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  1. Culture before skill as far as I'm concerned. He doesn't fit the Bill's culture.
  2. I think he'll have a hiccup in a game or two this season. And I'm not talking about a mistake here and there, but a couple of games where he slumps. I think it remains really important for the fans to continue to have patience with Allen as he grows and matures. We might be seeing too much too soon and I hope we all temper our expectations some.
  3. Good skills. I think he's a pretty shytty leader. He won't get as much out of his team that Josh and Sam will.
  4. Yeah but...there are 23 other players that factor into the head-to-head, right? I get what your saying and it would be nice for the Bills to beat all of them, but there's a lot of credit to all of the other kids.
  5. I don't think it's just blitzes. They were getting pressure on Josh with just 4.
  6. While the Oline is doing pretty well in the run, I think they've got a ways to go in protecting Allen on pass plays, especially on the edges. They want to protect their QB, let's start there.
  7. I hate seeing this for anyone. Tough hit early in the year for both teams.
  8. Sure felt to me like the O line took a break in the 3rd quarter. Oh hell, it felt like the entire team took a break i the 3rd quarter.
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