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  1. Cam was better than average for much of his career and was phenomenal in 2015. He was tied for 2nd in passing TD's on very good efficiency, added an extra 10 TDs rushing, and 600 yards on the ground, and lead the #1 offense in points scored, and 10th in yards, with Greg Olsen at TE as his #1 (who is a great TE). His WR group consisted of Tedd Ginn Jr, who managed to have the second best season of his career with a 45% catch rate, the corpse of Jerricho Cotchery, and rookie Devin Funchess. There are wrong takes and then there are these. Jesus.
  2. This team, with another quality RB, would be able to go at least .500 with Dalton. If allen goes down and we're 5-2, that's what we'd need.
  3. Cam wants no part of Buffalo and why would he?
  4. I hear you. I think I predicted this almost exactly happening. Real bummer edit: almost got the restructured contact too lol
  5. In a week where every sport is cancelled, we should be even more grateful that we will have more meaningful games.
  6. So what’s the argument that Karlos Williams should get the same or higher pension than Fred Jackson?
  7. The Star Lotulelei fans would say this is a deal that is a win for both sides, and he’s only taking a paycut because of how awesome of a job McBeane think he’s doing.
  8. Jordan Phillips’ play fell off without Star? Where is your crystal ball?
  9. You have to halt commerce AND improve the stock market! God it’s so simple
  10. No, DB’s just cover long enough for the front 7 to make a play on the QB. Certainly no complementary football there! Nice to see you ignored the Phillips comparison, white flag alert?
  11. Brady took paycuts for different reasons than Star. Kroft’s contract is easily escapable. Maybe we should be paying JP and Levi $10M per because they also both started on a top 3 D. So your argument is that Star is the Sammy Watkins decoy of DT’s??
  12. I also watched him this season. I watched the guy “eating up space” get driven back by single teams. Did he make some good plays? Sure. Did he have a decent amount of bad plays on tape? Absolutely. Combine that with his bloated contract, which McBeane restructured, it sounds like me, McD, Beane, and Star all thought that taking a paycut was reasonable due to his performance.
  13. Well of course. Josh has way more physical talent. There’s a reason he went 7 and not as a late round flyer. But Minshew still had a better rookie year.
  14. That’s all fair, but a paycut doesn’t happen if Star and the Bills both feel like he’s living up to his contract. John Brown isn’t taking a paycut right now, for example. But it does fly in the face of “he’s the most important defensive player doing the most important job extremely well!” nonsense.
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