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  1. I haven't seen much discussion about Pittsburg. Over under on 9 wins seems like easy money to me.
  2. Wasn't Josh in the same situation this last year as was every single QB and every single team? edit - I see many of you asked this same question. Sorry for the duplicate...
  3. Defenses focused on Allen and Diggs, obviously. Allen and Diggs were able to make Beas, Brown and Davis relatively good options as well. Why these 3-5 playmakers didn't make others look and perform better is the problem that needs to be solved in order for the Bill's offense to perform better. If we want or expect the Bill's offense to produce more/better, it's gonna have to come from the TEs and RBs, and to the extent necessary, the OL necessary to assist that. This said, I would argue it might be more realistic to find improvement in our defense rather than in our offense. Mgmt doesn't
  4. Maybe. But a fundamental in our legal process is that we all have the right to face our accusers. And I get the media and their right to protect their sources. But all of these unnamed and anonymous sources we've experienced lately are approaching, and perhaps have crossed, a sense of fairness. I guess my thought is that this point was going to have to come. I'm also glad we've got to this point and it is in no way because I want to see anyone dragged through the dirt. I want the truth to prevail.
  5. And on this same day, Jay Novacek releases his first batch of whiskey. A sign? https://7220sports.com/jay-novacek-whiskey-anyone/
  6. Allen had pretty decent talent around him his soph year, including Hollister. The talent around him his junior years really sucked.
  7. I don't ever see the Allen Gentry connection working at this level. Allen Hollister? It could certainly happen. Hollister is a stud.
  8. Every TE shined last year vs the Bills
  9. One of the most memorable games I attended as a Wyo Cowboy fan was against Kenny Golladay's UNI team in Laramie. Evening game with a two hour rain delay that went into three overtimes. The game was a Josh Allen vs Kenny Golladay slugfest, with Josh winning the game on a QB scramble to end the game in OT #3.
  10. I've been thinking a lot about a Tremble draft. I think that would be a good get.
  11. I don't think either team would agree to this trade
  12. Do we really want a LB that a QB can run through this easily?
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