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  1. I never knew about this “Fitz scream”
  2. I really believe that we were a pass oriented offense by design. When you got 3 stud WRs, you gotta get them targets. I think if they wanted to run the ball more they could have...
  3. It was still a luxury pick when we had many other glaring needs
  4. Remember when we drafted CJ Spiller when we already had Fred Jackson and Marshawn Lynch?
  5. Probably better than the 2013 draft class. EJ Manuel was the only QB taken in the first round because of his big hands...
  6. I actually like this years hat. First one I’ve ever bought
  7. Someone who can get to the QB consistently. I know this draft isn’t deep for pass rushers. Work your magic Beane. We may need to move up from 30...
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