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  1. He did just make his own brand of whiskey...
  2. He most definitely will... just needs to be early on if they want to win
  3. I agree he protects Conor a lot, not sure what you are talking about lying to myself? I was just saying Cerrone usually makes a great fight, obviously he isn't in his prime but he isn't hot garbage by any means... it's not like Conor was -1000 or something like you are making it sound. I believe Cerrone was only +225.
  4. Cowboy is still knocking out some of the best fighters in the world, if not he is giving them an @$$ whooping... If he didn't get his nose smashed through his face immediately I think he would've put on a show with Conor.
  5. Like Cowboy is just some bum fighter LOL.....was expecting Conor to win just not without getting touched and it being an epic fight. CMCafe? Why, yes he is
  6. Well I doubt he would talk them into it... usually your employer wants you hyping whatever product they are selling...
  7. You don't have any idea how good of a coach Kuechly will be... I do know this, I want his first coaching gig to be for the Bills
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