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  1. There is no question that changing out almost 90% of your offensive starters with such a complex scheme is having an affect. The BILLS' receivers are still dropping too many balls (the most egregious yesterday was Smoke dropping an absolutely perfect pass after Allen made an all-world escape). The choice of Gore over Shady is also not looking wise.
  2. The BILLS have one of the most complicated offenses in the NFL. The new veteran WRs have said as much numerous times.
  3. Maybe he's afraid they're into pegging.
  4. Anyone who wants to know how much coaching matters only needs to watch the OT. This is the first time since the 3-on-3 format was adopted that the Sabres looked like they had a clue of what they were doing. TOTAL domination in the extra session.
  5. I'd ask what the criteria is but from the list, there clearly isn't one. I doubt even ONE singer ever was influenced by Bob Dylan's vocals.
  6. I've been pretty impressed with his overall game so far.
  7. The tank was 100% successful. We got Eichel, who is a top NHL center and has his entire prime contractually locked up and we had tons of assets to build a very successful team. GMTM wasted those assets AND hired the absolute wrong coaches. It was the perfect example of what not to do after getting the most important piece of your rebuild.
  8. I agree with this. That streak was almost completely smoke and mirrors. It was exciting but just about every game the Sabres were outplayed by the opponent but kept pulling rabbits out. They are still a work in progress and need another guy to create offense but this is the first time in a long time that the coach seems to understand his pieces and is putting them in the best position to succeed. He's tailoring the system to the talent instead of the alternative.
  9. I've seen him twice since he got big. Didn't tell it either time.
  10. I saw him on his last tour. Everything he did was new. He was the definition of legend.
  11. I think it's ok for the new coach to hold EVERY player accountable. Those are messages that need to be sent.
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