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  1. Of all the “insert player that’s expendable because of injury/cap/competition,” players that are about to start popping up over the next few months, this may be one of, if not my favorite. The very early and unbacked best offensive line or top 10 offensive line talk in the league would start to show some actual potential.
  2. In regards to this and the poll, with the prices listed in the OP, I would be fond of both Clowney and Rudolph. However, with what I think it would take to acquire Clowney — atleast a 1st and a 3rd — I’d rather trust what seems to be a revamped scouting department with that capital than part with the draft picks. However, that’s not to say I would be disappointed if we went out and traded for Clowney, I would buy into the excitement. I just personally as a GM would not advocate that trade.
  3. I would think the compensation for Clowney would have to be greater than this. For comparison sake, Frank Clark just got the Seahawks a 1st, 2nd and swap of 3rds. I would think that Clowney would be atleast as valuable as Clark if not more valuable.
  4. For what it’s worth, my dad sold a car to Tyree within the past week and came away with some interesting timbits. He said that Tyree claimed to have had an offer from every team in the league after going undrafted and that there was a sense that Tyree was the best undrafted player available and he ultimately chose to stay in Buffalo. Tyree also seemed uber confident in making the team and that he didn’t seem to have a concern at all if he’d make the final 53 or not.
  5. I’ve come to learn that nothing on this board prefaced “hear me out,” is worth hearing out. I’m surprised that Dawson Knox is such an issue around the board. He’s going to sign and he’ll be fine. Also, suggesting that the Eagles would trade Wentz for a package of this little value is borderline insanity.
  6. I would love to bring in Navorro Bowman for some depth and to increase competition. I’m not sure if he’s still a free agent, or if he’d sign here almost surely as a backup though.
  7. I’m not necessarily saying he would, more so saying it shouldn’t be that surprising if it did happen. They’re tight against the cap, actually negative right now, and they just drafted Josh Allen. The other side is set with Ngakue and cutting Campbell would save them $12 million. Out of this list, I expect maybe 2 or 3 of them to actually get cut. A lot of guys are talented players that you wouldn’t expect a team to cut, but when cap space gets tight we’ve seen crazier things happen.
  8. That’s a stretch. Tre White is very talented and a top cornerback in the league, but he’s not quite an all-pro level corner yet. Pro bowl caliber? Yes. But all-pro is a whole new tier of cornerback’s, you’re talking about top 5 in the league, I’m not sure Tre is top 5 in the league yet. And I’m not sure I would go as far to say we have 5 starting caliber corners. Gaines showed capable back in 2017 when he was healthy. Taron Johnson had a terrific year, but again that’s when he was healthy. On top of not consistently being healthy, McDermott seemed to like Taron in the slot rather than on the outside. Levi Wallace had a good year but he had a very small amount of playing time and being an undrsfted free agent, you can hope for the best but ultimately should expect his game to regress with more exposure. And who who are you considering the fifth? Kevin Johnson? He may not even make the roster and is extremely injury prone. We we have one sure fire starter and then a bunch of borderline starters that provide for excellent depth. Bringing in another starting caliber corner could really improve this defense. I’ll edit him out of the list, I thought he was on the last year of his old contract, not the first one of a new one year deal. Thank you 🍻
  9. After missing out on Ziggy Ansah, it’s time to look forward to the next wave of cuts coming. June 1 is a big day in a lot of contracts and takes off some of the dead cap that teams have to carry in the case of cutting a player, so I looked at some teams tight against the cap and some players they would save a lot of money by cutting and compiled a list. NOTE: I’m not saying every name on this list is going to get cut, I understand it would take some crazy scenarios for a couple of these players to get cut, but this is just a list of players that won’t weigh heavy to cut on a team that’s up against the salary cap. I’m also not saying the Bills would be interest in everyone, or anyone, on the list. Just some names to keep our eyes on as June 1 and training camp approach closer. I may have missed a few but from