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  1. Fauci is a hilarious villain. Small italian man, helps invent AIDS for the CIA, tortures animals in bizarre and unimaginable ways for no apparent reason, summoned by deep state as grand inquisitor to torture Americans.
  2. It serves the interests of the current managers of the nation to allow more time to pass and fog to accumulate around these events so that when they inevitably do release redacted and heavily edited documents people will dismiss it as a non-event out of hand.
  3. Boomer mentality. Sell your house to whatever ridiculous corporate conglomerate that offers you 5% above MV, then blow your money on senior community living and riverboat gambling the rest of your days. Pump it up and ***** the next generation.
  4. The 88th and 89th United States Congresses, Lyndon B. Johnson, Lee Harvey Oswald, Talmadge Hayer, and Louis Farrakhan. November 1963 - October 1965. The worm turned. The People lost. Everything that has happened since flowed from the actions of these men.
  5. Better look over his shoulder. Mike White comin for his job
  6. lol wait what This is forty years of policy, production, and consumption issues finally coming to a head thanks to a mass shutdown/restart event. Biden is an incompetent and so is Mayor Pete. But these problems didn’t start in January. In fact, Elaine Chao’s tenure as SecTrans was as disastrous as Pete’s so far. But this is what happens when a position like that gets handed off to a political favorite rather than to someone with actual, real-world knowledge of these issues.
  7. Looks like they updated the article - fentanyl-laced xanny. We had 13 ODs in one night from the same batch of fentanyl-laced cocaine back in January or something.
  8. Juror#8 is a fantastic part of TBD lore and all-around swell guy.
  9. Eh. I'm not gonna blame a guy for pursuing other passions, if that's what that's about.
  10. Requesting "Dead Man's Party" and "Read My Mind" TIA
  11. LeviF

    Hey Yolo

    Yolo is the GOAT tweet-poster. I can't think of anyone else that posts tweets as frequently. Nope, not one former poster to mention.
  12. Last I knew Bandit is fine, just took off for a break. AJ. And Lana. Miss them both. AJ and I talked over PM quite a bit about a common interest, though with opposing views. I think he worked in health care so I've thought about him more than a few times over the last 18 months.
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