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  1. I do...it'll be raining during the game
  2. I'll be as pissed as I usually get after every loss
  3. McDaniel should stop talking McDaniel said that he was cleared “by several layers of medical professionals” of having “any head injury whatsoever” in the Buffalo game.
  4. all possible but we know it was a cover. Everyone watching Sunday could tell his head slammed on the field and that was why he couldn't walk
  5. No good Dr would look at that and agree it was a back injury. Sometimes common sense has to be applied
  6. Come on. I had a disk replaced in my lower spine . I was never like Tua was on Sunday
  7. they only had the ball 20 minutes,,,, having said that, the defense played well
  8. Change of pace is a stupid term. Anyway, Cook was coming in for Singeltary most of the game
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