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  1. I watch a lot of NFL football. I watch a lot of Bills football. We have had terrible QBs for years, because of no IT> Multiple teams this year have played backups due to injury, etc...I've seen no IT. in those players..Josh Allen has all of IT!! Stuff that is un-coachable. Today's example is something that cannot be taught. A player has IT, or he doesn't. Josh has IT and I'm real happy to be a Bills fan right now!
  2. A beat down...after the first possession we were in TOTAL control the whole game. This was a signature Bills 2019 win through and through, as in, we did what we have done all year. First half was close, felt like we should have been up more but leading at the half. Second half was COMPLETELY controlled by us. This game could have been any of our wins, except we pulled out the trick play and had some turnovers which lead to 10 more points. We shoved it down Jerry's throat today Bills fans. Relish the moment! GO BILLS!! McD has a program and I'm excited to see this team play one of the premier teams in the league next week.
  3. Is this really a conversation? We post here because we are FANS...if people want to show up to congratulate the team on a great win, on a big holiday, that was accomplished in front of a national audience...they would show up because they are FANS! It's what FANS do! GO BILLS!
  4. We will eat at 3. Majority of family are football fans but not Bills fans. The core is Bills mafia though. It should get chippy.
  5. My uncle is a big PSU fan. He randomly still sends me PSU articles about Maybin and what a great human being he is. Apparently he's a school teacher now or something. I don't care and the articles only dredge up bad memories...it's pathetic and my uncle is still apologetic about the whole ordeal...like he had something to do with it.
  6. 1.) If you think Mason Rudolph looks like the "real deal" you haven't been actually watching Stiller games. 2.) JA would benefit greatly from the advice and mentoring of a veteran QB...bring in Fitzy 3.) JA has intangibles you cannot teach, that's what makes great quarterbacks. He is advancing in every category but the long ball and his gun slingership, which they have neutered out of him.
  7. Agreed, we don't have big play guys on either side. Even the 3-4 Steelers have multiple IMPACT players...Smith-Schuster, Watt, Fitzpatrick, Connor. We need those guys if we are going to take it to the next step. Who was the defensive player on Sunday that you had faith in to change the outcome of the game when things were going poorly? Or, the offensive player that could 'break it" at any moment? Yeah, I can't think of him either.
  8. Value run thumper for the middle with a mid round pick because we have officially been exposed there. Other than that, save picks.
  9. I think that we had the wrong defensive approach with Fitz. He's at this worst when there is a closing pocket but a clearly defined pocket, we left too many running, scrambling lanes and did not contain the pocket. A four man rush that contains and pushes the pocket, hands up, and a flooded zone usually has Fitzy forcing the ball and becoming frustrated. This does not account for them being able to run it down our throats however, which they did.
  10. The only real hole in his game yesterday was the lack of his ability to hit the long ball. Based on his ability, I fully believe that Josh will develop this accuracy. He needs about 1000 more practice throws to figure out the correct launch angle on those throws. He's stuck throwing the ball too flat, looks like he needs more air under it. Although, part of me wants him just to throw it on a rope 50 yards, which I think he could easily do. But, it would be a tough ball to catch.
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