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  1. You see it around the league, teams hit walls and then suddenly turn it on, whether it be offensively, defensively, or as a team. Teams that were struggling suddenly start to click and get going. My question for you is, do you think this team has the talent to do that offensively? Could we see an offense that catches fire and still wins 5 or 6 games on the way out? For the optimist, it seems that week by week Josh is getting one step closer to completing that deep ball. While not in a straight line, Singletary’s involvement is trending upwards and his productivity is staying relatively similar. Foster finally had his first catch this past week which might open up another target in the intermediate game, which happens to be Josh’s best level of the field. Brown stays consistent. Josh and Beasley seemed to take a step in the right direction this past week, and the McKenzie jet sweep proved it can be a real element of the offense against the Redskins. The offensive line has been clicking and getting better on a weekly basis. It seems just a few things need to happen for the offense to start getting hot. For the pessimists, Josh hasn’t connected on a deep ball yet and took a massive step backwards in terms of accuracy this past weekend. He hasn’t been the same big play threat since New England absolutely destroyed him. Where is Singletary? He got more involved finally against Washington and then Daboll abandons him against the 30th ranked run defense in Cleveland. The playcalling isn’t favorable even amongst the optimistic fans. Knox plays solid but has had a really rough set of hands ever since his big catch against Cincinnati. Kroft???? The offense has talent, but if they want to be a New England style identityless offense, which seems to be the goal, they still need another receiver, another tight end since Kroft is invisible, and they’re going to need another RB in place of Gore next off-season likely. What say you, is the talent there, can the offense start clicking? Or are we doomed for this season, we are what we are, and waiting for the off-season in terms of offensive improvement?
  2. 21-3 Bills. Quick 14-0 start is enough for McDermott to be comfortable and slowly but surely run the clock down. Underwhelming game from Allen, not because of performance but rather due to gameplan. This is the Bills football we’ve seen all year, no reason for it to change just because there’s a cakewalk on the other side of the ball. Come out fast the first couple drives, looking poised for a high scoring, big yardage game, but then reel it in right when the lead feels right and aim to play mistake free football and ride the defense to the victory.
  3. I’m not sure anyone’s getting amped for him to come to Buffalo, rather to just not be in Miami. With 3 capable running backs in the backfield, one of them being a Drake clone (TJ Yeldon) and Miami being a division rival I’m not sure anyone would expect Drake to land in Buffalo.
  4. More than likely referring to Green playing out the injury in an attempt to get trade. You know it and I know it that two 1sts and a 4th for AJ Green is absurd. The Bengals might be able to get away with a 2nd, but it’s likely that they’re coming away with a 3rd and an extra late round pick.
  5. Did some research into the turnovers to come up with this statistic: If you take our turnovers in which we were past our 40 yard line and you assume that we net a field goal that drive, our points per game go from 18 to 22.8 and from 25th in the league to 15th. Granted we wouldn't score every drive in that scenario, but we would also get a touchdown sometimes rather than a field goal. Point being, we’re moving the ball successfully and we just need to start finishing these drives. The next question is whether this is a step forward that Allen can take after the bye week, or if it’s a step that we’ll have to wait another off-season for. Were all all hoping for the former, and it’s possible seeing his dramatic in season improvements last year.
  6. I would say ranking third in the league in turnovers is a glaring hole on offense. You can’t ignore the Bills holes while magnifying others. Bills are far from a perfect team and quite frankly they need to take vast steps before being the second best team in the AFC that people are clamoring about. I like our odds and I like our potential, but the offense is nowhere near consistent enough to consider our team the second best in the AFC. Potential to be by year end? Yes. As of right now though, slow your roll and let the Bills prove that they deserve to be seen as that talented of a team rather than gifted it on a shaky 4-1 record. I like the team, but in the larger view of things we’re just a few possessions from being 2-3. A win or two where the Bills control the game from start to finish for all four quarters and dominate their opponent would go a long way to show if they’re truly in the upper echelon of teams. But hey, whatever floats your boat, don’t let me rain on you’re parade.
