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  1. Wife and I can have a great time anywhere we go, and Cleveland is no exception. It’s similar to Buffalo, everything is only 15 mins from wherever you are. I forget the name of the neighborhood we liked the most, “Marketside” or “Ohio City” perhaps? Had a cool Allentown vibe to it. Had beers and some grub at a place called Nanobrew, more beers at Great Lakes Brewery & Market Garden brewing, then got some street tix for the Indians game that afternoon. And more beers there
  2. A little easier on the eyes than their last few getups. Looks like they cleaned up some mismatched lines & toned down the stripes a little. That said, I never really cared for their look, in any iteration. The helmets are solid design, but the tiger print on the rest of the uniform always seemed a like a little too much.
  3. bacon, egg & cheddar on sourdough with raspberry preserve.
  4. Dang, hope it doesn’t fold. Was definitely going to try to make it to a Ti-Cats game at their new barn at some point.
  5. Just when you thought the takes couldn’t possibly get any spicier up in here! 😂 Anyways, second jab next week, see youse fellow drunken, fat sheep at the stadium in the fall!
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