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  1. they only had the ball 20 minutes,,,, having said that, the defense played well
  2. Change of pace is a stupid term. Anyway, Cook was coming in for Singeltary most of the game
  3. I remember people here saying once the league figures out Jackson he'll be done.
  4. and the call is always for cold weather cities to have a dome. yesterday was ridiculous and not safe
  5. a loss to a division opponent with both teams at 2-0 is not even close to meaningless
  6. Something seems a little off to me. Shortly after we hear he's getting a 2nd opinion he's placed on IR and done for the season. His agent states that Hyde will be ready for next season. If it's serious enough for 2nd opinion and immediately is done for the season, how does his agent know he'll be ok? Plus not a lot of info from the Bills. Or did I miss something?
  7. Why would Vikings trade him and he's out with a concussion
  8. Could save a lot of money and build new stadium without seats.
  9. It's ridiculous. I don't go anymore but I physically can't stand for an entire game
  10. I was going to log in this morning and check things out....saw this and I'm out again. Before I go, anyone want to lose another Superbowl?
  11. basically everyone is guessing and hoping
  12. Looks like there's a chance for rain
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