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  1. Eli won two Super Bowls against the best QB of all time.
  2. There are a couple bad plays by everybody that could have been huge plays in close games. That’s the NFL man.
  3. Does Rivers get in over Manning in your opinion? Can’t tell the story of the NFL without the Manning Brothers standing in Brady’s way during his prime. I get your point but I disagree.
  4. Oh come on. The Bills WR’s looked in a couple hundred balls this year. This is the nonsense I’m talking about.
  5. I’ve watched the Bills WR’s competently catch sideline passes all year. They dropped 7 more passes on the season compared to league average. Those 7 drops negatively affected Josh’s performance, but he needs to be better.
  6. My position would be having receivers not as good as Deandre Hopkins makes Allen appear worse than if he had Hopkins. But it doesn’t change his ability as a QB.
  7. You know exactly what I mean. It’s hard to take you seriously after spending three years doing the same song and dance with Tyrod. We don’t have to back up the excuse train this hard. We all know Josh doesn’t have Deandre Hopkins. 31 teams don’t have Deandre Hopkins. It would be nice to have one and it would make Josh look better. It probably wouldn’t make him a better QB, he needs to do that on his own.
  8. Because you can Josh Allen has shown good signs without being dishonest about it?
  9. You commented on my post about it. The dude who said Josh has no weapons? John Brown was 21st in recieving yards last year. Per PFR. That’s on 15 games played too. I’d like to see what stat you’re referencing. You’re the one who said we had “no weapons.” Sounds like we need to replace them if that’s the case. Or maybe we do have weapons?
  10. Yeah man, if Allen is an All-Pro next year it all worked out. The odds of that are super low.
  11. The drops stat. I know exactly what you meant. When’s the last time Josh faced much coverage that wasn’t straight man? It’s total hyperbole to pretend like Josh is still throwing to Zay and KB and to treat this offense accordingly. No, Josh isn’t throwing to the greatest offensive weapons. But he’s not throwing to dudes who don’t belong in the league. You don’t have to pretend John Brown and Cole Beasley are garbage to prop up Josh.
  12. Yeah man, John Brown was never the #1 option on those teams. Last year he was a top 20ish reciever in the NFL when he was given his shot. Thems the breaks. If Josh “has no weapons,” we should just cut him and Beasley and start over I guess.
  13. I’d like to see proof of that please. Oh really? So teams don’t gameplan against John Brown? He was the leading AFC reciever for 3/4ths of the year and they just don’t bring him up in the film room? They just talk about Josh, and when the DB coach is like “what about his receivers?” they laugh and all go get ice cream instead? Teams gameplan against everybody. Yes, teams worry more about Deandre Hopkins than they do against John Brown. I’d like another weapon or two on offense myself. But John Brown is a player teams account for.
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