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  1. look at the Solder statement above "and the health of our neighbors come before football" is that an omission? i'm in total agreement - unless you're going to totally bubble for 4 months you're not opting out with complete commitment to protecting yourself, your family. & your neighbors...
  2. so glad you said this Doc, not sure why everyone focuses on Ginn when Olsen had nearly 1,200 yards that year and the record was indicative of a bad division and soft conference, heck look at each games breakdown, one could argue the D dragged them to that record more than Cam. the year before the Panthers won that division @ 7-8, and the year after they were 6-10 (4th), that was hardly sustained dominance through Cam or the team. dont get me wrong, Cam is the quintessential athlete, his ability is far above most QB, he just lacks focus and that’s the key at the end of the day, focus and skill will drive the athlete greatness, in this case, I don’t put him in the greatness category, even if we look at that year alone. however, focus and skill can overcome the absence of athleticism, We have current examples of that today in the NFL.
  3. This. and if one of those FI's is worth a crap they will offer reporting that brings all 8 FI's data into a single view for the consumer.
  4. and what's wrong with that? sure there could be corruption but the managing of finances through electronic capabilities goes both ways, you can track the bad as well as the good. and BTW - it's not entirely the rules of the entity, there's regulation and yes, thats done by the government and if you don't trust the government, well that might be the crux of your opinion. Banks are too regulated NOT to trust them, and mistakes? easily corrected by technology, that is if the consumer is right and that's not always the case. Their adding machine tends to fail because of the operator behind it. i probably shouldn't wade into this pool as it appears i'm the only one but cashless would be my utopia, and not for political reasons, i simply don't do politics, i don't waste my time on things i can't control and i don't vote thus i don't complain nor absorb myself in it. I can confidently say i'm 90-95% cashless - the businesses that provide me regular services (landscaping, pool, Mosquito service, etc.) i pay the recurring charge via a electronic service and i've taught them all to accept tips (primarily christmas bonus) via PayPal or Zelle. the only reason i'm not 100% cashless is the inopportune tip or that I live in Miami, Florida and there are still businesses down here that ONLY accept cash and I do my best to avoid them but sometimes i can't. yesterday our sleep number was delivered and I had to use my emergency $50 bill (i carry 1 in my wallet and this one was there for well over a year and a half) and run to my neighbors to break it so i could tip the delivery guys. now my neighbor uses only cash but she's in her mid 70's and i've always wrote that off as an old person thing (although i turn 50 this year so i guess i'm old ) Pay cards are an excellent way to move electronic cash, they don't have the risk of an ATM (cant tell you the last time i used my ATM, i go American Express exclusively and have a Visa in the case the business doesn't accept AMEX) I don't understand why someone wouldn't want their finances well tracked (and we as individuals can't possible do it better then the services offered today), i don't understand "under the table need" and i don't understand the tinfoil hat wearing. yes, i do work for a large FI and not the banking side, i've been in technology my whole career and maybe that's what influences my desire, i've seen it from the inside and i invariably 'trust' it and i believe it's the best way to go. I respect everyone's opinion, i just thought it was interesting that when i came into this thread i thought i would see more people like me responding. heck - i might just be that guy you read about being arrested for slapping someone around for writing a check in the grocery line, if anything that should be abolished first, it's checks IMO.
  5. Beast isn't wrong so it may seem hypocritical for my answer to be "absolutely not" this is the only non-industry related site i belong to and even then i joined intending to stay on the football forum but seeing the innuendo in some posts i did drift over here. I've been in cyber/identity security for almost 2 decades and have deep roots in technology and now manage a number of very smart/efficient engineers just listening to their banter between meetings solidifies my reasoning for not belonging to FB (literally never have gone to a FB page), Reddit (although i will lurk there), instagram, etc. My wife has accounts but that's to keep eyes on our 4 grandchildren but i coach her carefully where to tread lightly. While i'm not sure i fully believe in cyberbullying, mainly because my opinion of the people behind the keyboard is so low it doesn't bother me, i do recognize there are some out there attempting to weaponize social media (enter a couple of examples on this forum) and i could see if someone allowed themselves to be enthralled (in what is Social Media) it could affect them to some degree and that goes for either side. so outside of this TSW and a few industry based forums i'm not on any mainstream SM and fine with it being that way.
  6. last home game i attended was Bills-Cowboys in 1984 when i was living in the area, was a day after my 14th birthday. i've been to 20+ away games since then, i have a rule that if the Bills are visiting within 500 miles of my current location i will make every attempt to attend. 4 years ago I moved to Miami so now i am a regular at that game, did PO game in Jax, if they ever go to TB that's a for sure and i considered Tenn last year and the Houston PO game but work got in the way. i would LOVE to go to a current Buff home game but i want to do it with someone i know- every year i try to get my Fins fan friend to go (even offer tix and hotel cost) and he just won't do it for many reasons
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