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  1. And then I heard it like a shot from my skull to my brain I felt my fingertips tingle and it started to rain When the walls of my bedroom were tremblin' around me This ramshackle voice over attack of a blues beat Tellin' me "He's only looking for fun" And this was the sound of the very last gang in town As heard by my wild young heart like directions on a cold dark night Sayin' "Let it out, let it out, let it out You're doin' all right" And I heard it in his chain gang soul How it wasn't just the same sad song Sayin' "Let it out, let it out, let it out You're doin' all right"
  2. It’s not a theory. It’s a fact. Blacks commit over 50% of the homicides and have similar disproportionate representation as offenders for other violent crimes. Orlando Tim up there thinks it’s fatherlessness. That’s a theory. It’s also one of the better ones. Controlling for income the disparity still exists so “poverty” is not a good theory. Drug use in and of itself is a crime so I’m not sure how we’d parse that.
  3. I have things to say about people who bring unrelated men around their children but it would get me banned. Men are without doubt the majority offenders of pretty much all crimes. Probably a couple of exceptions for things like prostitution or whatever.
  4. Robust data on child sexual abuse offenders has been unavailable for some time. Kind of like how robust data on homicide offenders is getting harder and harder to access. But the oft-cited Catholic cases usually involved male priests and male victims. If anyone would actually like to talk about the much larger issue regarding sexual abuse in the public education system maybe we'd find something different there.
  5. That "straight white men" are the largest group of pedophiles.
  6. This is false. But you probably believe the same regarding murder, rape, robbery, etc.
  7. Well if you consider the context in which minors are never identified in news stories or photos (that is, rub a brain cell or two together), you start to get a really clear picture about what’s wrong here. https://nypost.com/2023/01/20/couple-pimped-their-adopted-sons-out-to-pedophile-ring-report/amp/
  8. It’s not unbelievable by any stretch especially considering several similar DC war pigs have said similar things. Might be a good time to remind those that gloat that Putin has been effectively stalled for 15 months against a professional military with significant arms support that they got their ***** handed to them by a bunch of mountain goat herders whose reading grade level is somewhere near zero.
  9. Implicit in all this leftist “I know you are but what am I?” stuff regarding the facts about s0domy is that they use “LGBTQ+” and other ridiculous newspeak “identities” as code for mental illness, paraphilias, fetishes, abuse, and perversions of various kinds in order to disorient you and distance themselves from the reality of these choices.
  10. Fox News darling Lyin' Ted Cruz believes that criminalizing ***** is "grotesque" and "an abomination."
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