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  1. Has the NFLPA consulted with the players first before agreeing to all this? Did the players vote on this? As for the coaches, probably no one is "on their side" but their own lawyers might have a say in this
  2. Moot point. TEAM sport. Daboll's gameplan, the OLine, other WRs, and on and on. May they continue to rack up numbers together, Lamar will probably never play with a great WR unless HE changes team or they draft one. What top WR would like to go to a run heavy team with such a QB and OC? But as a TE I'd kill to play there ha ha
  3. Well, I'm not a college football expert, not even close. All I recall was Josh Allen was of the 4 QBs mentioned everywhere that would go early, along with Baker, Darnold and Rosen. So I was ecstatic the Bills traded to be able to pick him - obviously 2 of the 4 were already gone. I loved his demeanor and attitude as soon as I saw him on stage. It's only on here after that I kept reading the bad comments. So I can't say "I told you so" ha ha, but I wasn't one bashing him and Beane either. I mean, since he WAS picked, why not root for him all the way? I just don't get some fans... M
  4. Only missing some of his great runs but wow. Those are true highlights. He's sooooo good. "Must see TV" as Esiason once called Josh.
  5. As a TE or OL, I'd love to play with Lamar. As a wideout? Hell no. You think these guys like to run all day with little passes thrown at them, and be run blockers so often when Jackson goes downhill? Many WR that are #3 on other teams will always be interested though. Ravens will likely never get top WRs interested, but their offense is still potent. Again, OL and TE have fun for sure ha ha.
  6. The combo of Incognito and Shady was MONEY for the Bills. I don't play "what if" games often but imagine these 2 at their peak playing with Josh and the current offense! Shady seemed to be a great teammate as well. On the field he was fun to watch. The Bills during the drought have had amazing RBs! Amost weird.
  7. The NFL should be asked questions then for making up these standards, not players. No one should be forced to inject anything, and it is a personal decision that should be private, and this is a run around away of somewhat forcing this issue. And if the Bills do reach the NFL imposed limit, then stop bugging players that chose otherwise. As for the interview, Poyer didn't want to delve into why Bills had such high attendance, but you could tell it probably was a heated debate among players. Good that once a decision was made player wise, most chose to follow their teammates. And f
  8. Indeed. You have to find the "lesser evil" as you just know players will take something.
  9. Yes but if systemic racism was that bad, the subject wouldn't even come up, and there certainly would not be a revision. It sounds more like accounting cheapskates and saving money than true racism. It does look bad though, for sure. But again, it was studied, made public, taken care of. Injustices and unfairness happen all the time. Money and power are usually the root issues. Not "systemic racism".
  10. Curious to know where he'll land as well as PLAYERS decide that list Yeah people, don't make us defend Brady on a Bills board ha ha. But his stats are still tops, and his "intangibles" are #1. He will be in the Top 20 for sure, likely top 10. Winning has a knack for raising your stock...
  11. Great news! Except for these two teams... IDK how they can say that with any certainty though. But hopefully, it's back to normal
  12. I still think by looking at many of Josh's best plays in 2020 that most routes were definitely by design, certainly including Diggs'. But it does happen many times in games all goes out the window and you wing it. But even that has some set patterns, otherwise all receivers could end clustered. You can't throw a pass before the WR has created separation or is not set yet without knowing what he'll do! That would be INTs most of the time.
  13. Yeah. At first I couldn't believe the Bills selected that clown to be HC. And then, he instantly won me over with his brash antics and no excuse bravado. In hockey, successive coaches have to be opposite characters almost. So I thought after all the boring bland HC, that Rex would be the perfect counterpoint, to finally jolt the Bills in dropping the loser mindset that had plagued the team the last years. Too bad he was so bad at preparation and actual coaching ha ha.
  14. Yes I know. Hence why I wrote the other rookies to step up. They're falling behind!
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