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  1. But we knew they were going QB. And they did. The Giants, not so much.
  2. I think most people "in the know" didn't think the Giants were taking anyone but Saquon at #2. The league reaction to that pick was far less than the fan reaction.
  3. Well that depends on if you think the Bills would have been okay with Darnold at 7. I'd imagine they would.
  4. The story that makes the most sense is that they were concerned 1 of Allen/Darnold would be gone first, and then pick #3, the Jets would take the other. Seems like the Browns gave us a hand by not taking either.
  5. BringBackOrton

    What am I missing about Jared Cook?

    I found what you're missing.
  6. BringBackOrton

    Le’Veon Bell Signinig With the Jets

    It is interesting. Perhaps the players felt they were owed an explanation that never came. Locker room's have funny dynamics. Some players say "get your money," others players get mad when a player holds out. I would the NFL player population isn't that dissimilar to the fan reactions we see here..
  7. BringBackOrton

    Le’Veon Bell Signinig With the Jets

    I’m not rejoicing about anything. Bell was just wrong and was proven wrong, and the people who defended him were also wrong.
  8. BringBackOrton

    Know anyone with a disease? Read this

    1. There is absolutely no medical justification for withholding cannabis treatment for autistic children and requiring that other agents be used first. 2. There is no justification for withholding cannabis treatment from young children. What a ***** quack.
  9. Zero substance. You have nothing. You come in here and blame the posters here for making hate acceptable. After being proven wrong on that front with pages of evidence, you turn around and blame SDS and the mods. Then you say a private enterprise isn't beholden to free speech, but SHOULD be beholden to your whims. Then you turn around and AGAIN blame the posters here: I mean, are you addicted to being wrong?
  10. Because you are the worst kind of ivory tower hypocrite. ”free speech doesn’t apply here, it’s a private enterprise” - from the guy who is trying to tell a private enterprise how to run their operation. If you don’t like PPP or TBD or SDS, kick rocks. No one cares.
  11. Start your own message board then, loser. It goes both ways. Quit crying.
  12. I mean, why don't you reach out to SDS instead of grandstanding here? What do you want an average poster to do, besides condemn and ignore? Should I also post about how good of a person I am?
  13. Jesus Christ. Don't let reality hit you up there. I highlighted the quoted section in your post. I will fix.
  14. Here you go: The Dude has ridden the line of being a disgusting person with disgusting beliefs for months. Half of the regulars here have him on ignore, and the other half tell him how much of a piece of crap he is in just about every thread he's posted in. He's a pretty damn long time poster here, though and he had to know the norms. And if discussion remotely similar to what he was advocating--sympathizing with a White Nationalist murderer, which he was. Advocating the exile of all Muslims from our Country, which he was. Saying that there are too many Muuslims out there in the world to try to kill them all, which is really why the exile option is the best, which he did--is viewed as acceptable here Which makes this blurb ENTIRELY wrong. He knew the norms and disregarded them to spew his hate. His hate was never deemed acceptable by anyone who spent 5 seconds reading before spouting off how much better they are than the people who post here. All it does it make you look like an ignorant, moral grandstanding fool who is more concerned with preaching about how superior he is than actively counteracting hate.
  15. Oh, you really are just here to grandstand.