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  1. https://www.stubhub.co.uk/nfl-london-2023-jacksonville-jaguars-vs-buffalo-bills-tickets-tottenham-hotspur-stadium-8-10-2023/event/105905006/ I have to think they'll go down in price after the initial public sale. These prices are currently more expensive than the airline tickets over there from the west coast for goodness sake.
  2. Patience. Ticket prices usually peak right after the schedule release as out-of-towners lock in their plans, and season ticket holders evaluate which games they want to go to. Just check in every day or so for a month and you'll see someone looking to dump tickets at close to face.
  3. That's a big loss for Delaware North, to lose the hometown deal. As the article alludes to, it's likely a drop in the bucket, but it doesn't reflect well on them. FWIW I've always thought concessions at the stadium weren't very well run and so I'm sort of happy that someone else will get a chance at making them better.
  4. The NFL overplayed their hand on this one. I suspect if it was Amazon or YouTube that got it, there'd be less backlash as those services are at least already streaming some games. The funny thing is that you don't even have to pirate the game in the traditional to see it if you have something like YoutubeTV. VPN + F12 to change your lat/long to one of the local markets that gets the game over-the-air should be enough.
  5. Their home schedule is absolutely loaded this year. Philadelphia, Cincinnati, Buffalo, Miami, Chicago, and Detroit are the 6 non-divisional opponents they play. Detroit hadn't visited Arrowhead since 2003. Miami was the logical choice. They try not to move divisional games. They originally were going to move Chicago over there, but KC blocked that as they wanted to play them at home. I would guess that would be a higher revenue weekend for them versus, say, Miami.
  6. The one thing to watch for this year - it's the first year of the new media contract. The concept of AFC games on CBS and NFC games on Fox is largely dead. Each network will be able to select games from their traditional conference that will be televised on that network. All other games are up for grabs. This goes beyond the cross-flexing we've seen during the last contract. Expect a lot of 1pm non-headliner games to be on the non-traditional network to try to balance the network lineups - stuff like Falcons/Bucs might end up on CBS when FOX has a bunch of stinkers, and Browns/Broncos might end up on FOX if CBS has a boatload of bad games: https://www.sportsmediawatch.com/2023/01/nfl-media-rights-deals-refresher-monday-night-abc-espn-sunday-ticket-youtube/
  7. Sounds like the perfect Edmunds replacement!
  8. Count me in with the group that feels this is kind of stupid in 2023. With streaming being delayed, we're all getting the live feed at different times anyway. Are cable viewers "tipping" selections because they get the video 45 seconds before streaming subscribers? I'd rather get the news from a Bills fan anyway, as opposed to waiting for the talking heads and hearing it from Goodell. There's more excitement in that moment anyway.
  9. I like the pick. Knox simply has not been a reliable pass catcher and Kincaid seems much better at that. I was never a fan of the Knox contract, and this feels like Beane would want it back if he had the chance as well.
  10. I still don't think this is going to go well for either party, for several reasons: His off the field comments are going to be constant fodder for the New York media. This is not the Green Bay Press-Gazette or Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel he is dealing with. It's going to be a distraction to the team at some level and I suspect it will be a constant source of drama during the season between the Rodgers and the coaching staff. Rodgers spent his entire career in one organization, one with a history of winning and a fanbase that's got a ton of patience. Neither of those apply to the New York Jets. Change at the age of 40 is a lot harder than it is at, say, 26 or 27 when many players hit free agency for the first time. He's clearly thin skinned and I suspect he's gonna play the blame game if/when things go south, just like he did in his last year in Green Bay. Finally, Rodgers just wasn't very good last year. He was in an average division in the easier conference and they still missed the playoffs. They had a win-and-in game against Detroit, a team he usually defeats with ease... and they lost. He doesn't strike me as the Tom Brady type of player that will be successful well into his 40s. His primary motivation this year appears to be to spite the Packers rather than a true desire to play - the guy nearly retired a few months ago. Spite only gets you so far. This move just wreaks of desperation to me. It's something the Bills would have done during the drought - and they did do it with Bledsoe. That got them a 9-7 season and a bunch of mediocrity. The reaction to this trade feels a lot like the Russell Wilson trade - that the AFC West was gonna be this super competitive division and that the Chiefs better watch out. Call me a homer, but I'm just not convinced this is gonna work for the Jets.
  11. Paging @Jimmy Spagnola.... Thoughts? Did Baby Face Wilson get rubbed out?
  12. I once saw Jeb Bush in the security line at MCO, about 10 years ago or so? I said hi to him, he seemed slightly annoyed. For a politician with presidential aspirations, he didn't seem very eager to talk to people. He ended up on a flight to DFW, and at the gate, he did the "fake talk on the phone" thing. He was facing a wall so as not to be noticed.
  13. I do this with my parents. We are in the same DMA, but they live about 60 miles north. It's not a problem, they consider our houses in the same general area and thus we don't have to actually log in at the home IP address. NFLST will allow up to 2 concurrent streams. I believe YTTV otherwise allows all family members registered on the account to stream simultaneously.
  14. I think this will help the defense, but it worries me as McD is not known as a strong in-game head coach. Particularly on things like challenges and using timeouts. I hope there is someone in his ear that he can trust that will alert him to stuff like this.
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