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  1. PFF actually raved about Greg's measurables and talked about Boogie's inconsistency - not a PFF fan, but not going to make up reasons not to like their staff writers and analysts. It was Chris Simms who was not that much a fan: https://www.syracuse.com/buffalo-bills/2021/07/2-bills-among-chris-simms-potential-busts-from-2021-draft-class.html
  2. Dunno. I watched Ike get swatted on his butt by Wilkins on a pull where he simply was not strong enough to move him. Wilkins then stuffed Devin for a loss. That's just our guys ain't as good as their guys. For all the talk about Sweeney's blocking, I saw him get ragdolled a few times, and saw a few rather pathetic blocks on the edge by Sanders, and the miss by Gilliam. So, a combo of being outmuscled, and flat-out assignment misses. As an offense they all could do better. Got the Jags coming up to try to fix some of that crappy play.
  3. This. There are plenty of times the pressure gets to Allen's lap around the same time as the ball...thinking of the TD to Davis where he had to yank his head out of a defenders grip.. In those cases he is often forced to move off his spot and reset which would inflate some stats. ....and Sweeney was getting ragdolled early trying to block the extra guys which I thought was more his forte. Either way Allen taking those higher percentage underneath options helps hide the warts, limits how long they have to maintain blocks, and keeps the sticks moving. We will see if this OL finds better continuity when Brown gets back and Williams shifts to RG again.
  4. This is exactly where I am at. Our line was porous early, and the juggled roles were not adapting well to what Miami was doing to bring pressure, BUT Allen getting rid of the ball more quickly to his hot reads or outlet/dump receiving options underneath can better mask those issues. After that long scramble in the first half I saw the same thing on that next play - Moss open near the sticks, but Allen was determined to force it to Sanders. Instead of taking the open options underneath we ended up having to have Bass bail us out with a long FG. Allen just needs to know where his outlets are, trust them, and train his brain to look short-to-deep when there is a 2-high safety look. The fact that he has done it more, and started feeding Beas and Moss in the 2nd half tells me that he will get there eventually.
  5. Is this from the Dr who was posting last night using his iPad? Typed "humble penis" and I think he explained that he uses it all the time because it was convenient, but had spell check issues... I have so many questions for his patients at his practice - damn HIPAA. 😄
  6. Mitch has not had to do a lot for Chicago and Nagy to look like a clown org this year. Plenty of teams would be willing to kick the tires.... but really nice to have the Mitch security blanket - especially with Allen taking the hits he is on designed runs.
  7. Usually right there with ya John, but he was 18 of 35 with a QBR of 52.8. I guess he didn't turn the ball over and that was efficient. They had a rushing TD, a bunch of field goals, and a pick 6. I thought Miami was going to play us tough. I expect Bill's defense will show up too, and Josh hates those 2-deep zones and I expect we will see more of that from Bill than we have seen before.
  8. Agree. They have beat up on the Jets twice and the Texans. Herbert got another taste of what playing a Belichick defense is like and he did not handle that well before. Last year they thumped Justin and the Chargers 45 to 0. There is nothing defensively that Bill is going to lean on that Allen has not seen 2x a year and their RB and QB do not scare me. They do have some key players back that were out last year, but we have Star back in the middle too. Will feature a lot of TE as Bill knows we often struggle covering TEs, but have done a better job this year than last. You never know, and it could be a dog fight, but just does not have the same intimidation effect as the Brady years.
  9. Wallace is a good zone corner who plays it safe giving up some cushion and is still a liability against QBs that can get the ball there with some zip. So still would like to eventually see someone who could lock up the side opposite White in zone or man. Star is a key cog that is helping others grow into their roles - like Edmunds and Oliver. We have a decent rotation and having a natural NT is key for this defense to click up front. Good pressure up front from the edges and pretty solid run defense. If our offense hits pay dirt earlier in a game these guys can turn up the heat and create turnovers. They are pretty solid.
  10. The back of Allen's helmet logo seems a bit ironic in this context cause Miami be hate'n on Josh Allen 😄
  11. The OL definitely figured out some of their protection issues by the 2nd half. Up to that point our rushing yards excluding Allen scrambles had to be pretty low. The pressure rates were high, and we had a whopping 3 on the board. Not all on the OL for certain. Miami was determined to stress our tackles with wide alignments and zone blitzes. Williams in particular was being tested that way as he has struggled with outside speed rushers. Allen definitely had more time in the 2nd half. I've always thought our OL is better at pass pro than run blocking, and I don't think Miami has the defensive line rotation depth we do to go balls to the wall for four quarters. We run to try to force teams to commit more guys to the box (not wildly successful there) and to slow the pass rush (I think that does happen). They seemed to me to be more gassed later. We even sprang a few positive runs on them. Those guys played that first half with a big ol' chip on their shoulder.
  12. You are missing how differently defenses play TN when Henry is just on the field regardless whether he gets the carry or not. It is how many defenders DCs commit to stopping Henry from potentially breaking a long run that allows TN to play the way they do. Not sure when he hurt his foot either or if he tried to play through the injury...could have impacted his numbers yesterday too.
  13. No Henry then Tanny is toast. Teams will play light boxes and shut down their receivers.
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