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  1. That's got the hurt ha ha. Yep, that does explain Peyton's neck issues. Oh come on, not all rules are better of course, but protecting QBs, the stars 90% of the time, is sound business for everyone. As are removing hits to the heads of defenseless receivers. And less contacts during camps and practice. I fail to see how NFL football is still not a very violent sport.
  2. I've always said many games are won or lost by minuscule edges, a few plays here and there, refs, whatever. And it's true this year the ball seem to bounce the Bills way quite a few times, easy schedule too. Just like THE Dalton play in 2017 to get in... and many bad lucks to NOT making the playing a couple of those years during the drought. Add injuries and flukes, and yes this team could be 8-8 or 11-5. BUT, the point of this thread remains true. It's clear the Bills were legit and had a shot this year, for sure. Yeah that loss hurt but it was in OT! Anyway, let have Beane and the Process keep putting this team forward and up, even with the coming tough schedule.
  3. It's a good idea... but I'm sure they had one already. And seriously, this team has been mentally tough. Great chemistry and team bonds. Even the locker room interviews you could just sense they are simply winners, on a high level. Of course any and all edge are welcome. But it's not been a weakness IMO
  4. Haaaaa 8 more months of Josh haters pouring it on LOL
  5. Duke deserves a chance. He was the #1 WR vs the Jets yet still open all game. And was targeted a lot in the playoff game. Is he the answer? Maybe not but McKenzie and Foster have not exactly over delivered as WR. Good on end around and ST though. Damn it's not easy for Beane and McD ha ha. It's so complex
  6. Not true. There's not enough of them and that's fact but to say never? Knox had drops but some amazing catches too, Brown had some as well. Beasley will always be more a guy that gets open fast in the middle than a contested ball catcher and that's fine... as long as others step up.
  7. Yesterday we saw bad drops AND amazing catches. Of course fans here forget the drops ha ha. But yeah, I too couldn't help but feel some envy at the inaccurate throws or hard to catch passes that were caught.
  8. I can feel the loooooove in this thread ha ha
  9. It was crazy how easy the Titans made it seem. Lamar had little pressure all night as Titans focused on the run, played zone, defended the tight ends and gave up outside throws. Ravens still had yards but no rhythm. If you give time like this to another QB you'll get burned. Ravens O beat themselves too, throwing so much and having play selections more like a "normal offense" instead of their usual run heavy packages. In a weird way, Lamar has shown he is for real. In that he was "forced to play QB" and was very average.... yet with always the threat of a big play. He might not have MVP type seasons from now on but he can play in t he NFL, not be a one year wonder like other running QBs. It made me real comfortable about Josh and what the Bills can do in the coming years with a few key players added.
  10. Not all of NO plays are that unique and only based on him. You design some plays for him but you don't have to change everything. As in the initial post points out, that dude can play on ST and in so many ways he fills some voids by himself. As Josh can run very well, and even catch balls ha ha. the dual threat would be something else! With a Singletarry that can become a receiver, there is bound to be some miss matches at one point. As usual in "gimmick plays", some don't work at all, some are amazing. But then again, a lot running plays are duds too. Josh is super entertaining, if nothing else. Add Hill and... wow! But of course it's mostly wishful thinking at this point but the possibility is there, however slim.
  11. If he stays or not with the Cheats depends how much $$$ he asks for, and if they find a QB to replace him. I know his age comes up all the time, but besides throwing the ball away a lot to avoid hits and less arm strength, is he really that diminished or the surrounding cast was simply not good? And as much as we dislike his arrogance, that is a great text he did. Even the dude that won the most Superbowl rings had a lost to end his season 14th times... A point to keep in mind for those who think the Bills are already finished and blew their one chance. Only one team out of 32 finishes the year happy.
  12. That the Bills can get him or not, that's one issue. Even if MrEpsYtown makes sense in the OP as to how and why it could done instead of just dreamy fan wishes, it's unlikely to happen. But if it could, damn right he is worth a 2nd round draft pick! I can't believe how so many people such a high perceived value on picks. Most draftees do not make the team or do so for a few years in a minor role and are out of the league. If you can get a PROVEN player with one, it sure is worth it. Beane actually got some players this year that did prove they could play in the NFL, and some were backups on other teams and fared fairly well as starters here. That's the way I see it too. Draft picks are valuable, but not to the point of being worth more than players that proved they can play! Edit: think of undrafted players that made it big. Or let's say how well Milano has done for a 5th rounder., Tom Brady being picked 199th overall... all these guys are worth more than their draft picks. While tons of guys have underperformed and are out of the league, including 1st rounders.
  13. Paper Tigers? They went to OT in a playoff game. Won 10 out of 15 meaningful games. Had a stout Top 5 defense. Below average ST, which probably hinders the offense stats. I just hope the D can remain as strong. Age, free agency, etc. can lower its power. But we all expect the offense to be much greater. Tough schedule next year for sure, but paper tigers? Hell no
  14. He must be the player most on the Ref's Revenge List I've ever seen, in any sport. WTH did he do? I'm sure it was more in the past than now too. The Refs should NOT have personal agendas!
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