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  1. Gotta say this league has some real clean uniforms & logos. Glad they rehashed their 80’s look, that was the last simple uniform era in all of sports before the 90’s kinda went over the top with things.
  2. How’s about a “Tribute To The Drought” event, and you show clips of JP Losman & Dick Jauron while kicking people in the crotch.
  3. “If it ain’t white, it ain’t right. -Phil Dunphy” -Josh Allen
  4. But what about the raps???
  5. There’s always money in the banana stand.
  6. Getting a little tired of the “Wayne Gretzky Family Story Time Hour” here ffs.
  7. https://www.golongtd.com/p/it-was-a-bad-bad-situation?s=r “You preach accountability,” one player said. “But you don’t practice it.”
  8. Couldn’t agree more. This overseas stuff is so forced and lame.
  9. Lol, k. Cripes, September can’t get here fast enough.
  10. The fuh is he supposed to do here? What about liability, if he jumps down and does something and makes it worse for her? Rule one of an injury/fall like that is do NOT move the person until a professional can attend to the situation.
  11. Somehow…some way….we’re still “Billsy”. 😕
  12. Lost interest a long time ago. Over officiated, watered down product. More about the show/tv production than the actual game. And with twitter etc, it’s becoming a reality show instead of a sport. And i feel like with the NFL hand in the pot with legal gambling it’s only gonna get worse. I love the Bills because hometown habits die hard. They are all I really watch. Bills are more of a social event to me, to get together with friends and family. If we didn’t have a team I likely wouldn’t watch at all.
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