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  1. This is a simple fix - eliminate coaches challenges and have an eighth official in the press box that can override any calls made by the on-field officials. The AAF did this and I thought it worked well. I definitely believe that "good"/"popular" teams (Pittsburgh, NE*, Green Bay, Dallas, Seattle, etc) get the benefit of the doubt a lot more often than mediocre/bad teams. I don't know it it's conscious or subconscious... but without a doubt, across the league, teams like the Bengals, Cardinals, Bills, Jacksonville, etc get screwed a lot more often by close calls and poor officiating.
  2. This was one of the most bush league plays I've seen in a while. Straight out of the Belichick playbook. His QB is going to get hurt one of these days on a play like that.
  3. Hey, they actually called holding!
  4. Unfortunately we lose the tiebreaker with them even if we beat them in Week 16. They have to lose another game besides this one and the Bills game (or win this one, lose to the Bills, and lose to either the Bengals or Dolphins) if we are to pass them for the division. We didn't play the Texans so it doesn't count towards the common opponents tiebreaker.
  5. 56-10. I made the trip from Seattle for that game, will never forget it.
  6. No team is allowed more than six primetime games unless Week 17 rolls around and that team is the preferred candidate for the SNF flex slot. Dallas has had three NBC primetime games, two Thursday games (Thanksgiving and next week), and a Monday night game. Thus, this game is ineligible to be moved. It's also very likely that FOX protected this game from being moved to SNF. Those blocks must be submitted to the NFL by week 5 and DAL/LAR is very likely to have been protected by FOX given that it is in the late window of a doubleheader. In order for BUF/PIT to be moved to 4:25, it must be cross-flexed to FOX as CBS has a singleheader that week and there is a snowball's chance in hell that they would move this to 4:05. The NFL never cross-flexes "good" games into the 4:25 window unless the doubleheader network has a stinker in there. DAL/LAR isn't a stinker. In short, you're wrong.
  7. This is a really simple fix. Draft a kicker in the late rounds of the draft and let him compete for the job. I never understand teams that refuse to spend late round draft capital on kickers and end up going the UDFA or cuts route. Kickers don't get cut or go unsigned as free agents from other teams if they are reliable. You can get a really good kicker in the late rounds of the draft, which is much more difficult for nearly every other position on the field.
  8. This is my favorite win in a long time. This kind of win is the thing they needed to do to convince me they were for real this time.
  9. The clock thing is easy to explain... 1.9 seconds will show 1 second left on the clock in a typical stadium, not 2 seconds. 0.1 second will also show 1 second. When the clock shows 1 second, it's actually nearly two full seconds worth of time.
  10. If I were the Eagles and I got the TD, I would go for 2. Don't take this to OT.
  11. LAMP: I’m on Maui on vacation. The Bills won. The Patriots* lost. I see two random Bills fans during the day wearing gear and exchange high-fives. Life is good!
  12. I have been doing the west coast/London flight from Seattle a few times a year now. It’s around a 9 hour flight with an 8 hour time difference. I think it’s doable so long as you fly out immediately after the previous game. I usually fly out around 1-3pm, pull an all nighter on the plane and end up in London in the mid-morning. I then stay awake until bed time. You adjust pretty quickly this way and by the third or fourth day are more or less adjusted to the time change.
  13. This is interesting. I was at the game yesterday and noticed the lack of a line at the Lloyd's counter in the Kelly Clubs. I was curious why that was - every other line was packed. As an out of towner, I figured their food was crap... but it seems this might have been the reason.
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