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  1. Of course it takes both but last year and this year leaves no doubt Bellichick is the best coach. The 11-5 season without Brady was an indication but still back then #12 was putting up record numbers.
  2. This roster is on the rise and I get your point. IMO it's great that the planned upgrade for the OL and WR corps has panned out, and that to me the TE group, while no superstars, are way better than what the Bills have had for years. Beane has done a great job and still has tons of salary cap room for next year, so we can be optimistic. But my point remains that they are at least average now on offense. Not great, no superstar players, but a good talent spread all around the WRs and OLine that provides very good versatility. Not Top 10 by any stretch, maybe only closing in on Top 15, but not mediocre and far better than last year, that's for sure!
  3. Seems like a news article... when the subject and title affect the perception. He could be simply frustrated at the game he was having and not at Allen & Daboll and company. Or only frustrated at times and happy at others ha ha. He has dropped some balls, but to his defense caught some very hard throws from Josh. Like Allen is trying to put an hole though him. I loooooove Josh but some of his short passes have been thrown too hard!
  4. I fully agree with the Josh analysis here... but no need to insult the other players. This year he is NOT "surrounded by largely mediocre talent in the passing game". At least average talent. But yes, patience my fellow Bills fans!
  5. In general, the mainstream football media have a hard on for Black QBs... which is weird as if you want to bring races into the game (like ESPN and others keep doing), Blacks are the clear majority when it comes to NFL players! Ravens with Jackson keep doing like the Bills with Allen: they win. But as you point out, besides the runs, very lowly stats! And their defense scored two TDs yet all they talk is Lamar Lamar Lamar. He is very exciting though, and at the end we want to be entertained. It's just that when I look at the highlight passes he threw and the stats... it says besides the highlight reels he threw a couple of short passes and that's it, all game Well that plus gaining over 100 yards running! Josh WILL have a game with 300 yards passing and 100 yards rushing at one point. He just will. It might be 3 years from now but it will happen
  6. It was ugly... but did make me and my kids laugh a lot. And that can be the whole point ha ha.
  7. Last year I didn't care as I thought as soon he had some time to throw and some speedy receivers, it would happen that in one game he had a couple of super deep passes so easily topped 300 yards - I mean last year he was a couple of drops away from 300 yards at least two times. This year, he has had good pockets and has speedy receivers, yet for some reason the deep balls are way off. Last year he missed by less than a yard now it's by five. Weird, and probably more mental than skills. Yet... the team wins and he IS a big part of those wins. I'm actually wanting to see a monster game so some of the negative Bills fans give him a break on here! The team is 5-1 with the loss coming to closely fought game against the SB champ yet you'd think the Bills are 1-5 with some of the posts.
  8. Lamar is praised to no end by the big football media. I watched the half-time show of that game but not the game itself, and by the tone I thought he had been killing them and then I see 5 for 12, 100 yards. WTH. His 3 highlights (2 passes and 1 run) were amazing though, no lie. But he must not have done that much more in regards to his stats. And at that time it was 13-13, which their defense scoring a TD. So it's not like the Ravens was killing it yet they keep praising him. I am aware Lamar had a better second half but both he and Josh win "differently" yet for some reason mostly Jackson gets the praise & attention, and so many Bills fans on here badmouth Allen more than anyone in the media.
  9. While it was my reaction, it was because of déjà vu. Not the first it has happened. Last year they could get blown out one or two games then come back super stiff. Weird almost.
  10. I'm a huge fan, HUGE of his, but he had me scratching my head at times, while again, having some clutch moments. He gets B- from me. I've posted this many times before and will do so again: I hope the constant negative posters watch other games. Even great QBs have inaccurate throws, bad reads, miss open guys, etc. If you only watch highlights you don't exactly get a complete picture... Stop expecting perfection out of Allen or the team!
  11. Relax about trading. It was his first ganm! I love Knox but he dropped 2 passes today and had a penalty. His worse game so far. Speaking of invisible, where is Hughes this year? The D is clicking, but we rarely hear his name.
  12. Dude has got one rocket of an arm. Why didn't they show this on TV?
  13. I watched 30% of that game, and I happen to see the bit when Mahomes was injured. The on-the-field putting-the-knee-back-in-place was something else to see! And my inner gut tells me QB sneaks are dangerous for the QBs! Yet injuries very rarely happen. I admit I didn't like Josh was asked to do two this last game while coming back from concussion protocol... The Broncos were a saaaaaaad display of giving up you rarely see in football! Aikman was rightfully disgusted. They were only losing 20-6 with lots of time left, at home, facing the #2 QB, and seem to just give up. Not the defense, but the coaches and overall team vibe. And not Flacco, the guy was battered and sacked to no end, but as soon as he had a nice pocket he looked totally unphased and threw beautiful passes... that were often dropped. First time I've been impressed by him TBH. He is one mentally tough dude. I was VERY satisfied with the Bills looking at the game yesterday. I thought they could beat these two teams 8 times out of 10. I hope the constant whiners and complainers in this forum look at other games! It seems that while some criticisms are of course valid, a lot of always negative posters seem to expect perfection from Allen, the coaches and the team, and it's annoying.
  14. He scares me ha ha. He could pull on of his Fitzmagic Super Beard games. Hopefully not. I wish him well, but not on Sunday besides health wise.
  15. From the comments I better NOT take a look at the video LOL
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