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  1. I may have spoken too soon.
  2. With Germany on the board and likely not looking back CONCACAF has had a pretty rough Cup.
  3. boooooo all our misfortune is someone else's fault go away boooooooooooooo
  4. "I found them on the internet so they must be legal" is one I haven't heard before.
  5. For those of you that say no, what would have to be added to it for it to be a Christmas movie? And do you hold other movies that involve Christmas to the same standard?
  6. Team USA looking sharp so far. Need to convert into goals for a change.
  7. Lamar's agent (haha) needs to seriously consider getting him a social media manager, if only for the two/three days around gameday. I have a hard time understanding why any pro athlete engages with the public on social media after a bad loss. Just constant temptation to say something that'll bite you.
  8. Yeah in downtown Detroit you’re paying to have wheels still on your car when you get back. $60 is a bargain!
  9. Mateen was I guess technically a right wing gay hating whatever, he was a Muslim.
  10. "Mike White's stats are better!" * 6.1 INT% * lol nah I'm good
  11. As opposed to what, posting counting stats? You people are out of line.
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