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  1. hell,I may just fly there from Florida just to stand at the fence.
  2. Is it an independent neurologist? or a “In-dah-pen-dant” neurologist?
  3. https://ftw.usatoday.com/2021/01/bucs-saints-tom-brady-high-five-ref-denied
  4. Didn’t JB just say the Bills have never lost a playoff game when leading at the half? Umm last year? Or did he sneak in the “at home” disclaimer and my very buzzed ears didn’t hear it?
  5. Performance and behavior are two different things in my mind but if you’re coming from a “they are good so they can say whatever they want” then you’re right in your assessment. I’m in the “act like you've been there before or let your product on the field speak for itself” camp; and certianly believe neither Brady nor Rogers need any further motivation beyond just trying to be the best so saying “y’all passed me up and I’m going to make you eat it” just tarnishes the medals for me. You dont have to go out of your way to be likeable but just being a good and decent person is appreciated more, and genuine humility isn’t a weakness, especially if you have talent oozing from your pores and you REALLY are that good. and if Josh did say about his draft position that then i put him in that same category, I’d back him on the doubters, Nick, Skip, etc. but teams draft individuals for reasons other than “you could be good”. sportsmanship is in danger of becoming extinct, hopefully it regains form at some point; but then maybe we need villains like BB and Brady to balance the “nice guys”; it certianly entertains my time and maybe that’s the point.
  6. 2 out of 3 monumental douchebags so maybe you’re proving the point vs an arguement? BTW - not sure I’ve ever seen Josh specifically mention his draft position, who was taken before him vs just “i am doubted and I’m going to use it as motivation and prove them wrong”
  7. I can’t say I’ll show an ounce of concern if there’s any injuries on the Titan side from a lack of “contact shape’ the last couple of weeks but there’s been some decisions/actions taken that have exasperated the issue and the players still react with ignorance. what I don’t like is Byard’s “I’m taking names” comment, exudes arrogance and makes me think this could get dirty, hope the refs are frosty.
  8. He looked lost vs the Pats also and I’m not so sure it wasn’t the brilliance of BB more than the system wasn’t humming along. people comment on his improvisionational Skills when what I see is rhythm and he’s finding his 2nd, 3rd option. I’m not calling him a system QB but his receivers aren’t coming back to the hot read fast enough and when the system breaks down he appears human and his mechanics falter in the anxiety. will be interesting what McFraiser does and if we see deja vu.
  9. 5yr-$175mm to be exact, no sure what the guaranteed was but I bet close to 70mm probably higher.... im sorry but that’s regretful, in a number of ways...
  10. which is HIS own doing... he had an offer he could’ve accepted
  11. I don't want a forfeit for various reasons - the biggest one being i know we win - with the current state of the team and about 70% confident if the Titans were at full strength (excluding current non-covid injuries). make them frankenstein a team; all current COVID listees and those that have been in contact since the facility closure are out. if they have to have the punter on the OL so be it. let Buffalo go in there and take their frustrations out on them, drop a 50 burger, just run up the score just thoroughly embarrass them. they know who's been clean for the last 10 days by their consistent negative tests, they have proximity data, the non-sanctioned player gatherings? those players are out. make them put whatever they can muster on the field ensuring a high confidence safe zone and let the Bills play a 1st game preseason team and just have their way. after that punish them to the level of stupidity, belligerence and arrogance they've exuded the last 3 weeks in the form of draft picks (multiple years, make this sting), fines, coaching suspensions, anything... just anything.
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