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  1. It’s all about whatever experience you are seeking. When my tailgate crew were in our 20s, we were definitely in the silly shenanigan type lots. We graduated to nice, chill private lots a long time ago. All regulars, all relaxed. No judgement here on anyone’s preferences.
  2. It’s gross. It’s silly. It’s a little overplayed. But guess what? You don’t have to tailgate or eat there if you don’t want to.
  3. If your phone has a hinge and folds in half, then it’s definitely a flip phone.
  4. Yeah, this seems like the opener was the “freebie”, as in let’s see if folks follow a set of rules on their own. Shocker, they didn’t. Imagine that, there’s repercussions to bad behavior! Who woulda guessed??
  5. Well I definitely hear you here, and I anticipated it and stayed home. A sunday at the stadium is supposed to be an escape. It just hasn’t been for a while now. The whole anthem protest thing really revved up the armchair patriots, and the unfortunate toxic divisiveness was now being shouted at one another at the games. Sunday was the first opener I’ve missed in person in about 25 years. I’m vaxxed and not worried about being outside at the game & tailgate. However, my best friend & seatmate has a heart condition and also takes care of his mom with MS. So there’s multiple layers of risk there. He was going to go anyways and mask up the whole day. We talked earlier last week and he literally said “I feel like I’d get harassed for masking, and it would ruin the day”. So we ditched our tix. Unfortunately, sounds like he was absolutely correct. And that’s sad.
  6. I really like the “freedomz!!!” types harassing someone for choosing to wear their mask. That’s some butter-cream richness right there.
  7. Could get any girl out there and yr chasin that skeezer? Woof.
  8. For the record, the new Space Jam is beyond terrible. Lebron is no MJ, in any way, shape or form. Not even close.
  9. tix sold go bills
  10. Can we get a “facepalm” emoji choice on the board? Need it for those that keep saying we can host a SB in Buffalo. 🤦🏻‍♂️
  11. Youse guys membah Don Majkowski?
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