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  1. We live in an HOA community of sixty-seven townhomes. Almost all owned by retirees. It appears that most know the names of their neighbors, but even more so know the names of their pets to the extent that they refer to each other as, "Rover's mother" for example. I know neither the names of the people nor their pets. However, I can dispense smiles and waves with the best of them. ( I specialize in the Queen Elizabeth vertical palm waggle wave.)
  2. Now there is a distillation of Oh so many dumb $#!t comments and rallying cries voiced by the 'mocrats! Assign the "Squad" TAD in the nearest latrine.
  3. Let me know when they teleport an AOC.
  4. One day closer to the truth, brah
  5. Interestingly, I have not a clue what those blue rectangles represent.
  6. When choosing a resolution to a difficult issue always choose the short term high profile option rather than the long term nagging alternative. Fixed
  7. Or, with CNN gone and their former viewership possibly shifting to MSNBC, will the scrutiny level currently used to measure CNN simply shift to MSNBC?
  8. Cumulating the above goes a long way to 'splainin' many of the opinions expressed on TBD....
  9. dem ho's, or Dem ho's; ho's be ho's!
  10. Insert almost anything in place of the the crossed out phrase above.
  11. I suppose that may be the case in very rare instances. However, I see many people alight from their wheels, sporting all appendages, and walking away from the swinging hanger
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