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  1. Is this a joke? They lose a 3 point game to a good team on Monday night football a week after going into arrowhead and beating a hall of fame coach and quarterback and now we are calling our GM into question who has overseen a playoff team 3/4 soon to be 4/5 years?
  2. It just feels like the “letdown” game after a colossal win..I’m trying to remind myself that this team is different, however.
  3. If that’s what you think. He will get views and ratings from it..so you tell me what that means.
  4. Again anyone that buys into this is an idiot. You guys look are being trolled and falling for it. It’s enough to question any fans level of intelligence. Quit embarrassing yourselves.
  5. Go 0-2 vs Chiefs and Titans and you can kiss this goodbye.
  6. Phins could deliver an early dagger to the Bills conference hopes.. and right now I’m closer to picking them than the Bills.
  7. Wait until they mask 75K outdoors. That’s science.
  8. Right that’s what I was getting at - thank you!
  9. Per the County Executive changes coming. Announcement scheduled for 2PM.... Anyone think capacity adjustments?
  10. Brady is the best to ever play the game hands down no debate. Not even close.
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