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  1. So I don't think this is a bad Idea at all. Gets rid of two preseason games that don't matter and adds another layer of complexity to the game. As for season ticket holders, most likely the games the starters do not play will be road games. Lets say your the 2-5 Bills are on the road at the Patriots. A game they are most likely to loose. You sit your starters. It gives them a break and lets your backups get some real game experience. So if i'm the coach of an .500 team, I'm sitting my guy on the two hardest road games. So now the pats have to decide weather or not to sit theirs guys, chancing the win, and upsetting the the home crowd with backups. I doubt they would do that. The pats are a team that on track to make the playoffs. If they sit them early in the season and they have a 1st round bye locked up week 13, well too bad, your ***** out of luck, they have to play. It will definitely suck for Fantasy guys and pick-em pools. I'm guessing if the rule does go into effect it wouldn't be a game time decision. It would probably have to have roster set by the beginning of the week. THoughts?
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