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  1. Doesn't matter to me; I'm off to another site due to the fact that the "outlanders" have kidnapped this one. They are entitled to post their "points of view"; I don't care for their points of view, nor their presentation methods, so as they are entitled to theirs, I'm exercising mine, adios PPP.
  2. Care to share with us the difference between close enough and too far over
  3. Dear Mrs. Pegula, Please pass my comments regarding the leagues response to ignoring the covid-19 protocol along to Commissioner Goodell. Fines are not an appropriate response. Owners can easily part with wads of money because there will be more coming in. Additionally, money isn't as directly related to the game of professional football as is a game forfeit, or withholding draft picks. Particularly since one team's lapse of attention to the protocol directrly impacts several other teams, often to a greater degree than suffered by the original perpetrator. For example, Tennessee Titan players directly ignored the protocol section concerning informal practice sessions. The domino effect of their actions impacts a number of teams, e.g., Buffalo Bills and Kansas City Chiefs. In response, the NFL should withhold two Titans 2021 draft picks in rounds one, two, or three. Respectfully submitted. Keukasmallie
  4. I have been fishing for over 70 years. Currently, I'm hooked (no pun intended) on smallmouth bass fishing on upstate NY's Keuka lake. I have a 19' Glastron Ski & Fish boat that gets a ton of work between late April and mid-October. I'm strictly a catch and release fisherman. I figure why kill something that gives me a great deal of pleasure. Years ago I enjoyed ice fishing, but age has pointed out the foolishness of that for me.
  5. Actually,l I have two favorite nuts, but if I name them I'll get more warning points. Is there any truth to the rumor that black walnuts must undergo a name change?
  6. Monday, Monday, can't trust that day; Monday, Monday, sometimes it just turns out that way.
  7. See Doc's post. Then, please post the employment figures for minorities per Adminnistrations.
  8. Well, in the last two decades the Democrats held sway in numerous cities, states and nationally over long periods of time and what happened, other than strengthening their own baliwicks, ....crickets....
  9. Since when is skin color the only definition of minority? Have you really screened all of the appeals court appointees for skin color? I get it that you hate Trump, and that's fine with me, but take a breath....
  10. Wow, have you listened to him over the past year or two; do you really think he is not suffering dementia; do you accept Kamala Harris as President within a year?
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