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  1. It’s not like our DT room has lit the world on fire. It would be fine by me.
  2. They didn’t just pay Daryl Williams what they paid him to draft his replacement.
  3. A very uninspiring group of DE. Addison looked cooked last year, Hughes can bring it but doesn’t finish very often, Epenesa did not physically looked like he belonged, and I’m fine with Odoba as a flier but this team needs a big time pass rusher if they are going to continue to play the way they do.
  4. The return to legitimacy. The national media love and recognition. A missed opportunity for our fans to be in person and root this team on
  5. If I were a receiver I would not even entertain Baltimore. Turning down KC is interesting but they are stacked and he may not get the targets.
  6. That would be huge production for a 34 year old receiver.
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