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  1. How did you confuse Favre with Rodgers?
  2. it could also be we have a good team along with Allen. Not culture but a winning team
  3. twitter speculation...it has to be true
  4. but it's very public so it wouldn't be sneaky
  5. No, he plays defense. Kinda obvious. Not sure why you'd ask since it says he's a pass rusher
  6. what blackouts are you referring to.? NFL doesn't blackout games anymore.
  7. You can bundle NFL Sunday Ticket together with a YouTube TV subscription, or purchase as a standalone Primetime Channel on YouTube. The NFL games you'll get depend on the package you choose. https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/12769543?sjid=13405091786317741485-NA
  8. Allen and the Bills will continue to fly under the radar? Allen is in the news constantly
  9. it does not. This team is built to contend for SB now and maybe next 2 years. Future not important at this point
  10. kick the tires, don't overpay, on the cheap, team friendly deal
  11. I do too but they had issues during the NBA playoffs recently
  12. My concern is the lag time though it happens with satellite and cable as well. Watching NHL and NBA playoffs I've noticed about a 30 second difference when watching the games to checking scores on my phone.
  13. it was a 10 yd pass with no rush and no coverage
  14. I like when we kick short and tackle runner inside 20
  15. it's a somethingburger. Most every start after a kick will be 25. No more returns. And what exactly is a nothing burger?
  16. Yeah, i think I screwed it up. I tried to correct it The Bills like to kick short and to the corner to pin teams inside 20. No more of that
  17. right but now inside 25 goes to 25 instead of where caught
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