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  1. Just went through the drive thru and I can tell you that their fries have drastically improved. Good job Wendy’s
  2. Dont forget the all time classic “wet a** pu**y” by Cardi B
  3. Total letdown game. We just don’t match up well with Tennessee. We got blown out last year and two years ago we only won against them because their kicker missed 4 FGs. I’ll be happy when we don’t have to play them in the regular season anymore
  4. The AFC is wide open and our schedule is very friendly from here on out. Miami better pack a lunch because Allen is going to drop 500 yards on em in a couple weeks
  5. I wore my Edmunds jersey and we all know he is a terrible player and an even worse human being. Sorry guys
  6. Now we can start focusing on the draft
  7. I can’t believe we have to live with this for 2 weeks
  8. This ***** Mafia Sauce has me drunk. LETS ***** GOOOOO
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