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  1. The last two times I was called for jury service I was excused after I was asked what my profession was. The first time we were all excused after the accused was marched past the room we were in and promptly accepted a plea agreement.
  2. Just like a certain demographic in the US, Israel is allowed (with significant help from mainstream media...wonder why) to project the idea that history begins with the reactions to their provocations.
  3. The point is that celebrating every time a dude slightly less pale than beige says something less than favorable about a democrat is stupid. 1. they’re probably voting dem anyway 2. even if they don’t it won’t matter What matters is getting the people who will vote for your guy to the polls. A third of whites don’t vote.
  4. Yeah trump gets zero pushback from the media lmao. And it’s not a conspiracy theory. The triads have the blessing of the Chicom government and operate on behalf of them constantly. Triads remit a ton of money back to China and, yes, the “parlors” are gang-owned.
  5. But all in on what? What I'm getting at here is that the litmus tests for leftist allies are becoming increasingly niche and social in nature. Who do you think Anderson Cooper would sooner call a political ally, a dyed-in-the-wool capitalist who buys wholesale into ***** and bottom surgeries for kids, or a social democrat who thinks that maybe feminism would be better off without dudes in dresses?
  6. Given that her politics are what would be considered pretty standard fare liberal aside from trans exclusion, perhaps you can tell us why many leftist commentators consider her no better than a nazi and many of the adjacent celebrities feel the need to distance themselves from her.
  7. No lies detected. Judge in his career is .211 in the postseason, with 25 walks and 66 strikeouts. Notably he has zero intentional walks in the playoffs.
  8. It's early and they definitely stole a couple of those games...but you have to love what Soto is bringing so far and the effect he's having on the other guys.
  9. Will they have teams on hand to pull out the 40% that launch themselves off the cliffs?
  10. “Oh no, there’s a growing portion of the right that thinks america should be a real nation again. Quick! Load up the talking points!”
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