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  1. Lots of points do not directly correlate to wins. Teams that rack up a lot of points often are giving up a lot of points and have offenses that can score that are put in a position where they have to race to play catch-up. Allen had to put up a bunch of points because our defense could not close the door on most teams when we had the lead. I am hopeful that our defense will be improved - particularly their penchant for pissing away leads and also for getting teams into 3rd and long plays and letting them convert and move the chains. If we can win the turnover battles an
  2. Slow times at TBD to draw out the strict followers of the Tao of grammarian Joseph Wright. Not sure why I drew out this character flaw with my casual comments about our new rookies. "'Unique' is often cited as a word that should never be modified, as its original meanings were "being the only one" and "unequaled." But 'unique' has another meaning, "unusual," and it's common to modify the word when it's used this way." - Merriam Webster ....as in Rousseau has a very unique skillset (very unusual or very uncommon) in regards to his length combined with great hand use, abi
  3. I could not disagree more. Rosseau has a very unique skillset and physical gifts you cannot teach. Basham dominated in college and the only knock is that he needed a push at times. Rosseau, if he had not opted out last year likely would have been an earlier 1st round pick. Basham will do well with the veterans around him pushing his ceiling. Both have shown they can get into the backfield and make stops behind the LOS where the Bills have struggled a bit. Both are in good situations to grow and this FO generally gives thei
  4. So your policy take is continued affirmative action towards education. That is a good place to start as I believe in investing in our youth. As with all policies and reparations I do believe that we have to be responsible and ensure that they are prescriptive and working - fit for their intended purpose. Have the reparations made to date been effective at closing the education gap? My family moved to an affluent community in MN partly because of the school system. I assumed they were the recipient of more funding because their composite test scores led the s
  5. I don't see how any of the above blame-game goes beyond the psychology of guilt and some kind of attempt at a never-ending application of original sin. How does any of that lead to an actual plan to help close the education gaps seen with black men? Black men trail all ethnic groups as well as black women in completing HS education. Education has proven to be the best indicator for increasing wealth, wealth increases societal influence... There is no magic wand that makes the world a fair place, but education is the best way to level the playing
  6. Are you saying there are no privileges associated with being a minority or defined as a protected class? What system is affirmative action? Do you feel minority guilt for being a benefactor of job or education opportunities based solely on ethnicity? What responsibility and/or accountability do minorities have towards their own success closing the education and wealth achievement gaps?
  7. History has a tendency to repeat itself - unfortunately. The Rochester Riots - by McKelvey (City historian 50's-60's) This is an interesting bit of WNY history. It is interesting to note the challenges that arose with the influx of black residents and how the city of Rochester tried to meet those challenges and how those efforts often fell short - you get the distinct feeling "we have been here before". This one section below from the author in particular should grab our attention as historical deja vu: "A series of loosely related incidents shat
  8. Nice to see guys that do their homework and I do not mind if there is some bias there - I agree with most of it. We were outcoached and had no answers for Kelce, and Allen is not as calm and cool in the big games (yet) as Mahomes, but the big stage was newer to Allen and he seems to be getting more and more comfortable playing on it as he continues to lead this team into more playoff/postseason appearances. So I am OK with that observation and that Allen is steadily closing the gap. I think Mahomes is more comfortable in bigger games, but he also was not facing the same
  9. Any of our TE's to have some kind of a breakout year.
  10. And to your last point I very much agree - I have PTSD every time I see a DT story as he was covered ad nauseum and tweeted like a leaking faucet. Just too much, too sensationalized, too divisive, for way too long. Time to move on folks.
  11. Agree. I do have to point out that many of the "so-called" news outlets folks mention are just crawlers that troll and link to other news sources so it is hard to say they lean one way or another. If they seem to, it would have to be based on their distribution of stories from left or right leaning sites as I am not sure they have their own reporting staff. For instance, MSNBC's page has links to stories from FOX news, The Washington Post, Newsweek, The Hill, The Washington Examiner, USA Today, Reuters, NBC, Wall Street Journal, Politico, CNN, and bunch of junk from ent
  12. That was a good catch. Was not aware that they broke out the site bias by topics. Also, if I were going to be a bit more serious about this AP site it seems designed to lead folks into their main stream content so.... click bait. My point about fake media reports is less about subjective political policy takes which always tend to lean one way or another and are ripe (just as this forum is) for confirmation bias. Rather I was more focused on debunking things you can actually check like the wind turbine melting because of the hot weather (false), or that vacc
  13. Alignment could just be that for those stories cnn and msnbc were factual - it happens. As to Associated Press bias: All sides media bias checker
  14. Not "real news" help for those easily mislead by social media A kind of week-by-week of what really did not happen😂
  15. This. I think that two and three-deep safety look will still be something that he will have to adjust to more. Having legit speed on both sides of the field with Sanders (not having a healthy Smoke last season hurt) will help a bit with challenging that coverage, but he will still have to pickup his short timing route game to challenge those heavy-nickel/LB/safeties playing the shallow zones trying to get Allen to hold the ball longer till his receivers running deeper routes run into the zones at the sticks where the safeties are waiting. The defense against Allen was t
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