glancing through spotrac these are the names that popped out too me. Paranthesis are roughly (team savings by cutting player/teams cap space) DE, Everson Griffin - Vikings ($7.5M/-$17M) DT, Gerald McCoy - Buccaneers ($13M/-$13M) OLB, Lavonte David - Buccaneers ($10M/-$13M) WR, Mohammed Sanu - Falcons ($6M/-$14M) CB, Joe Haden - Steelers ($10M/-$14M) DE, Dante Fowler Jr. - Rams ($12M/-$6M) CB, Aqib Talib - Rams ($8M/-$6M) DE, Mike Daniels - Packers ($8M/-$10M) CB, Tramon Williams - Packers ($4M/-$6M) DE, Mario Addison - Panthers ($8M/-$5.5M) CB, Chris Harris - Broncos ($8M/-$6M) DE, Derek Wolfe - Broncos ($8M/-$6M) DE/OLB, Ryan Kerrigan - Redskins ($10M/-$3M) TE, Vernon Davis - Redskins ($5M/-$3M) DE, Calais Campbell - Jaguars ($12M/-$5M) OLB, Sean Lee - Cowboys ($6M, -$250k) DT, Tyrone Crawford - Cowboys ($7M, -$250k) DT, Xavier Williams - Chiefs ($3M, -$2M) RT, Marcus Gilbert - Cardinals ($5M, $500k) DE, Chris Long - Eagles ($5M/$4.5M) If any of the above were to get cut, there’s quite a few players that I think would be worth taking a flier on for the Bills. Namely being Everson Griffin, Mario Addison, Ryan Kerrigan, Calais Campbell, Mohammed Sanu, Aqib Talib, Joe Haden and Chris Harris. Chris Harris is really someone to keep your eyes on with the reports of wanting a trade if not restructured.
  10. Wording of that tweet makes it sound like it’s all but done. Not a big loss honestly, would’ve been nice depth but Ansah doesn’t seem to have the talent he once had. Would’ve been a slight upgrade, but not the game changer that some members of this board seem to think he is.
  11. I like the idea of signing Ansah, but the further into free agency we go the more I kind of get brought back to the reality of it. He’s a solid pass rusher, but he’s not much better than what we already have on the roster in Trent Murphy and Shaq Lawson. He’s past his prime and he’s dealt with a couple of injuries now. I think if he came into Buffalo and played a whole season without injury, he’d be what the fans had hoped we were getting out of Trent Murphy last year. I don’t think he’s quite good enough to hold down an edge rushing spot on his own with McD’s rotating defensive line. Maybe 40-50% of the snaps in sure fire passing situations, while splitting the rest with Murphy and Lawson. I see maybe a 6-8 sack guy with a full season. Over the the past three years he averages 8.5 sacks per 16 games.
  12. I agree with the point of this, but Kroft and Knox won’t be the ones too help with the high % throws. Kroft is mostly known to be a blocker and a poor receiver while Knox is seen as a straight line runner with very raw route running skills (which makes for seam routes). Although between Beasley and Croom, and maybe a little Zay and TJ Yeldon, I do believe the high % throws are going to increase quite a bit this year. I went back and watched some all-22, the charles clay hail mary dolphins game specifically, and the amount of verticals/seams/deep routes we ran was unbelievable. The offensive line simply couldn’t hold up long enough for Josh to see the receivers create any separation. A third of this was on the o-line, a third of this was on the receivers, and a third was Josh not seeing the whole field/not having an uber accurate arm. You could see our offense desparately needed a Cole Beasley to run the 5-10 yard routes out of the slot while the rest of the receivers got deep. I don’t believe that our offensive philosophy will change very much this year, it’ll just improve. We’ll keep running the deep crosses and vertical routes, except now we have the offensive line to buy Josh an extra half second, and we’ll have Beasley hanging out within reasonable range of the line of scrimmage if the o-line can’t hold up or if the receivers can’t create separation deep. Also, the o-line should be able to create more holes and provide for a more effective running game, which will open up the play action much more efficiently than last year where defenses wouldn’t even bite on it.
  13. drop the bills and jets and bump up the texans and then everything checks out
  14. For the main core of receivers, I don’t think height will matter as much as talent does — and it shouldn’t. However, after we get our main core together on the roster, which I believe will be Beasley, Brown, Zay, Foster and Roberts (return purposes) you have to take into account that those receivers don’t have much height. Between those 5, none are taller than 6’2 and I think this will give Duke and David Sills an advantage to be the final receiver making the roster over the shorter Isaiah McKenzie and Ray-Ray McCloud III.
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