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  1. When did this change happen? That’s unfortunate, it’s usually a nice change to the monotonous repetition of prospect traits we all know by that point of the offseason
  2. Possible we may be waiting to see how the draft falls and then holding out to sign a CB/DE after? clowney/ingram/houston/griffen & sherman/breeland/heyward are all still available. Older players but all capable starters and all may be looking for a 1 year deal prove it in a shrunken market. I’ve been personally pounding the table for Sherman & Houston, both seem like they’d be great ‘culture’ fits
  3. The schedule is usually announced randomly right around now, 1-3 weeks before the draft on a random Thursday. So I’m curious how many primetime games does TBD think the Bills will get? I’d set the O/U at 3.5 HOME NYJ, MIA, NE, HOU, IND, ATL, CAR, PIT, WFT AWAY NYJ, MIA, NE, NO, TB, TEN, JAX, KC I only see @ KC as a lock, with 2-3 more coming out of @/vs MIA, @/vs NE, vs PIT, vs IND, @ TB My guess would be @ KC in an early season (week 2-3) SNF game, @ NE in a mid-early season MNF, @ TB in a mid-late season MNF,
  4. I could see where fans are getting excited about Davis, but with only one year left on Brown’s contract I think Beane will honor it and see it through. Maybe a similar restructure to Tyler Kroft, ensuring Brown that he makes the roster but cutting away some of the cap hit with that promise. Davis has been flashy at times but not quite consistent, it’s easy to forget the deep threat that Brown provides and the 1,000 yard season he just had because he’s been battling injuries all year. Let’s not forget we’re ultimately trying to keep up with the Chiefs here and a 4th legitimate rece
  5. I don’t understand the sudden movement to get rid of John Brown & Mitch Morse for cap savings. All we have to resign are Feliciano, Daryl Williams & Matt Milano. Will be hard to figure it out with a tight cap, but there’s still draft picks to replace one of them if they have to walk. Whatever the answer, whether it be draft picks or restructures, I doubt the Bills will cut a quality starter in either Morse or Brown. As for the question, resign both Feliciano & Williams if possible. Let Ford start at the beginning of the year in a big prove it year, and pul
  6. I don’t understand the immense amount of fans that have no preference between the 2 and 3 seed. And it’s not just fans, it’s a good chunk of the Buffalo media as well. Sure, home field advantage isn’t as strong, if any strength at all, this year. I’ll give the crowd that, but what about the opportunity to push the Chiefs back to the AFC Championship Round? They’re the only team in the AFC that I believe is better than this Bills team, and maybe the only team in the NFL. Lock up the 2 seed and push back the potential matchup against an excellent KC team ba
  7. come again? QB’s have been neither throwing at Tre, nor throwing against him successfully
  8. Need some clarification here, I thought this was pertaining to the Super Bowl so I voted yes but the thread is making it appear as if it’s about this weekends game for the division title? In which case, no. And I haven’t been alive for a division title yet, crying may be a bit much for that you might want to see a psych or something lmao
  9. Not much to comment on here, but as a data freak I wanted to give props for this and really enjoyed the work 🍻
  10. https://www.twobillsdrive.com/community/topic/212842-pre-combine-receiver-rankings/ Call it LAMP if you want too, but no, that's just who I am as a poster here. I don't post often, and when I do, it's typically quality content. I was fortunate enough to have an opportunity and write with Cover 1 for awhile too, but I've recently gotten too busy to keep up with that. Sorry if I was coming off as conceited, was just introducing my post. P.S. - I will go a little LAMP here at the end of this post, while not nailing the exact position, I believe I hit 9 player to team con
  11. Well no, the OP didn't forget anything seeing as he said the only trade he would make for Josh would be Pat Mahomes straight up. I like to call myself a level headed Bills fan, but I'm very much a homer on Josh Allen. I was born in '98, I've known nothing but suffering and I know nothing other than the importance of a franchise QB. Just a theoretical to see what the board has to say. P.S., we found our guy, let's cheers to that one
  12. I don't make threads often, and when I do typically it's a well-written article but this time I'm just posing a question that I'm curious to see where Bills fans stand on. I have a group chat with a bunch of my friends who also happen to be diehard Bills fans. I asked the question, who would you trade Josh Allen for? My answer is that the only player in the league I trade Josh Allen for right now would be Pat Mahomes straight up (I'm aware the Chiefs wouldn't do that). One of my friends argued back that they would trade Josh for Russell straight up as well, with the a
  13. Pads go on today, and I’m pretty sure I heard something on WGR that a lot of reporters are allowed to go back today. We should start hearing much more news and seeing more videos today.
  14. My family has been toying around with the idea of buying a projector for the first couple weeks while the weather is still nice. Sit outside with some friends and family, have a few drinks and grill in the fall weather.
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