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  1. PUNT GOD!!!! We are going to have fun with this player. Memes galore and jersey sales to outpace that of former Punt God B Moorman.
  2. It's no fun now that the Jets have a front office that makes good picks. Bring back the days of Jeff Lageman from left field and their fans heads popping off!
  3. Punt God completes this roster of nastiness. Early, big, leads from Josh and co. Eat clock, pin em deep Try and go 90 yards on us passing with Von in the mix. The Penn State guy would suffice as well.
  4. Elam can't tackle....no way Beane makes him a Bill.
  5. The ratings whores at the networks/NFL scheduling are finally going to roll over when it comes to the Bills. Max # incoming.
  6. 3 TD mega game coming week 1 Crickets and footsie problems for 16 weeks after.
  7. Haden still out there, could be our guy + 1st or 2nd rounder and CB would be in great shape.
  8. I see and appreciate what they tried to do there with that video, but NFL films they are not. Too many fast cuts and no idea what time (and score) of the game it was most of the first half of the vid. Furthermore, I HATED the ending.
  9. He's clearly down to schlocky representation and management....the kind that do any last ditch act to squeeze any last $ out of a team. He's going to be the diamond jewel of the USFL next. The mighty have fallen.
  10. The memory of letting winnable games slip away from last year, that cost us HFA, will fuel this team to take 0 for granted. EASY over bet.
  11. Born in Buff, raised in NJ Lifelong season ticket holder of Giants Lifelong fan of the Bills The Giants had the magical year in 86 which elevated them as they were a disaster organization prior. In 90, my dream/nightmare came true, my two teams in the SB. At first, I felt like I couldn't lose. I watched the game with family in Buffalo. When the dust settled, wide right happened, and I was immersed in the total heartbreak of the entire city, it changed me forever. Anyone who is a parent of multiple kids know, you often have one kid that you know will be ok no matter what and you have another that you know might struggle more. That is the kid you secretly pull for. The Giants always had a waiting list for season tix, they went to 3 more SB's and won 2 (FU Brady). When they achieve...it's cool. The Bills were always a constant threat to get relocated and were always the small market and had a tougher time getting talent to stay. When they achieve....it's f-cking bananatown for me. Since that moment in 90, I have lived and died with the ups and downs and the heartbreak of having deep emotional ties with this team. When the Bills have success, it means more to me than anything else in sports...and most things in life.
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