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  1. Cause I rather pick up Kittle & Bits!
  2. Our Lombardi should be a giant version of Anatomically correct of course...🍠🥔
  3. A trade for McCaffrey restructured so we can fit Kupp as well...
  4. Beasley better be on the team next year, you can't just discard him We should be trying to pry away Renfrow gorm the Raiders still however to eventually succeed Bease when he retires a Bill
  5. I still think this is a case of CYA for the you know what incident...
  6. That's not Belicheat's shower footage He now addresses Josh as Daddy
  7. It's like Kermit decided to get a sex change...🤣 Let me tell you, it's anatomically correct! NO WEENUS!!
  8. I kept screaming that he didn't even look for the ball and still caught it like that...absolutely filthy disgusting play!
  9. Meet me in the alley we got some Bills Crack sandwiches to make...let's see where it takes us
  10. You can tell us if you went to Viagra Falls for this write up Virgil, we understand and we most certainly approve
  11. I want to nest in there for the rest of my life...
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