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  1. Nice going. This is a great contract IMO. Lock him up for the rest of his prime, and the high GTD builds goodwill so we can probably re-sign him again at the tail end of his career if we want at a little bit of an old age discount.
  2. Answer: Someone in the league saw something they liked in those guys. No one in the league saw something they liked in EJ. Do those other guys probably suck? Yes. Other guys sucking or not sucking doesn’t prove that EJ doesn’t suck. He sucks. It’s over.
  3. LOL EJ better than half the backups, which is why he was making league minimum, and got replaced by Peterman. LOL
  4. We had the debate on whether or not to fire Rex after his first year. It was clear he was a failure. Lots of folks said “it’s not done in the NFL.” Welp, Arizona just did it, and their future is still pretty bright. Never double down on a mistake. Especially in a league like the NFL where your window is short. Hopefully the Pegulas have learned.
  5. Dude, you aren't even making sense. 1. Completely irrelevant. 2. The corner of what? Needing to draft a QB in the first because there wasn't one on the roster? Like uh, Beane and McD did last year? 3. Of course they can. We watched the Eagles go from 10-6 HC fired, new HC, trade up to #2 for QB (mortgaging the future), 7-9 to 13-3 and a Superbowl win. Are you contending that they shouldn't have traded up for Wentz? Or does it really not matter? 4. This is where you cross over into outright delusion. Do you know why? Because no one second-guesses the Watkins trade anymore because it was 5 freaking years ago. Everybody cried about "we lost a first round pick," but we've picked in the first round 3 times since then. Still not sure if we have a QB or not. So what did it set back, really? How set back are the Eagles, or the Rams? The Watkins move didn't set back *****. You think if we didn't do it, we'd draft Petty and be winners. That's ridiculous. I don't have all the answers, but I know when 2+2 doesn't equal 5.
  6. Let's. "The Bills made the foolish mistake of drafting EJ Manuel, which set the franchise back for two years wasting time waiting for him to develop." This differs from Allen, disregarding the prospect quality, how? This is what you said: "That said, how the #Bills went about obtaining Allen didn't leave them vulnernable in terms of future draft picks. The trades were limited to last year. ... As a result, if Allen doesn't pan out -- and there's no indication right now that he won't -- the Bills haven't mortgaged their future in being solely tied to his future. ..." We didn't obtain EJ by leaving us vulnerable in terms of future picks, did we? "which set the franchise back for two years wasting time waiting for him to develop." Seeing as Allen hasn't even played a second season yet, how can we say we aren't "wasting two years waiting for him to develop?" I don't think we are, but that sounds a lot like counting your chickens before they hatched to me. "If that wasn't bad enough, the Bills then doubled down on their mistake the following year by giving up a first-round draft pick to select Sammy Watkins to prop up a quarterback who wasn't going to succeed, thus mortgaging yet another year, and possibly two, of building the team." What a wonderfully archaic notion, and a symptom of NFL tradition. Losing a first round pick means you're out of the QB game, always and forever I guess. The Bills missed out on such wonderful available QBs with #19 of the 2015 draft like Garrett Grayson, Bryce Petty, and Brett Hundley. Surely drafting those guys with a #1 would have saved us. Or maybe, it's your opinion that the 2014 Bills would have gone 1-15 without Sammy Watkins and we could have grabbed Mariota or Winston. Those guys have both proven to be the answer at QB, after all. Those franchises aren't "wasting time" on those two young guys, unsure of whether to walk away or not. "Add in a few more ill-conceived contracts and a bad coaching hire in Rex, and It's taken six years to finally get out of that hole." Neither of which have to do with "mortgaging the future" or "trading assets up to obtain QBs. Was Rex hired to save EJ? Did we resign Dareus and Shady to improve our football team or save EJ's career? Is this thing on? Like I stated above, the dirty little secret is that mortgaging the future is crap. The Bills screwed up with EJ when they didn't immediately continue to search for other QB's when he proved he was a dud. No more, no less. The Rams don't care about their mortgaged future. The Eagles mortgaged their future to buy a Super Bowl ring. I'd trade 10 first rounds picks to give Allen the best chance to win a Super Bowl. This fear-mongering and belief that the absence of risk is the best way forward is nonsense perpetuated by GM's that want to keep their jobs without appearing like they gambled and they lost.
  7. Exactly. How about the Rams, who were in the Super Bowl this year. Does it matter they "mortgaged the future" for Goff? Or the Eagles, who "mortgaged the future" for Wentz and have already won a Super Bowl? Ed Oliver is a great prospect and should be a great player. But if I could trade him to give Allen a 10% better chance of being our franchise QB, I'd do it in a second. That's today's NFL. Depends on how you look at it I suppose. Dareus is a prime example. We slashed his spending, then spent a 3rd on Phillips, signed Star to decent sized deal, and spent a 1st on Oliver to shore up the interior DL. Are we better off? Probably. Was that wasteful spending? No.
  8. That point is a little overstated, I think. "Mortgaging the future" is mostly in the minds of the fans. The dirty little secret to the NFL is that the future never really arrives anymore. Between FA and trades, it only takes a year or two to bounce back, even after trading a bunch of picks.
  9. I think it's a mistake to let Hughes walk under any circumstance until he is clearly the #2 pass rusher on the roster. We have a rookie QB under contract, now is the time to keep top tier talent at the second most important position in football. Extend Hughes for 3 years, give him whatever he wants to keep him.
  10. Hughes is a no brainer, IMO. He's our best EDGE rusher and we don't have a young one in the pipeline. Plus, his advanced stats bear out that he's a star. Have to pay him.
  11. I remember watching him in the FAU/UCF game and he was the second best player on the field behind Milton. He was legitimately carrying FAU to compete vs UCF, their QB could not complete a pass. Huge concerns with size, but he's a baller.
  12. Shaq is just one of those good pieces. A pass rusher who can't rush the passer is like priority 20 when roster building. Ragland!
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