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  1. Can you post their response if they reply to you....I'm interested in what they have to say
  2. but it's a process....we have cap space and draft picks next year............wasting a playoff defense for the 2nd year in a row...every team in the league but the Bills move the ball...
  3. nucci

    2nd half thread: Wk 6 Bills at Texans, 1 pm on CBS

    just wasted a timeout. Stupid call
  4. Sometimes players just don't care....I don't get it either
  5. I do see the point about development and last weeks game was ugly. But winning helps development and team confidence....I still would rather see an ugly win than a pretty loss.....
  6. if this happens , don't you think this will produce more wins? seems logical with this defense if Allen is playing well No, I don't. I'm arguing that you guys are hoping Allen makes improvements over the season. Don't you think if Allen is playing better that will mean more wins?
  7. nucci

    The way Shady carries the ball

    he only does that in open field..he covers up when needed...and no one carries a loaf of bread that way
  8. I don't think they're sheltering Allen. He has nothing for WRs and they are not using McCoy enough as a receiver to help out...successful screens slow down a pass rush
  9. how is winning not progress? if this team finishes 4-12, how much progress do you think there will be? But if the offense and Allen play better , with this defense don't you think they will win more....and if Allen leads them to 8-9 wins and plays well, won't you be excited for next year?
  10. why do you want a low score? hard to win unless you score points good points but the problem is that their front 4 is so good the DBs will be playing tight....have to figure a way to beat that but our WRs don't seem to get open quickly
  11. nucci

    No Free Agent Wide Receivers?

    we won't be the only team with a lot of cap space...
  12. That wasn't my point...some would rather lose than win...that's what I don't understand