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  1. on top of that why 'rest' right after the bye? we've all heard McD say "we need to keep them hungry".
  2. i remember a few years ago when NASCAR became the #1 spectator sport they did a poll on what attracted people the most to the races. guess what the top answer was... not condoning it by any means but if you were to condemn them, there's a gigantic population you'd need to include in your disapproval.
  3. nope, nope, nope, n-o-p-e WE (yes, that you in my pocket) will never root for Pete Carroll; nil. naught. nihil. nix. nothing. nought. zero. nonexistent. Rams are a paper heavyweight; once they meet the real thing they wrinkle... to heck with the NFC (go saints!)
  4. not sure if i'm ready to post my prediction but i gotta say based on the posts calling for the Titans i much be WAY off in my assessment. admittedly i've only looked at box score, their opponents to date and a couple of articles but I was not worried in the least, even with Barkley or Allen at the helm. maybe there's something i'm missing but the Bills look better top to bottom and especially our D vs their O. and i don't believe in a 'let down' game after last sunday, this team is focused. additionally - normally i don't put much stock in the 'experts' let alone fly-by-night sports reporting programs but i was looking on my apple NFL news (you know, where you swipe right from the main screen) and there's this virtual rag called "Complex" and they have these 4 dudes (Chopz, Adam, Angel & Zion) making predictions with a small comment. anyway not bothered by their choice of the titans (what do they know, really?) but one thing that stood out with me was Angel's comment: "Titans, because the Bills need to be humbled a bit" what does that even mean?
  5. Yeldon is also perfectly capable of that role, we just need Josh willing to use that valve instead of the homerun.
  6. agreed the Gronk hit was 200% egregious where this was more of a unnecessary 'hit' the above line of responses was from a comment i made about the twitter responses in OP's embedded tweet; it was a bunch of Pats*** fans crying foul that it was even considered a penalty or pseudo-full dirty hit, let alone an actual penalty. I shouldn't have been surprised based on what we know of Pats*** fans but i was shocked at the ignorance needless to say.
  7. gore based on age, Fournette based on yards and Chubb based on overall productivity. close your eyes and throw a dart.
  8. well to shamelessly quote myself from 5 hours ago: "fact is Tom looked in the mirror Sunday and saw an old man and he's more focused on that than anything else. He's giving credit in the form of innuendo but at the end of the day he's scared and not of getting hurt but falling down to the point the team either flounders or looks a different direction, remember this is the guy that said "I'm going to play until i'm 45" and he meant it, and that won't be as a backup. now his ego, HGH, health science diet, protection from the league (in however form you choose to answer) and D will motivate him to drive on but he's a man that's now facing his inner demons and it genuinely bothers him; how he's perceived in this league means everything to him. now - things will be alright in Pats*** land as they get the Deadskins next so their facade will continue but it's only masking the inevitable, if he has to throw the ball that many times with no/little running game and stronger teams on the backside of their schedule could be a tougher run than they had last year."
  9. on the tweet from LegalZebras - Protections for the passer are because he is in a vulnerable position. A backward pass doesn't nullify the protections, and having long since released the ball, has every expectation that he is out of play you should probably brush up on the rules.
  10. go and look at the responses to the tweet, i'm aware of the scum-sucking POS's Pats*** fans can be but even i was surprised at the comments thinking it was perfectly legal... this game is about saftey as much as it can be, when is a hit in the back ever acceptable? they want players to know when they're about to be engaged.
  11. this, this, this, this, did i say this? there was only 1 elite D on that field sunday and it wasn't the Pats*** what they did to our O = meh (we've had multiple TO games this year, they didnt do anything special) what we did to their O = elite (i dare say we don't see anyone else stop them like that until the next Bills - Pats*** game)
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