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  1. Joe Biden's level of ineptness makes Trump look almost qualified. And then there's the guy who wants to erase Thomas Jefferson from our history; are these @$$holes for real.
  2. To borrow from the NRA and ascribe the sentiment to the current mob of Democrats, "They'll have to pry this subpoena from my cold dead hands!"
  3. Aha, so abortion has killed [pun intended] social security's raw material. If only we'd tumbled to this "fact" sooner we could have resolved the whole social security kerfuffle. Possibly Planned Parenthood will be the Democrats next investigation target, eh?
  4. But there's never anchovies ...Oh, never mind.
  5. Compile any list of potential anti-Trump campaign planks you care to. Now hold that list up to the Democratic front runners and see who is capable of running on them with a straight face; "Huggy Bear" Biden, Elizabeth Warren, [insert favorate name here]? Will the resulting combination stand up against an economy that's humming along with near full employment particularly among traditionally under-employed groups, or a full-blown crisis on the southern border which the Democrats appear not to acknowledge. Trump is certainly no prize package, but the road to unseating him is not to attack him as much as it is to rise above the maddening crowd and propose solutions to the issues that are at a standstill because of the revenge factor in play since 11/16.
  6. So the current POTUS was/is pilloried by the MSM for comments made on the steps of the campaign bus to an associate about the attributes of one or more females; but when "Uncle Joe" Biden nuzzles every woman's neck and sniffs all the hair in sight that's just , "Joe being Joe" [insert chuckle here]. Move along, no hypocrisy to see here.
  7. Let's leave Ms Amaro out of this response. I retired as Sup't of Schools from an upstate NY suburban school district over twenty years ago. The district ranked in the top five districts in the area. The district's budget was about $18,000,000. My final years salary just cracked $100,000., benefits, typical for the time, probably worth another $7,000. Three public employee unions, food service issues, school bus management and other assorted non-learning matters required a great deal of attention. It's fair to say my dance card was filled each and every day. I can't imagine the impact of the stressors that directly impact public education today. Among the things that were not even considered twenty-two years ago are school shootings and the resulting concentric circles of impact on all schools; technology in the classroom ranging from computers as learning tools to iPhones as surreptitious communicators among students in the classroom; non-custodial parents and other not-welcome adults seeking access to students and staff; immunization questions; social services functions that have expanded exponentially....that's enough of a list to hint at the breadth of responsibilities shouldered by school administrators. Needless to say, there were days that I couldn't even see reading, writing and 'rithmetic happening. So, yeah, it's No to that school district's $96,000 in the 21st Century.
  8. Speaking as a former school superintendent, permit me to say No to Ms Amaro for what she's offering; and damn No to the school board offering $96,000 for administering their school district.
  9. Crap, I thought this thread was about Elizabeth Warren's candidacy!
  10. Unh uh! No! Beane has done a masterful job in free agency. Stay at nine unless a team makes a drop dead, top of the heap, Wow I didn't see it coming offer. Even then, hold out for more....
  11. Never once; same for Star Wars and any number of post-1975 "epics."
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