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  1. I think Jackson has had more shade thrown on him than Allen and I don't think he is Kaep V2 - throws a much better ball especially while on the move. I do think he does benefit from being in the right system with the right coach and that running QB's do have a shorter "life span" in the NFL, but success is success and he is getting wins so good for him. Not sure if Rosen is a broken toy or not, but definitely the opposite situation of being in the wrong systems at the wrong times. I think Mayfield is a good fit for the Browns, but I think he would have wore out his welcome here rather quickly - just my own opinion. ...and you are right that being an awesome dude only takes one so far as a QB; you have to perform.
  2. I think many Buffalo fans feel like they can relate to Allen. His small town upbringing, his rocky road to the draft where he had to overcome a bit more personal adversity than most QBs that are groomed for D1 play from HS and end up on the NFL draft radar - turned down by so many colleges, having to spend time at a Jr. College before getting a shot at Wyoming,.... I think that is a story or something that has grown to a bit of a mythos around Allen that folks can likely more easily relate to than someone who was an exceptionally gifted athlete, who is groomed for a pro-sports future that unfolds as planned. Not saying that any of the other QBs could not have worked to build that relationship with fans. He is a likable character who quips, "one NY team" and sticks around over his bi-week to take in Sabre's and HS games. He has done a lot to endear himself to the community so I do hope it works out for the Bills and for him.
  3. Playing NE's defense can skew that turnover metric - just ask the Jets.
  4. Ok, just for starters, can you even tell if a QB won the freaking game he was supposed to win just looking at those numbers.
  5. He's got some work in that area, but there are times when a QB is not going to go thru all his progressions; like the red zone throw to Beasley. You have the defensive look and match-up you are looking for and have practiced against and you know where you are going with the ball. You still should not stare down that receiver, but its a work in progress.
  6. It is because so much fuss was made of the Bills picking Allen and so many comparisons about how he was one of the worst QBs of that 2018 draft class. The national media taking every op to pump up or excuse the other QBs while throwing constant shade on Allen. Just yesterday while writing up the Dolphins game the reporter for NFL.com wrote that Allen was exciting and you never know if one of his passes was going to hit his receivers or a fan in the front row.... It is these things that drive the debates and comparisons, but it would be nice if eventually looking back on that 2018 draft class folks talk about it being a good one with Allen in that conversation. A ways to go before that, but that is my hope.
  7. I think the difference is that Allen was turned down by just about every college and has always been told he sucks, yet he keeps believing. Has that inner something to tune it out and keep going. I do feel for this kid, but he needed to learn to just shhhhhh. No excuses when you get beat, just learn from it. The NYC press is going to be brutal.
  8. Darnold will have PTSD every time he goes up against them. His will has been broken.
  9. Brady screaming, "He's right there!" The refs, "That's your center's butt". So satisfying to see them finally call him on that crap.
  10. Bills fans are very loyal and pack New Era as well as visitor stadiums. We root for them, but they owe us a good game plan from the coaches, and execution from the players. They knew they were playing like crap and if it takes some boos and a kick in the pants from the coaches at half time to wake them up then I think it is ok. Just my opinion, but the players did not seem too upset. They all pretty much said that they expected better from themselves and they were letting the fans down. Now if it was a game against a team we were not supposed to smoke and our Bills were playing their hearts out, I think the 12th man would be screaming support the whole way.
  11. I knew this was a waste of my time, but I like to try to throw a bone to new folks just joining the Wall conversations. You seemed confused by Hyde's play as you stated "once again the defense bailed us out" after mentioning the Special Teams play. I was concerned that you did not know what Special Teams was vs Defense. That, and as this was probably the only game where the Defense was crapping the bed most of the game and had to have some help from the offense and Special Teams to seal the deal - hence, complimentary football. And now buh-bye you special-minded waste of my time.
  12. We get NE twice every year, we deserve the kind of break most teams in other divisions enjoy. Not feeling guilty at all
  13. You are spot on. Folks are so quick to crown these kids, or throw them into the trash heap. I prefer listening to the former QBs and coaches who usually have a more nuanced expectation around these young signal callers.
  14. I am going to have to go with probably not. Same crowd yammering for Barkley to start, then mysteriously lost their voice after watching him against NE. Same crowd that forgot what every journeyman QB looked like behind center for this team last year (the short time they were upright) before the coaches turned to Allen in desparation and he gave this team a spark. Is what it is, I concede that Allen needs to get better in areas, but he is this teams best option behind center.
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