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  1. 4_kidd_4

    The Bills fanbase

    This thread is full of all the class.
  2. 4_kidd_4

    Charles Clay Released

    So long Charles and thanks for all those great memories, like uhhhh....and that one time you, uh, hm. Oh, there was that one game when, ummmmm.....so...good luck!
  3. Just want to point out as someone mentioned above, I misread the article, it was +$500 total for two seats in the front row of the 300s. So, $250/seat, which is still a pretty big hike all at once. Tell Terry to “drill another well” and watch from home.
  4. 4_kidd_4

    GM for a minute.

    Take all the “Williams”. Just because.
  5. 4_kidd_4

    Do You Still Wear Zubaz?

    Yeah man, I still have my “lucky” Bills Starter parka hanging in my basement closet. That bad boy was worn to so many legendary games from the 90’s era, including 51-3, The Comeback, the first home playoff game in Rich Stadium history on 1-1-89, and the 44-34 shootout in the snow vs. Miami. Good times, very fortunate to have seen all that and more in person.
  6. 4_kidd_4

    TBD in wall street journal!

    I’d say it’s like a “hit by pitch”, but one that barely brushes the jersey sleeve. As in, “coulda been worse”. Either way, take your base OP.
  7. Just read they increased first row of the 300s by $500/seat. That’d be a little tough to swallow if that’s my seat.
  8. 4_kidd_4

    Do You Still Wear Zubaz?

    This is why I love the early season warm weather games. As for the original Q, I have a pair that were a gift. They’re strictly sleepwear/loungewear and don’t leave the house. They’re akin to sweatpants in public. Ain’t nobody wanna see jiggly manbits in public.
  9. It’s not so much the $, I’m a “money’s already spent” kinda guy. It does chap me a bit to see tix go for pennies on the dollar on the street, but that’s not the break point. The cheap tix are good for people that normally wouldn’t be able to afford a game, and I think everyone in the area should be able to enjoy the experience from time to time, regardless of how good/bad the team is. BUT, those sub $20 tix definitely draw a certain crowd. The one game/last game I went to for the season was a disaster film inside the stadium. People falling down the aisles, some fights, dude whipped it out and pissed all over the section like 2 rows in front of us, friend of mine got puked on. It’s an embarrassment sometimes. These types are in the minority, but certainly cause the biggest ruckus, and it’s accentuated when the game is meaningless and the stands are only 2/3 full.
  10. “Worth”, riiiiight And for the record it’s not like I’m all lathered up over this, it’s a game and basically recreational time with the fellas on sunday. No one’s twisted my arm for 16 years to renew. And I will still go to at least 2, and I’d wager the guys that re-up in my group will toss me a freebie here and there, most of them can’t make all 8 anyways. But my home-game streak ended last year at 103 consecutive, almost 15 years to the day without missing a home game in person. Let me just say, it was pretty satisfying to be on the couch for a couple of those meaningless december games.
  11. Same sentiment here, but I’m definitely out after 16 seasons. Will do home opener and another game or two. No desire to go to all 8 home games, or to pay full price for two garbage preseason games.
  12. 4_kidd_4

    Super Bowl Feast Menus-Post Them

    Homemade pizzas on Dicamillo dough. Gin & tonic, Commodore Perry IPA. Sounds like a solid sunday to me. We do a white pizza AND a cheese n pep. Eliminates any debate
  13. 4_kidd_4

    Interesting yet weird story on stadium bathrooms

    The bathroom outside my section is newer, clean and usually moves quickly. Also, it’s all about timing. Gotta use change of possessions, tv timeouts and the end of the quarter to your advantage. I don’t drink like a fish anymore, so 1st Q & 3rd Q break is usually good enough for me. If there’s like 20-30 seconds on the clock and whoever’s got the ball is obviously not gonna snap a play, that’s my cue to dip out quickly. If you wait for the official to say “that’s the end of the quarter/half” and then start moving, yeah yr gonna wait in line to wizz.
  14. 4_kidd_4

    How Does a Bills Loss Affect Your Life?

    Win or lose, my alarm still goes off at 5:45am on monday. Doesn’t affect me in the least. It’s just a game, and tailgating is just a ‘hobby’.