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  1. My thoughts also, teams like the Ravens have won championships without a great QB. BB has arguably the GOAT
  2. Expanding the playoff format is a better idea then adding 2 games to the regular season IMO. I think the players might be more agreeable. Towards the end of the season we have teams more interested in the next draft playing teams preparing for the playoffs. I would prefer two 8 and 8 teams fighting to advance over a 14 - 2 team playing a 3 - 13 team in a meaningless game.
  3. Tom Brady is arguably the best QB in the history of the NFL. I voted Brady...
  4. The sequel, " Do you expect the Bills Oline to pass protect"
  5. Lets not forget Newton has also scored a career 58 TD's on the ground. Combined run and pass 28 more TD's then RW at this point in their pro careers. RW 212, Cam Newton 240 (Cam has started 10 more games then RW)
  6. If I had to choose between RW and CN, I'm taking Cam. What intrigues me is we have a QB with the same size and skill set as Cam Newton, but smarter.
  7. Chandler is making a point. Wins or losses during the preseason is not a good indicator. How can it be when the actual starters have limited play time.
  8. If the league is pushing for 18 games, why not eliminate 2 preseason games and start the season earlier. I'm game...
  9. True that, Players fighting to become the starters, the backups. Players fighting just to make the team. Competing at a time when wins mean nothing by way of standings. Everything to a players future in the NFL. Who sinks, who swims...
  10. I'll bite OP, Upgraded Oline and a more settled QB position should produce better results this year both pre season and regular season IMO. A little continuity. Myself personally, winning is nice , but as much can be learned from a loss during pre season in my humble opinion.
  11. Good D's have come and gone over the years in Buffalo, some probably good enough to win a championship. If you had/have a franchise QB...
  12. Lonely is the night when you find yourself aloneYour demons come to light and your mind is not your ownLonely is the night when there's no one left to callYou feel the time is right, say the writing's on the wall...
  13. I'm just a hunk, a hunk of burning loveJust a hunk, a hunk of burning loveJust a hunk, a hunk of burning loveJust a hunk, a hunk of burning loveJust a hunk, a hunk of burning loveJust a hunk, a hunk of burning love
  14. People are strangeWhen you're a strangerFaces look uglyWhen you're alone.Women seem wicked When you're unwanted Streets are unevenWhen you're down.
  15. Underneath the bridge The tarp has sprung a leak And the animals I've trapped Have all become my pets And I'm living off of grass And the drippings from the ceiling But it's okay to eat fish 'Cause they don't have any feelings
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