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  1. FOX doesn't give a rat's behind about the AFC. They see "Patriots***" and automatically assume that's the team that will win. They would have put Newton up in that graphic last year.
  2. It takes a special personality to come onto an opposing team's message board and advise others how to behave. I'm not excusing his behavior, but I'm not really sure how you expected to be welcomed with open arms after 3k posts here and the history between these two teams. Let me give you a piece of advice - leave the tongue-lashings to the moderators and let Bills fans talk about the game amongst themselves.
  3. I was in Vegas that weekend and I remember it well. This was the only time I ever took a Bills opponent against the spread in Vegas. I just had a feeling about this game and boy I wish I had put down more than $100 on that wager.
  4. I've got a bridge to sell you if you think Bills games will be going for $6/mo under the existing subscription model. Placing NFL games on ESPN+ will undoubtedly raise the price of the package, or be an expensive add-on that will require you to have the underlying ESPN+ subscription. They might require the "Disney Bundle" to be purchased, so you'll also need to subscribe to Disney+ and Hulu. I would much rather have a tech company own the streaming rights - Disney does not exactly excel at software engineering. I would be curious to see how well their service would scale under the load that NFL games would bring. They use AWS's underlying infrastructure, but in the end, the Disney software engineers and ops teams are calling the shots and writing the code.
  5. Moss and Singletary should be somewhere in this list and not grouped in "other". The OL is certainly poor, but neither of these guys have proven they can be relied on to find the holes and consistently get yards on first and second downs. I also think the TE play should be somewhere here - Dawson Knox has been money this year and his absence has clearly hurt the team.
  6. This is where I'm at. The NFL is raking in millions from betting partnerships and related advertising. It's in their best interest to keep these partners happy. This is not para-mutuel betting where the operator takes a fixed commission - the profitability of these gambling partners is tied to the results of the games. Officiating in particular is shrouded in secrecy - we don't get to hear the mics, don't get to hear conversations between on-field officials and 345 Park Ave on replays. Why can't the NFL be more transparent here? There's no reason, aside from perhaps some embarrassing "Just give it to 'em" one-liners, that the NFL cannot be more transparent when it comes to officiating. It's one thing to have gambling restricted to Vegas and perhaps the Indian casinos. It's quite another to promote it via ads on TV and in the stadiums, and thus have to manage a relationship with a partner to "keep them happy". I have no idea whether games are fixed or not -- the problem is that the NFL has established next to no transparency to show they are being ethical and responsible. The average NFL fan sees poor officiating and draws the conclusion that the game's fixed. Sadly, there's little evidence to either confirm or deny that assertion, so the speculation persists.
  7. I'd rather have a rehabbing Fitz. After watching Newton play us twice last season, he's done like dinner.
  8. I want to see them draft a punter in the later rounds next year. Haack is terrible. I'd rather have Bojo and that says a lot.
  9. I think you make this move if it involves OL help. Your choice is between is a stronger OL with Allen and a weak backup QB, or a questionable OL with Allen and Trubisky. Even if Allen gets injured, in that later scenario, Mitch is stuck behind a couple turnstiles masquerading as guards. I think our chances of advancing in the playoffs take a sharper dropoff with Trubisky/weak OL versus Webb/better OL.
  10. I'll answer my own question - 1943. Giants vs. Lions
  11. When was the last 0-0 tie in the NFL? Gotta be pre-merger right?
  12. The Chargers cannot catch anything. These are not badly thrown balls and their receivers keep dropping them.
  13. Agreed. Frazier has the blueprint on how to beat Jackson. You commit to stuffing the run box and count on your secondary to make plays against Jackson throwing the ball. The Bills are good enough on D that they can commit to that plan. Other teams are not as fortunate talent-wise.
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