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  1. Bitter because he was replaced and the line was playing a hell of a lot better than when he was in the lineup.
  2. He also has an interview online with a fitness expert and talks about not eating breakfast and how he hasn’t focused too much on the taking care of his body aspect. Time to take that seriously now if you want longevity later.
  3. We are very concerned with size here but how big is Matt Milano?
  4. He’s a country boy who’s probably happy living a low key life. He was a very good player who was just not about the media side of things.
  5. Finally a decent weather time of year to host a Monday nighter
  6. That’s right let’s go back to kelvin benjamin, Andre Holmes and Terrell Pryor.
  7. AKA No one offered a contract that he thought he was worth.
  8. This is one, if it gets confirmed by a reliable source, that I’d be fired up about. Dude brings energy.
  9. Would never do this again after the multi million dollar state of the art training facility was built.
  10. Nope. I have a lot of I told you so’s to get off my chest and I’ll gladly continue to do so.
  11. Thank you. I’m inspired. For the record my comment has nothing to do with message board moderation.
  12. Congrats Kyler. Your claim to fame is a Hail Mary pass during a non playoff season.
  13. Did they discuss how Davis roasted Sherman last year on MNF?
  14. Just a drunk dude acting out. What a great justification for violence against women.
  15. The one high priced WR I don’t want at all is Robinson. I want speed and separation. I think he’s shown a poor attitude and he’s aging. Speed speed and more speed.
  16. I provided context and my opinion and my thread was shut down. I think the News is out of line for pushing this, I think the letter is racist, and I think it’s sickening. No - I’m not a racist.
  17. This is typical. Person gets offended by an obviously racist letter and all of a sudden it flips back to white privilege. How about just call out problems when you see them and stop twisting everything back to race?
  18. This post should not be taken down. It’s Bills relevant and it’s posted on the front page of the local news.
  19. There is an article labeled, Title: Bills should fire McDermott and hire a black head coach. I’m glad the news has now fully endorsed racism. This is sickening. I can’t read the article because I’m not a paying subscriber, and for good reason but this would imply that McDermott be fired on the basis of his color and someone replace him on the basis of their color. Way to go again, media.
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