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  1. good thing no one is overreacting after 1 game. We got beat. Steelers DL and LB beat the crap out of us
  2. the vaccine can prevent serious symptoms, hospitalizations and death. No one has said it prevents the spread. If you are vaccinated you have a better chance of staying out of the hospital and staying alive
  3. I get that...people in poor health are in danger....but some state that being young and healthy is a protection and it's not
  4. Being in decent physical shape does not prevent you from getting an airborne virus
  5. What happens if I do not want to get vaccinated? • Season Ticket Members: All Season Ticket Members will receive an email that outlines specific guidelines to request a refund for the remaining pro-rated amount of your tickets. Suites and club seat Season Ticket Members will receive separate communication with specific guidelines pertinent to their account. • Single Game Buyers: There will be no refunds for single game purchasers. Single game purchasers who are unable to meet the above requirements can transfer, resell, or donate their tickets. Is there a deadline to receive a refund for tickets or suites for the 2021 season? YES, the deadline for informing the Bills ticket office of your decision to NOT be vaccinated and ask for a refund is Friday, September 17th at 8:00 PM ET.
  6. but it reduces the illness, hospitalizations and death
  7. Sorry. I lost my fantasy game last night by .15...had raiders kicker...OT FG would have won it for me
  8. opening day loss is a blessing...I now feel blessed
  9. All NFL games have National network announcers...the home town broadcast would be radio
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