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  1. Yeah, agree to disagree on this one.
  2. BringBackOrton

    UB’s Tyree Jackson has declared for the NFL draft

    Reminds me a lot of Cardale Jones, in terms of fluidity of draft status.
  3. BringBackOrton

    Happy 42nd birthday to TakeYouToTasker

    You old bastard.
  4. BringBackOrton

    2018-2019 NBA Thread

    I would love to see KD leave the West entirely. Warriors, Lakers, Spurs, Nuggets would be a fun top 4 next season. If KD joined, say, the Knicks (please), and we had Raptors, C's, Knicks, and Pacers in the East? Lots of potential contenders.
  5. BringBackOrton

    2018-2019 NBA Thread

    AD I think was the best fit. Lebron needed a player that wears down the interior D, and a guy that will win 1-1’s down low while he stands there or is off the floor. Anyone else is settling. He will panick and jettison Ball and Ingram before long. Incredible that they were considered to be a fair Kawhi package not too long ago.
  6. BringBackOrton

    2018-2019 NBA Thread

    Lebron missing out on PG, Kawhi AND AD may cause him to retire a few years early.
  7. BringBackOrton

    2018-2019 NBA Thread

    Tatum has more potential than any of the Lakers youths, so I’d be on the phone with the C’s first. I’m dreaming of an all Euro squad, JJ Barea, Luka, Frank Nkitillina, KP, Jokic with TP off the bench.
  8. I didn’t say they aren’t worth it, I just said it’s resistant to analytics as a sport compared to something like baseball or hockey. Just because someone throws money at it doesn’t mean it works as intended. Where are the solar panels at?
  9. Football is resistant to analytics because defensive alignment, offensive alignment and talent are rarely accounted for. If R-R-P is “effective” 70% of the time versus a nickel alignment in a 10 offensive set, then “run on first down and you’re screwed” is an embarrassing conclusion.
  10. I actually disagree. I think there are many who disagree, who are afraid to speak out because of her popularity with young radicalists.
  11. BringBackOrton

    Pegulas mentioned by name in Eric Reid story

    Eric Reid lied. Michael Bennett lied. wake up.
  12. BringBackOrton

    Trump To Address The Nation Tonight

    I know that, which is why it bothers me.
  13. BringBackOrton

    Trump To Address The Nation Tonight

    This gif bothers me. Is this supposed to be a stalemate?
  14. BringBackOrton

    Trump To Address The Nation Tonight