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  1. I would like it stay on DirecTV...just lower the price...it can be offered on other services as well
  2. don't you have to have a rookie of the year type season in order to have a sophomore slump? It's not like he was flawless...how would we know if he is slumping?
  3. like others have said, we need top talent on this team....superstar players...we signed some decent vets that will help but we need top players...not more later round picks...I would prefer an extra 1st and 2nd rounder
  4. every draft every article mentions every team wants to trade up or down....
  5. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/all/are-you-ready-some-football-disney-amazon-might-be-n996381
  6. Bengals are probably moving away from the era of Dalton and Green very soon....new coach....
  7. You need the best player available
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