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  1. https://getyarn.io/yarn-clip/82e4c91c-edbd-4fe7-a524-b0590be79273
  2. he is trying for a ring in a place he chose to play and live Are you sure? I beat Vader in Vader Immortal on VR
  3. it's like you guys are taking this personally that he signed elsewhere and pissed that he signed for a lot of money.
  4. Yep but the money keeps them out of prison
  5. I think you're correct and it was McDermott that brought in Beane.
  6. his agent was negotiating with other teams until he had an offer he liked and chose it. How was he stringing fans along? How would you be transparent...would you tell the fans about every offer you receive?
  7. what attitude? He was fairly quiet the whole time. The media was building it up and writing about it everyday because there's nothing else going on
  8. you're just realizing this? It's always about increasing revenue....as are most corporations
  9. sure but would you take $10M to play for a contender or $23M to play for a decent team?
  10. Probably should wait until they announce the cap number. https://www.si.com/nfl/packers/news/nfl-salary-cap-might-not-crash-after-all
  11. No different than a bank name or any other large corp.
  12. there's your answer. Always injured and rarely on the field. We have a Shaq Lawson role on this team?
  13. DeCosta is the best GM in football? Not sure about that
  14. after all these years we finally get a QB and some of you don't want him signed to a big contract. Amazing
  15. His agent will not even consider that offer
  16. Not sure why Davis was active and why has Mckenzie been on the bench most of the post season? We stopped doing motions plays, reverses and stuff....things the Chiefs were doing with Hill
  17. Why was McKenzie on the bench most of the playoffs?
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