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  1. Its all smoke screen....this guy is using the theory some have to build on your strengths with the picks he had. We take BPA hands down and the will be TE...... RB Clemson.
  2. I choose T. Etienne, RB, Clemson. Because when I look at this roster and the draft board, the only position that we could possibly choose and have a legit shot to start day 1 is running back. We have decent depth guys but no game breakers. Etienne is a game breaker. Big, fast and can start day 1.
  3. Get it done Beane!!!! we can give the dirty birds this years first and next years first along with a third and a late rounder in either year so we can get Pitts. I know we need some D but this guy has all the tools to make our Offense even better. We wont be getting starters with later first round picks anyway not with this roster. But if we get Pitts we get a starting TE. Thoughts..... I would even throw in Edmonds in on the deal and draft a MLB in the second round!!!
  4. As much as I would like to get Travis Etienne, I think we will draft heavy on the Defense. Our weakest spot on the team IMO is the D-Line especially ends (and age has a lot to do with it). We have dinosaurs playing both ends (Hughs, and Addison) we need an influx of youth at that position, so I see maybe two or three DE's drafted. It would not surprise me if Etienne is sitting there at 30 and we draft him and later in the draft trade Moss or Singletary away. Just my opinion. If we can stay young and get better that is good too.
  5. We have a pretty good roster as it sits right now and there is now way 7 draft prospects make the roster or even come close. This is what I would do if I were Beane. Here are the Bills picks as it stands now: Round Pick 1 30 Bills original selection 2 61 Bills original selection 3 93 Bills original selection 5 161 Acquired from Raiders for Zay Jones 5 174 Bills original selection 6 213 Bills original selection 7 *236 Acquired from Panthers for Marshall Newhouse I woul
  6. I would like to see Clowney also. Reminds me of Mario when we signed him even though he was already a stub. Clowney did go to S.C. not the biggest of towns for a football team. And since he has been in the NFL Houston, Seattle, Tenn. all big citys with lots of stuff to get into. I think Buffalo would make him feel the most at home, plus dude has to know he is running out of chances. I think he will either be a steal or a major bust either way he wont cost much and the upside is better then the downside.
  7. I have to disagree with your statement that our two best players were Roberts and Bojorquez. Roberts was good but I would much rather see Lil Dirty back there especially for punts. To me he is more shifty and always has a chance to break one (i.e. the Miami game last year). Yes Roberts was good and he always came out with a full steam of head....but he wasn't shifty and if there wasn't a hole there he wasn't going anywhere. As for Bojo, I thought he was average. Yes he had some great punts but he also had some pretty bad ones (i.e. the 12 yarder vs the Cards). You can look here and see that he
  8. Buddy Johnson LB Texas A&M dude can play in a tough conference two Seth Wiliams WR Auburn Can jump though the roof a big body too 6'3" 211 Anthony Schwartz WR world class sprinter that is what we need to fill JB spot. He could play ST and learn behind a great WR room. JORDAN SMITH EDGE UAB i like this guys size and in today's NFL it would be nice to pass down some passes (6'7" 255) JOSHUA KAINDOH EDGE FSU Beane probably saw him today 5-star recruit out of college great size 6'7 260 AARON HANSFORD LB Texas A&M I like this guy too because he was a WR his first tw
  9. I was thinking about this a lot lately and I have come to this conclusion. When Beane signed Butler and Jefferson for the D-line last year he did that counting on Lotulelei (6'2" 315) to play all year. So I give him a pass on how poor our pass rush was last year. Star being out not only effected our pass rush IMO but it also didn't help in the development of Oliver either. I think with Star coming back this season it will free up some more guys to rush the passer because he commands a double team most of the time and last year noone on our line commanded one. So I think you will see some impro
  10. Do you think AJ Kline can play DE? His best trait last year was rushing the passer IMO. His size is pretty close to most DE's on the team he should only have to put on like 10 Lbs. Just wondering. Can't see him getting plaid all that money just to back up Milano? Thought
  11. The signing of Milano tells me exactly this...that we are making a run at the SB!! He was a part of the first draft class that McD was a part of right before they hired Beane....Keeping and signing their own is what it is all about. How much do we gain by dropping AJ and drafting a LB as a back up? Also we are still in the running for a DE I think we need to drop or get Tyler M. and I wish Lee Smith would decide if he is going to retire or not. How much do we save if Lee Smith retires vice getting cut does anyone know?
  12. Fake News!!!! they just took his salary and multiplied it by four without seeing the details...
  13. I don't know how much pull the Pats have anymore....think about it....Brady gone and happier....Gronk gone and happier.....Van Noy (who I would like to get in FA if we can't get Milano)I would be surprised if he goes back to NE....because he is a good fit there and if he doesn't go back that should say something about the moral within the Pat's organization. Nobody ever looked like they were having fun over there even when they were winning. And I don't recall any ex-pats returning after they left....
  14. I like the neutral sites being held in states that don't have an NFL franchise states like ND, SD, Wyoming, Nebraska, Oklahoma, places like that, that have NFL fans but no home team. I think that would be cooler then having games overseas for neutral site games....America First!!! I just thought of something that would make it interesting if they aren't going to use a neutral site field for the games....Have the Superbowl or Pro Bowl winning conference as the host conference for the next years games. That would give them something to play for...an extra home game!!
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