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  1. Well the discussion started with Dallas’ OL and RB. Watson’s OL was terrible his rookie year. I believe it was the worst in the NFL. I don’t consider Lamar Miller anything special, at least not by NFL standards. There are more similarities than differences in Allen’s and Watson’s starts, IMO. Both started the season as the backup, (omg he has no chemistry with the ones!!!!) they both had not so good OL’s, they both took over fringe playoff teams with terrible offenses, (Hop’s numbers aside, the Brocketship was horrific the year prior and they were 31 or 32 in the NFL). In terms of the things you pointed out, sure. They seem valid on their face. But how much do they really matter for success compared to the actual ability of the QB? Like if you had to rank the reasons why Watson has had success in the NFL, the clear #1 reason would be because he’s actually really good. Paling in comparison would be because DeAndre Hopkins knew what a go route was in BOB’s offense before TC started. And you can cherry pick these reasons all over the NFL. Goff had to learn an entire new offense with entirely new WR’s his second season. So did Lamar Jackson. Carson Wentz’s weapons sucked when he started. Winston has had how many OC’s in his career? How many of Mariota’s weapons have been exchanged? Somehow, despite all of these things, the good QB’s end up being good, and the bad QB’s end up being bad. That’s just really all there is to it.
  2. If you’re going to jump into a conversation, try to read it from the beginning. My use of “project QB” was directly related to, “improving drastically past their second year.”
  3. 0% for both because there’s no way McD can coach a team with Allen to the SB. Maybe Belichick could. He’s probably the only one.
  4. They had a brand new OC the year Watson started. Hopkins and Fuller were there a year before. Edit: it appears they only fired their previous OC. I guess BOB was doing it all himself that year.
  5. What? My original point was that QB’s past year 2 do not take great leaps forward in ability in today’s NFL. Mahomes doesn’t invalidate that, he MAKES MY POINT. Unless you’re arguing he’s taken a leap from last year??
  6. Houston had one of the worst OL’s in football in Watson’s rookie year. The Bills OL this year is much better. Curiously, Watson with a worse OL and as a rookie was a far superior QB to mobile 2nd year JP Losman who can’t hit a deep ball. Must be one of those curious coincidences that has no bearing on events to come.
  7. Dak was better as a rookie than Allen is today. Funny you didn’t mention Watson’s OL or RB when he was a rookie. I get it. The rookie excuse works, unless you compare him rookies that were way better than him. The weapons excuse works, until you compare him to players whose weapons were comparable to his. The house of cards is tumbling down. Next year the Troy Aikman and Alex Smith comparisons will start to emerge, and then Allen’s career in Buffalo will end. It’s the life cycle of failed Bills QB’s. Mahomes did not require 3 years. He was better in his second start than every single one of Allen’s starts ever.
  8. Dak was the rookie of the year lol. He was good out of the box. He’s certainly improved a little but he’s not a vastly different player. I don’t make the rules. The fact of the matter is that “projects” do not and have not succeeded in the NFL in the last ten years. They just don’t.
  9. That was 15 years ago hombre. The NFL has changed just a bit since 2004.
  10. In the last decade, what QB improved drastically from who they were in year two to present?
  11. Oh they absolutely did. I posted the stats up thread. Dalton and Tanny both made strides between years 1-3
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