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  1. Get your head out of the sand PED use is RAMPANT in the NFL. You think all these guys are natural? Tests are a joke hence why so few people get caught. And if you dislike it so much, how come you're not up in arms that in most other sports the first time you get caught you get banned at least 2 years while in the NFL it's 4 games... or a gigantic 6 in this case?
  2. I wouldn't quit a backup QB in the NFL. One million a year? How/where else is he gonna make that? Of course if he did make 9.8M already and still have most of it... wow. That's serious money.
  3. A Josh Allen being picked again at #7 by the Jags this year just shows me how much sense the Bills pick was. This impostor Josh Allen 😆 is a linebacker. Unless he becomes legendary like a LT, the impact a very good/great/elite QB can have on the whole team is so much greater! I too thought at first the line was built for a pass heavy attack but later signings make it more versatile. As for using playoff teams as proof the running game matters, of course it does, a lot. But if you make the playoffs you had many wins where you ran out the clock. Other data has to be used. Some OLine are obviously better at pushing back the pile than others, and it doesn't always show as the overall best run yards.
  4. And I was and still am of the opinion he was really missed last year, big time. And forget my opinion, ask Shady. But with all the Oline signings this offeseason and the draft? And his mental issues? Yep, water on the bridge now. I still wish him well.
  5. He has to improve on those, especially with Beasly here, and hopefully he doesm as he'd be more complete and such a total threat. But ALL QBs and players and humans have weaknesses. Yes it is maddening when QBs miss "easy throws" but his upsides make up for it. So slants are an important part of the game, and hopefully he can fix this, if not in 2019, not too far off. But again, he does other things few QBs can do and we need to focus on those. You always focus on the strengths of your staff while trying still to shore up the weaknesses.
  6. Kyle was a 6th time pro bowl selection? Sure he had lost a few steps, and I hope Oliver is better than him, a real gem, a 95% Darnold! But so far, he is an unproven rookie, while Kyle delivered for years and years. People are so in love with draft picks. Milano is a 5th rounder that turned out pretty damn good. Many undrafted guys have been impact players. And... many 1st rounders have been "busts", and not as in Canton HoF busts.... What matters is NFL play, not potential or draft rank.
  7. Pretty much how I see it too And OF COURSE I want the Bills to win NOW. But Beane and McD have a longer vision. There is a lot of cap room for 2020. If the current offense works great in 2019, and Allen emerges as a true star and Mr Cannon Arm Deep Passer, great wideouts will want to come here!
  8. Even if they go from #31 to around near the tenth spot, it would be a HUGE improvement. That means a few more holes for the runs, a few more running down he clock drives, a few more long passes, a few more TDs. Add these up, and a 6-10 season becomes a 10-6. If they are top 5? *Drools*
  9. Unless they find a better QB, Anderson is THE perfect #3 QB. Ready with minimum preparation, experienced to have the respect of the players, not making waves, THERE TO SUPPORT ALLEN, and only 1M salary. Why get rid of him this year, again, unless suddenly a better QB pops along? In a perfect scenario, Josh stays on the field for all reps but you need 3 QBs on the roster. An experienced coach/mentor one is perfect for a 2nd year budding superstar.
  10. Bills Office is making us drool with excitement. Sure, I also agree that while the receiver corp is improved, it's still a weak point, TE in particular. But Beane is not planning just for 2019! With all that cap space for 2020, and hopefully a Josh Allen that shows HE IS THE MAN behind a much improved OLine, receivers will flock to Buffalo next year. A good pass protecting line with a cannon arm QB? That makes any deep ball catcher drool. Seriously, the difference between winning and losing are small, and the Bills have made improvements all across the board. Very few in the D but Oliver should make a difference at a much much better price tag that the overpaid Star Lotulelei!
  11. Nice to see a fellow Québecois in here Osti The Pats* have done many things right, but picking up good WRs in the 1st round is not of them
  12. I'd bring my sons but ouf, better take a loan 😑 Imagine if Allen is injured and all. Haaaaa sports. There ain't no guarantees
  13. Wasn't it Phil Esiason that called Josh "Must see TV"? I am surprised at the lack of primetime games. But yep, go win and this will resolve itself in 2020+.
  14. So you're telling us that Brady ALSO picked a good wife that if she divorces he'll keep his money too? Damn. He knows how to play the rules to the max
  15. 8.4% hey? Wasn't there a mention that the Cheats pay his foundation or something like that so he gets way more without it being official player salary? And yes, being elite gets you paid. And the headcase situations for teams are when your QB is damn good but maybe not that good... Hopefully Josh becomes a true elite QB and not Stafford-Cousins-Tannehill-Carr-Prescott level... As for Rodgers, he's been getting a lot of flak lately. He's been one of THE best QB for sure. His personality must be really be causing some issues.
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