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  1. And I thought I was all up on JJ Watt's junk... looks like I have some fierce competition to fend off if I want him all to myself. I'll take half the money these bozos make to talk about how sexy he is(at least I'm authentic when I'm saying it!) Stop ogling MY man-meat dammit!!!
  2. We moved down here 4th of July and man I was in shock how hot it felt. I was stationed in Yuma, AZ for a couple years and it was 120 almost every day... 85 and humid here was kicking my butt after our winter in Lockport. I think I'm gonna need to walk around with a parasol this year when we go out. I can't imagine sitting in those seats over a 1/2 hour with no shade. At least you outlasted the rest of your row ahaha!
  3. There we go, really stave off that sweltering heat and humidity That's Brady's baby travel size "cutlass"
  4. Black is perfect for the Florida sun and heat...
  5. Zay Jones over Cooper Kupp and Torrell Troup over Gronk are two of the worst. Aaron Maybin. Every QB we drafted since Kelly until Allen.
  6. You guys need to cut it out... I don't think I can take anymore, you are going to make my heart explode. Now my mind won't stop racing: CmC, TJ Watt, Leighton Vander Esch, Luke Kuechly oh my....
  7. I think I just went through erotic asphyxiation without even having to choke myself
  8. I'll take some live action with no shorts right now...
  9. I think all your calculations and such are great but I think what we are all really wondering and what is most important here Shaw is... Would this have brought Josh Allen's total passing yards per game to over 300?
  10. What if he wasn't wearing any shorts? Please let it be Dick Jauron
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