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  1. He covers the Bills but he should be current on NFL news....I'm ok with not recalling details from many years ago
  2. I wanted to run him out of town How do you know they don't? maybe they just don't publicize it
  3. agree and they have to be better than last year's mess
  4. Like when 20,000 would show up at Rich during '84 and '85 seasons.....and I was one of them
  5. So my 5 year contract is not binding? I can't holdout but I can be released? I have to honor it but they don't
  6. are you ok with owners breaching the same legally binding contracts?
  7. Both showed big improvements and were playing very well at the end of the season.
  8. If they didn't pick up his option, why would they bother offering him a new deal? Same thing they did with Sammy
  9. well, the draft and free agency is over so....not many major moves you can make. They feel confident about Murphy being healthy
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