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  1. NY strip on the grill, baked spuds, carrots....
  2. But did her current constituents fully realize the depth of her "whackjobery," did they truly hear some of the childish drivel she offered the nation in her public comments post-election? The true measure of their "support" will come in her re-election efforts. Of course, if she truly embraces the positions that she proposes, she must NOT run for re-election and thereby cast the ultimate protest against a system she appears to abhor [wink, wink].
  3. Nothing like a correct impression to carry some weight, eh?
  4. It was a cheap shot, maybe not intended, but a cheap shot. No amount of post-play analysis of angles, player speed, intervening players, or turf traction quotient makes it any different. A cheap shot.
  5. I'll give it a go when I get home and report results.
  6. Thanks for your insight, I think I'll just put it out with the trash this week.
  7. Safari current version. I have not tried Chrome; will do so just to see what's the hap.
  8. The point is that we ELECT the idiots we continue to send to represent us in DC; chances are you never ELECTED the corporate buffoons you refer to above.
  9. Could ANY private sector business survive for sixty days if business was conducted in the manner illustrated in the YouTube referenced below? No matter the political persuasion, no matter the topic under consideration, this is just a micro look at the people we vote for election after election.
  10. This works for me, thanks boater! I'm using a MacBook Pro, any idea where such a setting might be...?
  11. When I come across a "link" that has a refererence to twitter in it and click on it, the post goes blank. Here's an example of such a link pic.twitter.com/GBTQDcNOlP. How can I see the info at the link?
  12. Isn't there someone in the Democratic Party with a sense of empathy that will take Joe Biden aside, explain the concepts of dementia and senility, and plead with him to bow out of the current candidate circus? Obviously his wife isn't interested in protecting him from his own embarrassments.
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