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  1. Cash him out for draft picks before he’s gimpy again.
  2. Yikes, dude looks like he’s been taking some classes at the “Gary Busey School of Beauty”.
  3. If only we could get him a Freddy to come out of retirement, we could relive those Dick Jauron glory days over and over! Get it done McBeane!!1!
  4. Hugs and cookies for all!
  5. We have more adorable nicknames than wins to show for the last 20 or so years.
  6. Is this the “No Ma’am” meeting?
  7. McDermott looks like the PB&J with the crusts cut off type.
  8. Bring back the lightbulb scoreboard, and let me bring in a duffel bag full of food and booze. For old times sake.
  9. Well my ticket group of about 20 years has a wide variety of incomes. We all do alright financially, most of us are college educated professionals , and there’s also a few guys who own their own businesses and do quite well. Like, really really well. This discussion has come up amongst the group, and not one of us would be into a new stadium, at least not for season tickets. I expected the money-bag fellas to be into it, but nope, one of them was the first to recoil at the idea, he gestured to the grill-smoke and beer filled NErF parking lots and said “this is what it’s all about”. And I agree.
  10. “Thank goodness there were no camera phones in my day! Cocaine’s a helluva drug!”
  11. Instructions unclear, placing head back in water bucket....
  12. Go ahead Rog. Show us the “economic benefit” new stadiums provide to anyone else besides the owners/league. I won’t hold my breath....
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