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  1. Well the past two weeks we played 2 of the top defenses in the NFL so there’s that.
  2. 3TD 6INT and how many fumbles? Yea he’s entering turnover machine status. If you haven’t panicked yet you may want to start.
  3. And no one ever talks about this when discussing him. He purposely gave a player a concussion...one of the hottest button issues affecting pro sports. But he got off easy. They should have made an example of him but they bypassed it. He really can be as dumb as he acts off the field. Lost respect for him after that incident.
  4. 0. Not ready yet and this Patriot team as a whole may be one of the best we’ve seen. Notice I said as a whole. Their defense is incredible and Tom is still Tom.
  5. I would target Edmunds too. He’s not physical enough.
  6. A huge need likely for next year. They cannot generate enough with the front 4.
  7. We can agree to disagree. I think the Bills are OK. Not good.
  8. First good team Bills will play. Patriots will come in here like they have so many times and put us in our place. The Bills are better than we thought but still a mediocrity. Patriots are in a different class.
  9. This stuff has always been a bit confusing. A chant or whatever seems a bit over the top.
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