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  1. My wife is a 10th grade English teacher, so I’m always on best behavior. She tell her class that every time they misuse an apostrophe on a plural word, God kills a puppy, ha.
  2. Let’s give him an unnecessary apostrophe instead.
  3. Really tall rabbit ears.
  4. Anywhere you go is what you make of it. I’ve had a blast in tiny towns as well as big cities. Everywhere has its good and bad, and I’m well aware of all aspects of WNY, NYS etc., I still love it here and we choose to stay. Every city can’t be Miami or Dallas or NYC or LA., and I don’t understand the “tribalism” of such places as in “I’m from (‘big’ city), therefore everywhere else sucks!”. Well fantastic then, when you’re done visiting and/or dumping on places like Buffalo, you can go back and feel superior again!
  5. Ah yes a good ol’ fashioned “fanhood” pissing match! Go to all the games, go to one game or go to none- your life is gonna be the same monday morning any way you slice it.
  6. I feel you man, would have been great to get one for some of our fam while they were still around. They’ll all get to celebrate at the big Superbowl party upstairs someday
  7. The real question is who is Gary?? Was it his Dallas fan buddy or something?
  8. I say we just start tackling right at the coin toss, set the tone.
  9. Cool thread, imma take a rubber mallet hard to my sack instead.
  10. Oh ok, we’ll join all the other knuckleheads that “boycotted” the NFL over Kap. All tens of them!
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