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  1. I forgot Davis hauling in a clutch TD as well... Allen was on 🔥
  2. We're good. The peal back block reference was just part of the discussion about how hard it is to get a great block on a defender and not have it flagged. Not a part of this play. McKenzie barely moved and held his ground - even the game announcers mentioned that about 5 times. All McD and Dabs can do is send the tape over to the NFL Officiating Committee and ask, "Ok, how do we draw this up or execute it in a way that does not draw a flag, or is this a good block?". See if there is anything specific they are looking for or coaching their officials to look for. It is the grown up thing to do, or they could blast the officials during a presser and feel better but get fined.
  3. Good call and reminder of how well Allen spread the ball around today.
  4. I thought we were talking about Peal Back blocks and where the focus is on where the defensive player is heading not the offensive player. Sorry about the crappy insert lost a few pixels and turned into micro-text in the embedding - but yeah, I am confused with your confusion
  5. Absolutely and their almost impossible to execute that way as most players are moving laterally during those reverses and sweep plays, but the rule is clear that the defensive player has to be moving towards their own end zone. Thought that was close in this case as he was moving at an angle towards his own end zone. Then it is a matter of keeping it above the waist and do not hit his helmet.
  6. I think they should call them like they do blocks on kickoffs and such where as long as it is in front of the defender, not at the knees, helmet to helmet it is a clean block... no flag. Daboll likes to run a lot of reverses and misdirection plays that lend themselves to defensive players being setup for good peal back blocks. As much as I love good hard football, I understand about protecting players too and how they are trying to balance things.
  7. I agree, just busting your chops. I do know that when the defender gets de-cleated on those clean but unexpected blocks from a player that has the right leverage, the hanky always flies. Shouldn't, but it almost always does.
  8. Its a ticky-tacky rule, but I was seeing a lot of defensive line stunts designed to allow a DE to come in from a wide 9 position and ear-hole the guard allowing the inside guy a lane to the QB. It was a dangerous play and although it was not a crack back, the NFL decided to make it harder to do a blind-side hits or blocks. I thought it was a good clean block, I thought that Ford threw a good clean block last year and both times I thought the defender just was not playing heads-up football with awareness. But the way the rule is written and how easy the defensive player gets decleated will always lend itself to the refs stepping in to throw a flag.
  9. Jackson and Allen are carrying this draft QB class. Baltimore's defense is helping Lamar a bit more at this point in their game with the Texans than our D was, but Lamar is growing his ability to climb the pocket and throw accurately. I was completely wrong about Jackson - figured when defenses got better at hemming him in the pocket he would take a step back, but he is growing his game buying time in the pocket, finding throwing lanes, and throwing accurate passes. Been dumped a few times, but Texans have a good d-line. Like watching these two QBs grow, and have to give props to Roman as Baltimore was just in some kind of diamond something offensive formation... just fun to watch how creative he is with linemen, TE's, and RBs finding ways to isolate blocking and create seems.
  10. I thought it was a clean enough hit, but you are right. It is more about protecting players and a lot like some of the hockey rules when a player does not have his head up and gets lit up. Just need to coach McKenzie to dip that shoulder a bit more to connect lower. He was in great position to spring that play, the block was really close, and they should go to ithat play again.
  11. I personally would not want Trevor in our division. The kid is pretty gifted. Not a given that he would be a great player in the NFL, but he is a natural passer with a strong arm and ice in his veins who I would prefer play on an NFC team. Just saying.
  12. Ford excelled at drive blocking... rarely saw him lose when he can square up on a defender. It has always been about the foot speed. Being able to nullify the speed rushers, and being able to effective pull from that guard positions are areas of weakness in his game and limits some of what Daboll can do with him in the run game. I like the kid, but it is going to take some time for him to develop to where we need him to be... I do think offensive linemen can get into better shape and get faster under an NFL training and nutrition regimen. I am willing to give him time, but they may want to try other options from time to time.
  13. He had me at "I do play for NY" and "..one NY team". Wanted nothing more than to see this kid grow and succeed in a Bills uniform - still want to see him be all the Josh he can be. The "****" Yes option.
  14. Waxing nostalgic....who could forget the decades of fail and PTSD?
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