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  1. Oh shucky ducky...who deys gone get mane? Whoevea dey be gots to have dat fiyah tho mane!! Gots to sir dat chit up mane. Put da ***** on da chainwax!




  2. File under; Rat’s Ass. Sub-point; Who gives one?
  3. Dole’s on a roll! Dole’s goin’ to the Super Bowl!
  4. I’m sure these modern day fellas are fueled by pure carbs and water.
  5. Gimme the “smoke and a beer at halftime” generation back. Man’s game.
  6. I love this post almost as much as I love your username.
  7. Indeed. Good luck to the next fella, seat #1 has a nice 16 season ass groove worked into it 😉
  8. Hey can anyone check if my old seat(s) were taken by relocation? My remaining group wanted them at renewal but were told “no”, bc of relocation process. 125, row 33, 1&2. Just curious.
  9. Ha! Hey guyses, if Buffalo and Green Bay had a child together do you think it would look more like Brett Favre or Jim Kelly? Either was I know I’d sure love that baby, you guys are all like brothers to me because it gets cold here too. Good luck!
  10. The shade of green is an improvement, but other than that this set is hot garbage top to bottom. The entire look smacks of all those late 90’s/early 00’s “the future is now” uniform changes. And black alternates are so passé.
  11. Not so sure about that quite yet... Poloncarz on renovating New Era Field: ‘Why would we not do that?’ https://buffalonews.com/2019/03/31/poloncarz-on-renovating-new-era-field-why-would-we-not-do-that/ "We know if we can extend the lifespan of that stadium for another 25 years, and if it worked for our market, why would we not do that?"
  12. As a KC Royals fan, this is all I can presently contribute to this thread at this point in time....
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