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  1. Every show I watched today talked about the two FGs that Tucker missed in the game. "The game would have been much closer if he made those". Yadda yadda yadda. get it. He's a terrific kicker. But not one of these shows mentioned that the Bills also missed two FGs, with a pretty dang good rookie.
  2. It was mentioned last night, how Jackson's eyes were on Andrews the entire time. This morning I had numerous opportunities to review that play from a few different angles. Not to take anything away from Taron's pick, but my gosh. Jackson telegraphed that throw from the snap.
  3. What if Brown kept running on that deep route? What if Davis had caught that pass in the end zone? What if our center was snapping the ball to Lamar? Sheesh.
  4. He intercepted it I screamed with excitement. He brings it out of the end zone I'm screaming no, no, no! He gets to the 20 I'm screaming good decision.
  5. Huntley was Moss' QB at Utah last year. He went to Baltimore as an UDFA.
  6. I agree with this. I even think it's good to empty the backfield at times.
  7. Following the theme of staying humble and hungry, I fixed your post for you.
  8. This! Diggs and Allen's improvement have made Brown, Beas, Davis and Knox so much better this year. Last year the #1 DB was on Brown. The dynamics of our WR group is completely different this year.
  9. Yeah, I've been watching the line all week as well. It's important to separate the MEDIA hype from where the money is actually being played.
  10. All five need to contribute. To the extent the Raven's D takes Diggs and Beas out of the game will only open up the other three and they have to be there to pick up those opportunities. If they do, and I think they can, I don't see the Ravens stopping this offense. The numbers are against them.
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