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  1. Don’t forget Grady too! And I always thought it was pretty damned fantastic that Al reprised the character for perhaps one of the greatest music videos of all time...
  2. Every scene he ever had on that show is pretty much pure gold. ”I saw a provocative movie on cable last night. It was called “The Net”, with that girl from the bus.”
  3. Meh to the red helmets, personally. But I’m honestly surprised they kept the one helmet rule for so long, more helmets/looks per team equals more opportunity for the league to sell more crap.
  4. looks like “L.C.A.”. what a hack job.
  5. https://www.nbc.com/saturday-night-live/video/sports-center---romano/n11217 We still quote some gems from this sketch on a regular basis. Sweet sassy molassy!
  6. Safety and Buffalo ball. Period. The worst part was the optics of the black clad “extra officials” running onto the field to intervene. Like, if you’re gonna hose us and also try to quash “tHe NfL iS FiXEd!!!” rhetoric, that was a reeeeeally bad way to go about both. Buzz down from the booth and meet on the sidelines, not middle of the field. Bad look all around, especially when you’re essentially making spit up as you go along.
  7. I never trust a fella that goes by initials.
  8. I had a collector/dealer friend of mine check it out a while back, he said likely $200-$300 minimum, in its condition. There’s some staining and the bottom left corner is a bit shredded. Man, if all the Beatles vinyl she passed down to us was VG to Mint, I’d def be sitting on a fortune. Like I had mentioned earlier in the thread, she was a kid and the earlier albums are pretty jacked up. But they still hold sentimental value to my wife and I.
  9. Now this thread’s cookin’ with gas!
  10. Holy spit, that L-Dot Sizzle running joke was my absolute favorite over there. Any time someone would mention meeting a player in public someone else would inevitably chime in “were you at a Walgreens by any chance?”.
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