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  1. My pick last week was not good. Your pick this week will be “not good”. In fairness no one in the world saw Buffalo holding Baltimore to 3 points.
  2. Honestly as much as I love Allen I think this Is absolutely ridiculous. Mahomes has played better football than anyone in the history of the game over a 3 year span. His first 3 as a starter. Pump the breaks.
  3. Again we are watching a scam take place before our eyes. If this were during the regular season there is no way he plays the following week.
  4. I think the calm has to do with the fact that we are now playing a generational team and if we win it’ll be euphoric and if we lose it’ll still go down as a great season
  5. I get that most picks are going to go to the Bills because this is a Bills board filled with (and I don’t mean this is a negative connotation) homers..but these double digit Bills win predictions are really something.
  6. It’s goofy. I’m not even sure if it’s all inclusive or not.
  7. Assuming Mahomes plays, which now looks like because apparently teams are allowed to comment on a player who is in the protocol whereas before, atleast I thought, all they could say was that the player in question is in the protocol...Chiefs 30 Bills 24.
  8. Well last week they came out and still threw 21 times in a row which I think probably gave them better odds than banging their heads against the wall trying to run. Yes your percentages may not look great but you are going to hit on some and Allen completed some big passes. In short you cannot fear the weather unless it’s a 2017 Colt game type storm where you have no other choice .
  9. Can’t really pick until Mahomes status is known. We are talking about a future hall of famer 4 years into his career.
  10. The NFL is a forgiving place. Myles Garrett was the Browns “man of the year” and one year ago he tried to decapitate a player and then slandered him. One year later he’s a model citizen.
  11. The Bills are a modern day nfl offense and a modern day smart front office. No need to overdraft or overpay for that position. Moss and Singletary will be just fine with a new 3rd compliment.
  12. So stop paying attention to guys like Nick Wright and understand they are actors, not analysts. ESPN knows it’s views and click bait by him playing up his anti Allen/Bills schtick. Once people understand this maybe they’ll tune out espn who at one point provided true objective analysis and not “hot take” garbage that reeks of insincerity. People need to really smarten up on the content they absorb and thus waste time getting upset with.
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