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  1. Ok I need to hear this story, even if it’s completely made up..
  2. Don’t buy the new game. I mean why would anyone keep buying it? The most important thing to me is updated rosters and you don’t need the most current game for that..
  3. This is pretty common knowledge. No such thing as a “sure thing”. Fred Jackson (undrafted) > CJ Spiller (top 10 pick)
  4. Your attitude is a worse look for the fan base, in my honest opinion....
  5. On a side note I just binge watched Breaking Bad and that is definitely the greatest show of all time
  6. He’s the same age as JP Losman. Remember him?
  7. Moron? That’s pretty rude. I was joking about burning the building down. You guys are pretty sensitive around here. Moron
  8. As a season ticket holder, I won’t exactly be thrilled if we can’t attend games. In fact I might go and burn the building down
  9. And get absolutely nothing in return
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