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  1. You probably can't find a stronger republican on policies. She's got plenty of money and will land on her feet, probably not in politics, but some kushy job at Fox, CNN, etc.
  2. You're probably denying science. Science supports life existing before birth, and support for that will continue to grow as medical science continues to progress. And as far as support either way, the majority support Roe, but approx the same percentage, if not greater, oppose abortion in the 3rd trimester. Most of us are reasonable and recognize that at some point during the 9 months, the baby needs to be protected.
  3. The state of grace one needs to be in before receiving communion existed long before the IRS existed. I continue to believe you are wrong on your position. We'll see if anyone cares to make this challenge in court.
  4. How's the coach gonna know if the kid is praying or not?
  5. How do you make a kid pray to a religion they don't agree with?
  6. I'd argue this is in direct conflict with 1A - "or prohibiting the free exercise thereof"
  7. The difference, of course, is that the fetus is inside it's mother. That doesn't mean it's not a life. We are not going to come to some kind of agreement unless we're all willing to compromise. There are hundreds of buts like the one you mention above. Can we work through all of those and find a national solution we can all live with?
  8. Guaranteed money in a new contract is what is probably most at risk, right?
  9. Life. When does life begin? What is potential life?
  10. LIFE, liberty and the pursuit.... It's complicated
  11. Sure, but I propose our laws are generally a result of what we think is moral and how decisions impact the two parties (or more) involved. Let's add a twist to personal autonomy. Thinking the logic is that your body is your property and thus the personal autonomy, does this autonomy extend to personal property? Let's say I get this morning head down to the dock and take my dingy out into the water. After I get out aways, I realize there is a drunk passed out in my boat. He's dirty and he stinks. Can I claim personal autonomy and throw him overboard? It's my boat?
  12. I clearly stated all of us need to solve this.
  13. You are ignoring the other side of the issue. The life of the unborn. The problem with the abortion issue is one side focuses totally on the woman and the other side focuses totally on the unborn life. As long as we continue this, no solution will ever be reached. This is a legislative issue to solve. The people need to solve it. All of us. And most certainly it shouldn't be decided by 9 robes. The SCOTUS kicked it back to us, where it belongs. An interesting observation is that state legislatures are all over this issue, on both sides. Our US legislature doesn't seem to me to really want to touch this. Too much money and power at stake, perhaps?
  14. Owners and players on these teams are most likely of both persuasions, no?
  15. You don't consent to pregnancy. Pregnancy is the result of an action and a women consents to that action (ignore rape for now). You don't consent to a auto accident (the result of an action) but you do consent to getting in the car and driving (the action). This supports my point regarding consent to an action. Allow me to get wonky hypothetical with you. You and I engage in an activity. I do something that causes you to have to be connected to me to survive. A tube connects us for that purpose. Let's say you need the use of my kidneys for a short time. Again, this was caused totally by my action, through no fault of yours. The next day, or the next week, I want to claim personal autonomy and unplug you. Moral? My opinion is no, it isn't.
  16. If not the legislatures, who should it be up to? Legislation is needed to address everything you just mentioned, no?
  17. A woman consented to the action/activity that caused the child to come into existence. Her organs, etc. are hers, I get that. But how about the uterus? Is that hers or the child's? It does nothing for mom. It's purpose is to nourish the developing child. Did the mother compromise her bodily autonomy when she consented to engage in the action that created that life? Is it moral to reverse your consent, after it created a life? That's the moral dilemma I have.
  18. Allen was making those "holy shyt athletic plays" in years 1 & 2 though. I haven't seen those from Tua. Not even close.
  19. If he didn't realize that he'd be pissing off half of the NFL fans, his fans, then that's on him. He has every right to do what he did and the NFL and its' fans had every right to react the way they did. I guess it might be embarrassing that he got shut out like he did. No one should be surprised. Emotions erupted and smart business didn't want any part of it. Why would a businessman or woman want to align themselves with someone scorned by half of their fanbase?
  20. Funny you say this. I spoke to someone that works part time for the Giants, just this past week. He mentioned this exact thing. Said Daboll was going to do for Jones what he did for Allen.
  21. Gotta give Daboll more credit than this. I continue to feel that Josh doesn't become the Josh he is on many other teams. Daboll had a lot to do with that. Josh's drive and work ethic certainly mattered alot, but I think Daboll had a lot of influence in that too. More Josh than Daboll, but certainly some Daboll.
  22. I think Tua and Wilson are busts. The jury on Jones is still out. Bills NE Miami Jets
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