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  1. Save it for game winning drives, playoffs, and If all goes well,, The Superbowl...
  2. Who let the dogs out? WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF! Who let the dogs out? WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF!
  3. We have a large number of protesters who are very angry and have every right to be in my humble opinion. Within this group we have a smaller number of people taking advantage of the situatiion with hidden agenda's and corrupt intentions. The protesters real message of " help me, I can't breath" becomes clouded. White or black, or any color in between we can't lose sight of the real message and its something we can all understand. The contrast between light and darkness is not always clear...
  4. I'm Digging it Dr. Who, Allen tossing to Diggs with a soft touch on the football evokes happiness...
  5. Some materials such as polypropylene collect electrons and become negatively charged which may repel the surface of the negatively charged coronavirus IMO. Polypropelene fabric is also water repellent. Its possible a more breathable protection/ solution can be found for athletes IMO.
  6. Its probably more like 87% have driven home while intoxicated at one time or another vs 87% per game IMO. Good grief... I think Biscuit might have done a study on his college drinking buddies... I'm just saying...
  7. One of our town bakery's where I live began defying orders permitting indoor dinning with or without a mask. A popular city councilman, man of faith that goes to 3rd world countries digging wells so people have safe water to drink standing up for the owner in an open display of defiance.The bakery started gaining steam. Someone volunteered anonymously to pay the $10,000 a day fine. People started coming in from other counties to show support. Coming from places hit hard by covid 19. All was going well for them until bakery employees started receiving death threats forcing a change of plans by the owner. Can we blame anyone for being protective of their parents or grandparents the way they protected us growing up? I think not.
  8. Allen vs Mahomes in the AFC Championship would be awesome Mahomes magic is the real deal and I agree, They gonna be good for a little while...
  9. Myself personally, Covid 19 has seperated our younger generation from its more elderly senior guidance in my humble opinion. Whisper words of wisdom... ...Let it McD...
  10. Something often overlooked in assessment is Josh Allen hasn't dumped the ball of much to date. Allen also hasn't gone to a TE security blanket perhaps as much as other young signal callers IMO. The types of things that pad the stats, increase completion %, and add up in the passing totals. I think with the talent Buffalo now has at RB its part of Allens game that can and will show a marked improvent this season and may give Josh Allen the 300 yard passing games everyone is looking for IMO.
  11. Its a good question. Given the talent Allen now has around him. Its about to be be answered...
  12. The power forward /QB is powering its way to the forefront IMO. Lamar Jackson is a great example. Is Jackson going to beat you throwing for 300 + yards? Probably not. Make no mistake as an opposing DC, Lamar Jackson can and will beat you with his arm and legs. So while this may not put Lamar Jackson in the higher echelon of QB's from a passing perspective. Lamar Jackson is one of the hardest QB's in the NFL to defend against in my humble opinion.
  13. Josh Allen has got it all, heart, God given talent and most importantly brains. The Bills ability to run and pass backed by a top 3 D is going to win a Championship.
  14. After going into the yellow phase here in Erie County, Pa 5 days ago I'm happy to report only one new confirmed case since yesterday. Over a quarter of a million people in our County with 123 confirmed cases. 100 of them have quarantined and gone on to test negative. The kind of numbers we would like to see everywhere. Before entering the yellow phase there was talk of our county becoming a role model for other counties in the hard hit state of Pa. We shall see...
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