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  1. ESPN was saying that this uniform was being considered as an alternative. If I'm a Jets fan, I'm really pissed that wasn't selected...
  2. FWIW, the moment I saw Jussie Smollett for the first time (I don't watch much TV, so his legal troubles was the first time I had heard of him), I immediately thought of Doug Whaley. The guy looks damn near identical, sunglasses or not.
  3. I agree. I'd be really surprised if Terry or Kim wanted a dome. I don't think they go with a retractable roof though - it adds significantly to the cost of the facility and it's very expensive to maintain. Out here, the Mariners asked for well north of $150 million from King County for stadium maintenance, a major chunk of which was tagged for repairs to Safeco's (now T-Mobile Park's) retractable roof. I'm sure the technology has improved over the last 20 years, but it's still a major long-term expense. The Bills would be better off installing those overhead heaters they have in the club areas in more places around the stadium if they're concerned about December temperatures.
  4. I tend to agree... I think it's becoming clearer that they want a downtown stadium in conjunction with some improvements to KeyBank Center. The thing they are going to have difficulty with IMO are the PSLs. They are going to lose a lot of existing season ticket holders if the PSL is excessive, and other teams that have done this have been unable to sell tickets as seasons. They then get dumped on the secondary market by scalpers, often at heavy losses, particularly late in the season. Eventually scalpers stop buying and then the team gets stuck with excessive inventory. I could see them keeping the OP facility as the team's HQ and practice facility. Most teams with urban stadiums have this kind of setup in the suburbs.
  5. This isn't exactly surprising. Tim doesn't take criticism against himself or his peers very well. I don't really have anything against Mike Rodak. He's a beat writer and has to deal with the ESPN conglomerate so I'm not really surprised if his articles are written through a particular lens. I don't hold this against him, but I would also say that he's not "one of us" like John Wawrow or Sal Capaccio. I don't think Rodak has any investment in the success of the Bills beyond any career advancement it might afford him.
  6. sullim4

    Las vegas

    Bally's is a dump... it's got a great location but the facility itself needs a lot of TLC. It's seen better days. Westgate is where I usually place wagers in Vegas. Many of the "big" casinos have de-emphasized their sports books (or cut way back on things like drink tickets) in recent years since the profit from them is smaller than other things like slots. Mirage has a good sports book if you don't mind reserving a seat. If off-strip is an option, I have heard that South Point is good.
  7. Apparently Bowles was their interim HC for 3 games after they fired Sparano. Don't forget about Wanny either.
  8. Agreed. I did the same last year with the Patriots* in the super bowl. We were in Hawaii and just relaxed poolside at the house we rented on the Big Island.
  9. There is more truth to this than most would acknowledge. Their divisional games account for at least 4 wins right off the bat, if not 5 or 6 per season. The AFC East has been the most consistently poor division in the entire NFL over the last 20 years. The other three teams have 2 "guaranteed" losses each season and the Patriots* have 4, 5, or 6 easy wins. If they actually had some decent competition, it'd be interesting to see if they would have won as many division titles as they have.
  10. I think they would have been better off playing at Sam Boyd Field than sticking around the Bay Area. Lame duck seasons rarely go well - the AFC West games (sans the Chargers) will sell out with opposing fans occupying most seats. Their home schedule is brutal this year - games against Detroit, Cincinnati, and Jacksonville will sell terribly. Add the Chargers to the mix too. Even the great Russ Brandon wouldn't be able to sell tickets to those games. For whatever reason, I didn't realize that the Raiders will be hosting Buffalo in Vegas in 2020.
  11. Scott Berchtold looks like a kid out of college at that presser...
  12. I see them sharing the Cardinals' facility in Glendale. After what's been happening with the Chargers I just don't see the NFL putting them in an undersized stadium. StubHub Center has been a disaster. It'd give the Chiefs and Broncos two away games that are essentially home games.
  13. I agree, Chan is a good guy. I think he did a good job considering the talent level he had to work with. The defenses were awful but the offense was equally devoid of talent and was at least competent. He got the most out of Fitz that he could. Gailey is one of those guys that adapts his playbook to the personnel he has on the roster. That makes him a lot more flexible than the "system" guys that get run out of the league once defensive coordinators figure their playcalling out. I'd hire him as an OC, but not as a HC.
  14. This is a good point. Would someone like Gruden trade a bunch of firsts for Wentz? I could see that.
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