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  1. https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/29367236/giants-program-display-cutout-images-fans-stands
  2. How about the plane towing the Loser flag above the track? Some real special folk out there.
  3. Any love for my honest guess?? 😂 Are you at Bell’s in Michigan? Got some of their beers in a beer of the month club a while back, really enjoyed it.
  4. Without peeking, I’d guess....2500.
  5. Speaking of, here’s a blackberry honey lemon-thyme cocktail that we were enjoying over the weekend. Local raw honey, lemon-thyme from the garden...so fresh!
  6. I do a honey simple syrup, usually its a 1:1 ratio, but I usually cut the sweet in half, both sugars and honey. Also do honey/fruit syrups, ie. blackberry honey, or a peach honey. Always great with gin and g&t’s, and definitely good with a rye or bourbon, put some spin on a “Gold Rush” cocktail.
  7. Yep...in a nice homemade syrup for cocktails. Very versatile.
  8. I hear lemon juice & powdered sugar on french toast is all the rage in Europe. personally, gimme dat real maple syrup.
  9. Terry Kath definitely way up there near the top, imo. Early Chicago rips, amazing meld of rock/hard rock/experimental/jazz/psychedelic and Kath covers all the bases. It’s a shame that these days Chicago is mostly associated with the post Kath Peter Cetera schlock. Speaking of Peter Cetera, if anyone hasn’t had the pleasure, look up “Yacht Rock” on youtube. Hilarious take on the late 70’s into the 80’s pop music scene. Michael Mcdonald is portrayed as the protagonist, and he later said that even though Yacht Rock is a parody, there’s a lot in there that they actually got right.
  10. 80s + NHL + cocaine + amphetamines. Probably the greatest substance to sports equation of all time. Look no further than some of those Canadiens v. Nordiques battles from back then ha.
  11. Damn, and I thought it was quite an achievement when I could make it outta my dorm room when I was tripping, let alone throw a baseball.
  12. The “but Obama” took 17 whole pages to get to??? Man you guys are slippin’ like an old dude gettin pushed by some cops!
  13. I possibly read it a long time ago on a Snapple cap that I probably threw out. Maybe. Ok then here’s something a bit more relevant; a 50/50 lemonade/iced tea drink is known as an “Arnold Palmer”.
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