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  1. I don’t see Shady returning to elite form, but I think the improved offensive line will help him bounce back to around 800 rushing yards and 6 rushing touchdowns on about 4 per carry. While he doesn’t have the top end speed, he still displayed the agility that he makes his living on last year. Including receiving yards makes this easy to vote over. For rushing only, over/under 750 makes sense for the number.
  2. I would love to add Trent to the offensive line but I don’t think McBeane see a spot for Williams. It’s early in training camp, but seems to me that they believe in Dawkins and Ford as our offensive tackles. It would be very easy to slide Ford to guard and insert Nsehke at right tackle, but they haven’t even tinkered with the idea yet and this speaks to me. I like the idea idea and would do it myself, but bottom line it seems that Ford and Dawkins are the offensive tackles this year and they may be all but set on that. If McBeane believe in Ford and Dawkins then there’s no reason to waste a future third or fourth round pick on Williams. We’ve got a new regime and new scouts now, those later picks have more value to us than they used too.
  3. I live about 5 minutes from the stadium. I’m genuinely shocked by this thread with how few people are from Buffalo. Not in a negative way, just didn’t realize how spread out the members are.
  4. I’m surprised by this take. In my opinion, Chris Brown is the best local media talent that Buffalo has and the only one that I could ever see making it to a national level. The rest of the Bills Beat reporters are stuck in amateur hour. Pretty large gap between Brown and the rest in my eyes. Brown is the the only one to handle things with a professional tone and a front office type of outlook. Unfortunately the rest of the media are either cynical fans that need to move on to another job for their own happiness, or overly optimistic guys that don’t seem to understand the true in’s and out’s of the sport.
  5. Of all the “insert player that’s expendable because of injury/cap/competition,” players that are about to start popping up over the next few months, this may be one of, if not my favorite. The very early and unbacked best offensive line or top 10 offensive line talk in the league would start to show some actual potential.
  6. In regards to this and the poll, with the prices listed in the OP, I would be fond of both Clowney and Rudolph. However, with what I think it would take to acquire Clowney — atleast a 1st and a 3rd — I’d rather trust what seems to be a revamped scouting department with that capital than part with the draft picks. However, that’s not to say I would be disappointed if we went out and traded for Clowney, I would buy into the excitement. I just personally as a GM would not advocate that trade.
  7. I would think the compensation for Clowney would have to be greater than this. For comparison sake, Frank Clark just got the Seahawks a 1st, 2nd and swap of 3rds. I would think that Clowney would be atleast as valuable as Clark if not more valuable.
  8. For what it’s worth, my dad sold a car to Tyree within the past week and came away with some interesting timbits. He said that Tyree claimed to have had an offer from every team in the league after going undrafted and that there was a sense that Tyree was the best undrafted player available and he ultimately chose to stay in Buffalo. Tyree also seemed uber confident in making the team and that he didn’t seem to have a concern at all if he’d make the final 53 or not.
  9. I’ve come to learn that nothing on this board prefaced “hear me out,” is worth hearing out. I’m surprised that Dawson Knox is such an issue around the board. He’s going to sign and he’ll be fine. Also, suggesting that the Eagles would trade Wentz for a package of this little value is borderline insanity.
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