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  1. Still love him on breaking down plays as seen through the eyes of a QB.
  2. I would argue to put one more choice in there: He's missing a sure handed, shifty slot WR to bail us out on 3rd downs.
  3. Goes to show you how many different elements have to work together for someone to get to the top of the QB game Arm talent and raw athleticism are table stakes.
  4. No cheetahs dare tread Nor penguins dare waddle here Stampede of bisons!
  5. Chef's kiss to the coaches for doing so. Don't need him in blowouts only to catch a dirty block to the knees. This is the way we will have him with gas in the tank come playoff run. Wait until this man comes out of the tunnel to the home crowd next Monday...
  6. PUNT GOD!!!! We are going to have fun with this player. Memes galore and jersey sales to outpace that of former Punt God B Moorman.
  7. It's no fun now that the Jets have a front office that makes good picks. Bring back the days of Jeff Lageman from left field and their fans heads popping off!
  8. Punt God completes this roster of nastiness. Early, big, leads from Josh and co. Eat clock, pin em deep Try and go 90 yards on us passing with Von in the mix. The Penn State guy would suffice as well.
  9. Elam can't tackle....no way Beane makes him a Bill.
  10. Pat Summerall and John Madden CBS had them on the NFC East during its golden years in the 80's Special shout out to Dennis Miller. While not an all-time great, I am one of the few that enjoyed his humor during MNF. That was a unique twist.
  11. We did not draft Russ We did not draft Gronkowski Cost us a decade We drafted J.A. We now belong with elites Big Ball Beane we trust
  12. The ratings whores at the networks/NFL scheduling are finally going to roll over when it comes to the Bills. Max # incoming.
  13. 3 TD mega game coming week 1 Crickets and footsie problems for 16 weeks after.
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