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  1. Denying another Presidency to the Clinton dynasty or some other empty suit was a win in and of itself to a lot of folks.
  2. I believe they are aping AOC’s rhetoric to either make her look silly, or use her momentum against her. it won’t work in either case but it’s a fun fireworks show.
  3. You can blame the vocal population and their media hounds for demonizing physicians at every turn as “pill pushers.”
  4. Per drive, the 2013 Pettine D was statistically top ten or close to it in every single category. Top 12 in points per drive. It was a good defense. Another more handsome poster had previously done the leg work in a different thread.
  5. I don’t think he needed a plant based diet as much as he needed to not be operating at 350+ lbs.
  6. Better major in something that pays well. I don’t care if you take out a mortgage on a crappy house and I don’t care if you take out a loan for a crappy degree. That’s your problem.
  7. IR bound after playing 2 games for training purposes.
  8. Do you believe there’s a functional difference between Trump’s bluffs as a business man and Trump’s bluffs as the executive of the USA?
  9. If health care isn’t a right, neither is abortion. Consistency is actually easy when you have a brain.
  10. Nice going. This is a great contract IMO. Lock him up for the rest of his prime, and the high GTD builds goodwill so we can probably re-sign him again at the tail end of his career if we want at a little bit of an old age discount.
  11. Answer: Someone in the league saw something they liked in those guys. No one in the league saw something they liked in EJ. Do those other guys probably suck? Yes. Other guys sucking or not sucking doesn’t prove that EJ doesn’t suck. He sucks. It’s over.
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