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  1. It is Sunday night but it's CBS, almost certainly Nantz (whom I find annoying) and Rome (who was a Cowboy so instant dislike).
  2. Once again Brady catches a break; the Bucs get an opponent that will have to play with short rest. I really don't like having a playoff game on Monday night. It puts the winner of that game at a guaranteed disadvantage.
  3. When everyone was complaining about the lack of a running game I still believed the OL was the biggest problem, not Singletary. After all, you can't miss holes that aren't there. The guy has been rugged the last few games and gotten extra yards on just about every run. That in turn has helped Allen quite a bit. He could be the missing piece in a Super Bowl run.
  4. I was at the last Buffalo - NE playoff game (although back then it was Boston, not NE), and the conditions were very close to those predicted for Saturday (I was a kid so it didn't really bother me). Let's hope the result is different Saturday then it was way back then.
  5. The tiebreaker will never come into play with the Steelers. The Bills will end up 1/2 game ahead or 1/2 game behind because of Pittburgh's tie (unless of course the Bills tie one of their games down the stretch.
  6. They are also a 66 yd fg from being 7-7 and could easily be 5-9.
  7. Perhaps, but if Bengals win the Bills will be outside of the playoffs after this week. Just win next week and a lot of pressure will be taken off.
  8. There has to be a reason the Bills are 0-5 in games decided by one score.
  9. Remarkable comeback and one I didn't think they had it them, but undone by a lousy call on 3rd down at end of regulation and terrible 2nd and 3rd down calls in OT. The middle of the field was working to gain 5-6 yards and they went with out routes short of what was needed. Glad to see the heart, sad to see it still ended up as an L.
  10. Just the dumbest team in football. Stupid pass call, stupid decision to try a fake punt (should have straight up gone for it). Stupid doesn't begin to describe this team.
  11. I'm talking about before the snap. You can make teams pay for blitzing, yet very little checking off.
  12. Anyone thinking the refs are the root of Buffalo's problems is really out of touch with reality.
  13. Clapping, clapping and more clapping. It's know as the Clapping Process and McD trusts the process.
  14. As much as the OL is a problem, I don't think Allen reads defenses very well, certainly not as well as he should be doing in his 4th year of starting.
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