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  1. I live in the NYC area. The Jets are a dumpster fire. This game will show a lot of signs to come.
  2. Another notable block on that run was Duke Williams. I know it doesn’t look like much, but he completely took the corner out of the play - who would be responsible to come up on a sweep like that. Duke is making a very strong case for himself.
  3. I really think four receivers are a lock right now - Brown, Beasley, Foster and Roberts. I bet the Bills trade Zay during the preseason (if not he goes in as WR#4). From what I am reading, McCloud takes WR#4 and then #5 is up for grabs with the most likely candidate Duke Williams (I know he hasn't done much in camp to date, but his large frame makes him a red zone threat and more versatile on special teams).
  4. How is Nathan Peterman not #2!!!
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