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  1. And what you said was racist. Hope you are proud of yourself and your party of choice.
  2. Every time a white male is hired there is outrage. It’s as simple as that.
  3. How can you say yes? Totally irrational...you want it to be true so bad your making a massive leap.
  4. I don’t normally do this but what a clown he looks like for thinking Oakland was a better landing spot than Buffalo. Obviously that pre dates all his other nonsense but really. He make a joke of buffalo and he looks like an idiot for that whole saga.
  5. A quarterback will a cumulative sub 50 completion percentage the last three weeks somehow manages to escape without blame from this fan base. Amazing. He hits a couple good throws but in between he’s totally erratic. The defense cannot always bail him out.
  6. I really wanted to pick the Bills but I just can’t see it with Jackson being virtually unstoppable....Ravens 23 Bills 17.
  7. The reality that this team is not ready to hang with teams of superior talent. The reality that existed after the games v. Philly and Cleveland.
  8. I think the Bills will get run off the field because it’s superior competition and when they’ve played teams of superior talent they have buckled.
  9. Dallas 28 Buffalo 13. The crash back to reality begins Thursday.
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