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  1. Good ol’ Rick Jauron, he was definitely no Champ Gailey. But we gotta stop holding everyone to the standard that Marv Levine set here in the 90’s.
  2. 4_kidd_4

    Bills vs Packers 4 years ago today

    aw yeah i membah
  3. 4_kidd_4

    Stadium Food Health Safety Report

    When my dad first started bringing us in the 80’s he’d walk right in with a duffel bag full of sandwiches, chips, pop and candy, and a bunch of bottles of Blue. Bottles! Then he’d use a glove as a coozy/camouflage. Ah, the good ol’ days!
  4. Like the run first, defense first regime we have now??
  5. 4_kidd_4

    AW23 Beef with the Bills-Any insight?

    This guy’s a real...pain in the neck. Eh? Eh???? I’ll show myself out....
  6. 4_kidd_4

    Sal Mairano = the new Jerry Sullivan

    And here you are talking about him. Hook. Line. Sinker.
  7. 4_kidd_4

    McDermott is going to cost us in a big game

    Buffalo’s not an ugly city, you’re an ugly city! **pppbbbbbbbbtttt**
  8. 4_kidd_4

    McDermott is going to cost us in a big game

    The lack of situational awareness on-field too. The call to throw it to Allen was a garbage playcall to begin with, BUT if you’re gonna call ityou have to have it drilled into Zay’s head that if it’s not there pull it and run. He could have easily scooted up the gut for the 3 yards, instead it somehow turned into a corner fade and Alled layed out hard.
  9. 4_kidd_4

    McDermott is going to cost us in a big game

    It’s the overall sloppiness and lack of situational awareness that gets me.
  10. 4_kidd_4

    Jalen Ramsey: “Don’t Blame Me!”

    WR had ramsey beat on that late 4th and goal play, ball was right where it needed to be, just didn’t make the catch.
  11. 4_kidd_4

    Youse is in for a treat

    What is the deal with Todd Bowles face anyways?
  12. 4_kidd_4

    Cut Charles Clay RIGHT ***** NOW (and then hang up)

    Who own da Chief?
  13. 4_kidd_4

    Bills fans thoughts on our meltdown this year?

    Youse guys membah Don Majkowski?
  14. 4_kidd_4

    Steelers Fan Keeping it Classy

    Aw man, now I’m all nostalgic for my twenties 😢