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  1. The one possibly interesting thing they could do with the pro bowl - decide whether the AFC or NFC gets a ninth home game in the upcoming season. Sort of like the MLB all star game and home field advantage for the World Series that used to be awarded to the winning league. Other than that... agreed, it's utterly worthless.
  2. I suspect they are going to have to. I find the stance untenable in a new stadium. I get why they do it now - they want people showing up to the games and not reselling the tickets because they don't plan on being in Orchard Park for 8 Sundays out of the year. At the same time though, many of us that can afford PSLs and higher ticket prices are in a position to do so precisely because we aren't in WNY. Personally, for me, I would love to have tickets in a section of fans that are actually Bills fans, know the team well, and won't be completely sloshed by the time halftime rolls around. The current club sections do a decent job of this, although it tends to be popular with visiting fans given the relative low pricing compared to what their team offers in their own stadium.
  3. I make the trek from Seattle once a year to go to a game, and sit in the clubs with my dad. I usually buy on the secondary market. I would potentially be interested in some kind of (timeshare?) situation with seats. I'm intrigued by the idea of being able to keep a row or a block of seats in the TBD family and being able to go to games with "friends" here rather than randos who happen to be seated next to you. Since I always buy resale, I'm often seated next to obnoxious visiting fans rather than fellow Bills fans. I do think that things like undesirable December games against bad teams like the Jets or figuring out who gets dibs on playoff tickets might be hard. Everyone's gonna want the early season games, particularly for those of us who travel from far reaches of the country. I suspect it will be hard to make this kind of thing work - even friends in person sharing season tickets is like herding cats, but I would be curious to hear about any ideas that people may have.
  4. Agreed. NBC (SNF) and FOX (TNF) have gotten this game the last two seasons. I would be shocked if CBS didn't get this matchup in the upcoming season.
  5. I tend to agree - 1.2MM for a condo in Buffalo is crazy for the market conditions there. Typically you see that kind of pricing on the significantly larger/nicer mansions that players and coaches are trying to offload around Orchard Park. Even in Seattle... the 1.2MM condo market can get you a unit with a view of Elliot Bay, though admittedly with less square footage. With the property taxes in Erie County, I just don't see the appeal of sharing a wall with someone and paying $1.2MM for the privilege.
  6. I'm a little confused. Isn't the PSL a one-time cost, to secure the rights to buy the seat in subsequent seasons? Or is this just an option where you can finance the PSL over multiple years?
  7. Here I thought "the need" referred to in the title of this thread was going to be Barkley as an "elite" holder for Bass...
  8. Don't discount the fact that he can placekick, even if he is a terrible holder. That's worth something if anything were to happen to Bass. If the dude is bombing punts 60+ yards on a consistent basis in adverse conditions, you can't cut him even if he's a terrible holder. He's gonna be on the roster in that scenario - Bojo was an average punter and a terrible holder and that's why he was cut loose. I feel like there are options for holder. Anyone that can handle the ball well would be a candidate to hold on kicks. WRs, CBs, even RBs would be candidates to hold in addition to Keenum if for whatever reason, Araiza can't do it.
  9. If they have someone they want at this point... I'd trade up. Those sixth rounders aren't all going to pan out.
  10. How much you wanna bet the Packers are gonna draft Arazia? Bojo ain't the answer for them... Guess not!
  11. I'd trade him if I were the Ravens. His value is extremely high right now and it's clear the team doesn't want to give him Mahomes/Allen money, which is what I think he is gunning for. A team like Seattle would pay for him and sign him to a long term deal. This is why you have an agent - he can shop you around to teams that would give you a big payday and ensure your contract has the right set of protections on your behalf. Penny wise, pound foolish on his part.
  12. I think that's probably right during the Super Bowl. I also think it's fine if you're with a group. At night though... I would not walk that stretch of Century east of 405 alone. Lots of warehouses, abandoned businesses, windows with metal bars over them, etc. The area west of 405 where all the airport hotels are located seemed a lot safer to me. But all of that is based on my experience before the stadium was built. It's entirely possible that the stadium has improved things for that east of 405 Century Blvd corridor.
  13. I'm debating whether to go down for this game from Seattle. The last LA trip I made was to see the 5 INT Peterman disaster at StubHub Center against the Chargers. At least Sofi is conveniently located near LAX for an easy arrival and getaway. Visiting fans can at least avoid the parking charge by getting a hotel near the airport and using rideshare to get to the stadium... even if the area is a bit sketchy.
  14. It isn't saying much, but I agree with this. Greggo was a psychopath. Mularkey was not head coaching material. Jauron was lifeless and never showed emotion. Marrone thought way too much of himself. Same with Rex. Chan had miserable talent outside of a few players like Fred, Stevie Johnson, Kyle Williams and Eric Wood. He was only a .333 career head coach for the Bills - the worst of the drought, but his offenses were fun to watch and his players seemed to enjoy playing for him. If we're going to miss the playoffs anyway, I'd rather have a fun offense to watch than be subjected to 8-0 and 6-3 games against Cleveland.
  15. If they have no one else to sign aside from draft picks, I'd love to see them try to move money around by frontloading cash and lower their cap number for future years.
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