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  1. https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/everything-that-could-go-wrong-for-the-buffalo-sabres-has-gone-wrong/?ex_cid=538twitter No, this isn't a post about the Sabres, per se, it is the cautionary tale for the Bills. As the Sabres' horrendous season starkly demonstrates, improvement and optimistic signs of growth in one season do automatically translate to continued improvement and growth in the next. Everyone expected the Sabres to be better this year, but as the article points out a multitude of factors, some random, others not, obliterated the hoped for playoff push. Similarly, th
  2. Truth be told, Paul Maguire was one of my favorite Bills of yesteryear. He punted 100 times in 1968 (in just 14 games) compared to Bojo's 41 last year. Kinda tells the story of just how bad the Bills were in '68. He and Sestak made great pizza too.
  3. This game shows how flawed Frazier’s defense game plan was. KC is also playing like they are throwing the game.
  4. On the one hand, this year was a huge step forward, and if they can largely keep the team together, make a few tweaks and stay healthy, next year should be even better. However, you can never tell when you'll have another opportunity to go the to Super Bowl. People get hurt, their attitudes change and other teams may get lucky. We can celebrate a very good year, but it's still terribly disappointing since there are no guarantees at all than next year will even be as good, let alone better.
  5. This is so sweet. Haven't been this pumped about the NFL since the last Bills' Super Bowl team. McBeane and Allen have proven themselves, and I honestly think Diggs may be the MVP of the team. So many clutch plays. Allen's been great, but Diggs has made Allen's life so much easier this year (as has the O-Line, which has really come through). I want the Browns for two reasons: the Bills' would be home and have a much better chance of winning, and the Browns have always been my second favorite team (they were my favorite team in the NFL before the merger).
  6. Yeah, you can't point to either side of the ball to blame, it was a team effort in losing.
  7. Overall a great team effort, and I'd have to give the game ball to Daboll. I thought the play calling was outstanding. Given how bad Seattle is against the pass he didn't try to establish the run. Just superb.
  8. Not for those who get it. Lots of evidence now that even for many who don't get that ill there is lingering heart damage. I think the NFL is kind of adopting a head in the sand approach. Baseball is showing the problem with the non-bubble approach, and there is far less close contact.
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