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  1. Maybe the owners will begin to install grass fields soon or grass fields
  2. so it would be better if he hit a 3rd string WR instead?
  3. is that a burger with nothing on it or a roll with no burger? That term always confuses me.
  4. It's ridiculous. Not really fun anymore. I have no desire to start going again
  5. I agree but if just pot, the chance of violence is near zero...add in others and of course the chance increases
  6. I'm old and used to enjoy a few before when I went to the games but it's so out of hand, My wife is a flight attendant and has to deal with this crap on planes. Certain places should not serve alcohol
  7. has a groin injury. wasn't expected to play
  8. it's there. I have both games on same screen
  9. Youtube Tv offers multiview with other sports as well. They did it with the NCAA tourney
  10. Not sure but think that's only available for youtube TV
  11. go to your library and hover over Bills games. Should give you an option to watch a condensed version
  12. If I didn't have youtube TV I would still be paying for internet service. How else would I watch porn all day?
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