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  1. Can you imagine him running and taking a late hit to the head? The back of his skull would be touching his shoulder blades
  2. Maybe I'm thinking he should've been bagging groceries the way he was playing on Giants and 1st year Cardinals. Speaking of Minshew II... I think he can be a Cousins, but probably won't be elite unless we are talking backup.
  3. Wasn't Warner back bagging groceries in between NYG and Cardinals?
  4. I'm just saying it's not that extreme... A few years ago sure but not now. Hopefully Lee can find that work ethic and become spectacular here
  5. Just my pipe dream with McCaffrey coming over but at least we have a foot in the door and probably 1st shot at them
  6. Because the new organization has no ties to him and ours does... We should make a deal with Panthers and one Kuechly can't refuse.
  7. Allen has 4+ league MVP awards coming to match his 4+ Straight Super Bowl MVP awards
  8. Stop f'ing about!!! Just give Kleins money to the real LB from Carolina we wanted, Kuechly.
  9. Minshew II is a boss... he easily has a backup career waiting if Dumb Marrone benches him
  10. I should've known better, silly me!!! Great!! Put him in!!!!
  11. Just get some cool ranch batches grow some mold on it and I think we got a winner
  12. It's not a threat... It's a promise Gugs can be Grand-Daddy...
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