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  1. How dare you insult Brian Moorman like that... PUNTER SWAP!!!
  2. Dear God...Kittle & Pitts!! Always call Kittle Kittle and bits
  3. I'm going to need a bit... do you have a couple hours?🧐
  4. Small article certainly does not apply...but gadget or doodad can.
  5. I was the first person on Josh Allen's dingus....back off
  6. Cleveland hung up the phone...they have no shot at McCaffrey to lure me there.🧐
  7. That job is already taken Gunner... I will in exchange chauffeur you and Stefon around in his gorgeous G-class, I'll pretend to keep my eyes on the road His last SB ring, I was gonna post a pic on my way out of his room but I signed a NDA beforehand...
  8. You take that back Gugny... I need his weiner in tact
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