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  1. If it was up to me (thank god it is not) but I would keep 7 WR's and 3 TE's rather then 4/5 RB's. Keep Touchdown Jesus on the roster for Gunner on ST and another threat when they go 5 wide. Have T. Jones and R. Gilliam battle it out for the #4 RB/ST player. We get more value with an extra WR then we do a RB.
  2. I think the Steeler's might surprise this year. Always great defense, second year back Harris will be just fine and the Steeler's will play in a bunch of grind it out defensive battles this year. As for the Bengals, I put them in the same tear are the Steeler's. Not the top dog even in their own division and fighting for a wildcard spot with the Steeler's.
  3. Devon Achane RB Texas A&M. We have been looking for a speed back that can take it to the house. This is the man has elite speed that you can't teach... and it translates to the football field he had 118 yards rushing in the forth quarter when the defense was tired and his speed shined. This guy is a stud. He can also return kicks all done!!
  4. Just because he was a fan favorite doesn't mean he deserves to be on the Wall of Fame. The Wall of Fame is for iconic Bills Players with HOF credentials that might not hold up against the rest of the League as far as the Hall goes but does call for some well deserved recognition from the Bills organization like Darryl Talley, Kent Hull, Fred Smerlas, and Steve Tasker. Not Ryan Fitzpatrick.
  5. All SEC players at all positions of need. If his school is from the SEC I will take it. That is the best conference in football hands down. Maybe some late flyers in the later rounds. But rounds 1-4 all SEC.
  6. I will keep this short In round 1: Jameson Williams WR Ala. We have enough depth now to draft him late in the first. He is a top 10 talent that we don't have to rush back and the way WR are getting paid now it would be nice to pair him with Josh for the next 5 years. That will take Josh into the mid-late stages of his career. In round 2: Best CB available. I still know we are going to sign a veteran CB at some point (Beane always does) but we still need youth there. In round 3 or 4 draft: David Ojabo LB Michigan. first round talent that tour his ACL today at proday. Again we have enough depth and he would be in no hurry to return this year. I just have a feeling it is going to be hard for a draft pick later in the draft to make this team anyway so why not set us up for the next 4 to five years with the hurt guys.
  7. Looking at how McDermott handles his players during season and in game is sometimes questionable...don't you think? McKenzie fumbled the punt against Indy...yes it was bad...but everyone on the team seemed to be having a bad day during that one. Did that mean that McKenzie needed to be benched for that game and then on the IA list the following week. I don't think so, that is why McKenzie may be leaving us. Z. Moss fumbled the ball in 2020 against SF early in the game...yes it was on the goal line...but I don't think coach had to benched him for the rest of the game. D. Singletary had fumble problems in 2020 and early this year he seems to under utilize him until the end of the year...that is probably a bad example...but you get the point. Not to mention his in game management as a coach...he always preaches Super Bowl caliber to his players well maybe he needs to look in the mirror too. He is the head coach which means he is responsible for everything that goes on, on the field. Bad play calls by the Offence or Defense...on him. Weather or not to go for it on 4th down...on him. Communication on the side lines...on him. Questionable use of TO's during the game...on him. This one baffles me as a spectator and watching how other coaches use their time outs. He never uses his time outs to manage situations...(i.e. after we scored a go ahead TD with 13 seconds left. We still had one TO to burn, why not use it to calm the team down after the big play lets catch our breath and make sure everyone is on the same page on how to close out the game. Make sure Bass knows its a squib kick (trust but verify...leadership 101). Make sure everyone knows the situation K.C. has 10 seconds basically (less then 10 seconds with a squib kick/3 seconds or less for FG try) to get in FG range with 3 TO's at their disposal so cover the whole field. Instead he uses his TO on the second play on Defense to see what the Chiefs will do giving them more time to come up with a play. Not a Super Bowl Caliber moment for our coaching staff and it falls on McD. He is a great coach but not a great game manager. This might keep our own guys from resigning or it might scare potential FA's from coming here.
