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  1. Interesting to see how, heading into year 5, the media is still talking more about Mayfield and Darnold than they are Allen. Neither has been given a chance, both have been in terrible organizations and systems, yadda yadda yadda. Neither were part of the solution in their particular organizations, but rather have been victims of their situations. In contrast, Allen owns his situations and takes responsibility for it.
  2. You probably can't find a stronger republican on policies. She's got plenty of money and will land on her feet, probably not in politics, but some kushy job at Fox, CNN, etc.
  3. You're probably denying science. Science supports life existing before birth, and support for that will continue to grow as medical science continues to progress. And as far as support either way, the majority support Roe, but approx the same percentage, if not greater, oppose abortion in the 3rd trimester. Most of us are reasonable and recognize that at some point during the 9 months, the baby needs to be protected.
  4. The state of grace one needs to be in before receiving communion existed long before the IRS existed. I continue to believe you are wrong on your position. We'll see if anyone cares to make this challenge in court.
  5. How's the coach gonna know if the kid is praying or not?
  6. How do you make a kid pray to a religion they don't agree with?
  7. I'd argue this is in direct conflict with 1A - "or prohibiting the free exercise thereof"
  8. The difference, of course, is that the fetus is inside it's mother. That doesn't mean it's not a life. We are not going to come to some kind of agreement unless we're all willing to compromise. There are hundreds of buts like the one you mention above. Can we work through all of those and find a national solution we can all live with?
  9. Guaranteed money in a new contract is what is probably most at risk, right?
  10. Life. When does life begin? What is potential life?
  11. LIFE, liberty and the pursuit.... It's complicated
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