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  1. There are some holes on defense but this is a well coached team.
  2. Winters was awful...got tossed around all day
  3. limited on Wednesday and Thursday doesn't mean much. He'll practice tomorrow and play Sunday
  4. It says Milano a full go so far. Why wouldn't he play if ready? We need our starters back
  5. I'm good with this. Knox's teams often wore white jerseys at home but had blue pants
  6. but then he can get drilled
  7. it's a charter flight and all they have to do is rest and play football. I think they'll be ok
  8. we could probably get some good picks for him at the deadline and get some cap space
  9. trying to understand why this is considered a luxury pick? What does that mean?
  10. such an overrated issue. These guys are young and in shape and fly chartered planes. Why would they be tired and not ready to play?
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