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  1. Definitely would factor into telegraphing throws and having more being tipped.
  2. With Coleman, Kincaid, and Knox and big ol' Allen throwing to them do we need more size? All those haters out there piling onto the tiny 6 ft. guy 😁 Maybe he just looked small around those dudes.
  3. I think one of my all time favorites was the QB sneak against Dallas on that Thanksgiving. Where it looked like he was stopped short, but he just would not be denied ripping the ball away from defenders and dragging a few past the marker. We can nit-pick Allen's decisions and techniques all day and compare him to what other QBs do well, but you cannot deny his heart.
  4. I think that is necessary to disrupt those timing routes, but Mahomes and Allen also excel at extending plays off script. He does a lot of damage there too, but I agree you need that size and coverage ability to challenge them the whole time and contest every catch. A defender knows he has done that job well when he gets Gronked by a TE he is glued to after the play is dead.
  5. I felt like it was a somewhat bizarre season last year for interceptions. There were some bone-headed throws where you are thinking where were you going with that - throws that all QBs make from time to time, but it seemed like he had a lot more tipped passes than prior seasons that ended up in the wrong hands. I was thinking that may have something to do with the way more teams were playing him. More teams have their DL play off a bit with disciplined rush lanes to try to better contain Allen and keep him hemmed into the pocket. Then more of them were just getting their hands into the throwing lanes. These stats are always a bit subjective. You also have to consider the hit a QB takes when they lose an OC and that relationship Allen had with Daboll and then having to adjust to a new one. And then adjusting again mid-season last year. That Allen weathered that as well as he did was a testament to him, but also to the smart way Brady approached that transition.
  6. That will be interesting as I thought I heard Marino and others mention that less teams were doubling Diggs last year. We will see, I think receiver by committee is the best approach, but QBs will always favor anyone who is clutch for them whenever they need that kind of a play. That's why you always try to take their primary away to force them out of that safety blanket... Easier said than done apparently. I am still baffled by how much Kelce gets wide open. Nike must have some kind of radar absorbent material he wears.
  7. I think he is improving on where his eyes go on plays and I think you have to have the right OC that can help encourage Allen to use the right progressions and outlets. Then the incredible things only he can do when things break down or he sees a defensive gap are just gravy. The last few years he has really evolved his game. He had to as the book on him was take away his deep reads and favorite deep targets, and force him to hold onto the ball and into mistakes. It did not help that our O-Line were mostly castoffs and misfits outside of Morse and Dawkins. They constantly leaked pressures so it was only natural that they would force Allen off his spot and into a scramble drill where he was usually looking deep. Also, Allen was a raw project out of Wyoming so the emphasis should have been to shore up his protection as new QBs always take longer to process and hold onto the ball longer. Good thing Allen does have wheels. I feel better about out interior line, but not sold yet that we have our answer at RT considering the injuries and inconsistent play there. Having an OC that knows how to help Allen play within a framework, to use the right progressions, leverage more of their offensive weapons, and lean into the run will only help accelerate his growth and the QBR along with it without breaking the amazing things he can only do. Allen sometimes really struggles putting touch on his cannon arm and putting the ball in the right place in shorter throws for RAC, but I think he is working on that quite a bit and did show some improvement last year. To hit those screens, wheels, and outlets you don't need a cannon arm rather it is more about touch, timing, and placement. Does not hurt to target receivers that have a great catch radius too.
  8. I don't know if I would say it is completely dead as everything in the NFL tends to be a cyclical chess match. There was certainly a shift to more 2 and 3-deep zone play and playing off receivers keeping everything in front of you, but that may be changing too Cosell goes into that a bit in this article. https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/nfl/2024/05/23/greg-cosell-nfl-press-coverage-ljarius-sneed-a-j-terrell-joey-porter-jr/73815502007/
  9. They will use him motion which both tells their offense if it he is in man coverage and makes it really hard to jam the release. Also that motion opens the door on jet sweeps or just the horizontal displacement of the defense allowing someone like Kelce to find all the soft spots to sit. We should be familiar with it as it is Miami's bread & butter for their speedsters. There is that durability factor that those smaller guys with lighter frames. They don't tend to hold up over a full season. The outlier being the Cheetah who has a stockier build and has been pretty durable.
