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  1. Perk71

    Bills 2019 schedule officially released

    I like the Bills playing on Thanksgiving. I've been going to Vegas for the last 7 years. Took last year off, but definitely going back this year for sure, now that they are playing that day. Go Bills!
  2. 20 more days and we will all find out! Go Bills!
  3. Glad you started this thread. Interesting takes in that old thread...haha I wanted them to take Allen over Rosen all along and I am very happy they did. Go Bills!
  4. I've lived in So Cal all my life and ever since I've joined this board I knew who he was. Just an fyi...I have always liked his approach.
  5. Perk71

    Happy Birthday coach McDermott

    Happy Birthday Coach!
  6. Perk71

    Are you embarrassed to wear Bills gear?

    Nope. Go Bills!
  7. Perk71

    Ed Oliver to visit Buffalo

    Would be a good pick. Go Bills!
  8. Thanks for the post. Go Bills!
  9. Perk71

    John Miller gets nice contract with Benglas

    Wish him the best! Go Bills!
  10. Not for me. I made some good scratch in Vegas on that game. Took em straight up...lol Go Bills!
  11. Just hanging out. lol Glad I just took my lunch break.