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  1. @ Jets vs Vikings vs Browns @ Lions @ Patriots vs Jets vs Dolphins @ Bears @ Bengals vs Patriots What’s the saying? Don’t ***** where you sleep? Our schedule isn’t exactly a gauntlet to end the year either, and we’ve also benefitted from a very light schedule 3 years in a row heading into this year
  2. These 3 were all gimme’s and should’ve been expected imo Look at Pitts stats from last year, it was only 2-3 big games that boosted those stats. The Bengals were always only an average team that got hot at the right time last year. A 10-7 team that won 4 one-score games (and all 3 playoff games by one score). Anyone that convinced themselves they were a top team got played by the combination of parity and luck in the NFL. The last one was my biggest pet peeve of the offseason, a couple of big name additions and all of a sudden Mahomes & Reid are dropping to second or third in the division? Please, save me the wasted conversation. This one was just a ridiculous take that the media fed into in the offseason.
  3. If we lose tomorrow I hope it’s by 3 points so I can watch the Bills community go up in turmoil about one score games
  4. I forget the exact reasoning, but doctors have backed away from telling you not to sleep. Something about puking in your sleep maybe? My most recent concussion I was actually advised to sleep. I’ve had more than a few concussions from football and other things. My worst one I was probably 8 or 9 and it was quite an awful experience. Just a nauseating migraine and constant puking. Due to the combination of the severity of the concussion and age at the time, I don’t really remember it too clearly. I do remember the pain was severe, I was puking a whole lot, spent the entire night at the hospital getting cat scans and what not. Then I had like 2-3 minor concussions where the symptoms were seemingly gone, or just ‘rub some dirt on it’ type symptoms and I was pissed that I was getting held out of football for what to me seemed like nothing more than minor headaches. And then the last one had seemed minor at the time, I got dizzy during a hit during football and stayed down on the field for an extra second and they were starting to get more proactive so I get held out of football. At the time I was pissed and wanted to be playing, but looking back at it I started struggling with school pretty bad. I was always a very smart kid but that concussion in the same time period I went from naturally grasping concepts at the time I learned it, to having to study and review things many times over sometimes to actually understand. It was 10th grade of high school so maybe it had a correlation to the subject matter itself just getting harder. But Chemistry class specifically, the day of my concussion and moving forward no matter how hard I tried I just could not understand or study enough to learn it. It was a bad feeling going from a very smart and natural kid to someone who couldn’t learn something even with the extra effort.
  5. I don’t miss losing, but I will say the games aren’t as stressful and therefore don’t carry the same excitement with success as they used to. When the Bills are tied, or even down, there’s no anxiety just a calmness in me that fully expects the tides to turn. Expecting and knowing we’re going to win isn’t quite as much of a ride as thinking and hoping we win.
  6. How far this team has came.. Looking at the thread, consistent 30’s predictions, with more than a few 40’s and even a couple 50’s. And the best part? Those scores are actually totally warranted and reasonable predictions. Go Bills 🍻
  7. Just a couple of changes. Kingsbury and Kyler are never going to quite put it together, and Baltimore is good but I’m on the train that believes Lamar, while very talented, won’t achieve sustained success with that play style.
  8. I’m seeing sunny/partly cloudy every day for the next week .. except Monday night (nighttime specifically) where there’s thunderstorms predicted. As a season ticket holder, this has to be a sick joke, someone’s taking a punchline following last years weather 🤦‍♂️
  9. https://sports.yahoo.com/nfl-power-rankings-week-1-043300724.html https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/nfl-week-2-power-rankings-chiefs-rise-to-no-2-while-super-bowl-teams-fall-but-dont-overreact-to-wild-start/amp/ https://www.nfl.com/_amp/nfl-power-rankings-week-2-2022-nfl-season https://www.foxnews.com/sports/nfl-power-rankings-bills-chiefs-top-teams-league-through-week-1.amp https://www.profootballnetwork.com/week-1-nfl-power-rankings-bills-chiefs-impress-in-week-1-drubbings/ https://thelistwire.usatoday.com/lists/nfl-power-rankings-entering-week-2/
  10. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/34580647/nfl-week-2-power-rankings-2022-1-32-poll-rookies-stood-week-1?platform=amp https://www.si.com/.amp/nfl/2022/09/13/nfl-power-rankings-week-1-buffalo-bills-kansas-city-chiefs-los-angeles-chargers
  11. Over the past few years, Tuesday after game day has become so fulfilling. Seeing the Bills continuously nab a top 10 spot and finally getting the national recognition we were devoid of for 2 decades. I figured this week there’d be a plethora of number 1 rankings, probably more so than ever before, so figured I’d put together a thread of it! Enjoy 🍻 “I don’t care about the power rankings, footballs played on the field not paper.” Alright grumpy, relax a little, this seasons clearly going to be quite a ride. Enjoy the hype as the consensus number one team in the league while you can, this team isn’t going to last forever.
  12. Obviously super early but just for the fun of it, after week 1 ... 1. Pat 2. Josh 3. Everyone else About right? These two are just so clearly on a different level from everyone else in the league
  13. I’m not sure on the answer, but based on the source I would guess there’s atleast a 51% chance it’s incorrect
  14. I’m sure the guys that don’t like Edmunds will find reasons to hate his game last night, but outside of the Kupp 4th & 2 play (which you could argue he forced Kupp back inside to Milano, in spite of a block in the back and getting taken out by his own teammate) he played very solid. I found myself sarcastically saying ‘I was told Edmunds doesn’t do anything,’ or ‘Oh is that an Edmunds appearance?’ many times. I would say a very solid game for him.
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