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  1. Can't have handsomest ***** in football Jimmy G out there with bags under his eyes!
  2. Business decision by local CBS station since Fox has the 1pm Toilets game
  3. Three home September games??? A man can only dream!
  4. Retiring/unretiring probably wasn't the best move regardless of the situation at home.
  5. Nothing. It has nothing to do with Tom Brady. Nobody says Tom won't have any life after he hangs it up. It's a strawman that gets beat on to take out 20 years of frustration and unfounded personal hatred of a dude who plays QB really well.
  6. Go back and watch Manning's last year. Dude could barely throw a football. He walked away because he had to.
  7. Most of these examples just tell you how many fans are stuck in the 90s version of what a MLB is supposed to be doing.
  8. Yeah I remember the phrase "guaranteed at signing" but that usually doesn't reflect all of the actual guarantees in the contract. $133M guaranteed at signing out of say, for argument's sake, $250M, is still a greater percentage than what Wilson and Murray got guaranteed at signing. Murray's total guarantees come somewhere closer to 80% of the contract value but if his arm got ripped off this year the Cards wouldn't be on the hook for all of it. Now Jackson is, I believe, in a class above Murray and Wilson is approaching the twilight of his career. And as I've said here before that I think Jackson has a strong argument to point at Watson's contract as something he wants. But Baltimore made a very strong offer when you look around the league and exclude the factory of sadness.
  9. This take confuses me considering that $133M guaranteed at signing is more than what Allen, Murray, Rodgers, Wilson, in fact everybody except Watson got.
  10. It amazes me how many republicans will C U C K on this issue every single time. The party of family values will gladly import cheaper and cheaper labor, helping to ensure that lower and middle class American families (what few of those remain, at least) cannot afford to leave one parent at home, which directly results in complete state control over entire generations of people. When said Americans respond by not following the good republican model of sending their children off as wards of the state for most of the working day, republicans double down by refusing to provide assistance to said Americans but manage to lend-lease billions in military equipment to banana republics to enrich themselves and their friends. Just another reason why the GOP is ***** beyond saving.
  11. The USA as we knew it cannot return unless the flow of immigrants, legal or otherwise, stops entirely until we can get ***** figured out. This nation became the most powerful and prosperous in the world under STRICT immigration quotas.
  12. Yeah essentially that was the reason. I also counted people but that was to see which rooms were being used when
  13. In other words, you don't know what you're talking about, but insist on talking about it anyway.
  14. Worked at the local golf club starting at 14. Started out fetching member's bags, cleaning out carts, flirting with the girls who worked at the restaurant, morning prep for big tournaments, etc. Eventually did pretty much everything with a new title "Assistant to the Pro" including re-gripping golf clubs, giving kids lessons, closing the shop for the day, tournament administration. I was a steal at $8 an hour plus tips. Counted furniture pieces hourly in the college union. No, I'm not kidding. Tended bar at a place where I was told by the owner "if the drink has more than two ingredients tell them to order something else." Real dive, that place. Steam cleaned carpets. Think Stanley Steemer style but a local outfit. Not really funny or weird but I also worked part time at Macy's selling cookware and other kitchen stuff and basically just worked a register and flirted with middle aged women. Hide yo wife!
  15. Aliens in the Mosaic law were not allowed to participate in religious or civil life in Israel until and unless they had bound themselves to Israel and the males had undergone ritual circumcision. Not to mention that an agrarian society that was basically a bunch of landholdings effectively has no borders and no real concept of immigration. Regardless, the question of whether a republican government can restrict immigration, based on your own claims, is wholly separated from Christianity. If you truly believe that our government should be completely separated from religious belief, then Christian charity, with or without context, doesn't enter into the equation at all and Christians are free to form policy opinions that are similarly separate. You don't get to have it both ways, Tibs, see below image.
  16. Again, my views on religion are well-established on these fora and do not require re-hashing in a thread that doesn’t call for it. That being said, if you would like to compare credentials I’d be happy to, but you don’t need a terminal degree to understand that the Christian god is indeed a “he,” both in his own purported testimony and in the incarnation.
  17. It's another basic blind spot that they don't realize just tells on themselves. Except for trolling, there's no reason to argue about something you know absolutely nothing about.
  18. My record on the topic of religion is well-established in these fora. That said, those who would speak about Christianity would do well to actually educate themselves on the topic before making wildly inaccurate claims about a religion that has been established for close to 2000 years. The historical record of Christianity and its influence on western government is well-documented. No reason to speak from ignorance when many of your claims can be debunked by popping open a book that you can get at any public library.
  19. “As is its usual practice” smdh. DC is worse than a swamp.
  20. That's odd because on my Firestick I have had zero issues, just issues on my desktop and phone.
  21. I've been having issues as well, mostly with the NFL app and even NFL+ in browser not recognizing my subscription. I click through to "subscribe" and it tells me "your account already gives you access to this plan." But then I go back to watch something, since there's no navigation from that page, and it's the same issue. That all being said, I don't have this issue after logging out/logging back in. But to have to force sign out every time I want to watch something is annoying.
  22. Am I doing this right?
  23. The longer Saleh is there the better. I don’t know what anybody sees in that dude.
  24. 506 has been updated as well. I wasn't sure if they would change it after 2012 Playoffs Flacco showed up on Sunday.
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