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  1. A little buzz in the hockey world that the Sabres have offered a "significant" package for Patrick Laine.
  2. You know what's valuable about preseason football games? Guys not getting injured. There isn't one other thing that should be taken as gospel.
  3. Really? Which team won a championship without their star player?
  4. He is probably the most important Sabres' draft pick since Perrault and it's not just because of his tremendous skill.
  5. Poor man's Chandler Jones. Here's to hoping he develops similarly.
  6. Mario is the most talented player I've ever seen. I was thrilled to see him come back and play the way he did. I was also bummed that Pat didn't win the scoring title.
  7. Thanks for sharing that. I've never seen it before. Mogilny/Lafontaine is probably my favorite era of the Sabres. They had magic.
  8. It isn't that simple. The Celtics and Pistons got older and the Bulls around MJ got much better and more mature. It's never as black and white as people make it out to be.
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