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  1. Well we can say we thought about it... the answer was: Thanks for the 2 Hall of Famers!!! McD knows Kuechly very well and they need a reunion... it just needs to be here
  2. Better send us Kuechly and McCaffrey 1st then we might think about it...
  3. I love you🥖 Add in McCaffrey for me as well please... I'm trying to be a good boy so I won't say any dirty jokes
  4. I read some team "who wouldn't take no for an answer" offered them a blockbuster package for Quinnen at trade deadline... Didn't take it
  5. Ever been so sick you have to pick between 💩ing your pants or ing all over yourself??? For some reason I always chose to 💩 myself
  6. Also, Belicheck has been contacting the prison guards rec football team scouts about the ghost of Hernandez... A signing may be imminent.
  7. I want the Pats to have to sit out the playoffs due to the revenge of Josh Allen. See how that $#!+ tastes for a change. I want Brady, Belicheat and Kraft to all have sour tastes left in their mouths... and not the usual taste from whatever they do with each other, not that there is anything wrong with that...
  8. I'd still do a lot of sucking for Bosa... extra for both of them. Throw in the Watts and well...💩
  9. Let's all be honest... that's my job... but McCaffrey nor Kuechly are playing us this week;)
  10. I say f the cheats no playoffs for them...
  11. Well $#!+ let's hope for that scenario then
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