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  1. Meh, we have the right Beasley...rather have JJ Watt
  2. Then they are dumb... they will need a new QB. Kuechly isn't going to be around forever. Apparently RBs are a dime a dozen as well...
  3. Oakland, Miami... Beckham Jr, AB... people thought they wouldn't be traded ever.
  4. I wasn't grouping him in the underdog class...Just stating I loved him as a player
  5. Kelsay and Euhus were straight garbage... Schobel is a future Wall of Famer, he dealt with years of no help and still managed to jack Brady up evey chance he got. He had nobody(Kelsay) on the opposite side so he would get double and triple teamed.
  6. I do have a type, hard working underdogs that most people think of as an afterthought. Schobel was the other player on that D that was amazing.
  7. Wow, never thought he could do something like this...CTE? Was a good player especially in Baltimore. Liked him and Jim Leonhard on D here and in Baltimore.
  8. I can dream... Obviously if we didn't win a Super Bowl over and over it would be a bad move. But here you are getting enough younger guys that would be a staple and some vets that have years left in them that I think giving away the next two drafts to win now would work. Even so these guys will carry you until your next draft. Man my pocketbook would take a real wallop though, all the jerseys, collector items, needed, the season tix and travel across country...yikesss. Pegula's would have butts in seats for the next 5+ years locked up though, 10+ when we go to a Super Bowl, 50+ when we win more than the Patriots all back to back. McBean might bring me on as Assistant to the GM even
  9. Yeah, that suddenly seems like a bad idea Augie... Get teef that beer, I say we convince him to do his own face tattoo To practice I feel like he should start with this Kraft Dinner Tat...😂
  10. Should've been drifting wide right of the border of the Buffalo We could totally talk that kid that decided to do a free dive into concrete while trying to break a table from 20 feet up into doing this!! Obviously an attention ***** and a glutton for punishment!!!!
  11. Yeah, Madden is stingy as **** in trades... Give them two 1sts, Shaq, Gore, Lorax... When is the last time you saw a RB and a LB fetch a 1st let alone 2?
  12. Two 1sts then, sweeten that pot....got a rebuild ahead of them. Kuechly is aging, if anybody gets a form of a discount it is us because of McBean and McD.
  13. Easy, McCaffrey and Kuechly in a package deal... Target JJ Watt and Kerrigan for some rush, target Kupp or Thielen. I'd trade Gore, Lorax, 2020 1st, 2021 2nd for McCafe and Keecles... Watt for Murphy and 2020 3rd, 4th 2021 3rd, 5th 7th Kerrigan for Taron Johnson, 2020 5th 6th 7th Kupp for Robert Foster, 2020 2nd, 2021 4th
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