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  1. Makes sense with the amount of contact and interest they have had with the kid. As much as I enjoy all the discussion around other prospects, I cannot see Beane drafting a player at 9 that they have not gone out of their way to get to know a lot better.
  2. WideNine

    Bills have 3rd easiest schedule (based on roster?)

    Yeah, the Bills and the Jets have to play NE twice...easy-peasy. We also get the Phins who are in full tank mode so maybe it balances out.
  3. So no hope that Croom has a break out year in that role? Irv Smith is a gamer, wont try to take that away from him.
  4. Both those guys had decent measurables at the combine, but Warring's blocking is sometimes referred to as atrocious and he had plenty of dropped passes. Sternberger also is someone who is a very poor blocker, but would work out well catching passes out of the TE flex option role. As far as YAC there were some comments that he goes down rather easily...still productive though. I am admittedly biased towards Oliver. The book on Oliver is a player who has a higher ceiling - getting better each year. He has great hands, good body control, good positioning on blocks but lacks some strength. The bio below is in line with most of what I have seen from other sources. https://thedraftnetwork.com/player/josh-oliver Seems to be on the radar for a lot of teams. He is considered a later round target for the Patriots, Steelers, Cowboys, Browns, Denver... mocked to a lot of teams. Some of his highlight stuff on the Patriots prospect site. Video of San Jose St games are not going to be confused with videos done for Alabama https://www.patriots.com/video/2019-draft-prospects-josh-oliver-te-san-jose
  5. If they pass on Hock, Irv Smith is not the answer at 6' 2". My next target with the most upside IMO would be Josh Oliver from San Jose St. Big kid, great measurables from the combine, biggest hands of the class, and you don't hear things like "loses focus, or inconsistent" when it comes to his catching ability like you hear with some of the other prospects. Like most of the later round TE prospects there will be more coaching up needed around refining blocking and routes, but that is to be expected.
  6. This. If he has that ceiling and is that 3-down TE that Daboll can use in a variety of personnel packages blocking and catching then it is decent value for that pick, and it is not "the end" if the Bills go in that direction. Probably a moot point because I don't think the Bills have spoken to Hockenson and I don't see them spending their 1st round pick on anyone they have not interviewed and gotten to know better. Still don't mind arguing the merits, but I think the smart money is on DT Oliver.
  7. And keep your QB off of the IR list and help Shady revive his career by opening running lanes. More to being a great TE than JUST catching passes. If the only measurement is receiving yards the team already has Foster, Brown, the CFL guy, WR draft or UFAs... If the draft falls this way I am fine, if we have a shot at one of the blue chip defensive linemen I expect Beane will pull the right trigger. As long as we get a player that can step in and help this team.
  8. I did see his footwork improve over the course of the year. It seemed he did get a lot of coaching about his mechanics and the need to reset his feet quickly to align his lead foot better with the intended spot he is going to throw to underneath, but early on this was an awkward deliberate process where the timing was off. As the season progressed it became a smoother more natural effort, he had better timing and foot placement after his drops to hit more shorter options with good touch. Makes sense that on deeper throws where he doesn't have to reset his feet laterally as much and can step into his throws the proper mechanics come more naturally to Allen along with better ball placement. He will get there as Daboll is probably going to assign him a quota of minimal short passes to complete each game:)
  9. Not going to work too hard to convince you if your mind is made up and that is fine. You can go back and watch one of the very first games below with Josh throwing to see what kind of routes were called: On the very first play you will see the RB (Murphy I believe) provide an uncovered underneath option for Josh - this is pretty standard for most passing plays as there is usually an underneath option, or a dump off option. Yet he does not even consider it. He does hit a deeper option, but that is all he was looking at from the snap on. This is not unusual for strong-armed rookie QBs, it is not a matter of scheme it is a matter of maturing from the hero-ball of Juco and two years at Wyoming to the kind of offense an NFL team wants their QB to be able to run. It is a change in read progression that Josh needs to embrace and it is not usually pre-installed in a draft QB prospect regardless of where he is taken - the two things are not really related. Now taking shorter options may already be there because that is the kind of game a draft QB plays - Mayfield for instance is a shorter QB that many have compared to Breese when he was coming out because of his physical measurables and the way he would spread the ball around, extend plays, and hit the underneath options at Oklahoma. I personally thought his longer passes could be pretty ugly.... at least the ones I saw him throw in their bowl games. Several OBD sources have indicated that this is a learning thing for Allen, not a "we have to provide some underneath routes" kind of thing. Beane went as far as to say in response to a question that they feel it is easier to take a QB that loves to push the ball down the field and teach him to look for the shorter options that to take a QB who is "check-down Charlie" and try to teach him to fire the ball past the sticks when needed.
  10. Actually Daboll normally floods the zones when running the spread with a deep route, a route that is a bit deeper than the sticks and then some underneath routes that force matchup issues. He and McDermott have been public about Josh not taking the high-percentage throws underneath that are there for the taking. NE took advantage of this tendency by ignoring the underneath routes by taking away all the deeper options he prefers and keeping him hemmed into the pocket. It took Allen out of his game and I think was a teaching moment for Allen. There are 3 or more reasons Allen throws deep: One is the Allen lacks the experience to evaluate his presnap reads to find the best matchup that is likely underneath that requires him to anticipate the open option and quickly throw to a spot. It is not a muscle that he has had to exercise in his past. It is not that he can't do this as some of the talking heads seem to think, just that it is not something he has had to do before to win. The second is that Allen prefers to push the ball past the sticks and it is easier to read a receiver coming open deep than anticipating and hitting quickly the open options underneath. The third is that with the pocket quickly collapsing around Allen (pressured on nearly 40% of his drops), he had to move around and plays broke down and when he rolled out he would look for those deeper receiving options aware that he was in trouble who would work to mirror him behind the coverage that had to account for Allen's ability to take off and run it himself. I agree that there were a lot of cheap shots aimed at Allen and that he needs guys with attitude in front of him. I did not even realize till after re-watching a play against the Dolphins that Alonzo tried to take out Allen's knees clearly after Allen had already ran in a TD. Alonzo hurles himself at his knees, but Allen took a few high steps and eluded the shot the same way he managed to shift to avoid the flying elbow to his head when he was sliding. Can't believe what a cheap-shot douche Alonzo turned into over the years.
  11. WideNine

    Cierre Wood charged with Murder

    My thoughts too. My daughter has some special needs that take some patience, but she is my joy and the 99% reason I get up and go to work each day. I can't wrap my brain around anyone harming a child.
  12. WideNine

    Tony Pauline: 3 Horse Race for #9

    That does not seem to match every other account out there. Link? From other accounts he avoided the trap question and had no complaints about how Houston used him, but did feel he would project and be a more natural 3-tech player in NFL. Blew away folks with his pro-day workout and tweeted "in my element" during the process.
  13. WideNine

    Is Kelvin Benjamin's career over?

    Should have kept those thoughts inside...success is the best revenge, but if you mouth off and stink up the field....
  14. Fair enough. I had zero faith the Bills would ever draft another good QB...was just done hoping after so many poor selections and missed prospects. Allen is a very pleasant surprise. The plan out of camp to start Peterman behind that patchwork line after his showing the prior year behind a much better line seemed doomed to failure. It was. The silver lining was Allen got serious reps in and OBD realized that you have to invest in your o-line.
  15. I guess one could always hope that our pick at 9 sucks if that's your thing. If they go with someone not on my radar, my hope is they did their homework and we get the best value. I also hope NE does not land any top tier TEs, because apparently they do know how to use them.