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  1. That’s rough for the KC faithful making the trip, they’re right up there with the best of us tailgaters.
  2. Yep, I vividly remember the principal of my first elementary school having a paddle shaped and painted like a tennis racket proudly on display. One time in kindergarten, our whole class had to march down to his office to watch a classmate get “paddled”. The kid bawled his eyes out, but in hindsight I’m pretty sure there was no actual physical pain, just shame and embarrassment. Still, a pretty jacked up way of doing things. This was a public school, circa 1980. Then I switched to Catholic school in 2nd grade. There was no corporal punishment, however, those nuns played some terrifying psychological games. Hell, I’d take the paddle over Sister Jane Marie’s coffee breath all up in my grill any day.
  3. ha reminds me of walking in on some roommates in college. a prong snapped in the outlet, roommate #1 was getting ready to try to pull it out with needle nose pliers, while roommate #2 was on standby with an aluminum bat to push roommate #1 away if he got electrocuted. derr. man we smoked a ton of grass in that apartment.
  4. And he really really disliked the booger sugar.
  5. Bring in “Ride The Lightning” era Metallica and I’m in. Post “And Justice For All”, nah you can keep that cabbage.
  6. Could OBJ possibly be a bigger “EVERYBODY LOOK AT ME!!!!” douchenozzle? The big spotlight is on these kids that just won a title and he’s running around doing everything possible to take it away from them. What a jerk.
  7. Not bloody likely!! I highly doubt he would want to come here regardless of the dollar amount or spot on the depth chart, what with the whole hotel thing and all
  8. Well sign him, open up a camp competition, and let’s find out then!
  9. I’m never a fan of piling on Ralph, especially posthumously, but this is as truthy a post as you can get.
  10. Man, I was so impressed by him at the beginning, back when you had to actually go to the tix office at OBD in June and line up for individual game seats. It was his first season here, he came out of the offices and went down the entire line, there had to be a few hundred people there, at least. He stopped and shook hands and chatted with every single person. No doubt it was sincere. All downhill thereafter 😝
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