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  1. They've blown a wad of cap too with questionable moves. I have a hard time thinking their GM is making moves in a vacuum, as I just could not see Flores being a doormat, but who knows... https://phinphanatic.com/2021/05/07/assessing-chris-griers-recent-tenure-with-the-miami-dolphins/
  2. Agree. Cleveland stayed committed to running throughout the season. Tennessee you know your going to get a steady dose of Henry. And Baltimore is a predominantly read option run team. Running the ball effectively still works to milk the clock, keep a good defense fresh, and keep opposing offenses off the field... The rules have progressively made passing easier, but a commitment to running is not just about milking a lead at the end.
  3. I could easily see Belichick adopt a more read option look considering what Cam can and can't do. I also remember a certain play-action pass where we completely blew the coverage that Cam dropped right in the bucket and his receiver flat-out dropped it. So he can still hit those when they are there. I am more curious if his defense moves to do less man and blitz and rather more 2-3 deep zones teams used to bottle and confuse Allen for most of the second half of the year. It has got to stick in his craw that he has owned this division for 20 years, the Bills
  4. To be fair, I think we have over a hundred pages of posts going over what Tremaine does well and where his game needs to improve. I don't think there is one of them that says Tremaine is "junk". By TBD standards the debate about what he does well and what he struggles doing in our defensive system has been shockingly thoughtful and informative. He has room to grow and his ceiling with his physical gifts is pretty hard to ignore. How much that is worth and how much the team is willing to bet towards a long-term deal are legit topics to debate.
  5. Having lived in both Minnesota is straight-up colder, but Buffalo gets more snow (lake effect). In the summer the bugs are ridiculous in MN because most of the state from the twin cities on up is a collection of reclaimed swamp lands. Water water everywhere and mosquitos that could screw a turkey flat-footed.
  6. I initially thought PFF had made that a standard policy to generate hate clicks from the Bills Mafia, but came to realize they just hired idiots that also enjoyed yanking our chains. A nod to the PFF apologists that I am not knocking the value of just data collection and analytics as a practice in and of itself. I remember reading through their game 1 comments last year. Allen did have a rough outing in our Jets win with ball security and some inaccuracies. But scrolling through all their comments I came to the conclusion they were no better than most fan-boys with their bias takes
  7. I see that Daryl Williams (who was drafted and played for the Panthers - shocker), in 2019 also played both left and right guard positions as well as tackle. Beane did pick up Anderson late in the draft, and I keep forgetting that they brought in Lamp as well to compete with Ike and Mongo. Although I do not expect their rookie tackles to get thrust into the lineup, I have to remember that they did not hesitate to play Ford early. If they get some solid early contribution from their rookie T class this year there is a lot more competition and depth at the G position than
  8. To be fair, one of the few Bills games I got to see in my own back yard before the fam moved was when the Bills came to MPLS and put on their classic display of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory - finding unique ways to lose. Moats had just laid the career-ending hit to Favre that knocked him out of the game and into retirement. I was with a bunch of guys from work - all Viking fans and they were all like "there goes the game". Of course, I was sticking out with my Bills gear and enjoying rubbing it in (not being that obnoxious, but clearly enjoying myself). Travaris Jackso
  9. Lived in MN for a long time and there are good people and petty people. Seem to recall MPLS being in the news for all the wrong reasons, and what sparked protests and riots across the country and where does it keep happening? No high ground to be casting shade on B-Lo.
  10. We are not talking an exact science, this is completely subjective as much as any power rankings - fun to debate. If we are just talking AFC win records projections that is another conversation and probably has more to do with strength of schedule which is not an exact science either. My thoughts are that when a team beats you more than once in a season they probably have your number. One time can be a fluke or a terrible game plan or injured key players etc...Teams may adjust strategy, get healthy, and return the favor to end up splitting (thinking more in terms of interdivisional
  11. Good stuff - especially the TE breakdown. Was my beef with Knox, more than the occasional lapses in concentration and ball security as a receiver, was his "ole" lookout blocks. He also was no great shakes when called upon to block for runs. Daboll could trot Lee Smith out, but that tipped our hands towards calling a run. In the red zone it led to more than a few instances of Smith lumbering wide open into the end zone uncovered. He was downright prolific as an end zone receiving option for the first time in his career. Although it was nice to see
  12. Truth, but they made good progress last year and I do not see enough roster loss or FO/coaching change to have a good justication for them losing ground. The Steelers are a shell of their former selves. Baltimore has been losing some ground, and the Bengals are the Bengals... Browns have a pretty good shot at winning their division again. The Bills backed into the playoffs, to end our drought, and have since earned our last two appearances. The Browns finally broke their post season drought (2002) last year. I won't count a team as actually "ahea
  13. It does - I worked for big ol' Bayer pharma for a spell and they are brutally honest (or dishonest as big pharma can be) as Bayer is based out of Leverkusen, Germany. Initially I thought perhaps it was just something being lost in the translation to English when working with them, but not-so-much. The good side of that equation is that I never really had to guess what they were thinking.
  14. Truth. Without getting too deep into the Covid-19 weeds as we have a place for that. The Pfizer and Moderna RNA vaccines in particular are pretty darn solid and likely will end up having statistically fewer complications than folks would expect to see with our current yearly influenza vaccines. At this point it is rather silly not to get them, and I can envision Corona virus boosters ending up being a part of the worlds yearly vaccine regimens to head off variants down the road. A few years ago I went to the Mayo clinic for a roto-rooter checkup and had a good discussio
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