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  1. lol leftists would rather do anything other than prosecute criminals. This is why all of their mewlings about "deterrence" and guns are meaningless and should be ignored.
  2. Well while you work on a constitutional amendment, let's lock up everyone who criminally brandishes or possesses a firearm for a 10 year minimum. Deal?
  3. Yes, I hate it when socioeconomic conditions make me murder my neighbors.
  4. Actually, several peoples are generally like that. Entire countries, even. Many enclaves in America are still like that. But take a look at the homicide stats and we start seeing what peoples are anti-social, lower IQ, and more inclined toward crime.
  5. If everyone in the local community is high-trust, a reasonable IQ, and not inclined toward crime, will the guns just walk around and kill people on their own?
  6. The west still had all the guns when it turned tame. This "America incarcerates too much" nonsense has been laughed out of the room. Every day criminals are released back onto the street without so much as an arrest processing. As I've posted before, the solutions *that don't involve gun confiscation* to this are laughably simple.
  7. Question: what happened in the "wild west" that turned it less wild? Answer: the state shooting, hanging, or locking up the people making it wild. Interesting. Maybe we could try that.
  8. If you want to try to take the 2nd Amendment absolutist line to its natural end, you probably should brush up a little on history. The Bill of Rights did not protect "all Americans" as we understand that phrase today.
  9. By our current laws and depending on your definition of "gangster," no they don't.
  10. “Is there a criminal or legal matter?” ”There is no criminal activity.” Man that lawyer he apparently doesn’t need does the word dance pretty well.
  11. Then again, maybe the glorified blogger breaking this stuff is going for glory.
  12. I won't speculate much but there are only a few crimes that can make unrelated grown men cry.
  13. Kelce trying to secure the bag well into the future.
  14. Do you mean to say that you've finally found a sexual behavior you think children shouldn't be seeing?
  15. Make sure you write "Gugny" on your name tag and take a pic for @boyst's collection.
  16. Will Coleman really be worthy of the first overall pick???
  17. Also known as the Pennsylvania DOC Inmate Worker uniform
  18. The swing leftists have taken from anti-establishment to apologists for the ***** CIA of all things is wild.
  19. That's not what it says: "A conversation." So a phone call, in person, zoom, could be anything.
  20. He heard it secondhand during some kind of NFL media zoom call. The media member who allegedly actually heard this brought it up.
  21. No, just the usual suspects wanting to ban other political parties whilst unironically calling other people nazis.
  22. The actual Taliban won a 20-year war and runs Afghanistan now. One can hope, I suppose.
  23. In other words, "organic doesn't mean 'no pesticides.'"
  24. It’s the politics section of a website dedicated to the following of a franchise that pays grown men millions of dollars per year to play a boy’s game at an extremely high level. Of course we’re wasting our time, it’s the whole point.
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