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  1. The best hack for parking at the stadium that I learned over the years is that the private lots/yards to the SE of the stadium along 20A are great. Extremely easy to get out of after the game versus the official lots, or anything to the north of the stadium. I typically park right around Kings Ct.
  2. https://www.seattletimes.com/sports/uw-husky-football/lawyer-milloy-earns-uw-degree-nearly-30-years-later-keeps-promise-to-mom/ The funny thing is that I've seen an SUV in our neighborhood with a "MILLOY" license plate so this article drew my interest. I sort of figured it was him, and sure enough, he lives a stone's throw away from our house in Woodinville.
  3. Based on what we know so far, I think the Chiefs game falls somewhere between weeks 5 and 12.
  4. This is an absolute boon of a hire, I love it. It's about a lot more than just replay, though that's a huge part of it. Parry knows the officiating crews inside and out, and knows their tendencies. He will be able to advise the coaching staff on whether a particular official has a penchant for throwing flags for subjective penalties like holding or defensive pass interference, or if they tend to let them play. That will feed into game planning. Keep in mind that the crews will often change from week to week so it is not just a matter of whether, say, Shawn Hochuli's crew throws a lot of illegal contact flags. It's whether the officials on the field with him this week do. He will be able to provide insights during practices and is well connected. He will know what 345 Park is sending out to officials each week as points of emphasis and how it will be interpreted. Parry was never great on TV but he was a top official in the league that was awarded multiple Super Bowls as an official. He should do really well in this role.
  5. Bills games are generally a really good use of hotel points. I tend to stay at the Hampton in East Aurora - their points rate in prior years has been 40k Hilton points and it is fully refundable until the night before. The cash rates are $400+. 1 cent per Hilton point is amazing value. They are usually about a half cent.
  6. MNF is a way to get Houston and Stroud on primetime with a legitimate opponent. AFC South divisional games aren't good for ratings and so the Texans' primetime options are already limited. I think it has a very good chance for primetime. TNF is definitely a possibility though. I think the Chiefs game ends up in the 4:25 CBS slot in late Oct/early Nov unless the NFL strong-arms CBS into passing on that game. NBC hasn't had that match up for a while and I don't think ESPN has ever had it since it became Mahomes vs. Allen. I would personally love to have the Seattle game in the late window early in the season, living about a 30 minute drive away from Lumen Field. Knowing my luck, this ends up as Thursday Night Football in early December, in the middle of a pineapple express downpour at 45 degrees.
  7. I haven't followed the Sabres closely in years - since the original Ruff era. My general take on the team is that it very much resembles the drought-era Bills - bad culture, meddling ownership, and an uncertain future. They are a long way from building a contender and need a fixer-type coach or hockey operations guy that knows how to win and will purge the organization of its cruft. Lindy doesn't strike me as the guy that will do this. I think he will toughen up the team but I don't think he has what it takes to get them to a division title or a deep playoff run. I do, however, think there's a good chance he gets the team back in the playoffs as a lower seed. If that is the goal - and perhaps that's an appropriate one given the drought - then I think this will be a successful hire. Otherwise, if there are delusions of Ruff bringing Buffalo a Stanley Cup... prepare to be disappointed.
  8. My hope would be that these are non-divisional games between opponents that are located close to one another. Think PIT/CLE@BUF or BAL@NYJ.
  9. Certainly seems like a trade with the unhappy face. Dead cap is $11M so a cut seems unlikely. A puzzling move if true.
  10. New York State is a big reason. Everything - literally everything is more expensive. Labor, taxes, materials, insurance, stricter codes, more regulation, the weather - all of these things increase the cost of major construction projects in New York compared to elsewhere. Nevada is very much the polar opposite of much of that. The labor pool is much larger, the construction season doesn't have to deal with 3 foot snowstorms, and the laws there make it cheaper to build. My wife and I live outside of Seattle, not exactly a cheap place to live. I just had dinner with my parents this last weekend - they've lived out here now for a couple years after living in NYS for over 35 years. The biggest shock to them, which they still can't stop talking about - is how much cheaper it is to live out here. And like I said - Western Washington isn't particularly cheap. I will also wager to guess that yes - public funding drove up the price. You can bet that things like eco-friendly building materials, sustainable energy sources, and whatnot were part of the deal.
  11. Tomlin doesn't strike me as the kind of guy that would put up with Russ' baggage. During the drought, this is the kind of move the Bills front office would make. I expect a similar move out of a team like Washington.
  12. I don't think this is correct. BUF's longest runway is 8800 feet and IAG (Niagara International) has a 9,800 foot runway. Either of these could accommodate something like a 787. In fact, they flew one an A350 (Airbus' composite widebody) to London from BUF. Not to mention other team's charters have to land in Buffalo, and they typically fly widebodies. I suspect the travel rating is low because the team forces rookies and other players with less tenure to share hotel rooms.
  13. Terry is cheap. I guess they're staying at the Red Roof Inn and flying Spirit Airlines to get a 'D+' in the travel category? That one feels like a really easy one to fix.
  14. This I think is the right solution. Play 15 minute quarters, each team gets 2 timeouts, include a 2 minute warning, and whoever is winning at the end of the quarter is the winner. If it's still tied, add on another quarter and 2 timeouts. Every 2 quarters of overtime gets a halftime break. This amount of time almost guarantees one possession each and also forces teams to employ strategies around eating the clock. The current system is overly complex for no good reason. I wish they'd do the same thing with the 10 minute overtime periods in the regular season.
  15. The one reason - if it goes to a third possession, it's sudden death and if you score you win. That's the only reason why I can think you'd do it.
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