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  1. How is this Miami's Superbowl? So it could be a blowout or it couldn't
  2. These types of threads should be closed immediately
  3. I also don't need a broadcaster to tell me..."that's close...depends on the spot....could go either way"
  4. with all the info on the screen and refs having audio, there is not a need for broadcasters to tell me what I just saw
  5. I watch occasionally just to see how bad they have become....it's all cliches and the skits where they try to act is absolutely ridiculous
  6. maybe a team friendly deal, vet minimum with incentives...can't hurt to bring him in.....did I forget any?
  7. you have all winter and summer to do non football stuff. it's football season!
  8. same thing I do when Bills are playing...except I watch red zone channel instead of Bills
  9. offenses add new things every week based on the opponent...not sure what you mean by full offense....run every play in the playbook? That's not possible
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