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  1. I agree, Buffalo needs more help on D. Judging by the Watts camps maneuverings through all this I was under the impression the highest $$$ wins and it probably wasn't going to be Buffalo. The Bills being runners up doesn't mean squat. Other ways to upgrade the D besides J J Watt...
  2. Good speculation on the word getting out that Daboll was not interested IMO.
  3. The way I see it both Pitts and Harris could have an immediate impact on a Bills football team looking for its 1st Championship IMO.Both in all likelihood will be gone within the 1st 15 draft selections IMO. On the other hand I don't see Buffalo having much luck finding trade partners...(trading into the top 12)
  4. Anyone who believes Yeldon should have been used more in a high powered passing attack yet voted against keeping T J Yeldon makes the same mistake our current regime made in my humble opinion.Make your decision as acting GM. You drafted Singletaery and Moss. Yeldon is a higher draft pick then both and has the hands of a WR. Singletary has had ample opportunity to prove himself and failed IMO. You can't fall flat on your face when your team needs you the most. Not as a RB. You just can't. I think one of the hardest things for a young GM or any GM for that matter to do is knowing whe
  5. Does your crystal ball show Najee Harris or J J Watt coming to Buffalo John? We need you to go big like Diggs because Ford to guard is a bit of a let down. I'm just saying...
  6. The slighter better RB than Moss anology is underestimating the potential of Najee Harris IMO. I realize Alabama provides very good running conditions. Alabama also recruits some of the best RB's in the nation. In his final season with the tide Najee Harris scored 30 TD's total ground and air with 1,891 total yards ground and air. Averaging 5.8 yards a carry. ( Derrick Henrys last season with Alabama 5.7 ) I'm not sure Bama wins a Championship without the scoring machine named Najee Harris IMO. So while I wouldn't go as far as saying generational yet. If your looking for the next T
  7. https://www.syracuse.com/buffalo-bills/2021/02/nfl-free-agency-rumors-jj-watt-wants-these-4-things-from-next-team-how-do-bills-stack-up.html Not sure If this has been posted yet.
  8. I think Buffalo has become a very attractive destination for upper echelon players late in their careers looking to win a championship. Allen is an absolute players magnet in my humble opinion.
  9. Lol, its one way to solve the problem. Bills GM Brandon Beane likes to fly under the radar...
  10. I've always been a big fan of the QB position itself and despite how tough Tom Brady was on Buffalo playing him twice a season was enjoyable to me because it was the best measurement you could ask for IMO. Until you beat Tom Brady your probably not ready to go all the way. Seeing Mahomes beat down by Tom Brady and a nasty Bucs D actually restored some of my likings for Patrick Mahomes. Humility is not always such a bad thing in my humble opinion.
  11. You know I could actually live with this If T J Yeldon was one of the two RB's and Buffalo drafts the best TE on the board. Pitts perhaps. My dream has a bama back field of T J Yeldon and Najee Harris. ( nailed it ) Najeeeeeeeee!!! The opposition!!! A man can dream...
  12. Buffalo got stomped by a Chiefs team that got stomped by a Bucs Team. It does suggest the Buffalo Bills need to continue upgrading at certain positions in the process.
  13. Najee Harris is probably not going to happen with the 30th pick IMO. Some teams needing that final piece to the puzzle are focusing in on the RB position and there are to many for Harris to fall to 30th IMO. I think its doubtful Beane reaches high enough to obtain Harris unfortunately. I expect Harris to go between the 11th and 15th pick. On a side note I think Buffalo is making a mistake If T J Yeldon is not in a Buffalo uni next season in my humble opinion. Yeldon should have been utilized more throughout the regular season and into the playoffs IMO. No, he d
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