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  1. Why are we all so obsessed with phalli?!?! Is it healthy? Why does Brady enjoy it more than us?
  2. Run Joshy Run!!! Run more if he can not get injured, he makes huge plays on his feet, his running is ridicuously underrated. He has the chance to be the best rushing QB of all time real quick. Hopefully he can balance it out with best passing QB of all time as well!
  3. I only have this problem when I see Kuechly and McCaffrey, luckily I have Batman like technology that makes it return... I'm not letting Brady anywhere near this *****
  4. It's Brady's weakness!! You've discovered Belicheats' Kryptonite... Brady would just leave the play and ravenously start double fisting them into his mouth and @$$... Ball would get snapped over him into the end zone and we get an easy scoop and score.
  5. 🥖 Thank you for confirming my fantasy Yolo, 6 to Midnight right now.... @YoloinOhio Regarding my previous post, It's not to early to get my Kuechly Bills jersey is it?!?!
  6. I love you Kuechly!!!!😍 Oh, he wants to be reunited and to bring his buddy McCaffrey over with him
  7. Panthers say no but I'll trade McCoy, Zo, Not Edmunds... my plan is to slide Edmunds over and let Kuechly man the middle with Milano and Edmunds. WOW... Also need McCaffrey and we'll be set for years there as well. Keep Gore for short yardage.
  8. That had to have been awkward, did he aquit himself afterwards at least?
  9. I feel like Bojo is compromising Haush with some bad holds too.. I'd be glued to that a$$ as well
  10. Nah Kuechly and McCaffrey are switching teams after todays practice🤠
  11. Tyree's stature is just so impressive...he is a mammoth. Hopefully we can develop him on the practice squad.
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