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  1. Has there been any clarity on the proof required for vaccination? Being from out of state, we get the CDC ID cards, but all of the articles I am reading seem to indicate it's the Excelsior Pass or nothing.
  2. It is funny... I don't like to park our 6 year old CR-V at the airport (or at an offsite lot) specifically because airports are in dodgy areas with significantly higher crime. At least Seatac is, anyway. The 45-minute Lyft drive was cheaper than the 10 nights of parking, even at discounted off airport pricing.
  3. How much of this is on Singletary and Moss or the scheme versus the talent on the line? I feel like McBeane has never been afraid to cut loose any players that aren't cutting it. Even TBD's favorite whipping boy and process disciple, Mike Tolbert, wasn't brought back after 17. If they felt someone else was available that could both fit into their budget and outperform existing talent, they'd likely make that move.
  4. It rotates based on conference. The AFC all gets homes games this year, followed by the NFC. Thus, since you're only competing against your own conference for a playoff spot (ask crayonz for why the Bills should lose games to NFC teams), it levels the field.
  5. By eliminating sudden death overtime and shortening the overtime period to 10 minutes? Both of those rule changes increase the likelihood of ties. I don't like ties, either, but I also don't like arbitrary rule changes that alter the game (college OT, picking a yard line at the coin toss, etc). The basic flow is a kickoff followed by a drive down the field, with punts and turnovers in between that change possession. Eliminating any of those changes the nature of the previous 60 minutes of competition. If the NFL rewarded wins with '3' points and ties with '1', in a p
  6. I agree with this. It will make the last two minutes of the fourth quarter in a tight game a lot more interesting - do you play for the tie or for the win? Week 17 ties would add a lot more drama to playoff races as well, with that scenario being significantly more likely to happen.
  7. Yeah and if Bass gets injured without a punter to back him up, or vice versa, you see this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DBiyYPFE8cA
  8. I agree with this. I don't think Feliciano is as good as Morse, and the dead cap hit of $5.5M just doesn't make sense. If you cut Morse, do it in 2022 when the cap hit is in excess of $11M and the dead cap is only $2.75M
  9. I'm going with Edmunds... it's a hard call between him, Knox, and Singletary. I think most are unhappy with the DL but with Murphy barely playing and Star opting out, our two usual whipping boys aren't receiving as much attention.
  10. There was a thread started on this at the beginning of the season, and I thought it might be interesting to rekindle this discussion given all the talk about cap casualties... who's receiving the most criticism this offseason from fans here, either deservedly so or not?
  11. This is why I don't think this is a good idea. Space is needed in future years when Allen's contract is going to hit, and also keep in mind that the new TV contracts are looming which will cause cap numbers to go up (as well as salaries) I'd much rather extend some of these guys while frontloading the cap hit, and lock them in at "bargain" pricing. Make room for that by cutting the fat on defense instead.
  12. A journeyman vet that can't cut it as a starter but can win a few games if Allen is out would be ideal. I just don't see Barkley being able to beat an average team and that's a problem. I'd let him walk. Fitz or Dalton would be my top choices. I think Fitz will command more money than we'd like to spend on the backup quarterback, though.
  13. I would much rather draft TE or LB (especially if Milano is gone) and fill OL in the 3rd or later rounds.
  14. Any concession on the part of the team like that should lower the overall price of the contract and thus impact on the cap. I'd be in favor of it.
  15. This is getting a lot of attention in officiating circles. It's a major administrative error -- misapplication of the rules is usually a death sentence for a playoff assignment for an official. Al Riveron's only role as SVP of officiating is replay. I would expect him to be the fall guy here, and I would not be at all surprised of Walt Anderson takes over the replay duties next season.
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