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  1. Any chance of changing ol' Bill's status from Probation to Long Gone...?
  2. EW is the poster child for those who can't meet the hiring standards at WalMart.
  3. So, with a population of almost 330,000,000, the best we can do for leading Presidential candidates are Biden, Sanders, Warren and Trump? Aren't there men and women of good conscience out there in the hustings that can ride to the rescue and save the nation from the current crop of knuckle draggers, muggers and thieves? There must be someone sitting at a bar in an American Legion somewhere ready to say enough is enough, I'm going for it.
  4. On the other hand, if you always do what you always did; you always get what you always got.
  5. I guess that's a failing of mine; I don't like to see "officials" get away with misuse of their office, especially long periods of time.
  6. So now we've illustrated that the pendulum can swing from one extreme to the other. Again, judges need the authority to use discretion in making bail/no bail decisions. If the judges contnually misuse their authority, as you've illustrated, they need to be removed from their positions. It's a lot like the current crop of politicians misusing their authority to carry out political attacks on their fellow politicians and ignoring the work of the public. They need to be voted out of office if they refuse to do the work promised to the electorate.
  7. Don't want it both ways: Do want the bail system in place and applicable to all including alternatives for the indigent. There needs to be discretion exercised by the judge in each case being considered. After all, to judge is to make decisions given the facts in place. The law as currently written eliminates the ability to make sound judgements. I also understand that every person detained, arrested, etc. has been convicted of nothing; also that arrest does NOT mean convicted.
  8. In the words of a revered 20th Century philosophe (Aretha Franklin), "Who's Zoomin' Who?"
  9. Reducing my response to you to a slang phrase: If you can't do the time, don't do the crime. (Please accept my apologies if you don't subscribe to the notion that one should be responsible for one's actions.)
  10. When the same miscreant is arrested, freed, arrested, freed, arrested, freed within thirty-six hours, the idea that the law might just be flawed creeps across the state.
  11. And the whole idea of a one gig limit on Obama phones cries out for investigation. If only a whistleblower would come forward...well, not exactly come forward...maybe write a message in chalk on the side of a bank in Arlington. You can't hardly download two NBA games a day to watch later anymore.
  12. Anyone interested in supporting a Go [insert wording of your choosing here] Me initiative to help Ms Pelosi return to some semblance of her definition of normalcy?
  13. Such that it have no relation to the "...evidence w due process..." touted during the impeachment cartoon.
  14. One strand of the impeachment fallout is Trump's firing of two staffers who testified against him. Given the atmosphere where the administration is being attacked from several sides, I have no problem with his sending these folks down the road. Does the media really think Trump should just scold them then elicit a promise from them, "not to do it again"? I'm sure the fired folk will find a warm welcome among the wound lickers.
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