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  1. I agree with the white collar crime part, but come on, few if any care if Joe Schmo has got an handjob. You think it would make worldwide news? In that sense Kraft as gotten the shaft of social opinion ha ha MILLIONS know about it and his spotty clean image will never be the same. At first I saw ZERO to be outraged about, but yeah that place seems quite suspect. I don't care at all of transactions between consenting adults, it should be legal, but underage prostitution and human trafficking should be dealt with harshly.
  2. Jerome007

    Bills: NFL's Biggest Under-the-Radar F-A Winner 2019

    Crazy but true. BUT, they are doing their best to surround him with talent, and Josh has shown in year #1 that he has not only the physical tools but the MENTAL tools as well. And he obviously is a hard worker and coachable. Barring bad injuries, this team is poised for much better things next year, and Beane will have as much leeway with the 2020 cap! And he has been smart enough to not load the 2021+ years either. There are no guarantees, but damn it bodes well!
  3. Jerome007

    Ryan Fitzpatrick to sign with Miami

  4. Jerome007

    Beane is getting national media love

    Exactly. I was one that had confidence from the get go, but he, like everybody else, has to delivered the goods. And his moves so far make total sense... even if it doesn't pan out. We can all see it's logical, good for the short term while not compromising the long term. Amazing though that all will fall into place if Allen is a franchise QB (and I sure think he is). Crazy when you think about it. But nice that Josh seems surrounded by a great staff and players.
  5. Jerome007

    Here is a new method that the Bills are doing well

    I agree. For some reason, in football, draft picks are seen as such valuable assets. For example, to me the Browns won in the trade. OBJ is a proven superstar and fits well with their current situation. A #17 pick and a 3 rd rounder the Giants got are crapshoots, and the chance to get a major superstar out of them next to zero. I mean, if one team has proven high 1st draft picks don't matter, it's the Browns ha ha. When you have top 5 picks, yes, sure, most of the time there are gold in there. The opposite example of the Browns to still illustrate the point: the damn Patriots. How have they fared these last 15 years with no high draft picks?... Somewhat more proven players like mentioned in the original post are more likely to succeed, and I certainly do NOT regret the Bills trading picks last year to get the #7 spot and grab Josh Allen!
  6. Jerome007

    G Jon Feliciano (Raiders) to the Bills

    Seems to me, all OLinemen signed are more pass blockers than run blockers... Add the new receivers for speed and slot + TE... I sense a really pass happy Bills team this coming season! While I do like a good run game, this could be a really vertical, long pass happy team that's very entertaining. Is it built for November & December weather though?
  7. This trade just shows that unlike mass media and people's perceptions overall, things can change quick. Cleveland was the cesspool of the NFL for years until last year, and mid-year really. Now they are a legit powerhouse, will probably be favored to win their division at the very least. Well, same thing for the Bills. Things can change quick and the jokes that people made when AB almost got here will be a thing of the past.
  8. Jerome007

    Six new starters on offense

    You're so positive... Yes they can be as bad, but again, the ODDS are they will be better. I didn't realize there now were guarantees in pro sports... You play the odds with the cards you're dealt and can get, and that's what Beane is doing. All he can do, really.
  9. Jerome007

    WR John Brown (Ravens) to the Bills

    And people... don't forget Allen's running abilities! He can't spin around people but give him a straight field and he has shown amazing speed. 20+ yard runs are great and demoralizes defenses. It should open up Shady's runs too, which happens to also be a very good receiver IMO. I suspect the Bills will be a pass happy team first and foremost. Seriously, what a difference so far already. If they can pass protect, expect a LOT of long plays. It will be entertaining, whatever else happens!
  10. Jerome007

    C Mitch Morse (Chiefs) to the Bills

    The Bills have good cap space for the next two years so these signing make total sense. The players are happy to sign here as they get loads of money right away. The team is happy as either they have great producers for little cap room in year 3-4, or they move on with little dead money. It makes total sense for the current situation. And yeah, there is that possibility you mention I sure hope doesn't happen though ha ha. Laurent Duvernay-Tardif (RG) was injured most of last year and his replacement did a good for much cheaper. So *maybe* the Bills can attract him thanks to the Morse signing. But currently it would have to be a trade with the Chiefs
  11. Jerome007

    The Strategy of Signing Frank Gore

    I too was rolling eyes when I heard this signing but this whole thread and posts like this one makes me realize how much sense it makes. A one year deal too. For some reason, I thought he was over the hill. If he is still solid - yes I know he is not his dominant young self - and good locker room leader, good signing! I always pictured him more as a pure runner and good blocker but I might be wrong. Is he a good pass catcher?
  12. Jerome007

    WR Cole Beasley (Dallas) to the Bills

    I too like this signing but I too think we are overloaded at the #3 WR spots and slot receivers ha ha. But then he makes others less needed. Solid upgrades overall by Beane. Kind of silent deals that won't attract media attention but make significant impacts.
  13. Jerome007

    Six new starters on offense

    Yes but the point is that they didn't pan out. Why? Hard to say. But odds are the new guys will be way better, just because the guys they replaced awfully underproduced. And with a better OLine, Allen with more experience and a FULL training camp at #1 with his receivers to develop timing... it doesn't take that much to improve (or regress). The thing that bothers me is that the Bills were fairly lucky as it comes to injuries last year, so no matter the planning, that's always a danger and depth always a factor. FA is far from over and the drat hasn't happened yet, but still we can say they have improved from last year. Enough? We'll see.
  14. I was one of the guys on here that would like the Bills to sign him. After that video he posted of himself (Mr Big Chest - WTH!!), he looks out of his mind. A "little diva"? He's a full blown one. He's still super talented and worth his salary and a #1 round pick but he is toxic.
  15. Ridiculous how pure assumptions are used for documentaries. What about the dozens of proven cases instead. **** these fake victims. Ok, she might a real one but everything smells so fishy here. And in any case, you don't do such stuff without knowing all the facts and just going by some troublemaker drama queen's words. Again, many PROVEN cases to go with.