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  1. The real story around the draft and Josh is, who tossed out the tweets a day or two prior to the draft, suggesting Josh was racist. And how did that impact and influence who drafted him. If at all.
  2. Sunday's game certainly exposed O line weaknesses. Now learn from it, improve and be better tomorrow.
  3. I'm betting it's more of this too. KC is a very good team.
  4. Think their game vs the Steelers goes? I'm not sure what the NFL protocol is in a situation like this.
  5. Josh and the offense will hickup a couple of times this year. You have to expect that. We need our D back to where they were last year. Gotta have 'em.
  6. I think Josh should win the mean run of the week, with that face mask call.
  7. Can't get a pass rush, receivers wide open, WTH
  8. Come on defense we need you right here right now
  9. While our offense certainly needs to produce today, the defense has to be the game changer! They need to get some stops in critical situations.
  10. Based on Allen not doing well enough, Rosen not doing poorly enough. or all of the above?
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