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  1. 3 TDs is nice? Wish our QB threw 3 TDs today. Yes, he wasn't great but we also have a good defense
  2. we do...it's the NFL and our division rival....it's why we're here
  3. because we have a good team and they are playing well......we should feel confident
  4. Catch up with what? He's quick and fast and a good passer. Has anyone caught up to Russell Wilson...
  5. A lot of us remember the Superbowl teams were on prime time and national games often...it was fun then and it's good to be back...enjoy it
  6. how quickly can the linemen and LBs drop.....the WRs will be past them before they can drop in to the passing lanes
  7. Great idea...losing is good..I'm kinda pissed we won 9 already
  8. after watching Fitz play today, how did we beat the Dolphins? Every week is different
  9. I'm old too...I remember the AFL games...players went to huddle after a play. It's ridiculous now
  10. it happens after every play...make a tackle....make a 1st down.....make a catch.... defend a pass....
  11. new TV contracts, new CBA...the cap will continue to increase as well.
  12. it seems many care because that's all that's being talked about here. We're 9-3 and most likely going to the playoffs. that's all that should matter...and the Bills are being talked about nationally after yesterdays game
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