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  1. Generally speaking Bills fans are built tough when it comes to harsh weather conditions. Goes with the territory. If the vote was close it would not surprise me If a little convincing would go a long way IMO. Some fans travel long distances to attend football games. Much money is already being invested. Making the game experience more comfortable and protectected from the harsh environment makes it more enjoyable and family oriented IMO. A better place to spend your time and hard earned money IMO. Better for the athletes, spectators, all concerned IMO. Skilled players are going to play at the highest level possible. More bang for your buck. Anyone that watched the Raiders vs Chargers Dome game, the ending, awwww man, now thats what I'm talking about...
  2. Myself personally, I think Buffalo becomes a much easier sell on the FA market when you can provide star athletes a controlled environment to play in 8 games out of the season. The Bills like to throw the football. Wind, rain and snow favors a good run game. It becomes magnified at a critical point in the season at OP. Home games in the playoffs are lucrative. Championships are lucrative. If the Bills had a Dome fans would be scrambling to find tickets Saturday night IMO. I've heard comments like so we build a Dome for one guy, Josh Allen. How much did we just pay this one guy? The teams not worth it? The fans aren't worth it? Winning Championships is not worth it??? We need to find a way...
  3. C'mone people now, Smile on your brother
  4. On a side note OP, as a possible replacement perhaps. Marcus Mariota is a UFA after the seasons up. 🤷‍♂️
  5. Way over qualified, but If I'm the Bills I try like hell to convince Trubs Buffalo is the place to be. I think it allows Josh Allen the ability to run the football without to much of a drop off If he gets dinged up doing it. Signed longer term Trubisky could result in a number 1 draft return in a trade. (IMO) Nice thread for discussion OP. Trubisky with the Colts is a win, win for both of them. Not so much for the rest of the league...
  6. The AB, football isn't all that, syndrome... I'll just go make some noise singing..
  7. I get the fan affordability part of it. Myself personally, a Dome will not only help the fans by way of comfort. It would also help the star athletes like Josh Allen perform at the highest level possible IMO. In turn equates to more playoff home games IMO. Dome could be used year round and promote other activites. Its also possible OP could host a Superbowl one day If more motel accommodations can be provided.
  8. Pats, I think the better you know your opponent, and when you know you can defeat them. Is the best case scenario for the Buffalo Bills.
  9. Wouldn't it be something, provided there is a round 3. The Buffalo Bills do to the Pats what they did to us in round 1.
  10. Wich If I remember correctly was actually pointed out in the commentary vs the dirty birds on Sunday. The Bills are not built big enough up front to enforce their will on the opposition, but they can be smart and fast enough to out maneuver them. The 2nd comment in bold is the key to winning a Championship in my humble opinion.
  11. The crazy thing is, I think the Buffalo Bills as a team came to the realization Sunday vs the dirty birds. They can run the hell out of the football when they set their mind to it. Like the Ravens with Lamar Jackson. Josh Allen is a big part of the run game.
  12. Stats don't lie. Myself personally, how well the game is managed by a QB, something that can best be graded by the final score and outcome, tell the real story IMO. Passer rating is just part of it...
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