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  1. No, no one had to
  2. This doesn't fool teams....like lining up a RB as QB and having a QB line up at WR....just dumb
  3. why don't you volunteer to join a contact practice? The owners are getting absurd amounts of money as well
  4. Not really a big punishment. 2 practices cancelled....won't have any effect on the team or their season
  5. I hate them as well but don't other teams have players suspended for the same thing?
  6. if we could get him on the cheap, vet minimum with incentives....kick the tires...take a flyer......bring him to camp......
  7. but it's grown men playing a kids game...I would play for free.....(sarcasm)
  8. we haven't seen anything yet
  9. How will the offense take a big step back? McCoy, Clay, Benjamin and we all think we should be better at QB...barring injuries, how can it be worse than last year? We scored 3 points in the damn playoff game!
  10. Guess it would depend on who is available
  11. well, they are our top 2 picks...so it makes sense we're betting big on them