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  1. Fell good that you’re not one of the parties involved in this story.
  2. Comeon september....
  3. There’s some nice Spielman and Paup jerseys on ebay right now if anyone is into that.
  4. Keep scouring ebay, it just might turn up someday!
  5. All sharp, clean and classic. Add the Colts & Giants to that list too. Bottom of the barrel; Tampa Bay(offensive to the eyes), Jets(great color they switched to, but horrible execution), and New England & Cincy are just overall incoherent design trainwrecks.
  6. No player name on a jersey style they never wore. Don’t do it.
  7. I was there and it was absolutely awful. Agree 100%, I deal with the cold far easier. I was juts mocking yet another spicy “BuFfAlO iS FrEeZiNg cOLd All TeH TiMe” take.
  8. Oh yeah, we’re totally in our woolies all september and october.
  9. Just wait til they plop down Smilin’ Terry’s Shiny New Downtown Palace Of One Pegulaville! You’ll probably have to apply for credit to buy a round.
  10. Two pizzas, one standard cheese & pepperoni, then we do a white pizza, olive oil & garlic w artichoke, sun dried tomato, fresh garden basil, maybe some kalamata olives if we’re feeling frisky.
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