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  1. To shoot down talk of someone at 9 and then offer Metcalf as a possibility discredits any of your sentiment. We won’t draft the physically dominant running back with terrific game speed that just happened to have a below average 40 time, but we’ll select the injury ridden receiver who can’t cut and has inconsistent hands at 9? Personally I don’t think we would select either of them at 9, but to ridicule Jacobs and list Metcalf as a possibility is just a silly notion. I’m not saying he’s worthy of the 9th overall pick but Jacobs would be the much safer option, Metcalf in the top 10 has potential to be a bust big enough to kill this regime. He’s had prior foot injuries and neck injuries, these aren’t the injuries that just disappear like broken bones. These are reoccurring and lingering injuries that don’t really go away, you don’t spend a top 10 pick on that. Not too mention selecting a receiver who’s known to have inconsistent hands and troubles with cutting in the top 10.
  2. elijah

    Devin White - Luke Keuchly, Patrick Willis, Ray Lewis

    Two linebacker sets are becoming the norm in the NFL and we’ve found our two in Matt Milano and Tremaine Edmunds. Rarely will there be 3 or more linebackers on the field and I doubt this McDermott wants to relegate Milano to a sub 40 play guy. The concept of White, Milano and Edmunds at linebacker is fascinating and we would certainly have one of the best and most athletic trios in the league, but I simply don’t see it happening when it’s more about the duo.
  3. elijah

    Six new starters on offense

    I don’t think Kroft is a starter and will be more of a utility tight end in 3rd & short and red zone situations, where he’s a sixth offensive lineman but low key another receiving threat. I’d like a qualified starting tight end along with one more proven, or atleast semi-highly touted, offensive lineman and then I’d call it a fully rebuilt offense. I think TE will be addressed via draft, hopefully in the form of TJ Hockenson or Noah Fant (keep Kaden Smith in mind as a later round pick). Offensive line, I’m not sure where it’ll be addressed but I believe, or want too believe, that we’ll add one more guy that’s expected to be starting caliber.
  4. elijah

    'Buffalo is very, very interested' in Matt Paradis

    I don’t like Allbright’s attitude and they way he carries himself, he can seem to be very condescending and a bit troll-ish at times while trying to make it out to be his followers that are. However, that being said, he tends to be pretty credible and is often times right.
  5. elijah

    What's your 2019 projected offensive line

    Brown, Morse and Williams may be the three best offensive lineman on the market. I like the optimism but too expect the Bills to sign all three of them is a bit absurd and unrealistic, especially considering the money it would take and the other needs on the team. It’s much more likely to land one of Morse, Paradis, Williams and Brown, and then draft another lineman, and sign one more lower tier offensive lineman.
  6. elijah

    What do you want to see this offseason: TRADES

    ^^ I don’t understand the reasoning for the merging of those threads. Trading down in itself is something to discuss outside of just trades in general, it’s a concept of trading down v trading up v staying put and draft day trades in general. The pro’s, the con’s, the teams who do and the teams who don’t. This thread is about trades, mostly for players, more than anything else. Two very different topics and could’ve been a good discussion considering the immense amount of people on the board that support the Bills trading down in this draft.
  7. elijah

