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  1. Figster

    Start Allen from Day 1/ QB competition

    true that, it wasn't really an Allen , Luck comparison to begin with, but I do belive Allen could have the same bad luck under similiar circumstances. The point I was trying to bring home to you transplant is with a new coaching and system installation comes growing pains which the QB will have to endure. When all the kinks are out and the Bills Oline shows an ability to protect properly the playing field would be better suited for a young QB prospect in my humble opinion Let McCarron do what we brought him here to do... On a side note I see ESPN has Buffalo ranked last in the NFL on confidence at the QB position.
  2. Figster

    Start Allen from Day 1/ QB competition

    The highest odds for Allen is a reflection of the experience at the position each team has IMO. McCarron is very limited in comparison when it comes to experience.
  3. Figster

    Start Allen from Day 1/ QB competition

    Can you honestly say Buffalo is giving Allen a good supporting cast and system to play in before regular season begins because I don't think you can. Oline is a big question mark, something we can agree on. You can't go back and do things over once you trash a young QB prospects confidence IMO. We have a smart HC so I'm going to have faith in the process...
  4. Figster

    Start Allen from Day 1/ QB competition

    I've watched good QB prospects become damaged goods over the years because of a teams poor judgement on whats considered an adequate supporting cast / coaching /system in place and functioning properly to provide everything a young prospect needs to succeed IMO. I'll use A Luck as an example because I believe under better circumstances Lucks career as a pro may have gone better both from an achievement and health standpoint in my humble opinion. Trent Edwards is another example that hits closer to home. So with all due respect transplant its not just a question of who shows the most talent through training camp and preseason which can't duplicate regular season play, its a question of what is wise for the young QB prospect by way of development.
  5. Figster

    Start Allen from Day 1/ QB competition

    Myself personally, the Bills are in somewhat of a rebuild mode, especially on O with new coaching/ system installation. The wise approach is to allow the more experienced McCarron take the bumps and bruises until the supporting cast /system is established and fully operational in my humble opinion. Josh Allen is Buffalo's future, I get that, and I'm as excited as the next guy to see him play.
  6. Figster

    My Debate with a HC

    Always a pleasure to hear your thoughts, finding the middle ground, I like that summary thanks for the reply
  7. Figster

    My Debate with a HC

    My thoughts also... Having enough intel by halftime to make intelligent adjustments is a key point in my humble opinion. Myself personally, players practice so they can go out and execute plays properly and the more deviation from the original game plan the more likely you will have less success executing in my humble opinion. Some of the best teams in the league can get away with drastic changes on the fly because they have some of the most talented, experienced and well coached players in the league with everyone on the same page. Easier said then done in my humble opinion...
  8. Figster

    My Debate with a HC

    So who is making these swift adjustments? The OC and DC without the HC approval? I don't think so, shall we take a timeout to discuss it among coaches? probably not
  9. Figster

    My Debate with a HC

    Belichick and Saban at the college level might be an exception to the rule. Don't you think the athletes themselves may need time to adjust to what the oppositon is trying to do, weather, field conditions, before scrapping anything? Maybe its just me , but when you start scrapping your game plan at the 1st sign of resistance players might lose confidence in what their doing on the football field in my humble opinion. Especially at the college level. Good discussion OP
  10. Figster

    My Debate with a HC

    Good post, makes for an interesting discussion The reason I agree with the coaches response of doing more harm then good sometimes is because you build much of your original game plan based on your own team strengths in my humble opinion. I'll use Buffalo as an example. The Bills with Taylor behind center was a run 1st O because its what they did well. Throwing the football, not so much and now by changing the Bills gameplan early on stopping the run, its also playing into Buffalo's weakness. Dictated by the opposition in just a couple of series that wants Buffalo to try beating them throwing the football. with all due respect sir,
  11. Figster

    My Debate with a HC

    Myself personally, Halftime is a better time to regroup IMO, give your original game planning a chance to work...
  12. Figster

    If AJ McCarron plays great

    McCarron may play well enough to make the QB position in Buffalo very interesting to say the least in my humble opinion. Myself personally, the one two punch might go McCarron /Allen for a few years... ...which is probably the best case scenario for all concerned... ...my OldTime friend... ...I'm just saying...
  13. Figster

    Every Josh Allen TD pass in 2016/2017

    J K was not shy when it came to fitting footballs into small windows because he could, throw a couple INT's, come back with 3 TD's D did their job... ...Loved it...