  8. I would say Malino is pretty good...wouldn't you. Taron Johnson is pretty good...Harry is pretty good too when not hurt....and Tre White yeah he sucks....kidding.
  9. Joey doesn't know what day it is....he is not in charge in DC.
  10. Hopefully he will tell McDermott and Fraizer not to play prevent defense with 13 seconds left in the game.
  11. Watch Storm Duck...Great Name but has the build that McBeane and Co. love 6'5" corner 4.38 40 he would be a 3rd rounder or later.....
  12. Good Write Up!!! I will not bash Edmonds he does have his moments. If it were up to me I would get younger in the backup positions by cutting AJ and Tyler saving about 7.6 Mil in cap space. The one college guy who is a beast who may drop in the draft is Adam Anderson OLB GA. He may drop to a day two or three pick because he was accused of rape in 2020. His stats are beast though at 6'5" 4.39 40 at 230 pounds. I would do some serious character checks on this guy though before drafting him. The good thing now about our team is our locker room is solid and I think they can help a guy like this out. Great at rushing the passer. Brandon Smith LB Penn St. is another one who will go higher then Anderson IMO. Bigger at 245 ish lbs just as fast 4.40 40 can play inside and out. According to write up was better in pass coverage. Those are my two. I would use the money freed up to get a good CB2 and draft a lot of offense early.
  13. I was wondering if the Bills invite someone to camp...maybe a former coach who has experienced the stress of game situations to drill McDermott on a daily basis? I know McD always says he will look at the tape and figure out what we can do better and he has always said that but the results aren't showing up on the field and in crunch time. - It seems like he holds on to TO's for situations where the TO's could be better used to defuse or settle down situations (like maybe that kickoff with 13 seconds left to make sure "trust but verify" Bass had the plan if there was any doubt and to talk a little longer with the D to ensure all are on the same page) - Or McD says well we thought about doing that (like holding the receivers once to kill 5 of the 13 seconds) - Or just practice strategies with a former coach who has been in his shoes? The reason i say training camp because I feel like the coach for McD can bring up the situations when McD is not ready for them or doesn't know they are coming and he can give his answer. Also has anyone ever heard of a football team having a game manager on the sidelines instead of a coach like in baseball. Someone who just manages the game? I didn't want to take anything away from McD but it might be nice to have a game manager sitting next to him during the game to be feeding him information and communicating with the Analysts instead of McD doing it. That is not a knock on McD just a way to take some off McD's plate. Thoughts...
  14. I agree with this "a rookie RG starting" This draft appears to be heavy on OL and we need to protect our QB better then we have. I love Brown and Dawkins but those might be our two remaining starters going into next year. It wouldn't surprise me if Morris retires...Bates won't sign a 1 year deal..in fact it will be hard to sign anyone to a 1 year deal this year since the cap is back up and we are getting back to normal. Beane does two things well IMO....working out friendly contracts that benefit both the player and the team, and he has a good to great mid round draft class every year (Knox round 3, Davis round 4, Dane round 6, Brown round 3, Singletary round 3) the only good first round draft picks that he has had are Josh (of course) and Oliver that is it so far IMO. So I would go with the safe bet and draft an IOL in the first round sign Bates to a longer contract (he can play OG or center if Morris retires) and Sign Harrison (another Beane pick in the third round) keep Star not worth losing 3.5 M in dead cap he was servicable this year it also wouldn't surprise me if he retired this year also. Talk to Levi, sign Mckenzie for a three year deal...cut Beasley if you have to he is getting old and slow love the guy but its time to go...Gabe is good can't hold our guys back any longer we always say we need more time to develop our guys if we don't play the guys who deserve to they will walk when they get a chance. We also need a TE we can't roll into next season with Knox...Sweany...and Gilliam we need another one (maybe Gronk will give us a home town discount for a year or two to play with Josh and be able to play in front of his home town). Beane also has to get off holding roster spots just for special teamers (unless they are the kicker, punter, or long snapper) I am talking Tyler M, T. Jones, and I am sure there are a few others. Most kickoff are through the endzone now anyways so we need all 53 to be able to have two rolls when it comes to ST.
