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  1. You made a blanket statement about public schools. You were wrong. It’s ok, happens to the best of us. And we haven’t yet factored in how all public schools follow the large urban districts eventually. But even some schools that don’t teach it explicitly teach about “white supremacist power structures,” “intersectionality,” and “implicit bias,” all of which stem from CRT. Hell it’s wormed its way into my mandatory yearly training at work.
  2. yes, it is, and has been for some time.
  3. If you actually believe this ***** I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.
  4. Too bad he's going to Ohio State, he could have been something in the NFL someday. Tragic.
  5. Where are we at on those mass graves?
  6. They still looking for the mass graves or...?
  7. Speaking of pride, ‘tis the season!
  8. Funny how these things directed toward children keep popping up. Wonder why that could be.
  9. Streets are filled with Chinese fentanyl right now.
  10. It's ridiculous that there are still tour pros trotting around with metal spikes.
  11. "Beautiful Drug" ...erm, so I was told.
  12. Good thing nobody shows up to Jags games, Lawrence won't hear anyone booing.
  13. Stop rousing rabbles. @Hapless Bills Fan @Chandler#81 someone ban this mofo
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