  7. Great question that I find myself asking a lot. The numbers are great but I would personally like some more wins and team success.
  8. This should be somewhere more easily accessible on the site, I didn’t know this existed. I’m from Buffalo and have attended many games and still found useful information in here. Love the Hoak’s shoutout, I used to cook those fish fry’s. Let it be known that they also have great wings despite a limited choice of sauces, and their dinner foods (grilled chicken/cordon bleu’s, steaks, shrimp, etc.) are all strong as well. Good job on this to whoever wrote it up 🍻
  9. The Bills are sitting comfortably at 4-1, in order for me to consider and debate us winning 10 games and making the playoffs, I wanted too see us start out 6-2. Different staff, different ownership, but still the same city, same football team. I’ve seen them collapse before, we’ve seen them collapse before. Let’s not count our eggs before they hatch. Let me get to 6-2 in our first 8 before I start to seriously consider this team as a playoff contender, let alone a 13-3 AFC Championship team. 4-1 hasn’t won anything yet. It’s nothing more than a hot start affording the team a little wiggle room. EDIT: I will admit though, I am trying my hardest to hold back a smile and grin as I type this. Even with the above being said, they certainly have given us some reason to believe and be optimistic to this point.
  10. Every year around this time I find that people begin to think the picture is shaping up, when in reality it’s not shaping up at all. In my opinion, it’s around Thanksgiving (week 12-13) time that things start to clear up and you can see the playing field directly affected by week to week results. Think of the time of year when 6-6 teams are upsetting 8-4 teams, and teams that started off well above .500 are hitting their third loss in a row while teams that started well below .500 are hitting their 4th win in a row. As for now, the only thing that’s for certain is that someone with a hot start (Bills, 49ers, Raiders, Ravens) are going to fall flat, while someone with a slow start (Chargers, Giants, Buccaneers, Browns, Steelers, Falcons) are really going to turn up the heat. Same goes for players, some MVP candidate is going to really slow down (CMac, Russell Wilson?) while someone is going to really come out of nowhere (Josh Allen, Matt Ryan, Philip Rivers?).
  11. The table jumping has calmed down. I’ve been to the stadium for both home games this year and haven’t seen a person jump through a table once. Over the past 4-5 seasons I’ve been to just under 20 games and have seen it at every single game besides these past two. Videos like this are the exception now, it’s not common for it too happen anymore. Take into account also that this is in Nashville rather than New Era, it was likely a fan not from Buffalo that doesn’t realize the efforts that the Pegula’s have put into stopping it and simply wanted their 5 seconds of fame thinking that it’s still the standard. I’d be willing to bet that by next year less than 3 or 4 videos come up of the table jumping.
  12. Singletary would help hugely. That being said, one week before the bye week, let him sit out. Forget about 100%, bring him back 110%.
  13. Correct me if I’m wrong, despite having a 53 man roster, a team can only have 46 active on gameday? Would it surprise anyone for Davis Webb to get the call, just for McDermott to leave him inactive and throw off Tennessee’s gameplan?
  14. I’m not sure where the Dawkins hate comes from. He’s not an all-pro left tackle but he’s done nothing to say that he’s not atleast an average starter at left tackle. He took a small step backwards last year but has rebounded for the most part this year. Most of our offensive line problems are coming from that right side of the o-line, and by the right side I mean really just mainly Cody Ford.
  15. It seems player movement is at an all-time high and Brandon Beane has shown before he’s a fan of player trading. The combination of those two factors along with multiple players at positions of need being rumored - albeit small rumors - to be on the trading block, which position would it be most likely we make a move far at the deadline? I’m having trouble deciding myself seeing as at the three positions I think we’d be most likely, there seems to be something in the way. Between the regime not being ready to give up on players (Zay Jones), not wanting to delay the development of others (Cody Ford) and my personal thought of why dump more assets into a top 3 defense in the league, I’m not sure which position I think they’d trade for. However, it does seem semi-likely they may make a trade with receivers (AJ Green & Stefon Diggs) and offensive lineman (Trent Williams) apparently on the block. Thoughts?
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