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  1. house alarm going off giving police probable cause to enter the premises and the fresh lines/paranafialia from "pre-gaming" the club sitting on the coffee table - priceless
  2. that was my thought also - i'm betting there's a suspension at the most and really nothing comes from this; teams carry an army of attorneys on retainer and i bet the Pats have the best in the biz.
  3. + Colts Bears Eagles Texans (bit of a reach) Browns (i said it; i think they bring it together this year taste winning and then implode next year) i'm optimistic the Bills will be better but there it more 'unknown' than 'known' on their success and that will swing speculation substantially so i'm grounding myself.
  4. Totally agree with you so not knocking your statement but have you see the sticky, sweet love the Pats 3rd QB is getting from his performance last night? against the Titan's 'bagboys' no less? i think we should all exercize measured excitement but it's everywhere...
  5. so we're calling them Gen Z now? ok, whatever. can't speak for NBA but the MLS increase is due to the 'individuality desire' of the generation. with Social Media the way it is today they see just how 'alike' they are with others and strive to be 'different' and dare i say it? MLS is just that, a convenient sport; there when we want it and forgotten when we don't care. Additionally, the NFL isn't just about a sport, they have the biggest loudmouths in sports regardless of the topic, it can be anything and while there's polarizing personalities in the NBA they aren't as outlandish nor plentiful; some may disagree but that's how i see it. i don't follow NHL but in my perception is they just "shut up and play"; maybe someone can opine on that.
  6. he should have been exiled, the way he handled his cause is likened to the people that kill people going in/out of abortion clinics... maybe that's a bit drastic but turning you back on your country and taking the easy way out instead of fighting the fight at the state/county level is chickensh*t. plus, all this done AFTER he realises he's becoming average at best... He misses the limelight, plain and simple and that's why we see a random occurrence every once in a while, he wants to be in people's minds regardless of positive or negative, just like a 6 year old child, anything for attention.
  7. probably a real dumb question but does Goodell's hypocrisy know no bounds? (and i get the pun there) Am i the only one that thinks "only the F%$&&%# Patriots" get this? and on the cusp of them fielding the worst WR lineup in years? I'm sure he's half the man right now but with the TB12 roid program, he'll be the deep threat version of Edelman by week 3...
  8. Do you need a FB account to get to it? i don't do FB...
  9. i'm not much of a bettor but isn't the 3.5 a demarcation of the home team? so if the home team is -3.5 it's essentially even and they are calling out the "home field advantage"
  10. now i know this is a sensitive topic and it should be taken seriously but concussion protocol can be initiated regardless of it truly being a concussion or not, there's no irrefutable proof here and it's done as a safety measure and i'm sure quite conservative in nature. I think this is all talk and speculation and not lending to the actual reality of whats going on. i sit here and read this and can't help but think "What about Keuchly?" that guy has his own personal Quasimodo; by all accounts he should be drooling down the front of himself by now and yet he keeps trotting himself out there; and i'm not sure his position isn't just as dangerous.
  11. all i'd need is a 12 pack of mickey's big mouth and... Wax and Slide baby!
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