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  1. I would unload both of them in a heartbeat. If anything they will hold the offense back. McCoy by virtue of they feel they have to give him the ball and Jones because he’s just not very good but they invested a 2nd round pick and feel they have to play him. He had no real special traits coming out of the draft, had good hands, however and that sure as heck has not been evident in the nfl.
  2. Quit referencing crap sources. Happens all too often around here.
  3. Nothing to see here folks. Move on.
  4. Let’s see if Sal comes out with another incredibly vague report referencing only “intensity”. To me this means the team as a whole did not look very good. If they did why not reference it?
  5. The reports out of camp are so vague even by Sal. Makes you wonder how good this team really looks as a whole.
  6. Sal is no Greg Cosell but’s it’s strange how two people can watch the same thing and have such different opinions. For what it’s worth it was nice that Sal broke down play by play. As for Cosell and many pundits I think bias plays such a role in evaluation. If they didn’t like a player coming out of the draft then they really struggle with bias and their supposed objective evaluations.
  7. Finding a trade partner for Lawson when he’s been effective and serves a role would be dumb unless a team overpays and they won’t. Sam Acho isn’t going to come in and replace him.
  8. He would have to be an incredible special teams player. Would like to see him on all units in preseason.
  9. Morse and Kroft, signings that should have come under immediate scrutiny due to lofty contracts and injury concerns and in Krofts case production concerns, do not look good right now. This front office wants to take gambles and a part of me respects that but the concussion concerns should no longer be overlooked. Careers will now end prematurely because of it and for good reason.
  10. Did they really have to put Gaines on IR? That is a really disappointing move. 2 years ago they were a good defense when he was on the field.
  11. Im usually quiet until there is something to watch and really judge. That and behind this username is a human being with a busy life. I look forward to respectfully sparring this hear my friend.
  12. Yea this will probably be the last time I reference him. Normally I sift through relevant opinions a little better.
  13. Thad Brown got after Josh Allen pretty good. Through two days not so good.
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