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  1. I agree, I think the continuity Buffalo has been able to establish is going to be a big plus this season IMO. I expect players like Gabe Davis, Edmunds and Oliver to benefit from it. Good post Cincy Great thread for discussion OP...
  2. Josh Allen is becoming a popular name aroung the league as MVP. Them days might be over...
  3. I like this argument because Josh Allens ceiling appears very high. From a talent level overall I think Chubb helps the Browns stay close to Buffalo, probably close enough for debate. An argument you will never win here, lol
  4. Buffalo needs to put more pressure on the oppositions QB and the Bills RB's need to become more involved in the Offense. You said it yourself. It all starts up front. TB pressured Mahomes a record 29 times in the Superbowl. McD wants some of that so he drafted players like the Boogie man Basham. So McD can smash them. The Bills young GM Brandon Beane displays a maturity beyond his years IMO on what appears at 1st glance as a lackluster draft. This was a very thought out and well crafted draft process for the Buffalo Bills in my humble opinion. I think Beane may have
  5. I think the newly acquired 6th round speedster Stevenson might have an imediate impact on S T returning kicks. Kid really plays big for his size... (The name Boogie Basham sounds like something that should have an immediate impact)
  6. Allow me to put in bold lettering the player I think that can have the biggest impact on the Buffalo Bills reaching the Superbowl. ; )
  7. For the catching and blocking ability of Najee Harris IMO. Process kind of guy. 3 down work horse. Brings a champion mentality that was very instrumental in Saban/ Alabama accomplishments. (Imediate impact on the pass and run game IMO)
  8. My main issue with a harder shelled exterior of a helmet vs softer exterior is that it offers no give on impact forcing the interior design of the helmet to counter the whiplash that could be reduced in the 1st place IMO. It would be interesting to see how a thick leathered exterior ( polished to reduce cohesion) with the existing interior desgn would test out IMO. Have a thinner hard plastic shell between interior and exterior.
  9. Talk about Mr dedicated to the Bills. You are looking at him right here.
  10. I agree, from a leadership and good character standpoint Harris fits the Bill as a process player for McD. I can also see TB loving the pick. Not a Buc fan by any means. With that being said Tampa and Najee Harris are a match made in football heaven IMO.
  11. Its an understandable position to take. So while I think power may help make up for the lack of barn burner speed. Without the strong emphasis on the run game and big bodied and talented oline bama/Saban implements your assesment is a reason for concern. Thanks, always much appreciated to hear your thoughts. Especially on what would be a 1st round draft selection Buffalo needs to have an imediate impact from on a team eyeing its 1st championship.
  12. True that, funny how all this comes to the surface when Watson decides he wants to be traded.
  13. Bad rep didn't stop A B from becoming a Pat or Buc
  14. Over the hill might be more appropriate for some of us oldtimers, hehe
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