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  1. our current uniforms are pretty much throwbacks except for logo on helmet. Would like to see rest of division got back to 70s style uniforms. Current patriots uniform blows and old reds are good. Jets had originals years ago and went to current crap.
  2. well, besides those....
  3. TE3 or better? That's great...so 3 or 2 or 1?
  4. The NFL works very hard to stay in the news everyday and they are getting better at it
  5. maybe last season's hip injury hasn't fully healed
  6. I get it but I have had an expensive channel package for years. I usually get $55 off 12 months and $16.50 for 6 months to cover the Ticket. Just a pain to call but worth the savings
  7. Didn't the Pegulas get rid of all the ambassador's for Bills and Sabres?
  8. I've been with them over 20 years and have never received this. I have to haggle every year and looks like I have to again
  9. maybe women feel they now have a voice and are willing to speak up. Yes, some may be lying but guessing most are telling the truth and sick of putting up with guys doing what they want to them and getting away with it
  10. so have you unofficially given up on McBeane?
  11. I didn't say players weren't bought and didn't say Saban said it was illegal. Yes, I agree there should be rules regarding NIL.
  12. They don't have jobs in the offseason like the '60s
  13. That says it all right there
  14. He won't retire. Rams could go after $13M in bonus money and stuff
  15. How many chances has he gotten? Who besides Raiders has brought him in for a workout? Which up and coming players are not given a workout because of Kaepernick?
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