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  1. The warrant doesn’t contain what’s found. You’re thinking of the search warrant return. We already know what they were looking for. We don’t know on what basis they got a judge to sign off on an affidavit. If you want to know why they thought this stuff would be there that’s where you have to look.
  2. On the hiring website there are further requirements related to education or experience in accounting/auditing.
  3. ??? All the warrant *might* tell you is the criminal codes relevant. Do you know how search warrants work?
  4. Forget the warrant, release the probable cause affidavit. That’s where the rubber meets the road.
  5. Ever read “And The Band Played On”? The author gives the gay community too much credit but if you read between the lines you can tell that cynical gay-centric politics made the AIDS epidemic what it was.
  6. Secession is a settled question at this time in history. Even if you may enjoy the results of a secession, it's undeniable that planning such is treason.
  7. If I can't smell the bleach on my hotel sheets and towels when I check in I get new ones lol
  8. You can lop a couple zeroes off that number for that rule.
  9. Imagine seeing that thing coming after you. Gonna ***** your pants before you die 100%
  10. Long game. Inflation made his meds too expensive. But sweet, dead terrorists. Take that any day.
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