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  1. If you look at the current roster situation, excluding the draft - we are only getting better... Offense (10 returning starters) QB - Allen - better with Age RB - Singletary - better with Age WR1 - Diggs (new) - massive upgrade vs platoon WR2 - Brown - same as last year WR3 - Beasley - same as last year TE - Knox - better with Age LT - Dawkins - same as last year LG - Spain - same as last year C - Morse - same as last year RG - Feliciano - same as last year RT - Ford/Nsekhe - better with Age/same as last year O-line as a whole should improve due to year over year cohesiveness Defense (9/10 returning starters - pending the package) DE - Hughes - may lose a step this year DT - Oliver - better with Age (will also be returning Harrison Philips who should also be better being healthy and older) DT - Lotulelei - same as last year DE - Addison - Should be a slight upgrade/wash vs. Lawson/Murphy LB - Edwards - Better with Age LB - Milano - Better with Age LB - Klein - wash vs. Alexander (won't be on the field more than 50% of the snaps) CB - White - Entering Prime CB - Wallace/Norman - Better with Age/Potential upgrade NCB - Johnson/Neal - Both better with Age S - Poyer - same as last year S - Hyde - same as last year All and all - we are only getting better and more mature. Our depth is also a lot deeper. We are getting to the point where we are pretty solid all around and can make a deep run. ... and we still have the draft to go.
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