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  1. I get it and I agree but imagine if Whaley did this?
  2. just bottom of roster..they need guys who can suit up and play
  3. I should stop but if the Bills were 0-16 last year and finish 1-15 this year...they would be better but they still wouldn't be good....
  4. Re-read what I posted. I didn't say this years line was going to be awful . I said last years was. I also said being better than last year doesn't mean it will be good this year
  5. Being better than last year doesn't make it good....last year's line was awful
  6. I know but just wondering what they consider the end of camp since they left Rochester
  7. Is it still considered training camp even though they are back at the stadium?
  8. https://www.zedge.net/find/wallpapers/buffalo bills
  9. that won't change anything...
  10. All these posts about "best ever since" QBs, DBs......let's win a few games first.......maybe even make the playoffs?
  11. https://getyarn.io/yarn-clip/9ff75a77-8efb-4a9e-96bb-63c6a7632823
  12. I usually get discounts to cover the cost of the Ticket....with free movies thrown in....they are losing a lot of customers every day.....will be interesting to see what happens next year if they lose the exclusive rights contract with the NFL
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