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  1. Sure Baltimore has the Inner Harbour, but have you ever got off on the wrong exit West of I95? It is like a demilitarized zone. Someone remind me how many riots the City of Buffalo has had? What ever...did not wish any ill on Lamar or the Ravens. They played us hard and clean, but glad they were stopped short of a SB so clowns like this can crawl back under their rock.
  2. I dunno. I don't see kill-shot, I don't see shoulder, I see Ford setting his block and hitting him with his hands and arms in the front of his jersey and he is a much bigger man. The defender does not even go down, just has to hop backward and reset his feet. Just a lame call that should never had been made. You looking for blind side - look to the Jets defender Anderson with a history of dirty hits and fines being given a 10K fine when he wiped out Hauschka last year. Explain how Ford's legit block is a 28K fine, and Anderson's was a 10K???? "F" Rivera.
  3. This is the mob mentality that Al Rivera has instilled into the NFL Officiating organization and the owners need to do something because it is not trending in the right direction. Question us, we deny any poor calls close ranks and fine you. Question us and pass new rules to improve our performance, we will ignore them or selectively enforce them to show our displeasure. From the top-down that organization needs to be blown up and rebuilt the right way or the systemic issues the owners are trying to regulate out are not going to go away, and they should start with Rivera. Hire full-time referees with strong progressive leadership and install some independent oversight for organization performance reviews and as a watchdog as we know legal NFL gambling makes referees a tempting target. Figure out better ways of working more quickly and seamlessly with video technology instead of the knuckle-dragging, Luddite approach of competing with or suppressing it. Most of all instill the understanding that it is OK to pick up a flag. If your crew has no qualms about waving off a TD because a player forgot to take a knee, you should be able to recognize that you made a mistake on that nonsense blindside block call in OT effectively killing a drive for a team trying to score in a playoff game and pick up that flag.
  4. Whereas Daboll marches out Gore, Dimarco, and Smith and thinks he's fooling anyone with that personnel package. 2 plays after Singletary broke a long run Allen used play action and...it worked. The safties came up, their corners trailed our receivers with no deep help, and Josh hit a long pass. Sometimes the tried and true methods still work.
  5. Analytics junkies claim our line is great because Allen holds the ball too long. I dunno, sometimes he has time to survey the field and is slow to pull the trigger, but many times this year it was a jail break where Allen had to juke and scramble around just to be able to get a pass off. Often it was only 3 and 4 man rushes with just odd alignments, but our line seemed to be stumped regarding who they should pick up. I think our line could use some more talent particularly on the edges where they struggled with speed rushers. It is not like Allen had a clean pocket a lot of times, but when he did and could step into throws more often than not I liked how he moved the team.
  6. Truth. Gotta punch more of those in. Drove the length of the field and knocked on the door enough, but play calling and poor execution kept the door closed.
  7. There are always the chuckleheads that possess internet accounts. I like to critique our players, coaches, and execution, but try to keep it to the X's and O's. I may not think they use Cody the right way, but the kid stepped up to play RT when Nsekhe went down and I am not sure, but it looked like he was playing with an arm brace yesterday too. He has heart, he is a rookie; he will get better, and that call was BS.
  8. He needs to tackle better, and as a team the defense needs less launching themselves and more wrapping up and driving thru. That is Pop Warner stuff. One can critique poor execution when it is true. Not sure why it seems to illicit this mantra of defense does not need to stop teams, the Bills need to score more. The two are not mutually exclusive. The offense needs to score more and the D needs to have less missed tackles.
  9. They kept a lot of defenders back in coverage confident they could generate pressure with 3 and 4 man rushes...which they did. Was easier to bottle up our receivers. Not a steller outing for our o-line, but I think there were a few guys playing pretty dinged up, and we need better talent/coaching-up of the OT positions. There are positions for Beane and his staff to improve upon.
  10. Although your first year QB can and does call out protections, the center also plays a big role. That is why they spent big money on a veteran like Mitch so he could shoulder more of that responsibility. Not sure why they struggle as much as they do at times with 3 and 4 man rushes. It is something NE employs a lot of dropping all those guys into coverage confident that Allen will hold the ball longer, and their few rushers can still generate pressure.
  11. Did something similar... just looked at a bunch of different football reporting sources to see how biased I was being. Most acknowledged the up and down performance we all saw. Clutch and on target throws through most of the game, then some wide-eyed reckless desperation plays later with a playoff game on the line. A lot of focus on the lateral and I guess that is to be expected as it was the most glaring proof that Josh had lost the handle on the actual game situation. Unlike the news outlets, I also blame Daboll and Dorsey for not recognizing the situation earlier and working between the offensive series to talk to Allen review where they were at and what they needed and the time available. Just helping keep your young QB grounded. That is what a QB coach does during games, but maybe they tried and it was not effective. Either way, something that Allen and the team needs to do better. First full season behind center and the kid helped guide this team, sometimes carried this team, to a 10 win season and playoffs. He has work to do, but I saw things that make me think that with the right pieces in place he can take another step in the right direction - like the 50/50 balls Allen was willing to throw to Duke that have been rare with his determination not to turn the ball over. He still needs to get the ball out earlier when his receivers are coming out of their breaks as the Texans sat on some of those shorter sideline and comeback routes and nearly had picks. My hope is that OBD coaching staff also spend some time objectively reviewing game tape and the decisions that they made and whether they brought their "A" game. McDermott preaches 360 evaluation and continual improvement... have faith that as an org they will make the changes necessary to continue to improve.
  12. Same here, and I have felt this way for most of the year. Daboll can come up with some real offensive wizardry and cool unique plays, but there are times when I think he seems more dedicated to proving how unique is offensive play calls can be while showing a stubborn disconnection with what is happening on the field; What is working, what isn't working, how is the o-line holding up, how Allen is holding up, etc... Well, got to let this one go and at least NE crapped the bed at home... makes this a slightly easier pill to swallow.
  13. And the defense had all the stopping power of a sheet of wet Kleenex. It was a team loss and yes, I include the coaches. We need some better players, but good coaches put the players they have in the best position to succeed. I don't think I can say that about our coaches today. That being said, this is a better team than last year and I have to trust they will make the changes needed to be even better next year.
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