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  1. I'm most happy with Josh. It's unfortunate we have to ride him as much as we do. But it is what it is. I hope he stays healthy!
  2. What is sad is that when the Bills needs a few extra yards, in critical situations like this, Allen is where they have to go to gain the yards.
  3. Not very, probably. But the real power shift in the House are committee assignments, what legislation does and doesn't even come to the floor, etc. It's significantly more than vote counts.
  4. Not sure how this looks after this week's games, but don't the Bills lead the league in QB pressures while being the last in the league in blitz percentage? I don't think the Bills have to blitz.
  5. Gotta allow the players to have off games, even Allen. The difference with this team is our MVP QB can have an off game with us still winning by ten.
  6. The Bills have won 2 of the last 3 games, all played at Kansas City, with the only loss being the 13 second game which the Bills lost in OT. Odd that you consider that "owned".
  7. Ahhh. So let's assume we have one, or maybe even two, more losses this season. Where will they be? We'll be favored in each but odds are we've got, perhaps, a Jacksonville game in us somewhere. Where?
  8. Rypien really isn't that good. I do hope he has the game of his life
  9. It was a combination of a number of things. Mostly, his Oline sucked (similar to his Oline in Buffalo his first year or two). His RS soph yr in Laramie he had the best talent around him in his college career and Wyo played in the conf championship game (that was Gentry's and Hollister's senior seasons). Honestly, I think his completion percentage was largely impacted by the amount of scrambling he had to do. I saw Allen do things in Laramie that I had never, ever, seen a QB do (that includes Alex Smith, Jim Mcmahon, Steve Young, Marc Wilson, Dan McGuire, Randall Cunningham, Derrick and David Carr and others). Wyoming is what it is. The real whiff if there was one was missing his value out of HS. He lived in Fresno State's back yard and grew up as a huge Fresno State fan. They passed on him.
  10. Without Taylor, I think the Donks win.
  11. Legal liability question. If the fan that Wagner hit and took down, sustained an injury, would Wagner be liable? I assume so. Doesn't seem right, but...
  12. He needs to give Ramsey back his jock strap on his way back to the bench
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