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  1. First win was actually against Hank Stram's New Orleans Saints in New Orleans. The Bucs also won the next game, in Tampa against the Cardinals. Both Hank Stram and Don Coryell (Cardinals' coach) were fired at the end of the season. Beat the Bucs or you're fired! It's a documentary show on NFL Network. Somewhat similar to the "30 For 30" concept, only solely NFL focused.
  2. Tasker belongs in the Hall. Additionally, if he played in this era he'd be every bit as good as Wes Welker or Julian Edelman at wide receiver. No one could cover that dude.
  3. No one cares about facts when their emotions are triggered. Stereotypes are wicked cool only when they support that person's opinion.
  4. The playoffs are where NHL teams make money. The players don't get their salaries for playoff games, so they are incredibly profitable for the owners. Guess what not making the playoffs means?
  5. Dear professional athletes, Please continue doing meaningless things like taking a knee during the National Anthem instead of using your considerable financial resources and public credibility to help rid America of the scourge that is us. Sincerely, Politicians who've had decades to solve these problems but don't because it benefits them
  6. I closed the other thread because it's starting to affect board performance.
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