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  1. It's almost as if he tried as hard as he could to become a human buttplug...he thought he was going to dive into safety, it is also in this moment he became know the world over as "Dirty Sanchez the Buttfumbler"💩
  2. "You must have the complexion for the protection..." Black comedian -Paul Mooney
  3. I could twice the job and probably sexually assault a quarter or less of people he did... can't give any guarantees when it comes to a McCaffrey, Watt, Vander Esch trade as well as Coach Kuechly
  4. As part Jew and part Egyptian, I must say... do you think the pyramids and Spynx are gonna upkeep themselves? A fine stucco coat should hold us over for the next hundred years, while you are up there don't cheap out on the nose either! Wait? Too soon? Well they are discriminating...I thought we wanted to end discrimination?!
  5. Now that's some racist $#!+... How dare you take attention away from the real matter at hand!!
  6. Patriots fined 1 3rd round pick, and in return are awarded 4 3rd round compensatory picks.🤮
  7. They can, because he is the GOAT. He can handle the workload of 10 Hall of Famers.
  8. Lol, no he isn't...McCaffery is by far
  9. I think he's more upset that Microphone is blocking him from his patented French kissy action...
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