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  1. The game has its ups and downs. Myself personally, to prevent knee jerk reaction type threads before the outcome I could see prohibiting new thread starts while the game is still in progress. SDS's idea of pre made thread titles make sense to me on gameday, and every day in my humble opinion. Some of the LAMP's being created makes the whole forum look like a bunch of elementary school kids posting and in some cases its deliberate IMO. Threads meant to toy with us.Thread starting trolls I call them. They come in all shapes and sizes and in many disguises. Some of our favorites like Yolo, Shaw66, Virgil (by way of example) deserve a place where we cand find them IMO. Not buried under a mountain of LAMP's. Its the off season, slow, don't let what the board looks like now fool anyone. I'm expecting a very big season from the Buffalo Bills. You can already feel the anticipation growing. Its going to get crazy. Some people may like a more obscure line of discussion. To each his own. If everything has its own place where patrons /visitors can find it then everyones happy.
  2. From a discussion standpoint yes, you would expect a certain amount of carry over, but by starting a sub topic in the proper category it would help elimate duplications and spread out LAMP's IMO. Making it easier to navigate. Some posters have a personal preference on what intrigues or entertains them. Myself personally, I like talking about the QB. Some folks like the run game an so on. You could find relations to many topics. The examples I gave were off the top of my head. Various team functions might be combined in some instances by way of main topics. Oline/ run game/passing game. (example) Good question, thanks
  3. I feel much the same Senator, set in our ways, although fine tuning and staying ahead of the problem Is what makes TBD an excellent example of how an online community should be managed IMO. Better organization doesn't remove or restrict anything and why several main topics sub topics can branch off of makes the most sense to me. Clutter for instance becomes less of a distraction when organized properly in my humble opinion. This would help keep LAMP's off the front page of TSW( on game day or any day). Out of sight, out of mind. Attention seekers need not apply. Oline Discussions Dline Discussions Individual player Discussions Secondary Discussions Coaching Discussion's Josh Allen Discussions ST Discussions Insider info/Observations/ Discussion ( live game reports ect.) Upcoming opponent Discussions This is just an example of what I mean by main topics you can go into to create sub topics.
  4. If you ever posted at BBMB before the shut down you would have gotten a real good lesson in why duplications and LAMP's ruin forums. Unless a topic or thread of interest was pinned it quickly became buried behind a barrage of LAMP's and duplications. Myself personally, merging threads is a gentle way of handling the mistake in my humble opinion.
  5. If a sub topic spun off of Josh Allen (main topic) falls off the 1st page then its not generating enough activity to matter much in the grand scheme of things. Several main topics pinned at the top of page one sub threads can branch off of will eliminate a big part of the problem IMO. You would have to go to the main topic 1st before starting the thread andthen everything pertaining to that line of discussion is right there in front of you to avoid duplication. Consolidated and more user friendly.
  6. You know Shady for the most part I think TBD has obedient board members because trouble makers get weeded out. On the other hand its hard to look down through all the topics on TSW sometimes and find another thread like the user is about to create. The duplicate thread mistake occurs accidentally in many instances IMO. LAMP might deserve its own main topic area for folks that need attention.
  7. With all due respect Jack having to approve every thread could cause friction and just add work to the moderating crew on game day in my humble opinion. You would hope most board members would follow the rules or guidlines. It may help to give warnings to duplicate thread starters and even point reduction for repeat offenders to get the message accross. Myself personally, thread starting trolls were one of the biggest problem on BBMB and it ruined the browsing/posting experience. I also think having several main topics like Offense, Defense, ST, coaching and QB just by way of example that sub topics could branch off of might help keep the main page more consolidated and user friendly. Easier to detect duplication when everything Josh Allen for instance is right there in front of you.. Topics like Josh Allen could probably use more then one thread. A game day live notes/observations thread would be another good main topic of interest. Many members have a personal preference when it comes to their favorite browse or line of discussion. A built in program that helps identify and prohibit duplicate thread starts would be nice.
  8. We have posters coming on after going to live games that in many instances start good topics for discussion in my humble opinion. Perhaps If the Mods started main categories like player category that can be broke down into each individual player ( sub topics). Coaching categories with sub topics. O , D , and ST categories and so on. I understand the need to control the number of threads started on gameday. On the other hand I'm not a fan of completely prohibiting board members from starting topics on the day they would entertain the most discussion. Myself personally, I think Mods do a good job combining what needs to be combined on the wall.
  9. You're a heartbreaker, dream maker, love taker Don't you mess around with me You're a heartbreaker, dream maker, love taker Heartbreaker
  10. Nice reply, My expectations are very high because along with the boatload of talent , Josh Allen has a good head on his shoulders and protects the football well. Not hardwired yet , I like that assessment. (Barkley, hardwired)
  11. When he kept us knuckle heads in line and at peace with one another so the party could continue.
  12. Singing, I love rock and rollSo put another dime in the jukebox, babyI love rock and rollSo come and take your time and dance with me
  13. The B word is hungry, she needs to tell So give her inches and feed her well More days to come, new places to go I've got to leave, it's time for a show Here I am Rock you like a hurricane Here I am Rock you like a hurricane
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