    What do you want to see this offseason: TRADES

    I understand the logic in trading down and the desire too. You get to trade down and pick a prospect that you liked all along or a prospect of similar quality, while also picking up an extra few picks. I also understand why people would believe that trading down is an opportunity. In McDermott's first draft we traded down to get Tre White in the 1st, in Beane's first draft we traded up to get both Josh Allen and Tremaine Edmunds. The front office here is one of the much more progressive regimes in the NFL, if not the most progressive when it comes to trading. I would love to trade down and I also believe that it's a viable option that could come with many beneficial outcomes. However, when did it become a foregone conclusion that the Bills will trade down in this draft and there's no question too it? The amount of posts regarding the draft, or personal mock drafts and what not suggesting that the Bills will trade down is absolutely ridiculous. It has to be upwards of 50% of the posts. When you're talking about trading down, another team has to be looking to trade up. What are they looking to trade up for at the 9th overall pick? A quarterback? It's widely sensed that there's only one QB in this draft worth a top ten pick, and with the Giants and the Jaguars (and even the Bucs) selecting ahead of us, it's likely that Haskins will be gone. An elite offensive lineman? Isn't that one of the most pressing needs for the Bills to begin with? Why would we trade out of a position to select an offensive lineman with a team that intends on selecting that offensive lineman? A #1 WR? Again, isn't this one of the most pressing needs for the Bills right now? Even so, this draft lacks a true #1 receiver. Some may point towards DK Metcalf, but you can't convince me that a team is going to trade into the top ten to select a receiver that's had both season ending foot and neck injuries. Especially after you consider just how deep this receiving class is, you're talking about maybe 15+ receivers capable of being a starter one day. A shutdown CB? While I personally think that DeAndre Baker is going to be a lockdown corner, the consensus around the league is that their isn't necessarily one in this draft. Greedy Williams, Byron Murphy and Baker have all sort of been grouped into the same tier of talent, making it not worth it too trade up for one of the three. A premier defensive lineman? This is the deepest spot in the draft, and by pick 9 you're still looking at a couple of defensive lineman that could be elite on the board after the 9th pick. The best scenario for the Bills to trade down would be if Ed Oliver slipped to #9 and the Bills wanted to forego the possible "headache," trading down with a team that let the talent outweigh it. And even that has to go with the assumption that a.) Ed Oliver slips, and b.) after Oliver slipping, a team decides he's still worth the top ten pick despite 8 other teams already passing on him. Maybe I'm too sensitive to a minor topic after what's already been a long off-season just a few weeks in, but I think it's time for a lot more discussion on what player the Bills are looking at with the 9th overall pick rather than who they may be looking at in the middle of the round after they've definitely, undoubtedly traded down already.
  8. elijah

    Gerald McCoy: Cap casualty

    Sounds great in theory, but you’ve got to know by now that McDermott rotates his defensive linemen. We don’t like that Star is getting paid ~$10M a year to play about 50% of the snaps, but we want to bring in McCoy for the same price to play roughly the same amount of snaps? I don’t see McBeane putting $20M+ a year into two players at a position that we rotate about 4 players through. That’s bad cap management and if Beane has shown anything, I think he’s shown his ability to manage cap.
  9. elijah

    Blakeman ref for KC *NE game...and *pats fans upset

    Multiple people do it here and I don’t really see or understand why, Why the * before/after NE/Patriots?
  10. elijah

    Pre-Combine Receiver Rankings

    Someone might, but it’s not going to be expected if they do and it’ll be a total surprise to even the general manager that selects them. Even the best receivers in this class only look to be low level number one at their highest potential. Someone might, but it’s not going to be expected if they do and it’ll be a total surprise to even the general manager that selects them. Even the best receivers in this class only look to be low level number one at their highest potential.
  11. elijah

    Pre-Combine Receiver Rankings

    No receiver in the first three rounds is a boiling hot take
  12. elijah

    Pre-Combine Receiver Rankings

    If we’re going receiver first round the most value would be to trade down to the mid 20’s and take the front offices preference of the remaining of Deebo, Harry and Harmon Other than that scenario, we should stay put and take a couple of these guys on day two and day three. Lots of depth in this class but no stars.
  13. elijah

    Pre-Combine Receiver Rankings

    From the tape I watched, I saw a lot of concentration drops from him. He looks down field before he has the ball often and it leads to drops. His hands are pretty subpar, nothing more than average at best. Also, the people noticing the work and saying thanks for it, I’ve been trying to give you ‘cheers’ or ‘thanks’ on your posts but I don’t think I’m able too with the new member groups, thank you anyways though!
  14. elijah

    Pre-Combine Receiver Rankings

    I think this is the next position I’m going to get into
  15. elijah

    Where in ROC are you?

    Also lastly I don’t know if maybe you could advance out of the prospects group despite not having the content count required. If you look at my activity, the majority of my content comes in threads that I’ve created, and I think I could humbly say they’ve been useful threads to start for the most part, with the majority of them getting 10+ thumbs up and thanks and things of that sort. It would really hurt my interest in the forum if i can’t start these types of threads anymore.