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  1. Bump. They are still available. Shoot me an offer. If they don’t sell I’ll just give them to a family member
  2. I have two tickets to the game. I am a season ticket holder in the military. I cannot attend the game. Section 135, Row 35, seats 3&4. Looking for $400 (that’s right around face value), but I am willing to negotiate. Tickets would be sent directly from my season ticket holder account to your email.
  3. I think DHop needs to realize that the situation with OBJ is not the same as his situation. Baltimore is desperate for receiver. They needed a #1. DHop is not that dude in Buffalo. He's the #2 guy with Diggs. He's also 31 years old. Super Bowl contending teams are not going to spew money at him. That's why Tennessee and New England are offering him all that money. It's because they're trying to make a splash and see if he can help develop their young QB. DHop for the Patriots or the Titans is the equivalent to when we signed Mario Williams. We didn't think we were going to be some world beaters when we signed him, but it got the fan base excited.
  4. Bills fans will say no, because they want continuity after 2 decades of failure. I’m going to say yes. If the team fails, especially if it’s the defense failing again, McDermott won’t have an excuse. Frazier was the fall guy in McD’s system. Now he’s running the D. If they ***** the bed under his watch again, I’d think he’s a good, but not great coach. He can change culture and make teams competitive, but can’t get teams to win rings.
  5. I have been so damn busy with my life that I haven’t been reading about anything regarding the Bills. Seen this on an Athletic pop up. My guess is he’s pissed that Chad Hall got canned without Diggs blessing while Allen was able to hand pick Dorsey. I think Diggs is making a power move that he deserves the same treatment as Allen. He’s also using this leverage due to the fact that the Bills can’t get rid of his contract and they’re stuck with Diggs. It’s a pure power move IMHO.
  6. Look, I'm not high on Ed Oliver either. However, him only costing $17M a year is a steal. That ranks him 11th on the pay scale at his position, and this doesn't include players like Quinnen Williams. It's not like the Bills backed up the brinks truck for him.
  7. Beane and McDermott would be furious. Who would they draft if Special Teams wasn't a thing?
  8. Don't care how he looks. Protect Josh Allen is all I give a ***** about.
  9. My best friend growing up is the assistant coach for a high school in the bootheels of Missouri. The school he works for is NOT known for anything sports. Just that they get beat up by tornados. It's a small farm town that would take 30 seconds to drive through. They played a private school from St. Louis (ranked 2nd in the state I believe) and got screwed over. Worst part is MSHSAA (Missouri State High SChool Activities Association) acknowledges the mistake, but doesn't want to do anything about it. Cooter gets screwed by MSHSAA
  10. Let him go to the Jets. You can't really restructure money the way other teams can. Jets pay Lamar what he wants, then these awesome players they just drafted comes up for deals and they can't pay them. I'm good with that.
  11. An average game has 154 plays. If each team takes the full play clock and gets that 1 second extra, that means two and a half minutes are being spent on what you consider "meaningless." That is a long ass time.
  12. Because 1 second over 30 plays turns into 30 seconds. That stuff adds up, and 30 seconds is a lifetime for some teams. If we aren't supposed to give a ***** about holding teams accountable for getting plays off at 40 seconds and not 41 or 42 seconds, then why have a play clock in the first place?
  13. Edmunds needs to be signed. Poyer can go. There is a reason why other teams are BEGGING for Edmunds to go to FA. He's a monster.
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