  10. I don't like "never", but agree that it is yet to be seen in the big games with KC. They need to do some better self scouting of how their defense will be attacked and we desperately need better luck on the injury front. Last year it was clear we did not have the depth needed around the box with injuries to LBs, DL as well as Taron, Benford, and Douglas who are good at playing down low or coming up to make stops. I think as good as Benford has been for us when healthy he has not been able to suit up for any of our playoff games. KC countered with a lot of heavy 3-TE alignments that took advantage of those mismatches.
  11. Josh's passing TDs were down a bit, but I thought that didn't tell the full story of how the offense as a whole had more run/pass balance and Allen tacked on a lot of those rushing TDs. Allen puts defenders in conflict when he rolls out or he can take it up the gut if the second level opens up. With him taking more outlet options underneath (dumps to Cook or Shakir) for RAC rather than eyes pinned deep waiting for those to open up, it makes those moves even harder to defend. Would rather see the bruising short yardage keepers go to a RB that can get those tough yards and spare him some of that abuse.
  12. It was and is corporate greed plain and simple that took Western supply chains and made them a one-way street from China. A bit late, but our government is finally recognizing the security risks inherent in having everything supplied from a nation that could turn hostile or simply not want to abide by international norms (think 9 dash line). Kind of a "duh" moment. Think if you went to war and could not even put clothes on your soldiers or have parts that you need because you simply do not have a friendly nation to supply them. You can kind of see that play out when the world tries to get Russia to behave via embargos yet China, Iran, and North Korea keep them supplied with weapons. So you know where China stands in regards to keeping the peace and respecting existing borders and folks having the right of self determination and voting for their representatives. They don't and who knows if they ever will play by those rules. There is a lot of push to de-risk US supply chains and in that regard Covid was a needed disrupter and wake up call. Re: the oil industry. They have been dragging down innovation for far too long. China cornered the rare earth market and is pedal to the metal pushing to be the lead on EVs and we are finally racing to catch up. Authoritarian regimes with centralized power can ramp up quickly with the control government has over their business sectors. That cuts both ways, as they can go all in on the wrong direction too. I will always bet on US ingenuity and entreprenual spirit, but we the people have been governed too long with partisan poop-throwing monkeys. They are not exactly an agile bunch.
  13. My disdain for Trump goes back to my formative years in NJ and his constant shenanigans and shady biz. This does not automatically mean I am enamored with Biden or the left side of the isle... folks tend to oversimplify and make that assumption. Some folks just have to blindly follow some leader, but politicians are not Messianic figures and I like to weigh government policies independently. Aesop said we hang the petty thieves and elect the great ones to office... So I view those that aspire to politics with that historical lens. Even the left side of the isle has their share of scheming crooks with intrusive ideologies. Constantly tilting at windmills so they can create layers of bureaucracy for useless agencies to siphon money. Tossing tax dollars at real and manufactured social issues like magic pixie dust. So little accountability. If either side wants to make a difference they could start by not taking money from lobbies intent on keeping our drug prices through the roof.
  14. Yep. Seems to be a lot of media pundits have gone "the sky is falling" route when discussing the Bills not trading the farm to move up for a top boundary receiver. Brady's offense featured a lot more run/pass balance, and hitting their slot receivers and Cook after motioning to create mismatches or clearing out zones. Not to mention how much they were feeding Kincaid and Knox. Pivoting away from boundary plays that were less effective vs the shell defenses and deep safeties and their focus on Diggs to more runs and a better distribution of passes under and around the sticks meant there was less heavy reliance on production from those areas. Allen was able to get the ball out of his hands more on schedule, we kept the chains moving, and the defense was able to get enough time to stay fresh between possessions and play fast. We still took our deeper shots, but what we had was not a bad recipe to sustain success. I also like that there has been more focus on catch radius, hands, and RAC ability with the receivers they have invested in (Shakir, Kincaid, and the book on Coleman should he pan out). Allen will find ways to feed guys the ball if they are money and don't drop it. Now if Cook could just fix his concentration issues. Just some maddening drops on the doorstep. Of course a burner that can take the top off a defense and has great hands would be nice, but KC won without that and Miami has two of them and has not been able to get past us so there is more to the recipe.
  15. This. Professional athletes need to take care of their conditioning which includes rest. During the season Allen scrambles and takes on more tackles than most QBs who may be more slippery and less likely to "lower the horns" and many fans love that about him, but the way he plays demands both conditioning and recovery. You have to trust he has a good handle on both and I would not approach it from a punitive mindset because we have not gotten to the show.... Yet. I would not lay much of our post-season failures at Allen's feet.
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