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  1. In any case it's not "new" because someone clearly went beyond normal quality control on it. I'd demand an actual new one.
  2. LeVar Burton is great. Pronunciation on point. Maybe slow it down a little but other than that I have no complaints and think he's perfect for the job.
  3. This ***** thread again? Also your source is a wordpress site whose tagline is "making pizza fun." Bruh
  4. Diggs is an elite talent. No doubt. But Allen is gonna make that dude the kind of money he never would have sniffed on 90% of the other teams in this league. Including the Ravens, whether that’s because of their offense, Lamar, or some combination of the two.
  5. Based on pictures I'd guess both were well over both of those measures.
  6. Getting steamy in here, gonna hit the sauna chill with some bros. You know just doing bro things naked in a hot room
  7. Perfect opportunity to do Spiders (former name) or Buckeyes (the Cleveland ***** League franchise). But instead they get this nonsense. Cleveland sucks.
  8. OP, poast proof of 15% body fat and ability to do 12 good form pull-ups before you lecture us on health.
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