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  1. I hear ya, however that "do it all himself" attitude is the edge that Josh has too. it was what made him pick up that fumbled snap in Dallas and fight through the line for the first down. I don't know if I'm saying this the right way, but you know what I mean.
  2. I think it's difficult to define what he needs to do right now. Someone above tossed out a yards passing per game of 235 yds, or something like that. What if he averages something less, like 210, but he leads the team to a dozen wins (and you can credit his leadership). What if the team becomes a strong running team behind Singletary and the passing game is there to compliment the running game, with JA scrambling effectively in the game plan, gaining 50+ yds rushing each game. I do expect and would like to see JA passing for 235 yds per game. All I'm saying is let's allow JA and everyone else to do what they need to do this coming year to win and evaluate JA based on that.
  3. What if Allen works out and stays healthy? Who do you want in the locker room? The only guy mentioned that fits the culture, in my opinion, is Dalton. I don't want the other three sitting on the bench. I don't think that would work. I would love this
  4. Give him year 3 My point is to give him year 3 and then we'll see
  5. At this point you don't have to pony up 35 million. Let's get to that point and see what we've got.
  6. Pats, Chargers and Bears. Who blinks first
  7. Sports writers and sportscasters are picking the best player whereas a GM/coach are trying to build the best team. This by itself yields different results.
  8. Just being figurative about the reduction in the fine. I didn't mean to confuse anyone.
  9. I get you man. Next time I see Cody I'll suggest he return the refund check he got.
  10. Ford didn't intend to make a blindside block, so he got a refund of the penalty! 😎 Can one ask themselves, if the block was definitely an illegal block, why was the penalty reduced?
  11. Some QBs and WRs develop an embryonic relationship that grows into something that is difficult to explain. WRs know where they need to go and what they need to do. The QB knows what the WR is gonna do. In order for Josh to be that special QB for the Bills, he needs a couple of WRs with that special relationship to him.
  12. I agree. There were higher priorities than WR. Much higher priorities.
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