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  1. Finding faith is a such a cop out for being an ass and abusing women
  2. yet they continue to go to AFC championship games and Superbowls....so many issues they have
  3. the raise won't come close to what he'll get as HC and most coordinators want to be HC. Most new coaches go to bad teams.....that's why there are openings
  4. we lost...we didn't close any gap. Had a lead with :13 left. I don't see many positives in this
  5. how did we make progress? We were in Championship game last year and didn't get that far this year. Had a lead with :13 left. I don't see progress except we may have the best QB in the league now
  6. we played the same D on every play....rush 4 and drop 7.....brutal
  7. They work in the same building. How distracted do you think they would be? Probably not really a regular interview anyway...they kinda know each other
  8. But Schoen knows Daboll and Frazier pretty well. Probably not difficult or time consuming interviews.
  9. Yep, but guessing Beasley is gone and McKenzie has a bigger role next year. He's been looking like Deebo lately
  10. I know....guessing we try hard to re-sign him...that's all no *****...duh
  11. Jones does some good things....maybe with a normal GM and Coach he can improve. They do need new WRs though. Ones they have are always hurt
  12. Because they are not testing as often. The rules changed recently
  13. of course he apologized...he wouldn't get any roughing the passer calls next season
  14. Do you really think anyone but you are thinking about a 30 year road playoff victory drought.....especially Allen and McDermott?
  15. Zone, Milano short and safety up top
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