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  1. No, they don't. If GB doesn't work out a trade they have to pay Rodgers $60M and I don't think they want to do that.
  2. he goes where the offers are. I doubt the Chiefs tried to sign him
  3. which will also affect cable and satellite services and increase their prices. The difference is youtube can be less expensive because there is no installation or equipment involved.
  4. There's no pricing out yet. Subscribers expect to get an email soon with early discounts, we were told. You won't need to switch to youtube TV to get it
  5. they bring 80-90 players to camp. Not all will be hall of fame players
  6. For the NCAA tourney youtube is experimenting with a multi view screen. I'm watching a couple of games at same time. I think if it works they'll use it for football and you can make your own version of the red zone.
  7. this is not a knock on Edmunds but going to the pro bowl doesn't mean anything anymore
  8. I'm not sure. This way Sunday Ticket will be available to more people. There are probably many who want the ticket but don't want to switch to youtube tv.
  9. I have ESPN+ for hockey but I'm no longer in Buffalo area so you might get blacked out for Sabres
  10. you're just speculating and until this happens I'll enjoy the savings and more channels for less cost...not paying extra fees for genie and dvr, extra fees just for hooking up a TV.
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