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  1. This is such a boring antiquated take ”Urrrr, back in my day ...” It’s not your day anymore 😭
  2. Assuming that 166 people voted — based off of Allen’s 166 votes at this point — I’m very surprised that even 3 people would leave Diggs off the list. I would say he’s as much of a lock as Allen is. 2021: 103 rec, 1,225 yards, 10 TD 2020: 127 rec, 1,535 yards, 8 TD I’m not sure what else he could do to be considered an elite NFL WR
  3. I didn’t have Von on there just because he wasn’t in a Bills uniform last year, I was thinking of guys that played for us As for Josh not being top 40 🤯 The list is definitely a popularity contest and not the end all be all, but it’s not that wildly inaccurate. I actually put a little stock into it because it’s the players opinions. Calling it a popularity contest and saying Poyer and Hyde won’t make it because of that, I can see that point and it makes sense. But being so down on it that you think Allen doesn’t make the top 40? You gotta give it a little more credit than that
  4. The offseason has hit it’s slow point so I was looking for some content and looked up when the NFL Top 100 came out, and turns out we get nothing until training camp starts because the list didn’t come out until late August last year Anyways, it got me thinking — what Bills make it this year? IMO, Allen and Diggs are obviously locks and I think Poyer is as close to a lock as you can get. After that I’d go to say Hyde should make it and probably will. I don’t think Knox will, he had a great year but was really bolstered by touchdowns and big plays in big moments. I also think Tre is more than deserving but his injury will probably cost him to be left off the list. I’m a big Edmunds fan myself and see a breakout year incoming, but I don’t think he deserves to make it quite yet. That being said, players and execs around the league love him and I think he might sneak onto the list. All in all, I would vote myself that Allen, Diggs, Poyer, Hyde and Edmunds make the list in that order. I think Tre is deserving but doesn’t end up making it due to injury, and I don’t think Knox should or will make the list, but wouldn’t be surprised to see him sneak into the 80’s/90’s on the list. What’s TBD say, who makes the list and why?
  5. I agree with most of it, seems pretty accurate. Just a couple I would change — - Keenum to blue - Moss to blue - Quessenbury to red - Phillips to blue I see a possibility that from a familiarity standpoint the Bills like Barkley more than Keenum throughout camp. It was only a 7th spent on Keenum. I think it’s likely than Keenum is the guy on the roster, but just not ready to call it a lock yet. I’m not a fan of Zack Moss whatsoever, however just 2 years removed from spending a 3rd rounder on him, combined with this being Singletary’s last year on contract, I think it’s far more likely we see him ride the inactive list all year than it is he gets cut. Not much of my own research, especially as I could be much better at assessing OL play than I am, but I’ve seen a lot on Twitter about Quessenbury was not a strong starter at all. Sort of like Bobby Hart a few years ago where he had all these games started but it turns out they were atrocious performances. I think you can move him to red and out of that long list of red guys in the OL category expect 1 or maybe 2 of them to make the roster. The defensive line depth is loaded this year, I’d call Phillips probable to make the roster but a lock this early in the offseason is a stretch IMO. He signed pretty late in the offseason and we’ve bolstered our UDFA depth at DT. I’d assume he makes the roster, but not at a ‘roster lock’ level yet. Good work @GunnerBill 🍻
  6. For what’s its worth my buddy who works in the Bills ticket office is saying ‘Ravens are a twitter leak’ and we’ll have ‘sore thanksgiving kneecaps’ (a reference to dan campbell’s opening press conference, implying that we’re playing Lions on Thanksgiving)
  7. Watched the highlights from last years with this news dropping Couple of notes .. 1 - The defensive line came so close so many times, can’t wait to watch the impact Von Miller has in games like these where they just can’t quite finish despite constant pressure 2 - Cole Beasley is going to be sorely missed despite what most of Bills Mafia wants to think 2B - The 2022 offense is still going to need one more consistent weapon to match the ‘21 firepower. Hopefully the turns out to be Shakir, if not they’re going to take a step back 3 - I forgot about both the Micah Hyde to Julio Jones helmet catch and the Isaiah McKenzie called back return in this game 4 - Feliciano got absolutely blown up on that QB sneak, I was a Feliciano fan and didn’t want to replace him in the lineup at first but Bates has certainly been an upgrade
  8. Calvin Austin Not necessarily a ‘my guy’ but I wanted WR to be addressed by the end of Day 2, if not in the first round. I also have wanted to see substantially more speed added to the offense both of the past two off seasons. Therefor, I guess that makes Calvin Austin a ‘my guy’? I think he’s overall too small and not long enough to really make any true impact, but he’s still on the board and he addresses what I’m hoping gets addressed so I’d like to throw a day 3 dart at him
  9. In the KC game Diggs, Sanders, Knox and Beasley we’re likely all of more concern to the Chiefs defensive game plan. He had less focus on him and rightly so, but now that list shortens to just Diggs. Davis is now a focal point of the opposing defense and will have to improve to continue to perform. I’m not saying that he can’t do so, just that we had the assets to add another skilled WR to take off some pressure instead of thrusting him into that role and my personal preference would’ve been to use those assets in that way. I hope Davis continues to progress and fill that role, and I think it’s certainly possible, but I do see a realistic route where the offensive production gets hurt by not adding another top skilled receiver.
  10. Only saw the highlights shown on TV last night and haven’t done much research, but between the highlights, measurables and his testing, it seems like this guy might be in the safety replacement conversation
  11. The offense is good, but we needed a #2 WR in my opinion. Gabe Davis has progressed tremendously and had a crazy postseason, but were relying on a guy jumping from the 5th option to the 2nd and producing at not only the same pace, but a better pace. He’s a great player and there’s going to be people that read this as me saying he’s not good, but I think WR needed someone just a little more talented to fill in the #2 spot while Davis continued to progress and grow. Hopefully I’m proven wrong 🤷‍♂️
  12. and the season and offseason before and the one before ever since he was drafted at only 19 years of age really
  13. The actual interview is much different from how this thread is painting it if you give it a listen.. I wouldn’t exactly call this a ‘leak’ or any sort of major news drop, Sal has this guy on WGR every year around this time to talk about the schedule. The NFL didn’t ‘add’ 3 games on Christmas to try and compete with the NBA, Christmas just so happens to be on a Sunday. They’re actually moving the games from Sunday (Christmas) to Saturday (Christmas Eve). Because Christmas fell on a Sunday, when the games are typically played, they’re going to have 3 games that day. By no means is this now a yearly thing the NFL is adding. Also, to imply this was ‘leaked’ on WGR seems wrong in context of the interview Sal had. He simply asked the guy about the NFL’s plans since Christmas was on a Sunday, and North answered with what the plans were. I don’t think this has any tie or relation to the probability of the Bills playing Christmas. With that said, it would make sense for the Bills to get a home game. They’re one of the biggest draws for primetime now as it is, and add in the Buffalo element and hope that you get on a snow game on Christmas. Makes sense to me.
  14. It’s unfortunate the amount of mockery and sarcasm that both of the schedule threads are being flooded with While not the biggest group of people, there are certainly more than a few here that actually enjoy discussing the schedule and how it lines up, myself included Feels like it’s not even worth speculating in either of these threads as people would just mock it 🤦‍♂️
  15. I didn’t see her say all that was quoted but I did see a tweet that was deleted, forgot what it said but the overall sentiment was that they’re (she’s) not happy
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