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  1. So we can't take a peek at Zeke cause he kicks his GFs but kicking tires and dogs is ok?😛
  2. oh, mykidsdad... Sorry, just had to beat teef lol Seriously though the 4th down conversion would be a nightmare for a team like the Pats. They would get it 99% of the time and just march down to tie/win the game. 16-0 every season til Brady quits.
  3. Can't challenge within the last 2 minutes, correct? Probably save it for within 3 mins for dbags like Belicheat though.
  4. Love the standing Buffalo... Browns 1st look was awesome to me... true dog pound.
  5. Gugny, you technically prefaced by Hear me out.... We all know how that ends , even as we type hear me out, be it as it may, what we say sounds like sucn a great idea at the time in our brains. Knox was a 3rd rounder, he's not Hernandez... Late rounders can't get away with being divas. Doubt he'd be drafted if he didn't pass the process... Sure it's some kind of contractual hangup
  6. Sills V wins every Thunder Dome competition period
  7. Sills V will be #2 receiver a few years from now here... Could push foster for #1 Why so serious?!?!?!?! Garbage comparison in my opinion...
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