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  1. That was my point. It wasn’t a “Super Bowl” for us. You could tell how bad they wanted that win yesterday
  2. The Jets played and coached like it was their Super Bowl, that’s why we lost
  3. I don’t frequent these boards as much as I used to, but when I do get I never see him posting anything. I looked and it says he hasn’t been active since May 15th. Did he get the boot or something?
  4. Step Brothers is the greatest comedy ever made
  5. Hey guys. Best wings and pizza has been asked a lot but where is the best Deli sandwich or whatever you want to call it? I’m heading to Buffalo tonight and I was hoping to get some ideas. I probably should have started this thread sooner but whatever 🤷🏻‍♂️
  6. We’ve got some boys on the PS who are dying for a chance
  7. Yes, please look at my post. I appreciate your view. I’m sorry you’re not excited about the team
  8. I’m glad that I have to worry about this now
  9. It’s definitely not that impressive considering we had 4 turnovers. Can’t really compare it to the Pats playoff game..
  10. I remember when I thought Brian Brohm deserved more of a shot
  11. Tickets for the Jets and Dolphins games are still pretty cheap…
  12. My wife orders boneless wings, with ranch, and eats them with a fork….
  13. Be careful, you don’t want to upset the Civil War veterans.
  14. The entire organization. We are the super bowl favorites. Now they gotta go win the damn thing. No pressure..
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