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  1. Taste like generic fruit loops. Better than the Mari-Os that Mario Williams had
  2. If you eat your steak well done, you might as well just eat a pork chop instead.
  3. I would be absolutely sick to my ***** stomach. From 1 mil to 3k? That is absolutely horrifying
  4. When the Jets converted on 3rd and 20 I went straight to the kitchen to drink a glass of bleach. Thankfully we were out of bleach and the rest of the game turned out ok
  5. I guess I don’t understand why we couldn’t be trading for these guys. A conditional 6th? That’s cheap. Same with that dude that Minnesota traded to Baltimore. I’m too lazy to look up is crazy name but they gave up pennies for him
  6. Ha I do remember that! I think that was the day my girlfriend started calling him “Goldilocks” and it stuck
  7. We’re missing a run game and a pass rush
  8. People here don’t think he’s injured that often. In fact they get a little upset if you mention it
  9. I agree. The patriots are still the patriots. Bellichick is still the greatest NFL coach in at least modern history, if not all time. The pats got embarrassed yesterday. They will be prepared next Sunday
  10. The good news is Miami and New England’s remaining schedule is also tough. Just gotta win the division
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