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  1. I still believe there will be no season. Just cannot see how this is all possible.
  2. A great economy has helped everyone is ever race. No one can dare make that point thought. If we find a way to eliminate any George Floyd incidents in the future, an absolutely appalling incident, and then ask ourselves how often those instances are taking place we have a logical starting point for combating these issues with actual solutions. Not look at me demonstrations, which I support the right to perform by the way.
  3. Is anything he said not true? The 24th ranked offense in the league but they have a franchise quarterback?
  4. I think athletes can have strong impacts with their voices and that can be great. What they don’t need is political correctness skewing their messages or opinions. Just like those who want Kaepernicks voice to be heard, they must also allow for everyone’s voice to be heard.
  5. Only in today’s day in age must you apologize for having a dissenting opinion with the mainstream media. The mainstream media is a champion of limiting free speech. The quicker people begin to use logic and understand this and also understand dissent can be a catalyst for change and productivity, the better.
  6. He outplayed McCoy that year when he was on the field. An incredibly sad story. What a future he had in front of him.
  7. Buffalo really should have considered this.
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