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  1. I think that for a lot of the people who are down on this pick it’s partly psychological. The Bills didn’t pick in the first round, so in a way it might feel like Epenesa was their first round pick. I think he’s almost being judged like a 1st round pick when he wasn’t. Imagine for a moment that the Diggs trade wasn’t made and Ceedee Lamb slipped a few more spots and the Bills picked Lamb first and then Epenesa fell into their laps in the 2nd. I think the rhetoric would sound very different. By the way, I believe Diggs will be better than Lamb, especially over the next 3 years, and I absolutely love Epenesa and had my fingers crossed for him the entire time, never imagining he would actually fall. He’s an absolute beast.
  2. Horrible, Terrible QB play can do that to you.
  3. Gandy-Golden or Peoples-Jones (athletic freak that has time to learn the nuances of the position from Diggs)
  4. In a normal year he would have had a pro day and cleaned up his 40 (maybe 4.8), and he’d be the 17th pick in the draft. This guy has been a stud throughout his college career. I’m a Penn State fan and he absolutely terrorized them every game. Frankly, I’m shocked he was still there.
  5. Rooting for Epenesa. I’d be excited with Dobbins too.
  6. Vegas doesn’t guess. It’s not fool proof but it’s got to be based on some information gathered.
  7. It would be very much like the time the bills gave Marcel Darius to Jax For a fifth rounder when he didn’t make economic sense for the bills and he was more of a distraction than he was worth. Jacksonville was a contender at the time and the bills weren’t. They paid pennies on the dollar for Darius and the bills or any other team they traded for Leonard Fournette today would likely do the same. They are just cleaning out their cap anyway they can because the roster is a mess and they need to start over. I loved Fournett coming out of LSU. While he hasn’t quite lived up to what I thought he was going to be, he still a bruiser that caught 76 passes last year. If the bills could get him for a fifth it will allow them to use that second rounder on an edge player that could step in for Hughes in the next year or two (They wouldn’t have to contemplate taking a running back in the second).
  8. I seem to remember an interview that Brandon Bean gave talking about needing more homerun hitters. He said something like, it’s nice to get yardage in chunks, but it could all get ruined by a holding call and you’re starting The drive over in the hole. With homerun hitters that can score in one play, you minimize the chances that a drive will get stalled by a penalty call. I have watched all of these videos on all of these top running back’s. There are things to like about a lot of them. But I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a running back highlight tape showing one guy break off as many long touchdowns as Jonathan Taylor. It’s pretty crazy.
  9. People will look at what the Bills paid for Diggs and compare to the 2nd and 5th that the Vikes would pay and automatically say it’s an overpay by the Bills. Trades shouldn’t be judged in a vacuum. There are other factors. OBJ had all his good years with Eli and the Giants when he was the focal point of the offense. He was much less productive w/Baker and on a team where the targets needed to be spread out a bit more. OBJ has a cap hit that’s about $3MM per year higher than Diggs. Not a big deal, but OBJ is a year older than Diggs. Diggs has had some quasi-diva situations, but nothing on the level of OBJ who might be heading to his 3rd team, which means two NFL teams would have believed his antics were worse than what he brings to the team (that’s saying a lot considering how talented he is). Diggs was better last year than OBJ. He might actually be the better player. The shine of being picked in the first round takes a while longer to come off. OBJ will automatically be thought of more highly than diggs who was a fifth rounder because he was hampered by injuries late in college. I think he was just as highly recruited though coming out of high school. Situations impact productivity.
  10. From a bills fan perspective, the way I look at it is there is a greater chance multiple teams will make a mistake because they’re not working in a war room. The likelihood of top talent getting pushed further down into the second round exists due to the situation. (Always an optimist)
  11. Minshew. Uggh. I’d freak if my team had the 11th pick and took Minshew. Burrow and Tua would be in the mix and then some left tackles and defensive ends. Corner is a premium position too. Maybe Tre white goes before pick 32.
  12. If every team’s roster had zero players and a draft was held, with all current players as well as incoming draft eligible players, what would the first round look like? (Age is a factor. It’s not a 1 year redraft like a fantasy league). Would Josh Allen go in the first round? I think he would.
  13. New D line coach must have “banged the table” for this guy. It is a lot of dough based on production. He was a 1st rounder... obviously has talent.
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