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  1. I actually think this makes a ton of sense for both parties. The Jets have to give up a first to GB anyway, and probably some conditional pick or a halfway decent player. Jackson gets out of Baltimore. A first round draft pick is gonna play for you for five years at a rookie deal. You really want to trade that away for a cranky 39 year old quarterback that has been using retirement as leverage against his team? I am not a huge Lamar Jackson fan, but I would rather trade two firsts and pay him than make a deal for Rodgers. Rodgers is a drama queen, hasn't been nearly as good as past years, and has been spoiled by playing in a small market for a good franchise. The Jets are the complete opposite of "small town, well run". He is going to be in for a rude awakening if this deal consummates.
  2. I think the Jets are nuts to trade for this guy, it's so "Jets-y". This is the Brett Favre situation all over again. He's a weirdo that will clash with the NY media, constantly making distracting headlines. He's 39 years old, going on 40. The Jets' QB play was a disaster last season, but that wasn't the only missing piece they had. Their OL sucks and won't be able to protect him. I will bet this ages only slightly better than the Russell Wilson trade. I could very well be wrong, but I just don't see how this doesn't blow up in their faces.
  3. Thanks for the update - as someone who primarily lurks, I hope Yolo knows how much he/she is missed.
  4. This whole situation can be boiled down to the fact that he doesn't have an agent. All of this was completely avoidable if he had someone competent representing him. Lamar's mom is not that person.
  5. Book on your own directly with the airline and hotel. You can get exactly what you want, and you will not have to go through a third party to make any changes to your reservation. I was sort of hoping to be able to double dip if the schedule aligns and there is a home game the week before the London game. Fly from Seattle to Buffalo, see the game on Sunday, and then fly from Toronto to somewhere in Europe... then on to London for the game on Sunday, and back home. London is great if you've never been, but we've already been there and want to explore something else. Maybe Spain or Portugal.
  6. If they can get him for the right price, sure. He is a definite improvement over Edmunds. If he wants a bunch of guaranteed money that creates a difficult cap situation, then no. He is 32 years old; this team cannot afford to lock up more money with aging players on defense.
  7. The linked article isn't very complete. Here's a copy from Yahoo Sports which cites the original USA Today article, which does cite the salaries paid out: https://sports.yahoo.com/russell-wilsons-why-not-you-foundation-reportedly-spent-more-on-employee-salaries-than-charitable-activities-185532088.html All I will add to the salary thing - the CEO of Northwest Harvest, one of the two major food banks in the Seattle area and one of the most well known charities in the region, is pulling in $175,000 according to Charity Navigator. The salary itself is certainly comparable to Tarpley's, but size and scope of the two CEOs' workloads certainly cannot be compared. It's entirely possible that everything is above board, but the response from Wilson's charity didn't refute any of the reporting.
  8. This is pretty much what I expected. I really wanted to see some changes on the defensive staff, but I guess that's not happening.
  9. Cincinnati is exactly the kind of team that gives McD and Frazier fits. Physical, smash-mouth football that this team cannot match. They were built to beat KC, not the Bengals. This is exactly why I was not feeling good about this game, and it played out exactly the way I thought it would.
  10. Mahomes shouldn't be out there. If that was Allen I would be pissed that the team wasn't protecting him.
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