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  1. I’m not sure if you guys know what “intimidated” means
  2. What the hell? No it doesn’t. Not even a little bit..
  3. Soon QBs will be completely off limits to hits. 40 will be the new 35
  4. Yes we do need to sign these guys. They are camp bodies and they are cheap. You don’t bring in former all pros for the scout team
  5. This thread went exactly where everyone knew it would. Right in the gutter...
  6. I’d much rather have another former defensive player from Seattle. But welcome to Buffalo anyways
  7. Anybody but Rex Ryan and that one lady. I’d rather listen to the sounds of two old men making out than to listen to them call one quarter of an NFL game
  8. Was today Opposite Day or something? Is Lamar AB’s new agent? What is going on here?
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