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  1. I saw that, but Biadasz played with a torn shoulder, red-shirted as a freshman, and I think has started every game. I like that consistent high level of play and toughness. I will give him a pass on the ranking drop this year. Ruiz is not too shabby either. Not saying he hasn't earned the props.
  2. If I went lineman in the 1st I would still take Wisconsin's Biadasz (even with the shoulder injury he played thru this year sans missing a game). Concensus 1st round grade at center last year and still near the top of the list this year. I like his tape, I like that he can hustle and pull from the center position much like Morris, and he brings the wood when he does. Scheme-wise his base skillset is a good fit for how Daboll likes to use that position. I still think we are always just a couple hits away from losing Mitch to concussion protocol, or having to hang up the cleats to have a few marbles left for retirement. I would not fault him if he has to ever make that tough choice. Feliciano filled in admirably when he had to, but we had to shuffle the deck a lot and the drop after Feliciano was pretty significant. Would not be a bad idea to groom a guy who could be a generational talent at the position. Not going to argue the merits of drafting o-line in the 1st. RT is a need too as I still think we need someone a bit more nimble there and Ford is a better fit inside. Bean could go in any number of directions, and receiver with size, speed, catch radius, and hands is on the menu - but a deeper position. Will be interesting to see who they pursue in FA to fill out the roster.
  3. Nice kid with all the talent in the world, but once he got paid he lost any fire he had in his belly to work and just wanted to chillax and smoke pot. It happens. Some young athletes are driven to compete, some have a switch that coaches can easily flip to get them to compete, and some don't have enough of either and are a distraction you have to move on from. Hate to see the wasted pick, but glad the regime bit the bullet and pulled the plug.
  4. Singletary is kind of unique in that he is not a big back, but he has a low center so is not easily hit cleanly, doesn't have breakaway speed, but has great vision and the ability to make the first guy miss and more often than pick his way through the traffic and rarely has negative plays. There are plenty of bigger backs that have a top gear and can bang it up between the tackles, maybe break past a stacked box into the open and then it is off to the races. Devin will need that kind of back who can spell him, throw a block, bang out a few yards, maybe break one or give Allen a viable read run option that defenses have to respect. There is always the chance he tweaks his hammy again too so we need the depth. Does not mean that Devin will not carry most of the load. I just want to see Daboll be a bit less predictable when he does sub his bigger back - extra TE packages into the game.
  5. Don't see it. BPA for this group (Allen aside) is usually a defensive blue chipper. Where the Bills are sitting in the draft means there could be a bit of a run on a lean position before their pick which can have an impact on the BPA lens. There are plenty of impact RBs taken outside the first round, so see them going in other directions early.
  6. I read that he improved in just about every area. So looking for that to continue with better conststecy and hopefully less drops with better receiving options. I don't see McD going away from his protect the ball at all costs mantra, but improvement is always good... We will see, if he hits a ceiling
  7. I think it was more watching a large back not only beat 2nd and 3rd string nfl hopefuls, but blow past them like they were standing still. I for one did not expect him to move that well with the pads on. The powers at OBD felt it was worth stashing him for a year and seeing if he can pick up enough to have a shot down the road even if if was just covering if someone goes down. If they try to stash him on the PS again then good for Wade...you never know. Long shots have made it before. Would not call it obsession, but many here wanted to see more out of our 1-2 punch at running back. I am grateful for Gore carrying the load when Singletary went down, but he definitely lost a step the later half of the year.
  8. There were a few successful ones later in the year, but I think their paucity of use had more to do with how teams played Allen. Even selling out blitz, defenses were aware and were coached to be diciplined on the edges and not to lose contain on Allen. Keep him in the pocket. That bit of hesitation from selling all out on rushing Allen fading back with the ball allowed more than a few savvy defensive linemen to sniff out the our oline and RB setting up screens and disrupt them.
  9. Probably the wrong forum, but what posdible harm could there be in having all the press outlets owned by one or two huge conglomerates who can shape public opinion. "cough-cough indeed"
  10. This is true. Most folks in operations roles get let go as companies centralize payroll staff, hr staff, IT support staff...leaving a token work force. If they say anything else it just means they need folks to stay in role long enough to train their existing replacements. Should just be a straight up above board retention bonus plan to keep folks around to train others, but I rarely have seen the honest approach taken.
  11. Good point. I am not arguing to overpay, just that he is a good fit on a team that needs a guy that can get upfield on an interior pass rush rotation. The Bills may have that covered with Oliver and Harry coming back and some feel Oliver is better vs the run.
  12. Wont find me disagreeing with you. Strong defense and a running game that can move the sticks are still the best way to keep a strangle-hold on a lead, milk the clock, and force a passing team into mistakes and turn overs. That being said there are a lot of teams that emphasize passing and empty sets and teams need to get to the QB.
  13. The Pats never overpay and they have always been able to turn middling o-line talents into rock stars. But usually their stars are not able to replicate the same success elsewhere. Brady usually gets rid of the ball quickly or throws it away, or in the dirt in front of him because he rarely if ever gets called for intentional grounding. Their o-linemen usually do not have to hold their blocks as long. Also, they have had the services of arguably one of the best offensive line coaches still active last year to coach up a unit - Scarnecchia. Looks like he is hanging up the whistle for good this time so good news for Buffalo. He ranked right up there with the best in the business Hanifan, Bugal, the homer in me always though McNally was pretty darn good too. I don't see the Bills getting into a bidding war for a guard sitting near the top of the FA pool, but who knows. I could see them going after a cheap FA someone like Van Roten because they take chances on players who are dinged up but were playing at a high level if they feel they can get them back into playing shape. He would come far cheaper than the FA guard top-list targets, and there is the Carolina connection.
  14. That is an area of his game that needs work...how to anchor, but the dude has a burst and can get upfield from the interior. In a league that prioritizes passing he has value. Most defensive linemen are part of rotations or situational packages, not sure why he would get dinged that badly for not being the best space eater against the run. He will get paid. If not here, somewhere else and no hard feelings.
  15. Going to be interesting. I think they are a piece away on the offensive line when everyone is healthy, and they need a legit 1-2 punch in their running game. For Josh, it usually seems that the old issues with mechanics and decisions follow his mental state during a game. When he is focused and has good situational awareness and trusts the guys around him, he can be literally amazing. When that focus unravels, as it did in the later half of his first ever playoff game, then the mechanics and decisions go out the window. I do not think that Daboll has the best situational awareness either on game days and often does not do his young signal caller any favors. My hope is that Allen can at least adapt to all the situations and the nerves part of the game will subside. I am not sold that Daboll will be the right guy to take their offense to the next level, but we will see if Beane can give them enough shiny new toys to compensate. There is more to being a great OC than just creativity, and his running game personnel decisions and play calls with Gore last year were uninspired.
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