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  1. The last person that did this was never heard from again
  2. ...Peterman and a 4th for McCarron back... ...Beane headed addition through subtraction...
  3. NFL Draft Diamonds Retweeted Jon Scott‏Verified account @JonScottTV 20h20 hours ago More #Bills OC Brian Daboll says he’s seen improvement from Josh Allen despite what the numbers suggest. #Bills
  4. Figster

    Peterman Could Play in Indy

    Kinda like an offering to the football Gods sorta thing...
  5. Figster

    Allen will never develop under Mcdermott

    I have confidence in Daboll and like how he has tried to gradually put pressure on Allen in the passing game. It bums me out J A and K B finally start to click and Allen screws up his elbow on a late hit. The tide was turning before the injury IMO... McD's experience watching the development of the power forward/QB in Cam Newton gives the Bills HC an upper hand IMO
  6. Figster

    Allen will never develop under Mcdermott

    I understand why you might feel this way, Myself personally, I blame the Bills GM for not having a more experienced QB in Buffalo when the season started. I also blame the Beane head for not addressing the Oline properly...
  7. Figster

    Allen will never develop under Mcdermott

    Myself personally, I think McD was forced into starting Allen much earlier then he had planned because of the Beane heads mistakes. With that being said I'm very happy a more conservative run heavy approach is being utilized in the on field development of Allen and believe McD may have had allot to do with it IMO.
  8. Figster

    Lynyrd Skynyrd

    It was a clever way/lyric to capture the outlaw image without endorsing it in my humble opinion. If memory serves me somewhere on the album they show a skeleton arm, hand holding a 38 snub nose with bullets around it. Don't quote me on it though...
  9. Figster

    Allen not showing progress

    Probably one of the biggest things that happened today that may get overlooked was Allen finding his go to guy in Benjamin IMO.
  10. Figster

    Allen not showing progress

    Well put...
  11. Figster

    Allen not showing progress

    I disagree...
  12. Figster

    Allen not showing progress

    I was against starting J A this quick, but I'm not hating it because Allen seems to be taking it all in stride in my humble opinion.
  13. Figster

    Allen not showing progress

    Allen is as advertised, dripping with raw talent, but a project. Thanks to Beane head Buffalo had to speed up the process. I like what I'm seeing...
  14. Figster

    Allen not showing progress

    Good D's in the NFL are going to make rookies earn their keep. I see progress...
  15. Figster

    Allen not showing progress

    No its not, big bodied Cam Newton ripped a new ahole into the league with his legs. Myself personally, Allen doesn't get injured Bills win.