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  1. I agree with that what was Boogie supposed to do...the QB threw the ball when Boogie was a half a step away...how is the man supposed to hold up plus he didn't drive him into the ground he held his hands out when he feel on him...BS call.
  2. Agree and it seemed to me like he was pushed into the QB and the QB deserves and Emmy for his acting....playing like he was all hurt them comes right back in.
  3. They have some or at least one in Austin Texas....If they can get it there they should be able to bring it to Buffalo!!!
  4. I don't see us keeping three QB's on active roster unless Fromm can play ST. Plus I bet Beane trades more then just one player before the regular season. Sometimes you have to trade guys to be fair to them as well...give them a shot where they might fit in and sticking them on the practice squad isn't going to do that for them...(i.e. W. Teller). I could see Beane trading: Ford or Lamp (agree) but a Ike Boettger (if Anderson is a serviceable back up) because you will get more for Boettger in a trade and Anderson can play all the same spots on the line that Boettger did (center, or either guard spot) Hodgins/Wade/Williams one of those guys are going to take the spot that Fromm occupies and it wouldn't surprise me if we can trade Williams or Hodgins befor it is all over too. Next year's draft class is stacked from what i am reading due to COVID hold outs so lets stack picks next year so we can move around to board to get our guys.
  5. A few months ago nobody was paying attention to the board...now we are in football mode....lol
  6. Daboll will be a head coach somewhere in the NFL next season and Trubisky will be his starting QB!! Think about it what better way to groom you future QB for whatever team he may be coaching then using JA to show Trubisky the ropes of your offense without getting on the field. Daboll will be coaching a Trubisky led team in one of the following locations IMO: LV Raiders: I don't think this is what the Mark Davis envisioned when hiring Chucky and Mayock when he hired them. Mayock has messed up a couple of draft classes and once he gets fired here I can't see him going back to the Draft show he once hosted on NFL network. Chucky has always been over rated in my eyes....he was a better game day host them head coach. Carr although good at times, reminds me of a poor mans Andy Dalton and the reason why I say poor man's Andy Dalton is because at least Dalton could get his teams to the playoffs. The Raiders are also in the same division as the Chiefs as we know and they need to score points to match the Chiefs..and that isn't going to happen on a consistent basis without a mobile QB with a gun who can sling it. The Chargers will be no push over either. Minn Vikings: What better way for Trubisky to become a starting QB again other then in the same division as the team that dumped you and haunt them for the next 8 to 10 years. I don't think Zimmer makes it though the season this year and Cousins isn't taking them anywhere....ever. Cousins is a glorified back-up QB and a rich one at that. Daboll coming in there with Trubisky will be great for that offense and poised to take over the division again for a good run IMO. or Houston Texans: Yes the Texans are in a bad spot right now. Once they trade away D. Watson they will have a ton of draft picks and nowhere to go but up. I think Daboll would take this job if the contract is good and he has a say in everything that goes on within the team but not the final word. I don't think it ever works out where the coach is also the GM...and don't mention the Patriots because Cheating Bill is an over rated GM who caught lighting in a bottle with TB12 who made Bill look good while QBing a team with a lot of bad rosters. I think this team needs to do what the Bills did when Sean and McBean got to town and clean house and rebuild. I don't know who would take this job though it kind of reminds me of the Browns and Us a few years ago...a place where head coaching dreams went to die. But both franchises seemed to figure it out so maybe Daboll can take that experience and build the Texans. But this won't happen because all the coaching jobs will be filled before Daboll get's a chance to accept one because the Bills will be playing in the SB. Go Bills!!
  7. I didn't say he wasn't an asset I just said he wont be missed. We saw all he could do and he was never going to break one like McKenzie did. To me the dude was consistent yes but we saw all he could do. I think there is a lot more upside with McKenzie who can make a big play on ST when we need one.
  8. I voted for other which translates to (none of them). All this buzz about Roberts....yes he was a good returner but her was just north and south kind of guy who tried to plow over guys with no juke moves what so ever. I think McKenzie will be a big upgrade at punt return specialist (he has juke moves and speed that will make guys miss exhibit A go see week 17 last year against Miami dude is 1 for 1 last year on punt returns with 1 TD). I think the KR duties will be a wash.
  9. I know this topic is kind of vanilla...but I was wondering where Bills Mafia stood as far as Bills players you are rooting for this year besides the obvious. There are plenty to choose from Cody Ford, Devin Singletary, Dawson Knox, Ed Oliver, Taron Johnson, Isaiah McKenzie, Harrison Phillips to name a few. Most of these guys I feel have something to prove to ownership and front office, coaches, themselves, and of course Bills Mafia. These are players IMO that have worked hard in the offseason and all have had their moments but have not been consistent enough or in your opinion used enough to maximize their talents. I am rooting for Dawson Knox. I love watching that guy when he has the ball in his hands ever since the Bengals game in week 3 of his rookie year in 2019. Fourth Quarter with 4:13 left and the Bills were down 17-14. He caught a pass and was barrelling over defenders and got the crown at Bills Stadium rocking which we ended up winning the game 21-17 mainly because of that play. His hands are questionable at times and drops a simple pass...but usually shortly after a drop he makes an unbelievable catch. He appears to have been working hard on his faults this offseason with the eye therapy and now the TE university. Plus it usually takes WR and TE's til year three to really bloom although there is always some exceptions. He was sick with COVID last year and was hurt and missed 4 games. I am rooting for this kid and hoping he catches at least 55 balls this year for 700 Yards with 5 TD's at a minimum.
  10. I think Josh's numbers will go down slightly. I just remember him in the Houston Playoff game when he started to be a cowboy making stupid mistakes trying to out dual D. Watson instead of winning the game. I hope I am wrong but last year with no crowds I think it was easier for him to stay focused and calm to some extent. Now with the stadiums full and the year the Bills are coming off of, the stadium will be rocking I just hope Josh listens to a lot of Frank Sinatra this year in between possessions to calm his nerves or I think we will see a couple of bone headed mistakes a-la two years ago. Over pumped. I also hope we have a 1,000 yard rusher. I hope we build leads heading into the forth quarter and then pound the ball. It is good for the health of the team (Josh) taking less hits, it is good for the backs, takes pressure off Josh and the receivers, and it is good for the O-line (the big guys like that). I don't know which back it will be but if I had to put money on it it would be Moss.
  11. That is funny!!! Yeah they won the Off season signing period made some moves...how many times did the Bills do that and it didn't matter. You can have all the hot shots in the room you want but if they don't jell and play together and for each other it doesn't matter. The Bills proved that over and over again. Now we have less hot shots and more teammates looking out for each other. I will take that any day of the week.
  12. Cuts...or Trade Bait? Makes you wonder what the mad hatter is going to pull off this year...trading some good guys for mid to late round draft picks....
  13. Cody Ford only played one year and last year he wasn't bad a guard then he got hurt. He has moved all over the line trying to find his spot. Its hard enough for a rookie in the NFL to learn one position not 3. I can see him settling in at guard this year and concentrating on one position and really helping. As for Knox he was a High School QB and recruited to Ole Miss as a QB and converted to TE during college. Not an easy task. Plus I think this is the year he will shine. If you look most receivers don't break out until year 3 in the NFL....I said most. So as a receiving TE he will improve as an overall TE maybe another year or so. I just want the receiving part to come alive. And Singletary is nothing special. He was a great surprise his first year in the league but now teams know who he is and aren't scared. He is who he is. So I would give the first two a break.
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