  15. maybe people will "fear the beard" or maybe the coaches can rub it before every game is hopes of some of his smartness rubs off on them.
  16. I was thinking how cool it would be to get Fitzpatrick back in Buffalo...I mean he obviously loves Buffalo or he wouldn't have bared the cold with his boys the night we kick NE's butt. I just think in order to move forward we need some outside help and different perspective in the Offense and Defense. Obviously we are going to lose Daboll he is as good as gone. Josh wants Dorsey as his OC which I am good with that as far as continuity standpoint...but I feel bringing Fitz in as a coach and not the backup would be great and bring a different perspective. The guy is smart as hell and he seems to love Buffalo. Just a thought. What do you think?
  17. Yup Josh made Daboll. That is why Bill didn't fight to keep him in NE, and Saban didn't fight to keep him in Alabama...I always thought that was weird and then we get him and he turns out to be better then sliced bread. We all know that is because of Josh. Daboll wont last 3 years with the G men.
  18. I know I have heard the guys talk about it in the morning show on WGR 550 but I wanted to see. For the four teams that played in the Conference Championships the year prior (ex BUF, KC, TB, GB) before this year the teams never won their divisions the next year like in 2021 (example in the championship games from 2019 GB, 49ers, TENN, CHIEFS the next year 2020 standing 49ers finished last in their division) in modern time. Keep in mind the four divisions started in 2002 so before then it would have been harder. The last time all four teams that played in the conference championship game the year prior and all made the playoffs the next year was the 1996 season. In the conference championship game in 1995 it was DAL, GB, PITT, and INDY. All teams made the playoffs in 1996 but INDY finished 3rd in the AFC EAST. I only went to 1990 for these because in the 90's and before 2002 it was really hard to win division the next year.
  19. Why do we need this guy? We can't afford him and we want to keep a good team in tack around Josh so we can be a fixture in the AFC playoffs for years to come. Where would he play? Are you taking Davis off the field? I wouldn't do that he is a stud and every time he is on the field he makes plays. If you bring in Calvin what are you saying to Davis that he isn't good enough? If we keep bringing in other receivers then when Davis's contract is up he will no doubt walk and then what does that leave us. We have to take care of our own. I say don't even bother with Calvin and build within. I hope we don't bring in anyone else next year and give that job to Davis hands down. I am very happy with Diggs, Davis, and McKenzie as our top three...Beasley is still under contract next year we can use him draft another late rounder and go from there. I also think we will see more from Stephenson next year so lets see what we got with him too. We have a great foundation for longevity here lets not chase guys.
  20. I second that...it seems like the Bills are more focused when playing on the road after that Jax game...I mean it was all business last week in NE and yesterday was a total let down from Josh....Love that guy but he needs to get more consistent for us to have a chance...It seemed like yesterday he was trying to play hero ball at times...Winning is the best answer to anything no matter how you do it.
  21. I agree with this because nobody wants to watch a team run the ball and play defense....doesn't appeal to the non-NFL audience that tunes into the game to watch touchdowns. I like this too...I think this confuses the defense more then swapping out running backs every other play because if you leave one back in there all the time they don't know what you are going to do....before when we were swapping Singeltary is in they must be running or play action....Moss is in chances are it is a throw or they need one yard and they think Moss can get it which he usually doesn't.
  22. I think Rodgers is going to the Raiders...He is a west coast guy and doesn't want to play in the elements in Seattle...plus if I remember correctly he said GB doesn't have much of a night life so what better place then LV. As for Russell i think he will end up in Carolina...started his college back at NC State and played there for four years. They are descent with some good weapons good weather and really wont be a threat to the Seahawks in the near future.
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