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  1. Saban's pissed because good players are going to other schools now
  2. how often do you hear about him? I haven't read anything recently until this came out
  3. Rules were different back then. Easier to sign draft picks now. Plus the AFL had to compete with the NFL for players
  4. I thought we had the best team last year
  5. A net rest differential? That's a thing?
  6. Ok, maybe not that simple but there is not much negotiation as far as salary and contract length
  7. I don't know. Are you disagreeing that rookie contracts are pretty much set based on where you're drafted?
  8. Well, since all rookie contracts are pretty much set, there's not much to negotiate...Here's your contract...sign it
  9. We criticize other fans for being confident yet most here think we'll breeze through the regular season and playoffs. We have a new OV and OL Coach. Things will be a bit different this year I thought the same going in to the playoffs last season
  10. Though it can get very windy any day in Buffalo
  11. 9 road games this year as opposed to 8 last year.
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