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  1. Brutal early schedule-- including the Thursday abomination Week 2. I miss my 1:00 PM Sundays.
  2. I like the Smoot signing. The other two I think are just camp fodder-- see if anything is there.
  3. In other words, trying to compete while in a rebuild mode.
  4. I felt certain at least two receivers would be taken with all the picks they had.
  5. Really nice pick at this spot-- thought he would go earlier. Possible Day 1 starter.
  6. Wanted Baker. Beane clinging to his 5th rounders-- or no one wants them?
  7. Love this pick. Really impressive at Senior Bowl and the Combine.
  8. I really liked him during the college season, but was turned off by his speed at the draft-- until I saw him leading the pack in the gauntlet drill. I don't know how this will work at the next level, but I'm willing to give it a chance (No choice, anyway--lol).
  9. Having listened to him, he just might. He is going to have to start making some picks sometime, though-- or he could trade them for 2025's.
  10. He sees good value tomorrow. Also likes having ammo to possibly move around some more.
  11. He's getting calls for 33 already. He said, "we'll see."
  12. Beane speaking now. Didn't try to move up. Happy he's got a 3 now.
  13. He's probably trying to figure out how many 4th, 5th and 6th rounders he can get for each 2nd.
  14. Right now, the Bills have a couple slot guys, and some 4th or 5th tier filler. Hope Beane has some big moves in store for tomorrow, since there is no 1 or 2 on the team. He also said he didn't think there were 28 guys in this draft worthy of a 1st round grade-- so he won't be getting anything like that with the picks that are left.
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