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  1. Is it just me, or has the quality of NFL kickers deteriorated materially this year. Some teams' kicking situations are so bad to the point where they have become a revolving door (Haushka hasn't helped us, but we are in way better shape than others). My question is, why do some of these teams keep going after consistently crappy kickers (NY Jets for example) and not go for a retired vet such as Dan Carpenter, who is only 33 and has put up pretty consistent numbers his entire career.
  2. The ref's let us get away with one. On the prior play, there was a defensive pass interference non-call against John Brown. McDermott threw the challenge flag to get it reviewed. If you watch the highlights of the play, at the 37 second mark you see McDermott picking up the flag about a second into the play. The ref should have blown the play dead before the play ever went off. They discussed it afterward, but let it stand. https://www.nfl.com/gamecenter/2019102701/2019/REG8/eagles@bills?icampaign=scoreStrip-globalNav-2019102701
  3. Not for nothing, I would rather stick with the guys we have then go out and pursue high priced players - in spite of their ability (unless they are truly the right fit). McBeane has built a team around a specific, hardworking character type of players with average to above average ability. It is a platform being built for long-term, sustainable winning. There is nothing wrong with having high priced players, but as they are showing - talent isn't everything.
  4. I live in the NYC area. The Jets are a dumpster fire. This game will show a lot of signs to come.
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