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  1. We had a line of players deep, and then allowed the taller Bolts receiver to obtain a better position in front of them to high-point the ball. Did the same thing on the other "rare" hail Mary completion. It is a bad scheme. The Bills need guys deep and some guys who can high-point shallow bracketing the receiver - not a whole group standing behind the other team's best jump ball player. Then stop trying to catch the damn thing - knock it down, knock it down, knock it down. OR if they are not going to execute it correctly just use a deep zone and rush 5 to get to the QB keep everything in front and in the middle.
  2. The Bolts were getting to Allen with 4 rushers. They played off Davis and Allen may want to look his way as his first read more often for quick come-back routes. Played mostly 2-deep zone with a mix of man, double, and sometimes 3 dbs around Diggs. Even on the short dumps to Diggs there would be a gang of Bolts on him immediately. One time I saw Allen talk to Winters after they broke the huddle. I can only speculate that he was telling him he needed to hold his block a bit longer for that play, but Winters was solo against Bosa on that play and Allen was holding it looking for the deep crosser. Bosa beat Winters and he sacked Allen from behind. This is why the deep stuff is not there especially against teams with solid fronts that can have more coverage options deep.
  3. I thought they were sloppy on offense today. Obviously need to do a better job protecting the ball and the o-line was getting schooled in pass pro. Bosa does not look like all that to me - kind've lanky, but freakish athlete, and obviously strong. Knox had his usual up and down game, the down was the terrible blocking. Missed our other TEs. Surprised how many plays Dabol had where Knox had to block Bosa, or where they only had Winters on him, or left him unblocked. That's the kind of dude you put two guys on, or chip with your RB, or game plan something to take him out of the equation. I was frustrated with the Singletary fumble as we were finally doing what really good teams do to close out games. The o line was blocking with attitude, and Devin was ripping off chunks of yardage, the clock was running, we are driving to the end zone to put the nail in the coffin, and then the ball gets punched out from behind. Leslie just needs to throw out his hail Mary defense and just bring normal pressure. That defensive play is suck. Rocky ending, but defense played strong and we won. I'll take it.
  4. Titan's Henry over 170 yards on the ground. That guy is a beast.
  5. He has got a really young team with a lot of talent. They clean up the sideline communication they will be pretty competitive. Not sure if Lynn was ever qualified for a HC position, made a better coordinator. But the Chargers personnel folks did a really good job filling out their roster.
  6. Wallace cannot tackle a guy in bounds with a 5 yard spot - that guy needs to tackling 101 drills
  7. Herbert getting too much time too.... defensive line needs to keep getting the hands up as he is just dinking and dunking so there is not much height on his throws. Should be able to knock a few more down.
  8. What is this touch football - I feel like the refs are inserting themselves too much into keeping this Bills long drives to a minimum. Not sure all these bizarre personal fouls on guys just dropping the ball or cleanly blocking????
  9. Allen's arm was hit and that ball was wobbling in the replay, but still WTF. 3 consecutive turnovers.
  10. Can we not just run out the damn clock in a game. Execute the plays - there is this weird desperation on our offense that makes no sense at the 2nd half of games.
  11. Klein plays much better at the LOS, but when out in space playing zone he struggles.
  12. I think Tre was fine because Herbert was outside the tackles, it was Oliver coming in after the ball left and cleaning his clock. I have honestly seen Allen take more than a few of those hits and nada, but there seems to be a somewhat different rule book for Allen as he is hard to take down and will try to make a play while in the grasp.
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