking from the TE position. Big enough to help work the middle of the football field and increase redzone production IMO. Like elfs on a shelf, waiting to spread magic...
  11. Add the fact that the normally more safe security blanket TE throws are practically nonexistent. Its hard to put to much blame on a QB that is lacking proper run support or production from the TE position IMO. I know I sound like a broken record. T J Yeldon and Duke Williams need to be utilized in the Bills Offense IMO.
  12. A light knit polypropylene fabric/mask would work well for the NFL IMO. Face shields might be an option.
  13. The Steelers game will be another real good measurement of what to expect come playoffs. Win or lose lessons learned will help Buffalo going forward IMO. I eagerly await the matchup...
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