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  1. Oh we’ve already grimaced our way through season 2 😂 Don’t get me wrong, absolutely love the original movies, and for a minute Kobra Kai was definitely entertaining in regards to nostalgia. Johnny’s character is pretty good. But as a whole, it’s a teen drama with really bad acting. And on that note, of course we’ll watch season 3 haha!
  2. Ha, both so bad!! As an aside, man Kobra Kai series is some cringey stuff. Started off OK, has some moments, but about halfway thru season 1 wife and I were basically “hate watching” it, mostly to roll our eyes and groan haha. Not that we had high expectations, but comeon guys, we’re adults still hung up on high school??? Also, what happened to Ralph Macchio’s shoulders? Why are they missing?? 😂
  3. Major League 2 was a dud. Slap Shot 2 was even worse than that. Speaking of Charlie Sheen, Hot Shots Part Deux was the first movie I ever walked out of. Not that the first one was a masterpiece by and stretch, but even teenage me knew when to cut my losses w part 2.
  4. Ha, came here to say “bad snap!!”. Ya got me by a few seconds.
  5. He was saying it’s good. As for 3, someone said it’s not bad. OK, but it’s not good either.
  6. Clerks 2 was brutal. Teen Wolf Too was also no good. Back To The Future 2 is passable, but 3 is downright awful.
  7. Inspired by recently learning that “A Christmas Story 2” is a thing, what are or were some real stinkers that followed a pretty good to great original movie? Top of my head, I gotta say Caddyshack 2 was really awful, and just about a downright disservice to the original. The Clooney & Kilmer Batman flicks were pretty bad too, imo. Not sure if those are sequels or not. The newest Star Wars trilogy is a trainwreck. Godfather 3 is not a good movie. Everything after Rocky 4 is no good. What say youse??
  8. Agree. Also agree. I like our chances saturday...
  9. I...I didn’t even know this was a thing. I’m just gonna pretend that I still don’t.
  10. Be sure to forward your list to; NFL HQ ATTN: Who Cares Department
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