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  1. Very high draft pick with "adequate" results. I think OBD would have stuck with it as long as it took to justify that pick, but sometimes change is good. A lot of folks were high on Edmunds coming out of the draft and his physical skills presented a lot of potential upside and he was a decent player for us that filled a need so no shame. His performance at MLB was a popular debate when he was here (lack of impact plays) and no surprise that it goes on when we have someone else in the same role now for comparison. I don't believe we are playing a different defensive scheme although I am sure Sean has his own wrinkles and tendencies, but we probably do have the best defensive line we have ever had under McDermott... remember overpaying and being stuck with the Star contract. That DL (especially our tackles) help keep our LBs clean so that really is a factor in how well they play. Is it enough of a factor to justify the drought of impact plays for Edmunds over that many games... folks can come up with their own conclusions.
  2. That is probably an element to this. I can get behind the club going after a TE in the draft who runs good routes, can get open, and has great hands, then expect they will need to coach up the blocking piece. I do have faith in Kromer and Boras to get er' done. I hope to see a noticeable trend towards more balanced snaps for him between run and pass. Always felt you have to learn by doing, but we will see how they handle that spit with his offensive snaps this weekend.
  3. Valid point - it could have been something Dorsey and the offensive staff saw they could exploit specifically with Washington. If it is a lack of confidence having Kincaid as a blocker on running plays... then that is something they will need to address to keep defenses guessing.
  4. Was watching another breakdown of our game against the Commanders and the analyst made a great point about a personnel grouping that the Bills have that could easily tip our hand and make it easier for teams to defend plays unless Dorsey makes some course-corrections. He noted that Dalton Kincaid was in on 35 snaps and the Bills only ran out of those on 6 plays. If I am a DC I would have my units heavily leaning into playing pass whenever I see 86 in the game. So that is a tendency they need to correct before taking on Miami or the Bills lose a lot of what makes 12 personnel so versatile, keeping defenses off balance, and able to keep pass rushers in check.
  5. I don't think Gabe is going to go for the home team discount so I am fine if he tests the market. Beats overpaying. To keep some of their premier players the Bills are going to have to let some guys walk - you can't hold on to everyone. When I ask myself is Gabe a good WR2 yes, but I think he is also replaceable. Just my opinion.
  6. They do have the ability to stretch the field vertically and horizontally with their receivers and running backs with all their speed. They use a lot of pre-snap motion and players in motion at the snap to confuse defenses, pull defenders out of position, create situations where defenders lose leverage, and create some assignment mismatches. They lean into RAC concepts where the first reads are timing throws to their backs on wheels. Their receivers and running backs are pretty sure-handed and they all possess breakaway speed so you cannot miss tackles or try to arm tackle them or they are scampering down the field for huge gains or scores. Teams may want to try to cover Hill too, he seems to have applied the same radar absorbent material that Kelce uses in the game against Denver as he was wide open - a lot. Give credit where credit is due, they have built a team where it is better to avoid getting into an offensive track meet. It is a big challenge for the Bills defense, we will see if our boys will strap em' up and are up to the challenge.
  7. Tackling, tackling, and more tackling... Their receivers get much of the press, but their running game powered that juggernaut last Sunday keeping the chains moving when they were not ripping off huge gains and TDs. They have so much team speed, that the first guy needs to either wrap up cleanly or hold on till help arrives. An efficient offense from the Bills that takes time off the clock and if our defense can force a few punts, I think the Dolphins offense could get frustrated pretty quickly and that usually leads to mistakes. Success has come by the bucket load for that unit - not taking anything away from them, but thinking the Bills defense can put up a tiny bit more fight than Denver's 1/2 inch speed bump defense.
  8. I refuse to be baited into saying what I really think 😁 Moving on feels good and there are a few early posts in this thread regarding Bernard that have not aged very well. I don't expect last week's play, every week. But if the kid can stay healthy I think we will be "OK" at MLB.
  9. Some of that I have always thought was because Tremaine was probably always physically gifted, he certainly was for his age, so he likely was playing below his weight class most of his life. He could make up for a general lack of instincts for how plays are developing where his gap and zone assignments were because he could easily follow and QBs eyes and close to that area or make up ground if he was out of position. Now that he is playing against more skilled competition the muscle memory needed to anticipate and be sound with positioning and leverage are not there. What I often saw in our games vs Mahomes is that he was easily moving Edmunds around with his eyes and opening up windows that he could exploit over and over. I think I jokingly said at the time that he was working him like he had a joystick. That, I think is the difference between someone with a good football IQ and instincts vs someone who has probably been overly reliant on their size and range. It's a theory and folks are welcomed to blast away. My hope is that Bernard stays healthy and continues to grow and show us the splash plays we have been craving from that MLB position for many years to come.
  10. When running play action from under center with an effective running game like we have against light boxes (because we face so much 2 deep shell zone looks) it causes defensive linemen to hesitate and be gap disciplined and slows the rush. I don't think the numbers show more effective pressures from speedy d-linemen when Allen takes those 3-5 step drops from under center.
  11. How does playing under center eliminate draw plays? Folks also tend to gather at the extreme poles so they can yell at each other. No one is saying eliminate shotgun and spread, but putting Allen under center more will improve play action, timing, less turnovers, efficiency - the numbers show that.... Especially this season since we are running less empty spread and more 12 personnel.
  12. Same here... it is like watching the Patterson Bigfoot clip. Seriously, is that Sauce filming the replay on his 1970s vintage color TV?
  13. Agree, but I want them to emphasize that Miami does not have to be a track meet. Flipping the script is what I am hoping for. Folks talk about Allen's patience, but put on a clinic of long sustained drives against Miami, balance with plenty of runs, keep the chains moving and their offense on the sidelines, frustrate them with our defense, and then let Miami be the team that presses and makes mistakes. That is my hope rather than Allen thinking it is me vs Tua.
  14. Maybe they should try Epenesa at TE... the guy has some seriously sticky hands. That INT was insane. That guy gets his hands on a lot of balls..... footballs, before you clowns pile on. Also a bit of a fun fact I did not realize. "After his freshman season, Epenesa was named to the All-Freshmen Big Ten team. Notably, his first college sack came against future Buffalo Bills teammate Josh Allen during a game against Wyoming."
  15. Everyone is welcomed to their opinion. We do forget the unforced penalties that put us in longer down and distance situations. When Allen holds the ball for a deeper shot, there is usually quicker/shorter options he is not taking. But agree that pass pro held up well on those occasions.
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