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  1. I really wanted to pick the Bills but I just can’t see it with Jackson being virtually unstoppable....Ravens 23 Bills 17.
  2. The reality that this team is not ready to hang with teams of superior talent. The reality that existed after the games v. Philly and Cleveland.
  3. I think the Bills will get run off the field because it’s superior competition and when they’ve played teams of superior talent they have buckled.
  4. Dallas 28 Buffalo 13. The crash back to reality begins Thursday.
  5. Smoke Brown was a massively underrated signing. People thought deep threat but as we’ve seen he’s an overall excellent receiver.
  6. Fitz and the Phins deliver the dagger. Miami 21 Buffalo 16.
  7. It was a great question and glad we have atleast one media member that pushes the envelope a bit in this town.
  8. Will not get to 10 wins..no.
  9. Browns 27 Bills 13. Sky will be falling after this one.
  10. Not a very good 6-2 team. They’ve played two good teams (if you even want to consider Philly good) and lost.
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